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Mark’s Surprise Ch. 1

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Mark had just broken up with his steady girl, Diana 2 weeks before. He was finding it really hard to get over her. They had been dating for almost 2 years, and he was devastated when he caught her in “The Act” with 2 guys from the football team. He saw her car at the hotel, and pulled in to see what she was doing. He stood outside the motel room door, and could hear her moaning loudly. He turned the knob and to his amazement the door opened. There was his sweet Diana on the bed. She was on her hands and knees, and Mike Stazek the quarterback was kneeling in front of her. Her mouth moved up and down his monstrous erection. Behind her was Jack Johnson one of the wide receivers. He was fucking her fast and hard. She grunted, and held Mike’s large cock in her hand, furiously stroking him. Mike was moaning and grunting. Jack was fucking her so hard that the bed kept hitting the wall.

None of the three noticed Mark standing there, and they continued their erotic show. Mike moaned loudly, and his cum erupted from his stiff cock, spewing all over Diana’s pretty petite breasts. Her nipples were puffy, and very rosy colored. Mark always loved her breasts. Those pretty nipples were now covered in cum. Diana grunted loudly, rubbing and smearing the cum all over her pretty breasts. She firmly pinched her swollen nipples, moaning loudly. She continued to stroke on Mike’s large cock, and her tongue swirled around his bulbous swollen cockhead. She had a look of unbridled lust on her face.

Jack groaned loudly, and removed his cock from her pussy. He quickly moved around, and his cum splattered across her pretty lips. Diana moaned, and opened her mouth widely. Jack carefully aimed his spewing cockhead towards her mouth. His cum splattered across her wet pink tongue, and she swallowed every drop, hungrily. Mark had tears streaming down his face, and his heart felt as if it had been torn in two. He didn’t understand why his cock was so hard. It pressed against his pants making a very large, obvious bulge. He needed to cum, his cock ached. He slid his hand inside of his pants, and firmly gripped his Anadolu Yakası Escort cock. He watched as Diana hungrily devoured Jack’s large cock all the way to his large hairless balls.

Mark moaned lightly, and his cock pulsated beneath his fingers. Suddenly his cum shot into his hand. He quickly milked the remaining drops of cum from his cock, and quickly ran to his car. He squealed tires as he pulled out of there, and Diana watched as he drove away. She knew it would now be over between them. She was just bored, sexually and had always craved a 3 way. She tried to convince herself that she did no wrong. Mark drove towards the local bar and got himself pretty drunk, he then Called a Taxi and went home. The following day he picked up his car, and his daily routine included plenty of alcohol. Which brings us up to now.

Mark was slowly getting over her enough that he realized he should date. He really didn’t want a date, though he wanted a fuck. He decided to go to a different part of town, and quickly found a new bar. He went in and ordered a double jack and coke. He quickly downed it, not really paying much attention to his surroundings. As he went to order another drink, he noticed that there were men with men, and women with women paired up all around. He did notice a few men with women as well, so he relaxed. A little later, he was getting a bit buzzed, and a nice looking brunette approached him. She bent over and began talking to him. As she did, her blouse fell enough to reveal her wonderfully large firm breasts.

Her nipples were quite small, and very erect. She introduced herself as Candy, and they began to talk. He ordered them both a drink, and they sat together, chatting and sipping. After the 4th round, both were feeling really good. Candy bent forward and kissed him. Her wet tongue slid into his mouth. Mark eagerly reciprocated, thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth. They passionately french kissed. Candy led him towards a door in the back of the bar. They entered, and went up a flight of stairs. They entered a room full of mattresses. There Pendik Escort were mattresses from one wall to the other, and there were 3 couples making out.

Mark watched as the leather clad male slave held his master’s stiff cock in his hand. He was furiously stroking him making the man moan loudly. To the left, there were two fake blondes lying side by side, licking each other’s pussies. They were moaning and groaning, while there tongues slid against each other’s throbbing clits. Candy was undoing Mark’s pants, releasing his thick throbbing cock. She smiled as she looked at the unusually large cock with it’s magnificent huge head glistening with precum. Candy quickly dropped to her knees, taking his cock into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down the thick head, licking all around the tip. Mark moaned loudly.

Candy was quite the expert at sucking cock. She worked his cock incredibly with her hot wet mouth. He knew he would be cumming quickly if she didn’t slow down. He informed her that he would be cumming if she didn’t stop, and she continued to move her mouth up and down his large cock. She even lightly cupped his balls, playing with them as she deep-throated him. Mark moaned loudly, and his cum erupted into her mouth. Candy moaned as she tasted the sweet thick fluid against her tongue. She quickly swallowed it, and continued to move her mouth up and down his cock.

Mark moaned, and thrust against her mouth. The last of his cum shot from his thick cock. Candy moaned as his large cock fell from her mouth. Mark was pulling her top off, and he quickly took her breasts into his hands. His mouth found her swollen nipples, and he began to suck them. His tongue moved all around her pink nipples, and she softly moaned. He thrust his hand up her skirt, and began to rub her soft milky thigh. Candy moaned, and began to push his hand away. He resisted her, thrusting his hand against her panties. He suddenly stopped as his hand rested upon a very thick bulge inside of her panties. “What the…..” he started to say, but Candy pressed a finger against his lips, shishing Kurtköy Escort him.

Candy began to kiss his neck softly, rubbing her crotch against his leg. He could feel how hard and thick her cock was, and realized he was with a shemale. She pulled her panties off and tossed them to the side. She grabbed Mark’s hand and placed it on her hard throbbing member. It was about 7 inches long, and very thick. Pre cum oozed from the tip, and as he gripped it, a bit of cum shot from the thick head. He began to move his hand slowly up and down her throbbing cock, and she softly moaned. He continued to suck and lick her large wonderful breasts, as his hand slid up and down her pulsating erection.

Candy pushed his head downward, leading him closer and closer to her cock. Mark resisted lightly, but as she pressed him closer, his tongue slid against her throbbing cockhead. Candy moaned, and thrust upward, her cock slid into Mark’s mouth. Mark tasted the sweet oozing precum, and it wasn’t bad. He began to move his mouth up and down the thick throbbing shaft, as he played with her balls. Candy moaned loudly. Mark felt her cock thicken and pulsate, and suddenly she moaned even louder. Her cum shot like a cannon from her large shemale cock. Mark gagged as it splattered against the back of his throat. He swallowed the sweet/salty mixture, and sucked her until the remaining cum was gone. Candy quickly kissed him, and they passionately french kissed, sharing her cum.

Candy noticed that Mark’s cock was once again big and hard, and she quickly removed some KY jelly from her purse. She began to lubricate his thick cock, and rubbed a dab of the jelly onto her asshole. She worked her ass until she could easily slid 3 fingers inside. She then quickly straddled Mark, lowering herself onto his thick hard cock. She moaned as his long cock slid into her ass. Candy’s cock was once again quite hard. She faced Mark, bouncing up and down on his throbbing cock. She furiously stroked her thick cock as Mark’s cock filled her tight ass. Mark felt her ass tighten around his cock, and she began to moan.

Mark watched as her hand moved even faster on her cock. Her cum sprayed from the thick head, all over Mark’s chest. Mark moaned, and his cum shot into her ass. She rode him until the last of his cum shot inside of her. She leaned forward and kissed him.

To Be Continued…

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