Magic Shoes

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How to dress for the office today? Verity ponders her wardrobe, although the answer is a foregone conclusion: same as yesterday. Something conservative and inoffensive, pretty much how I live my life lately she reflects ruefully, all work and no play make this girl dull. Fifty shades of grey polyester/cotton mix. However expensive and well cut a trouser suit it isn’t going to turn heads, especially teamed with flat pumps, primly pinned-up hair and dark-framed glasses; the executive look as antithesis of erotic attraction. Be honest, when was the last time I had proper sex? Verity honestly can’t recall, and no, DIY sex toys don’t count. Fortunately change is in the air.

On her customary commute to the corporate grind Verity chances upon a new shop. Didn’t that used to be a baker? Whatever, the premises are now repurposed as a shoe shop and a pair in the window catch Verity’s eye. She doesn’t customarily wear high heels, only owns one pair, black courts, for formal occasions. However, these are truly magnificent, a beautiful electric blue with an almost sculptural design. Verity experiences the strangest sense of being inexorably drawn towards them and before she knows it is across the threshold.

“May I assist? A charming young man appears at her elbow as if from nowhere, triggering Verity’s gaydar.

“I, um,” Verity is momentarily nonplussed, “this place wasn’t here yesterday,” she observes lamely.

“Just a pop-up store until the space is properly re-let, I’m only staying until the wind changes,” he explains.

“I’d like to try on those blue shoes,” says Verity, who hadn’t considered doing so until now.

“Good choice. What size?”

“Six,” answers Verity, feeling as if this interaction is somehow preordained

“How fortunate, we’ve just the one pair and that’s what they are.” They fit perfectly, expertly crafted from fine Italian leather; so flattering and easy to walk in – something she never thought heels could be — the footwear might’ve been custom made.

“Oh wow, they’re perfect.”

“Well of course,” agrees the attentive assistant, adding enigmatically, “because our shoes choose the customers, not the other way around.”

Verity makes an uncharacteristic impulse purchase, doesn’t even blink at the considerable cost. The rest of the day goes all too slowly, normally assiduous and focussed Verity is unsettled and distracted, can’t wait to get home and try them on. Eventually she returns to her flat and pours a much-needed glass of wine prior to taking the pristine gaziantep escort heels on their maiden voyage around the bedroom.

Naked save for the shoes she appraises her reflection in the long wardrobe mirror. Verity’s body shape seems somehow different; their height radically alters her posture, pushing tits and bum into prominence. She giggles as the vino kicks in, classy chassis you have there, looking good girl. Experiences a subtle change of mental perspective too: feeling simultaneously uninhibited and compliant. Verity suddenly has a wicked impulse, deciding on a whim (two in a day!) to completely shave her pubis.

Gathers a mirror and shaver, parts her legs, lathers up and sets to work. A pleasant and increasingly arousing interlude later she admires the denuded result: silky and sensitive, rude and wanton. Her fingers linger on pale depilated skin, tracing the sensitive folds of her vulva, which soon become slippery in response. Verity tentatively slides in a digit then another, curls her fingers to touch the g-spot. Next thing she’s frantically frigging to an explosive orgasm, stuffing a pillow in her mouth to stifle an exultant cry. Head swimming with wine and endorphins she performs a slower encore; then falls into a contented sleep.

Up early the next morning she packs for a conference, two nights in a swish hotel at the firm’s expense. Scheduled to speak at one of the sessions Verity selects an outfit, caution be damned, she thinks, time I stood out from the crowd and boldly chooses a short dress more suited to partying. What else? The blue shoes, catalyst to this sartorial transformation, are a foregone conclusion. Along with some pale, ultra-sheer tights – artificial light can be unforgiving. On the way to the train station she makes an impromptu detour to purchase a scarlet red lipstick. Has no idea why, the idea spontaneously entering her head.

Later that day, during a discussion panel on stage, Verity’s presentation is well received, by one audience member in particular. Anything to do with her crossed legs revealing a generous expanse of toned thighs? Certainly not, he’s obviously enamoured of the young woman’s intellect. She’s already spotted the man, staring in her direction as if transfixed. Definitely dishy, Verity would previously have considered such a guy way out of her league. Now she’s fantasising what it’d be like to be spanked by this handsome hunk. Momentarily confused she can’t think what in her subconscious prompted such submissive gaziantep escort bayan ideas? Blush making, squirmy and subversive imaginings, this just isn’t the sort of thing Verity does — until now.

Her Q I’m Mrs Formby by the way, you may call me Lori. He was singing your praises all morning so I’m delighted to meet in person. Now, please follow me.”

Like her nephew Lori has a commanding presence and without having time to think Verity is taken by the hand and led towards the exit. It hasn’t previously entered Verity’s head to find a female sexually attractive, yet in the elevator responds avidly when sensually kissed – once again the urge to be dominated is compelling. All too soon they reach a penthouse suite and the embrace ends.

“So you enjoyed last night’s dalliance with Linton?” Lori enquires archly.

“It was wonderful,” Verity smiles happily at the memory.

“Yes, he’s very good at pleasingly women…” Lori arches her eyebrows, leaving Verity in little doubt she has personal experience of this sexual prowess. “I rather hope you might be too. Unzip me please darling.”

Rocked by this revelation Verity does so, watching entranced as her boss shimmies a designer garment to the floor, standing elegantly in nothing except stilettos, a thong and expensive jewellery. It’s not easy to guess Lori’s age, maybe in her 50s, although with the enviable body and flawless coffee hued complexion of a 20-something.

“Kneel,” instructs Lori shortly, echoing Linton’s command of the previous evening. Once on her knees Verity instinctively knows what’s expected, draws down the thong and applies her mouth to Lori’s pussy, assiduously licking and sucking the tender folds.

“Mmm, you taste so good,” she murmurs as Lori grinds her pelvis urgently against her face, Verity’s tongue ardently probes further, firing a potent mix of desire and adrenaline through the older woman’s veins. Simultaneously she slips two fingers into Lori’s eager cunt and sucks the hard nub of her swollen clitoris. Delves the digits deeper and faster.

“Fuck yeah,” Lori grasps her hair, shoving Verity’s head to one side as she shudders to orgasm. “Oh, oh, oh,” a series of ecstatic aftershocks convulse her lower body as she squirts copiously. “Very impressive,” she purrs a short while later, “you’re a talented women — it usually takes me much longer to get off. Now it’s my turn to make you come.”

As with Linton last evening the encounter seems to have gained escort gaziantep its own momentum. Verity is gently propelled into a sitting position on a chaise longue where, lips locking lasciviously, they become erotically entangled and Lori eventually tugs the ingénue’s panties off.

“Spread your legs baby, wide as you can,” she commands huskily. Verity obeys, exposed and vulnerable. Softly Lori strokes the proffered slit. “Nice and wet for me aren’t you, horny little bitch?” She dips a digit into Verity’s cunt, makes the young woman lick it like a lollipop then segues into skilfully employing her tongue to elicit a series of enraptured squeals.

Verity is breathing heavily, tense with longing and the need for release. Sensing this Lori slides manicured hands into her dress, freeing two perfectly pert boobs from the confines of a lacy bra to tease and caresses erect nipples, sucking on each tit in turn and sending jolts of joyous sexual desire to the trembling girl’s inner core.

Eyes closed in erotic bliss Verity yelps with surprise when Lori reaches between her parted to deliver lightly stinging slaps to her pussy and inner thighs. As her expression of shock and outrage abates Lori resumes digitally penetrating Verity’s pouting quim, causing her to whimper and gasp as a long awaited climax inexorably builds.

“Oh yeah, finger fuck me, please I want to come,” pleads Verity, dignity relinquished, pleasure and pain merging in a confusion of slaps and frenetic fingers. As if outside of her body and divorced from proceedings Verity watches her pussy lips redden, whether from Lori’s lipstick or the chastising impacts is unclear. “Hurts so good” she moans, lapsing into a succession of animated orgasms, losing it completely, a quivering, sated mess.

“I do admire staff who demonstrate true commitment to the task in hand — I shan’t forget this encounter,” says Lori with sardonic understatement. “Now we’d better tidy up and get back to the bar before our absence is noticed.”

Next day on the train Verity’s happy reverie is broken by a text tip-off from a friend in HR: “Shouldn’t let slip but can’t resist telling, you’ll get a promotion and pay rise tomorrow.”

Back at home Verity takes to the internet in an attempt to wind down. An hour hence she’s belatedly aware of having achieved nothing except checking out butt plugs.

“Dam, I seem to be becoming some kind of pervy Cinderella.”

Decisively she grabs the blue shoes, this obsessive behaviour has to stop. “Time to put these beauties back into the box and lock them in a cupboard, at least for a while,” she announces to her puzzled cat. “There’s only so much excitement a woman can take.”

Needless to say, when Verity next tries to visit the shoe shop has vanished without trace. It may prove impossible to put the genie back into the bottle…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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