Mark’s Young Mother Miranda Pt. 02

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Mark slept well the next two nights and only admired his mother from a distance. He was going to try and make good on his promise to look for a young local woman or women in order to fulfill his sexual desires. He loved his mother. She deserved better than a barely legal teen, especially one that shot his entire load after only one touch with a bar of soap.

It wasn’t easy. She had taken a week off and was going to spend almost all of it with him. Other than the few hours she did work from home, she spent her entire time with him. They went cycling, watched movies and talked over coffee or beer. He even showed her some funny things to do in the video game Skyrim, like decapitate annoying Bards who were singing mid stanza.

Covid still kept people at home for the most part. A new variant was starting to get people nervous. He didn’t know if he, or anyone, could go through it all again.

In order to lighten the mood, they watched some of their favorite movies and shows on Netflix. Tonight was Game of Thrones, The Red Wedding episode. Funny how treachery and violence can make you forget your worries and just relax.

Miranda was sitting cross legged and Mark was sitting behind her brushing her hair. She had long, beautiful brown hair and she loved to have it brushed. The temperature had cooled off a bit that night, so they both were in flannel and half covered in a blanket.

“So who did you think was going to finally sit on the throne the first time we watched this?” Miranda asked, “Cersei?”

“I didn’t care. Whoever sits on it doesn’t last a season anyway. Does the series ending change all that?”

“Don’t be such a Cad,” she scolded him and reached back to give him a pinch. Much to his surprise, she caught him right on the tip of his penis.

“Yeoww!” She had pinched quite hard.

“Oh Mark, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that would be-” She spun around, flipped the blanket off, and was tugging at his pyjamas. “Hey,” he said and started tugging them back up. “What happened to us going back to our privacy?”

He thought it would be funny. She looked like she had been slapped.

He immediately gave her a hug and said, “I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t want it to sound mean. I thought it would be funny. I really do think you are right. I should look for someone my own age.”

She wiped a tear from her eye and gave him a warm smile. “It is OK sweetie, forget it. I was just caught off guard as I was terrified I might have hurt you. I need to take a look. You better meet me in the tub again but don’t run any water.”

“Oh come on, Mom, it was just a pinch.”

“Maybe you better look again.”

Blood was now starting to drip on the blanket from where it had soaked through his pyjamas.


Miranda was a smart nurse. In some cases elevation and pressure weren’t an option to stop bleeding. That meant cold water and pressure. The water got into the tissue and the cold caused the vessels to clamp down. The key was getting the water into the tissue itself. That is why ice never did a thing for a nosebleed except make the mother feel like she was helping.

Mark did not like how she kept getting the cold water into his tissue. ordu escort Her pinch had caused a tear just below his opening. With a syringe and catheter she kept irrigating the opening. From the inside. The bleeding had completely stopped. What concerned her now was whether the healing might scar the opening closed.

“Honey, we have to take you to the ER.”

“I am NOT going to the ER and telling them that my mother nearly pinched the tip of my dick off! You think I have a tough time getting laid in this town now?”

“Why are you being so stubborn?” She asked. “You could lose the entire thing!”

“Then you better have good bathtub malpractice insurance.” He looked away. She sighed.

“I’m sorry, Honey. It’s my fault. I didn’t think your dick would be snaking down your thigh when I reached back to pinch you. Why was it down there, by the way?”

“I was starting to relax.”

“You mean you were starting to get horny. I can’t believe you are ready to get fired up again this soon after coating this room completely with your sperm just two days ago.”

“A man’s life is tough, but somebody has to do it.”

She rolled her eyes and pretended to gag. “Well then we best make sure you stay a man. If that thing gets infected it may have to be cut completely off.”

A look of terror came over him. It was too late. She already had the tube and the leverage to hold him down. It tore at her heart to hear him scream as the antibiotic ointment started to burn. “I’m sorry it burns, but you could try not to be such a baby. I think Hazel might have heard you scream across town.”

“A baby! How would you like it if I pinched your nipples so hard they started to fall off and then rubbed some stinging ointment in them?”

“I wouldn’t let you do that.”

“Oh really, why not?”

“Because someday I might want to show them to you.”

That stopped him dead in his tracks, mouth hanging open.

Then he narrowed his eyes and said, “of course you say that when you know I can’t get a hard on.”

“Are you sure you can’t? We could give it a test.” She picked up the bar of soap and winked at him.

“Oh you better hope I never catch you.”


Mark suffered for a few days but then started recovering quickly. She brought him home antibiotics to take by mouth but still insisted he use the ointment after taking a pee.

Her skill had done wonders and a week later he had a perfectly normal, albeit sore, penis. She felt bad that her week with him seemed a waste, so she convinced her manager she needed another. It meant more work from home, but she didn’t mind.

She was just finishing things up for an evening when she decided it was time for a more pleasant night with her son. They both deserved some mischief.

Mark was curled up in his room catching up on some studying.

“You know they don’t really expect you to do that over the summer. They just assign it to laugh at anyone who actually turns it in.”

“Maybe wayyy back when you were in school. Did they really have things called books back then?”

She lunged forward. He pulled his old knight’s costume shield over his groin. They both roared ordu escort bayan with laughter.

“That reminds me, we better make sure that opening is OK. Why don’t you pop into the tub and I’ll be right in.” She didn’t know whether the gentle tugging and pulling she had done in the past had done the trick but his opening had healed just fine. That was not her real intention this evening. Mark had been put through a lot and she intended to give him a reward.

“Oh Mom, you know it is fine. You just want to make me suffer because I actually do my homework.”

“For that comment you actually will suffer. In the tub on the double. I’ll be right in. After I find Hazel.” They both laughed again.

Mark headed into the bathroom and she popped in her bedroom to change. As she did she looked herself in the eyes. “He’s just a sweet boy,” she thought, “don’t lose control.”


Mark started the water running and switched on the shower head. His mother had said tub, but he knew she meant shower. His penis wasn’t quite ready yet to sit in it’s own stew. Still too much of an infection risk.

He turned his penis over in his hand and looked at his Mom’s handiwork. “She did a good job,” he said, “you can barely tell.”

“Why thank you,” She was entering the bathroom. “I might hold you to those words.”

“You can hold me anytime,” he replied.

“Seriously? Remind me to start teaching you some pick up lines that have been used by someone out of Middle School.”

As she walked into the tub area, he turned to have her do her exam. To his surprise, instead of wearing a pair of scrubs and carrying her tray, she was dressed in a flowing purple robe. If that was at all possible, it made her look even more beautiful than she already is.

“Wow Mom, just, wow. You look amazing!”

He noticed her getting misty eyed again and decided to pursue. “Mom, please tell me what is wrong. I know something is bothering you.”

She looked up and pulled his head down to give him a kiss. On the lips. It was still a closed lips mother son kiss, but perhaps she lingered a bit?

“I will, Mark, and thank you. Tonight is for you, however. I nearly crippled you and it is time to say sorry properly.

Purple is the color of Royalty. Let’s make you feel like a king.”

He stared at her. She reached down for the sash. He could taste the anticipation.

“Now turn around.”


“Trust me. This will feel better than anything you might see.”

He wasn’t so sure but he did as he asked. He stepped in the shower. He heard her robe fall to the ground and she stepped in behind him. His cock sprang to life.

She reached around his waist and gently touched him. “Does it feel OK?” She asked. “When it starts stretching out?”

“It does, Mom. You really should work in the big hospital downtown. You are good. The nursing home is a waste of your time.”

“Let’s not get me crying again.”

He meant to turn to hug her, but she caught him firmly and turned him back. “Stay facing the water, and hand me the soap.”

“But Mom, that will sting like crazy.”

“Why is it never about anything but your escort ordu penis with men?” She laughed. “Just relax and let your Mom teach you something.”

She started in the middle of his back and worked her way up and over his shoulders. Her fingers were incredible. Every tight muscle and inflamed nerve she found, loosening them and getting them to relax. Those muscles that were already relaxed she made feel even better.

He never knew how tight his glutes were until her hands brought them to a relaxed state. She didn’t neglect his front, either. His thighs, abdomen and chest were all given a deep massage. His cock was getting extremely hard but remained intact. No bleeding or splitting skin. She really had done a flawless repair.

After making his temples, forehead and neck feel like heaven, she put the soap back in the holder and rinsed her hands thoroughly.

She gently nibbled his ear. “There is one muscle that doesn’t seem to be relaxing.” She cupped her hand over the end and very lightly stroked down the shaft. He stiffened significantly besides the fact she was barely touching him.

“Maybe this will help.”

She pressed her chest into his back.

He first felt her nipples then her full globes as they were pressed between them. His back was still covered in soap and she started to move her breasts in a serpentine wave across his back. He could imagine her rock hard nipples were drawing a lazy “s” in the rivulets of soap flowing down.

It was too much.

“Oh shit, oh shit!”

She tightened her grasp on his cock and he felt every muscle she had just relaxed tense up and contract. The pleasure was streaming through his brain and every part of his body. His cock seemed to be a gigantic fire hose about to be opened up.

With an incredible shudder he sent the first blast of cum against the shower wall. You could hear it splat over the water running.

His mother nibbled at his ear and whispered into it, “cum for me.” The second splat was even louder than the first.

There was no second orgasm coming tonight. It was all one big explosion that contained everything. He heaved and he heaved. He came and he came. His mother kept whispering words of encouragement and he would cum even harder.

He finally started to slow down and felt like he was gasping for air. The joy that he felt was saturating him to the bone. “Mom, I have to hug you.”


He turned around and she was standing there covered in soap looking up at him. She had on a purple set of panties that were soaked, barely covering her dark bush.

Her breasts were even more fantastic than he had imagined them. They were a perfect round shape and matched her short body and beautiful face as if an artist had created her. Her nipples were dark brown, matching her hair. They had a pouty look to them. It made her chest the center of any attention no matter what distractions might arise.

If he hadn’t just completely emptied his testicles, the sight of her perfectly round breasts and brown nipples covered in soap would have made him cum uncontrollably.

It would have to wait until next time.

“Did you really want to hug me, or just stare at my tits?”

“Oh Mom.” He gave her a bear hug. He started to feel a tear come to his own eye. That concerned him.

He now knew he wanted to fuck his mother – she was the hottest woman on the planet and he had to have her.

But was he starting to fall in love with her too?


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