Eki 03

Making it with a Greengrocer

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“Seen Tom?” I asked one of the guys I knew on a market stall.

Tom was in my charge whilst his official keeper had an appointment with his Doctor to check on a flu virus or something. He was slightly mentally disabled although you’d never think it from his appearance.

“Bloody hell! I have just had a thought” screeched Phil, the stall assistant. It is just that we have been so busy you see. Tom was here a few minutes ago chatting to my mate on the stall Jason. Then a few moments later Jason told me to hold the fort a little because he had some urgent business to attend to in the truck behind, and that not to disturb him. That can only means one thing, he is always doing it, if he see’s a guy he fancies he is away for a quickie like a shot, But the thing is, he is my boss so I can’t protest can I?”

“In the truck you say, you mean the big white van behind?”

“That’s it” Phil said pointing.; ” Sorry Pete, I should have noticed and warned Jason because I don’t think he realizes about Tom”

I was off and was knocking at the van door. There was no response so I wrenched the back door open and there was Jason ready to go.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Jason yelled trying to cover up with his hand.

“You fucking’ idiot, don’t you realize Tom is mentally unbalanced?

“Sorry I had no ideas, but he seemed keen enough.”

“He is just being friendly that’s all.”

“Trust my luck, you can’t win ’em all though – but what am I going to do about this? You caught me at the most inopportune e time.”

He meant his great big erection he was trying to calm in his hand.

I need to explain Jason is the kind of guy you like or you hate, I had known him a few weeks ever since he’d opened his knew grocery market stall and must say I was rather attracted to him. He was enviously of my trend that was evident. But at that moment, looking at him I did empathize in spoiling his fun, but it could not be at Tom’s expense, and certainly not whilst he was in my charge.

“It’s odd though, Pete. Escort bursa Tom did seem to enjoy playing with me.”

“He would, as far as he was concerned it was like handling a lump of dough – they are teaching them how to make bread apparently at their work training.”

Jason saw the funny side of that and immediately lost his erection, I wonder why?!

Anyway no hard feelings either way. Jason apparently thought he was in a promise but it did give me the absolutely wonderful opportunity of getting to know Jason a bit more and it was a real joy to hear his invitation as I left with Tom; “Perhaps maybe you would .like to join me when you’ve done with Tom? ” he asked in a certain tone that said it all and what he had in mind.

Flashes came into my mind – the sight of that gorgeous erection left in the lurch. In a way I felt I owed Jason something for spoiling his fun and it was easy for me to accept, telling him I would be about an hour.

“That’s fine, see you then, perhaps you can remedy my dilemma” was the way he put it with a wink.

I must have flushed as left with Tom because I felt a sudden surge come over me like a heat stroke. Jason meant more to me than ever I could have previously imagined. it had been a along time since Danny who was really wonderful but who had to go and finish himself in a car crash. He had just left me too and was motoring up the MS when a truck swerved into him.

The strange thing is I could still feel his fuck inside me, as often was the case when after we parted but this time I felt like and electric shock had shot up my spine, that was about an hour after he’d left and about the time of the fatal; crash!

You never know when it could happen to you so I have come to the conclusion to make the best of it and so this opportunity, although I imagined it would be just a quickie, being as that what he had in mind with Tom

But Let’s see how it goes…

Well he had me in the van and no messing. He smelt of onions and oranges but his cock was more like Antalya escort taking in a serving of hot sausage and garlic. But I mustn’t complain it was more than good and afterwards I felt at peace with myself again after the frustration of missing Danny.

He asked me what may have happened if he’d fucked Tom. As far as I could tell I could not say but it could have effected him emotionally because basically he wasn’t of our leaning – in fact it seemed as he had no leaning at all and was just one of those guys in the middle who had not yearning for sex.

“Poor sod!” Jason said, his rough greengrocer hands rolling my cock and balls in a wonderfully warm and delightful way.

“I guess he has not known anything else, he seems happy enough, Jason.”

“I can’t stop thinking of how he may have been thinking my cock was a lump of dough.”

I laughed, we both did. I said as far as I was concerned it was much more than that, more like a home spun Viennese loaf with all the trimmings with a nice crust on it and a beautifully defined pair of doughnuts.

What an imaginative thing to say.

“You say the nicest things, you liked it then?”

“It was rather good yes, Jason.”

“Only rather good, I think you need a second innings! “What about the stall?”

“Give me five, I will get Phil to hold the fort.”

All I was thinking about was holding him where it mattered and I told him do.

“The way it is today it will want much more than holding” he said and after he’d left, it gave me time to clean up, he had a small washbasin to hand and some lubricating cream and just to be sure, I rubbed a good portion into myself. I knew would be soon getting another shafting.

He was back in no time and I could see he had a good swelling beneath his jeans which was so appealing.

I so wish I could get a size like that but I guess because I am more of a taker than a giver in that department I should be content with that.

Already I was aching for a second session and I knew Jason Manavgat escort bayan was not about to disappoint.

I unzipped him as he rubbed his rough hands over my ass telling me just how good it was. I sort of wiggled feeling his squeezes and nudges, he prompted me to bend over a bench and I thought he wanted to fuck me this way, I quickly tasted him stretching his foreskin tight back to sniff the aroma of ripe earthy cock and the taste of sea salt, massaging those form balls at the same time, and then bent over and pushing my ass up for his fuck, I realised he was not about to fuck me at all at that time.. Instead I felt a warmth breath between my thighs, he stretching them apart for his pleasure and then to feel the rub oh his tongue entering my hole, and then his mouth sucking, licking and nudging all over was a real wonderful thrill.

He groans and mumbled and simply let himself go like a proverbial anima; like he was ripening me up, priming me for the ultimate fuck .

I simply closed my eyes and took in his pleasure of me, it was so lovely and right all the things he did then and is still doing when we are able to meet in his white van.

He slaps me with rhubarb and fucks me with carrots and teases my balls with fern leaves, it is good making it with a greengrocer.

That is how it is. Always something different to look forward too. But I really look forward to the strawberry season and what he says he plane to do with me. I imagine all sorts of things and knowing Jason anything goes.

He knows as much as I do that my ass is exclusively his now and he makes sure I get a good seeing too every time we meet.

He laughs at me afterward and calls me bandy legs. It takes ages for the feeling of him inside me to wear off which is really a delight.

I am so glad I made it with a greengrocer. Well they say it is good to have at least four vegetables a day, I have them both ways but I do put my foot down when it comes to marrow. Courgette’s are nice, the little twist and ridge down there shaft. I do believe Jason has tried most all types, he has a thing about that, his spanking me with a leek is really kinky,

But he always ensures he finishes me off with the ultimate and that is his very own vegetable to beat all others, and I do so love his hanging grapes.

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