Eki 07

Marina Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Unexpected problems and unexpected hope.

Marina was a shy young girl of 22 years old. She grew up in provincial Russian city of Rostov. She finished school there and three years ago moved over the ocean to United States. Now she was living in city of Bothell, which was part of Seattle metropolitan area. Moving alone to completely different culture was not so easy for a young girl. Learning new language; taking care of legal aspects of her stay in this country; finding place to leave; and most important and difficult: looking for a job without university education, without experience and with limited knowledge of English. It was the most difficult period in the life of Marina. Finally, all problems were resolved and now she was happy. New place with a lot of new experiences around. Big city instead of small boring Rostov. Small… no!, not small but cozy apartment within walking distance to the beautiful park on the shore of Lake Washington. New friends, with whom she spent time attending night clubs, chatting over cup of coffee or simply talking about everything over the phone for hours. Especially she was happy that this place was very liberal toward people of nontraditional sexual orientations.

In the age of 18, at the prom after 11th grade she lost her virginity. It was her class mate and warm sandy beach of Nera Lake. It was complete disappointment for Marina. She, obviously, was watching porn videos on the Internet, and expected, yes, some paint in the beginning, but she was expecting a pleasure. Marina was playing with herself, she experienced orgasms, she even played with her anus and was able cum even then. Sex with a classmate – it was just pain and some kind of disgust after that. It was lasting just for a few minutes, but even that was enough for her. His partner, smiling, rushed to the company, continue celebrating, while Marina whipped herself with napkins, and went home, she completely lost her mood for party.

She tried few more times. With different guys, in different atmosphere. It was very much the same. She even was not able to cum masturbating imagining a man. She even started thinking that she became frigid. However, … Once in the middle of the night, she woke up and still being partially inside her dream, her hand moved toward her privates and started playing with clit and lips of her pussy. It was the best orgasm in her life so far. Even her mother was woken up by her moan. After mother was calmed and left the room Marina tried to understand what happened. There was something in that dream, something important. Dream completely left her head, it was displaced by pleasure that Marina experienced. When she was falling back to sleep again, her hand was sliding up and down her pussy. The image popped up in her head and hot waves of pleasure streaming from her privates to every cell of the body was reaction on it. Memory of the dream came back. It was face. The face of her friend.

Tatiana, or simply Tanya was Marina’s friend for a long time. She was attending same school and they were part of the same company. It was Tanya’s face that popped in Marina’s head that night. Next day Marina spent good amount of time browsing websites with lesbian sex pictures and videos. She was getting horny very quick. Juices was dripping from her pussy and towel, that Marina placed on the chair was all soaking with her nectar. Fingers of her left escort bursa arm was not leaving pussy all that time. And her orgasms were bright and strong as never before. Marina realized that she is a lesbian.

Reaction of Tanya, when Marina confessed to her was unexpected. Both girls had few drinks on a party, and Marina lost control and confessed to Tanya about her sexual dream and her orgasm. Girls were chatting on the balcony, while other people were drinking and dancing inside the apartment.

– Everyone is inside, no one can hear us, – Tanya said, – are you saying that you are a lesbian?

– Some time ago I realized it, – Marina replied, – Guys are not attracting me.

– So, you are seeing me in your sexual fantasies? — Tanya looked very curious, – What are we doing in your dreams?

– Chatting… then kissing…, – alcohol removed brakes in Marina’s head and she was telling everything to Tanya, – then I’m kissing your nipples and pussy and you are kissing my pussy…

– Listen, when I was in third grade, I was playing fairy in in a school theater. And I still can do some magic, – Tanya unexpectedly approached Marina’s face and kissed her right in to the lips, – lets urn your dream in to true!

Apartment, where company was partying, had several rooms, and Tanya grabbed Marina’s arm and pulled her into one of the bedrooms. Marina was completely shocked by Tanya’s words and her actions, she not even tried to resist and, frankly speaking, she didn’t want to.

Room was locked by Tanya when girls got inside, and Tanya sat on the bed and leaned back.

– Every girl should try it, at least once, – Tanya sad, then she pulled down her panties and took off her top. — Come on, Marina, there is nothing scary here. Trust me.

Tanya lifted her skirt and spread her legs, and Marina felt as her panties getting wet as she looked at Tanya’s breast and shaved pussy.

– Have you done it before? — Marina was shocked again.

– Sure, I did, – Tanya laughed, – Come on, I’m getting cold.

Marina lost last doubts. She approached Tanya and their lips met in a long kiss. Marina started moving down kissing Tanya’s neck, then breast and then concentrated on nipples. Tanya leaned back on the bed and maned a little bit. Panties of Marina was soaking wet already. She started to move down kissing belly of Tanya and, finally, she reached the place that she was dreaming about. Marina kneeled in front of Tanya and her lips touched woman’s privates for the first time.

Taste of Tanya’s pussy was amazing. Marina was moving her tongue up and down, she was licking pussy swallowing Tanya’s tasty nectar, she was licking her clit and sucked pussy lips. Her tongue slid in and out her friend’s vagina trying to get more of that tasty juice. Her arm long ago was in her soaking panties and finger were sliding in and out of pussy. She was on the seventh haven right now. Moaning of Tanya was louder and louder. When Marina felt that orgasm was approaching she raised her eyes to look on the face of Tanya.

It was like cold water, sexual arousal disappeared. Tanya was holding her iPhone in her hand and was recording video. Marina moved away from Tanya, looking at her with scared eyes.

– Why did you stop, baby? — Tanya asked with predatory smile on her face and moved phone closer to Marina’s face, – We did not finish yet. Your face is so beautiful, when it is covered in my juice.

Tanya bursa merkez escort turned off the phone and put it away. She laid on her back and pulled legs to the chest, the way that her spread ass was on the edge of the bed.

– Now we are getting to the fun part, – she said, – you will lick my anus till I cum, otherwise, the video will be in Internet and all your friends will see your real face. Come on, I don’t want to wait whole night.

There were no options for Marina and she approached Tanya’s privates again. Without previous enthusiasm, she began to lick around Tanya’s ass hole.

– Looks like you want to become famous, – Tanya pronounced, – if you will keep performing at this level, video will be in the Internet very soon. Stick your tongue inside my anus and lick there.

Marina obeyed and done as her “friend” said. Tanya started to moan as Marina’s tong slid inside her anus. Marina felt betrayed and disgraced. Unexpectedly, Tanya grabbed Marina’s head and pushed her face deep inside her privates. Marina’s nose got buried inside Tanya’s pussy and her mouth was pushed closer to Tanya’s ass. She tried to move back, but Tanya was holding her hairs tight. Tanya started moving her pussy up and down, fucking herself with her friend’s face. Finally, after few minutes her body started vibrating and then her hand released Marina’s head.

Marina was laying on the floor trying to catch the breath. Her face was covered in Tanya’s cum juices and she felt taste of Tanya’s ass on her tong. However, Marina discovered that her pussy is all wet and she is super horny.

Tanya used Marina in a similar way for a few more times. Marina discovered that she even like the rude behavior toward her. Tanya tunes out to be very selfish and was not care about satisfaction of Marina. She just was coming to Marina, forced her to lick her anus and pussy and was leaving right away. Marina was not able to turn her down because of the video that Tanya recorded at that party. Everything ended unexpectedly: Tanya lost her phone. At first Marina was happy to get free from her ex best friend… Few weeks later, whoever found Tanya’s phone posted Marina’s video in the internet. Very quick Marina’s friends got aware of the video and started to jeer on her. The nickname “cuntlicker” stuck to her.

It was the main reason why Marina used possibility to move to USA and abandoned her previous life without doubts.

After she settled down in a new place, Marina even had something that can be called relationship. She met her in a local lesbian club. Her name was Linda, she was 35 and Marina was 21 at that time. They had nice chat over the cocktail, exchange the phones and next day Linda invited Marina for a date.

Week later Marina stayed at Linda’s place for the first time. It was best night in Marina’s life. Everything was as in her dreams. Linda was gentle and carrying. Marina woke up with a smile on her face and pleasant lassitude in her body. They had meetings on a regular basis. Marina was happy. Finally, she was on her place in this world. Happiness was lasting for 4 months. The evening when it ended, Linda invited Marina to her place again. When she got there, door was locked, and when Marina called Linda, she said that she is delayed at work and asked Marina to wait for her. It used to happen before few times, Linda was working as manager at large IT company and sometimes stayed late at work. Marina had bursa escort keys from Linda’s house for such cases. She opened door and turned on TV waiting for Linda. Hours was going and Marina fell asleep.

She was waked up when someone pulled her hair. It was Linda, she was naked already and super drunk.

– Now, my little slut we will have some fun, – Linda breathed out alcohol in to Marina’s face.

Linda placed collar with a leash on Marina’s neck and pulled her to the soft chain in the corner of the room. Marina was shocked. She never seen Linda so drunk and was not even imagine that she can be so rude. She feared of Linda in this state. Linda sat in the chair, she placed leash under herself and pulled Marina’s head all the way until her face stuck in Linda’s wet pussy.

– Now you will lick me until I say you to stop, – Linda said relaxing on the chair, – and don’t be dare to stop before that, you don’t even want to know what will happen to your little slutty ass if you do. Start now!

And Marina started, she was super scared. Linda orgasmed 2 times before she fell asleep. And Marina was so scared that she was continuing liking Linda’s pussy all night long.

Linda woke up around 8am. She looked down on a scared face of Marina that was shining from her juices:

– What are you doing? Stop immediately! — Linda stopped Marina and helped her to stand up, – what are you having on your neck?

Marina, barely could speak, as her tongue was busy all night long, but she was able to explain to Linda what happened last night. Linda was asking Marina to excuse her. She told that last night she was informed that she gets transferred to the other office of the company to Europe and therefore she got drunk in a bar next to work and she does not remember anything that happened after that.

Linda moved to the Europe next week and Marina was left alone again.

Now almost a year passed since she was left by Linda. Marina calmed, she well rested and decided again, that life is beautiful and she is ready for new relationships. This time she will find that one girl.

However instead of white stripe life proposed another black one.

First bed thing happened to her at work. She got fired. For nothing. There was new manager of the store where Marina was working and he tried to hit on her, but after Marina turned him down, he called her to his office one day and informed that she if fired because she is irresponsible person. He showed to her records when she punched in to work and was late few times for 1 or 2 minutes, said that she is taking brakes more often than she should. He was talking something else, but result was the same, Marina needed new job.

Second bed new was expecting for her in a mailbox, it was letter from leasing office, informing that effective next month her rent is raised by 50 percent. Now Marina needed new place to live.

Marina was completely killed by this news. She decided to take a break for tonight. She put on her best dress and went to “Wildrose” lesbian club in Capitol Hill district of Seattle. She was drinking cocktails and dancing with other girls. When she was leaving she looked at the board with ads and one of them caught her attention:

“Looking for live in housekeeper girl. Must be attractive 21 to 25 years old. Very high salary. Contract for a year.

Miss C.”

Marina held her breath. Can it be true? One solution for all her problems. She even forgot that it was deep night and it is impolite to contact people now. She pulled out the phone and sent her photo and message to the number printed on the ad, that she is interested in the position of housekeeper. She was surprised that almost immediately she received short reply:

“Tomorrow. Noon. Address.”

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