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Maid to Order!

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I’m taking the initiative to write this story after 13 long years of the actual happening. Some memories can be so powerfully erotic…!

I’m an Indian, aged 32 and married. My first initiation into oral sex and its joys started when i was 19 years old. Its common place in Indian society to hire resident house helps. As was the case, a girl of 18 came to live with us for 4 years. This Maid was dark skinned girl, looked younger than her age, had slightly developed breasts, curious eyes and a curvy mouth. Her name was “Sheshu”. Ohh! How is miss her….!

Coming from an orthodox family, I abstained from moving around with girls liberally, and being a lone child, strangely, did not assist to my socializing. Though it did not diminish my libido either. Still, whatever happened is true and I do not regret it because it happened in the true spirit of primal instinct.

Being a college drop out due to indifferent health, I used to study from my house, while taking evening tuition. My parents were working class, leaving the house to myself.

Sheshu was a versatile maid, capable of cooking and keeping the house spic and span. It all started when she began cleaning my bedroom. She would sweep first and then mop the floor with a wet cloth. The constant swishing noise from mopping and her movements would distract me into watching her. It was then that i would occasionally notice her cleavage. Indian dresses, at times, are so convenient for voyeurism. The dark color of her breasts would arouse me deeply, while she would go about her job unhindered by my voyeurism. My dickey would swell without hesitation and straighten against my shorts. I could neither get up nor cover it without inviting Sheshu’s dolefully curious eye. Perhaps, she would notice my erections when she cleaned under my study table?

My doubts were cleared soon enough! After a few days, I decided to let my tool strain against my shorts perpendicularly, and lift the edges of my shorts a bit, so that she could peek at my now visible genitals. Clearly, my exhibitionism was having its desired effect, as Sheshu would clean the space below my table for a longer time. All the time, I would be pretending to study. Alone at night, I would Jack off to the memories of her brown bubbies. God! They were so very Indian in color and cute. I wondered what color the nipples were?

My voyeurism and exhibitionism went on for sometime, and my libido was straining against my moral conscience. There came a time when I decided I had to touch her body, feel its electricity, breath in her womanly scent. Necessity is the mother of invention. Yes! I had to plan carefully and become one with her. And Boy, plan I did!!!

DAY-1 : This was how it all began, though not totally to plan, I must say! As was the case, I used to take an afternoon siesta on my bed after lunch. One day, acting is if I was suffering from a mild fever and headache, I asked Sheshu to massage my head slightly with a balm, while lying on the bed. The girl started her routine reluctantly by sitting at the head of the bed, exactly behind my head. When the massaging got a bit rough it prompted me to show her how to press and massage the head gently. During the course of teaching her, I made it a point to touch her tender under developed breasts. The curious sensation of something so tender aroused my feelings and I let my hand drop close to her chest.

The process of Sheshu leaning a bit every time, to press my head also led to my hand touching her breasts continuously. Pretending to sleep, I slowly let my hand touch her tender breasts gently, at times with a curled finger, and often with erect fingers. She did not seem to mind my touching her initially, but when I started to squeeze her breasts, she stopped and left the room quietly to go to the bathroom and later to the kitchen. I sweated it out, thinking she might inform my parents in the evening. She had other ideas, I supposed, later on. My erotic sojourn had truly begun!

DAY-2 : Th next day, same time, I called her to massages my head again. This time, she willing came and continued the process. With the thrill of the first day’s touch egging me on, I became emboldened and took to squeezing her “brownies”. The thrill was extraordinary, and I could feel my dick slowly starting to rise. This continued for about an hour, and I could hear Sheshu breathing faster, while her breasts were sweating through her gown and swelling in size to my touch. This continued for a while. I then started to press her stomach and hips, while gently tapering onto the buttocks, and its cleavage. This was heaven and she was an angel leading me to the inner chambers. For hours on, I experimented on different parts of her body (except her wet grotto), squeezing them, fingering them, while dreamily enjoying the sensations. All the time, I kept my eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. Time had flown.

That night I decided that this was a new phase to my life, Şirinevler escort and that there was no harm in experimenting further. Hormones had its way now!

DAY-3: This was the day I was going to test further! I wore boxer shorts, unzipped them and lay on the bed covering myself with a thin rug. When Sheshu came to start her routine, I started mine. This time, too, keeping my eyes closed I started to caress her tits, one at a time. After a while, I slowly took one of the buttons on her dress and started to ease it from its eye. When I had the third button open, it gave me enough access to her naked, sweaty and inviting tits. With closed eyes, I touched her right breast for the first time. Oh Lord! The smooth skin and tenderness enveloped my senses. The small nipples were stiff, and she was straining to push her bubbies into my hand, inviting me to squeeze them. I did, man. I did!

Sheshu’s response to my squeezes was unbelievably exciting…she was breathing faster and faster, moaning once in a while. I wondered if I was hurting her. Also, I could feel my pecker make its way out of the unzipped boxer shorts, though still covered by the rug. The primal instinct was on automatic mode. I now wanted Sheshu to see what a pecker looked like. In my pretended sleep, I slowly kicked of the rug and, lo! There it was, like a totem head, glaring at everyone, waiting for attention, its color matching that of Sheshu’s breasts. The act had its desired result. All of a sudden Sheshu held her breath. She had finally seen an erect Penis, with a nice cropped pubic hair. She slowly bent over me, thinking I was sleeping, to get a closer look at that “THING”, while her titties crushed against my head. The excitement was making my shaft twitch uncontrollably. I could not touch it, lest the spell of innocent primal awakening be broken. She resumed the massage of my head, albeit slowly. I could smell the sweat of her breasts, oh and what a smell it was. I could imagine her watching the baby-maker all the time, wondering ‘How, Why & What’ it was. She had to get closer, I had to let her get closer, make her touch it, and feel her touch.

Yes! I knew what I had to do! I slowly pulled the rug back onto my body, giving her the impression that i was feeling cold, and waited a couple of unbearable minutes. And then, looking awakened by some mysterious sound, I asked her if there was something wrong. She gulped and replied in the negative. I then casually asked her to massage my legs, telling her that they were hurting. She dragged herself slowly and stood on her knees near my hip. Her head only a few inches away from my rug covered Penis. Starting of with my calves, she did not try to venture beyond my upper knees. 5 Minutes later, I was loosing my excitement. I spoke with closed eyes, and told her to press higher up the thigh. That was all she needed to hear. Sheshu started to press all the way up. Occasionally touching the “THING”. When she started to press the inner part of my things, she would “accidentally” touch my balls. I was on cloud nine. I peeked with slightly open eyes, and saw that she was staring at my rug covered rigid cock. I made my cock to twitch a few times, and she was all attention to its action. This was it! It was now or never!

In one swift move, I covered the rug on her too. We were both in a ‘tent’. She did not object. Now, she could see my cock in all its bloom, and be one with it. My hope of her spending quality time with my dick was going to be a reality. All sense of shame and conscience was now a remote cloud.

I peeked slightly, and saw that she was staring at my tool……tilting her head once in a while to gauge its length and its surroundings. Sheshu, with her right hand, resumed the massage of the upper part of my thighs slowly. With her left hand, she caressed my lower abdomen, passing her hand smoothly over my pubic hair and occasionally, “accidentally”, touching my erect penis. Her expertise with mopping the floor was to my benefit. With a great effort i stopped from trembling to her touching my manhood. She became emboldened, and went further and started to press my tool, holding its base one moment and then pulling back the foreskin to see the red tumescence. The smell of my precum was permeating our ‘tent’. Ohhh God!!.I silently moaned. The erotic picture before me was engulfing my senses. All the while, both of us pretended. Oh Lord!! The unbelievable joy of having a women feel my penis was unbelievable. It was now my turn. I slowly crept my finger to her stomach and pushed my finger slowly down ….all the way to her small mound. Shehsu recoiled. I then used my index finger to touch her pubes gently and came in line with her tender lips clinging to her dress. Oaaaahhhhh! And when she gently rubbed my cock, that was it! I could not stop the heaven from spilling over. I came and came. God! The heavenly bliss! The whole room was swimming.

All of a sudden she stopped Şirinevler escort bayan and left immediately to the familiar recesses of the bathroom, leaving me to my blissful stupor. Then she came back and resumed her stuff. Her cold and wet touch told me that she might have touched my cum and had gone to wash it off! I pretended not to wake until she was gone, and then locked myself in the room to clean the cum of my body. I lay there, basking in the after glow of the bliss, drifting of to a sullen sleep….!

That night was a long one. I knew I was on the verge of something intensely pleasurable, and she had no qualms about being part of the game. The virginal pleasure was addictive like nothing else, and I had to take it to its culmination. Yes…I’ve got do it!

DAY-4 : The next day, she came reluctantly to my call. Probably feeling that I was the only one enjoying whatever I was enjoying. Squatting near my hip, she started to massage my legs. After 10 minutes of feigned sleep, and her pressing my calves, I once again set my finger of on its journey…to the place of moist and pleasure. This was to be her day. When I gently touched the mound with my finger tips, she maintained her poise. Inching down the valley of curls, I finally reached the grotto. Man! It was already wet, even through her thick gown. My repeated attempts to get a proper feel failed. Then it was coup de grace: She gently lifted her gown, and dragged my finger to the edgy of her panty. Gently, I ran my finger along the panty line, and she shivered from the effect. Starting from the top, I pushed my finger slowly into her panty, and could feel the pubic hair. Ummmaaaah! I moaned! Catching her by surprise. The tenderness of the mound, its elevation and the descent were all there to be inspected by my finger. The index finger rubbed slowly against the pubic hair, making her tremble like a flower.

I trembled along with her, while holding my finger’s position for a few seconds. When she calmed a bit, I let my finger reach the lips of Sheshu’s love nest. I was there!! Feeling its twin folds, its nakedness, its inviting wetness, and all!! The thrill was all encompassing. I had no sense of time & thought. The probing was on…and my finger had its own mind!! I felt her inner petal like lips, and when I raised my finger a bit, I had touched her clit. A small stub! The moan she gave out sent a shiver through me and I kept rubbing that little bud, while she moaned and moaned!! What was happening to me… to us??. I could not stop there, and let my finger trail down. Sweet God! She was wet and sticky with virginal ooze. I slowly spread it around her inner thighs, coating her pubic hair, under buttocks, and then, finally, let my finger into the nest. My finger had found its parking slot. She started to grind her hip against my finger involuntarily, and I slipped my whole hand into her panty. While at the same time I peeked to see what she was feeling.

She had her eyes closed and would occasionally look down to see the progress my hand was making on her damp cunt. I rubber her cunt for all its worth…and boy was it worth it. All the moaning came to a climax suddenly. She gave out loud moan, gasped and leaned heavily against my hand, onto the bed. Her hip continuing to grind and my entire hand rewarded with her orgasmic ooze. It was the moment of truth. I took her placid left hand and put on my dick, and she willingly held it. Simultaneously, she placed her head near my balls, clutching my manhood, trembling, and drained from her first orgasm. I could feel her hot breath on my balls. Could this get any more erotic, I wondered?? Ten minutes later she lifted herself to her feet, her bubbies hanging out of her dress, and walked of with her legs very close together…like a virgin safely guarding the pleasure she just received to her grotto!

That night i got up for a drink of water, and could hear her squirming on her bed, unable to sleep. We were in the same boat…!

DAY 5 : When she came to my room, and to her usual place at the head of the bed, I did not say a word. I asked her slowly if I was “talking” in my sleep. She said yes! I told her not to worry and not to bother, and just do whatever she was to do. She just smiled happily. In the next 10 minutes, she came to my bedside and tried to “awake” me by gently shaking me. I did not respond, because I knew she was trying to see if my sleep was deep enough or not. My guess was correct! Immediately, Sheshu settled to her familiar position, and directly started rubbing the upper part of my stomach. After a while, she pulled the rug over herself, so as not be visible to me, and to be alone with the object of her curiosity.

The whole act was extremely erotic, and my manhood started to engorge with blood. She then watched my dick stiffen, as the meaning of her actions aroused me all the more. I was fully erect, and made it to twitch wantonly. I’m sure escort şirinevler she would be fascinated by its actions…and perhaps she would assume that it was trying to make “contact”?? Sheshu slowly clutched the dick at its base and started to rub it sideways. The pleasure was intense but, not enough. I slowly let my right hand hold her hand and taught her the right way to masturbate me. She did not seem surprised by my conscious act. She was too excited herself. Within no time she found her rhythm, and started to pump my dick. I was starting to cum, and I did not want it to happen so suddenly. I immediately lifted my finger, and acted as if I was searching for her mouth, and when I finally found it, I put it in her mouth and gently did a “to and fro” motion. All the while, I made sounds of pleasure. ‘Hunnhhhhhaaa’!!! She did not understand initially, but when I removed my finger and guided the back of her head slowly onto my cock, she hesitated. I then started to squeeze her bubbies gently, coaxing her to do her ‘job’. Before long, she took the welcome initiative.

Sheshu slowly let her wet lips fall on the base of my cock and moisten it. “Ooaaaaahhhhh”. I moaned. And then Sheshu dragged her lower lip onto the top of my dick head from the base! Man o man!! She knew her job. I slowly turned sideways, to allow her more access to my penis, and once again guided my tool into her mouth with a swift move of my hip. Sheshu would not open immediately, and I was just poking my dick against her teeth-blocked lips. Then, she finally gave access. I was there…in her wet mouth. Her gentle nibbling was driving me crazy. When She stopped, I started to slowly rock my hip against her mouth. Her teeth scraping against my twitching, wet, and sensitive dick head. I was lost in the abyss of pleasure and she was warming to the ‘job’ at hand. Sheshu, while using her left hand to push my hip against her mouth, used her right hand to slide in between my thighs and rub them, occasionally raking her nails against my nuts in a circular motion. I did my part to encourage her by tweaking her nipples, and rubbing my hand against her mound, alternately. She gagged and moaned on my barely visible pole, breathing hoarsely, but she did not let up. Oh Sweet sensations! And then, I came!.

I came with a tremor, which shook my entire body, spurting my seed into her half-gagged mouth, my hip bucking like a bronco. When I finally opened my eyes a little to see her, I could see the rug thrown off my body, my limp pecker drooping sideways from contentment, while she was just wiping away whatever cum remained with the back of her hand. I presumed she swallowed most of it. When she got up to go away to the bathroom. I “woke up” a little later and went to the kitchen to make some tea for my self and Sheshu. She drank without a word, and when she finally asked me “What is that thing that came out”. I asked her : “what thing”?? What are you talking about?” Sheshu said nothing.

Before she could ask me anymore questions, I asked her if was doing something to her while sleeping. She said yes! When I asked what?? She did not say anything, but only flashed a ‘I-know-what’ smile. That evening I bought her a “Black forest’ pastry. Evidently, to bribe her. She did not need to be corrupted, she just smiled and happily took the offering from me.

DAY-6 : The next day. I decided that she was waiting for more. Her smiles gave her away. When she came to sit near my feet. I gently smiled at her and told her not to worry if I did something in my sleep, and that it was harmless. She just started to rub my calves. After a while, she gently slid onto my bed directly lying next to me. Lord! She was becoming really bold. I gently put my hand near her mound, and she carefully pulled her gown up so as not to “awaken” me. I was delighted to feel the absence of her panty. When I started to rub her Vulva, she slowly clutched my cock in her hand, and started to move it up and down. The pleasure, Ohhhhh, it was too much. She was moaning herself, from the assault of my finger. Before long I came, with part of my cum splattered against my heaving stomach, while slithering onto her gown from my stomach. I did not move an inch. She just lay there letting me rub her. In a few minutes she just crossed her legs tightly around my still rubbing hand, evidently in orgasmic frenzy, letting out a small gurgle of suppressed pleasure. After sometime, with my appetite revived and her’s unabated. I started to rub her again.

This time, she turned 69 and started to rub my cock, seeing it grow as if on an IMAX screen, I presumed. I was enthralled by the erotic scene. I slowly moved my head towards her hip, closing in on her mound. When she saw me inching my way towards her she lifted her leg a bit and that was enough for me to break the ice. I just took her small thighs into my hands and plunged into her wet little slit licking it as if it was my last ice cream. She arched her head upon contact, and moaned like a small child. I licked her clit, and twisted my tongue all around her sticky grotto. Oh God! She let her head drop onto my erect cock…holding onto to it with dear life. I stopped. If only for a brief moment to capture my breath, while she resumed sucking my dear cock.

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