Madrid Ch. 06

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Esmeralda and I saw each other for the next few Fridays and/or Saturdays. We enjoyed a couple of nights with Pilar and we had one more memorable night with Luisa. We ate out a few times including another Sunday lunch near El Retiro, but mainly one of us would cook. We drank lots of champagne, and quite a bit of malt whiskey.

During one week, I was playing squash with some of the people from work and during the game I over-reached and pulled a muscle in my back. I got some heat cream from the chemist the following day, and one of the guys at work suggested that I should get a massage. This gave me an idea, and I discussed it with Esmeralda the following Friday night

After a hot bath, she was giving my back a good going over with some massage oil when I made my suggestion. The following week, my wife Yvette was coming out for a long weekend, and she really enjoyed the massages that I gave her. I suggested that Esmeralda should give my wife a massage and, telling Esmeralda about one of the fantasies Yvette and I had to enhance our love-making, see what developed.

Esmeralda thought that this was a wonderful idea, as I did, but I warned her to take it easy, not push things and, above all, be discreet. She looked hurt by my saying this and said, but of course, what do you think I am? Esmeralda kept asking me more and more about my wife’s likes and dislikes, what she did and what she didn’t do.

I answered all her questions with as much information as I knew; I had more suspicions, but kept those to myself. About other women; I could only say that we’d fantasised about the situation, but my wife had backed off on the couple of occasions when we might have been able to go through with it. It was a similar thing with swapping, we’d talked about it and fantasised, but never actually done it; although my wife had told me about one of our friends, whose wife I fancied like mad, who she said she’d allowed to kiss and fondle her a few times, but never let it go any further. Also, at a number of functions and dances we’d been to, she’d danced close to some guys and then come back to me rather flushed.

As a result of talking about this, our fucking took on another dimension that night and in the morning we set up our plan of action. Yvette was due to arrive on the Thursday evening, which would probably be too late for any action by the time we got back to my apartment. So we arranged that Esmeralda would arrive about four-thirty on Friday afternoon, just after I got back from the office and too early for any suspicions my wife may have.

Yvette’s plane was late and we didn’t get back to the apartment until almost eleven. On the way back, I told her that I’d hurt my back, and was under treatment from a physiotherapist. We were both hungry for each other, and would have ripped our clothes off in the lift if someone else hadn’t been there too. So we had to wait until we were safely behind my locked door. As it was, she was very careful about my back and sat on my face so I could lick her creaming pussy while she sucked my cock before she turned around and rode us both to a glorious orgasm.

We then soaked in the bath while drinking champagne and brought each other up on our news. Among other things, I told her that I had my second appointment with a masseuse the following day. I was non-committal when asked how she looked, but said that she was not as gentle as Yvette was when giving me a massage. After the bath, we went back to bed and slowly fucked each other while lying on our sides, as this would not further strain my back.

The next afternoon, I got back from work promptly and immediately opened a bottle of champagne and took 2 glasses into the lounge. Yvette and I were just finishing our first glass when the doorbell rang. After a moment, I pretended to remember about my appointment and went to let Esmeralda in. I welcomed her quite formally, but gave her a quick peck in the hall to let her know that everything appeared to be going well. I introduced her to Yvette and took her coat. Underneath, she was wearing a white tee shirt with white lycra leggings. She would have looked like a professional physiotherapist if it wasn’t for her nipples that I could see were hard to the point of bursting.

As Yvette and I were already drinking, I asked if she would like some champagne. Yes, she replied, but only a small one as I’m still working. I got another glass and half filled it for her and then topped up Yvette’s and mine. As Esmeralda turned to sit down, I saw that the leggings were skin tight and showing her buttocks to their full. I couldn’t see a panty-line and assumed that she’d left them off.

After a few minutes chatting about this and that, Esmeralda suggested that I go to take a shower and call her when I was ready, and so I left them chatting away like old friends. In the shower, my prick started to get hard as I thought about what may happen later, so I turned it to cold to make myself presentable. When I’d dried off, I wrapped a dry towel round my waist and went into the bedroom, calling to Esmeralda that I was ready. She was still talking with Yvette as ┼či┼čli escort I came in, and I heard her saying that she should come to watch so that Yvette would be able to give me this type of massage in the future, Esmeralda called it a physio-sports massage.

I lay face down on a large clean towel in the middle of the bed, and Yvette sat on one side of me, leaning back against the headboard so that she had a good view. Esmeralda slapped me on the backside as she knelt on the other side and pulled the towel saying, take this off you silly boy, we have a due├▒a with us today.

I looked at Yvette and shrugged as I took the towel from round my waist and then lay flat with my feet just a little way apart. Esmeralda had bought some massage oil with her. I didn’t know what it was, but it had a mild aromatic scent and seemed to make my skin tingle as she spread it over my back and legs. Then she started the massage proper. She pressed hard into the muscles with her knuckles and seemed to almost pull every joint out of its socket by pulling and bending; she even pulled my toes so hard that some of them cracked!

As her hands ran up the inside of my thighs, she deliberately brushed the tips of her fingers against my balls. This started to make my prick swell and I was pleased that I was lying on my belly. For Yvette’s benefit, Esmeralda kept up a running commentary on what she was doing, especially around my lower back where I had the muscle problem. She worked on the muscles up and down my back and when, after I winced as she kneaded the strain area, asked Yvette to come and feel the damaged area.

She took Yvette’s hands in her own and pressed her fingers into the muscles around the spot, so that she could feel what they should be like, and then into the pained area itself so that Yvette could recognise the difference in texture, at least that was the word she used.

After a few moments, she removed her hands from Yvette’s and said that they would finish me together. You just do what I do on your half of me, she said, and worked up to my shoulders and then down to my buttocks and legs again. This time, Yvette must have seen how Esmeralda was brushing against my balls, for I felt her doing the same thing as she followed Esmeralda’s hands.

Now I was getting really hard, and not a little uncomfortable, when Esmeralda said turn over, time for the front. I waited a moment, my mind racing as I decided what to do or say if Yvette said anything when she saw the state of my prick. I then said OK and turned to lay face up and looked into Yvette’s eyes. My prick was waving about and Esmeralda said oh, that’s a nice one, as if she hadn’t seen it before.

Esmeralda poured some of the oil into Yvette’s hands and told her to cover her side, while she poured some more into hers hands and started on the other. My prick obviously wasn’t going to go down, especially lying there looking at these two beautiful women slicking the oil onto me, so I just relaxed and enjoyed it. They covered my chest and arms, belly and hips and then worked down my legs to my feet. Then they started the massage proper, just as hard as on my back and occasionally, one or other of their hands or arms brushed against my prick which was beginning to leak pre-cum by now.

Esmeralda pinched one of my nipples and said to Yvette, look how sensitive they are, and they both watched as my prick jerked each time she pinched my nipple. Then Yvette did the same thing and said, I knew they were sensitive, but I’d never noticed that reaction before, and they both laughed. By now, it was obvious that I was close to bursting, but unfortunately neither of them did what I was thinking about.

That’s it, I’ve finished, Esmeralda said, and made to get off the bed. I thought that she was about to pull out of our agreement when she stopped and turned to Yvette asking if she would like a massage too. I held my breath for what seemed like ages, as Yvette pondered the invitation. Alright she said, I’ll just go and have a quick shower first, and she left the bedroom.

Esmeralda looked at me and beamed. She’s very beautiful, she whispered, I’m going to enjoy this. Then she leaned forward and slipped the head of my prick between her lips. It seemed like only a couple of seconds before I flooded her mouth with my come and she literally sucked me dry. I sat up and said thank you as I kissed her gently so as not to smudge the very light make-up she was wearing and put on my dressing gown which was hanging from the back of the bedroom door.

When Yvette returned a few minutes later, I was sitting by the headboard where she’d been before and Esmeralda was kneeling near the foot of the bed. Yvette looked a little flushed, whether it was the heat of the shower or anticipation, I wasn’t sure. She stood at the side of the bed and let the towel she had round her fall to the floor before bending past Esmeralda to lay on the towel in the middle.

She kept her thighs tightly together but Esmeralda pulled them apart as she spread the oil over her legs and buttocks, and told Yvette to relax, but I could escort ankara tell she was still rather tense. She started by massaging Yvette’s shoulders, kneading them from her neck down to the elbows, and up the muscle at the back of her neck into the hairline. Gradually, I could see that my beautiful wife was falling under the spell of Esmeralda’s fingers. Only after Esmeralda sensed that Yvette was starting to relax did she slowly work her way down to I small of her back.

Oh, that’s good said Yvette, and she seemed to settle down deeper into the mattress like a cat. Esmeralda gently worked on Yvette’s buttocks, squeezing them together and then pulling them apart to look at the treasures between. For the first time, Esmeralda looked across at me and smiled. You are very lucky se├▒or, you have a very beautiful wife, she said as she looked back down at my Yvette’s rear. Her hands then trailed straight down to Yvette’s feet, and started their slow way back up again, massaging the muscles from outside to in, and up and down.

Yvette let out a little moan as Esmeralda’s finger tips stroked lightly against her pussy hairs and, if anything, seemed to lift and open herself a little more. The hands that were causing this pleasure played a little more on Yvette’s buttocks, brushing against her pussy lips, and once quite deliberately ran around the little brown ring of her arse which was so beautifully displayed.

Esmeralda then lifted my wife’s shoulder and gently turned her over onto her back. Yvette had her eyes closed and was breathing so deeply, it was almost as if she was asleep. However, from her flushed cheeks and the way that her pussy lips had swollen under Esmeralda’s ministrations, sleep was far from Yvette’s thoughts at this moment.

Putting more oil onto her hands, Esmeralda lightly rubbed it all over before starting to massage Yvette’s front. She again started with Yvette’s neck and shoulders, running along all the muscle lines in her face. Yvette’s lips pouted a little against Esmeralda’s fingertips, almost as if she was trying to kiss them. Esmeralda looked over at me now and nodded. It was as if she was confirming what I had already seen for myself from Yvette’s pussy as she turned over, to the hard brown nipples now that she was on her back.

She worked down Yvette’s chest and stayed briefly on her breasts before running across her belly and down her thighs and legs. Once more she started to massage with an outwards circular motion. Each circle guiding Yvette’s thighs a little further apart until she was able to look straight down at Yvette’s pussy that was glistening with cream. She ran her hands along the inside of the open thighs and up the sides of the waiting lips, then ran one hand up to Yvette’s left nipple as the other hand cupped her pussy.

She pinched the hard nipple suddenly and Yvette’s reflex action was to push up against Esmeralda’s other hand, and I saw the middle finger slip for a moment between the creamy lips. Then she brought this hand to the other nipple and pinched both together. See, you have sensitive nipples too, she said to Yvette.

For the first time, Yvette opened her eyes. She looked at Esmeralda’s hands on her breasts, up at her face and then over to me. They are, aren’t they she said, and closed her eyes again running her hands up over her belly to cover Esmeralda’s.

After a moment, Esmeralda moved her hands on top of Yvette’s and made her play with her own nipples. Then she slipped off her tee shirt, took some oil and spread it over her own tits. She took hold of Yvette’s hands and turned them onto herself. Yvette ran her hands around the proffered breasts and opened her eyes to look at what she was doing.

She cupped them to feel their weight, and ran her palms over the nipples causing Esmeralda to groan with pleasure. Her hands then went round Esmeralda’s sides and pulled her down so that their nipples were rubbing against each other. Esmeralda put one hand behind Yvette’s head and slipped the other down between her thighs again. She leaned forward even further, but not far enough, and Yvette had to lift her head off the pillow before their lips touched.

Esmeralda’s tongue ran across Yvette’s lips, and then I saw the tip of Yvette’s tongue come out to meet the other. Their mouths seemed to devour each other, and Yvette’s groans became louder as Esmeralda’s hand worked on her pussy lips and clit. Yvette opened her thighs wide and lifted her knees, and I watched in fascination as Esmeralda slipped first one, then two and finally three fingers into her cunt and curled them to reach her g-spot. As Yvette came, her hips jerked spasmodically as Esmeralda finally slipped all four fingers into her and rubbed Yvette’s swollen clit with her thumb.

They continued kissing as Yvette came down from her high and dropped her legs back onto the bed. Yvette’s hands ran slowly down Esmeralda’s back and cupped her buttocks, then raised them and slipped her fingers under the waistband of her leggings. I could see that she was trying to get her hand lower, but was having a hard time as the waistband was so tight. For the ankara escor first time I moved, and got behind Esmeralda and slowly pulled off her leggings.

My earlier assumption was correct, as she wasn’t wearing any panties. Yvette caressed Esmeralda’s cheeks with one hand while the other slipped between their two bellies and between her legs. I was still behind Esmeralda and watched as my wife’s fingers played with Esmeralda’s pussy lips, searching for her clit, and then slipping her middle finger in and out of her cunt.

Esmeralda now removed her hand from between Yvette’s legs and I could see it glistening as she brought it between their mouths. They both licked and sucked at the pussy juice covered fingers and then Yvette pushed Esmeralda over onto her back and knelt beside her. Yvette’s hand was still sawing between Esmeralda’s thighs as she kissed down from her mouth to her breasts and sucked each nipple into her mouth and nipped the hard point between her teeth. Esmeralda pushed Yvette’s head lower and I could see her tongue boring into Esmeralda’s navel and then leave a trail down her lower belly and into her downy hairs.

Esmeralda had one hand in my wife’s hair as it went down between her legs and pulled Yvette over her with the other. Both girls opened their legs wide, Esmeralda pushed her hips up towards Yvette’s mouth and Yvette, with her knees now each side of Esmeralda’s head, lowered herself onto Esmeralda’s waiting mouth. The sight of these two lovely women enjoying themselves like this, together with the groaning and slurping sounds they were making, would have made me come immediately had I just touched my prick. But I resisted the temptation and simply watched as they brought each other to a climax.

When they were eventually satisfied, my wife collapsed on top of Esmeralda for a few minutes and then looked at me. She was very flushed, and her whole face seemed to be covered with Esmeralda’s juices. Did you plan this, she asked? Before I could answer, Esmeralda said no, I did, because your man is so nice and you looked so beautiful in your photographs. Yvette turned round and lay next to Esmeralda, kissed her lips, and said good.

They both turned and invited me to join them on the bed. I removed my dressing gown, which was doing nothing to cover my rock hard prick, lay down between them and put my arms around them both. They turned on their sides, with their heads on my chest and Yvette asked, what are we going to do with me now? In reply, Esmeralda turned her head, licked one of my nipples and then sucked gently on it. Yvette did the same, but was a little less gentle. They then both started to move down.

I now closed my eyes to give myself fully to the sensations. Their lips, tongues and fingers seemed everywhere at once, licking my prick and sucking the knob, playing with my balls and fingering my arse until I could hold back no longer and exploded. One of the mouths sucked me while a hand wanked me and a finger fucked my bum hole.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that they were kissing and passing my spunk from one mouth to the other. Then Esmeralda slid down and dribbled cum over Yvette’s tits and then pulled Yvette over me and pushed her nipple into my mouth as she squeezed it, almost as if she was milking it. I sucked as hungrily as a baby, sucking on Yvette’s nipple and drinking my cum. Then I opened my mouth wide to suck in as much of my wife’s tit as possible. Her nipple was so hard and long, it seemed to be brushing the back of my throat.

About half an hour later, I woke up with a raging hard on and extricated myself from the tangle of bodies to go to the bathroom. When I returned, I found that the girls had moved together and wrapped their arms and legs around each other. So I covered them with the duvet, curled myself around Yvette and fell asleep again myself.

When I woke again, I was presented with a cup of coffee and an order to take them both out for dinner; they then went to have a bath together. From the noises coming from the bathroom, washing wasn’t the only thing they were doing, but I left them to it while I drank my coffee. I went to have a shower when they’d finished and by the time I was ready, they were dressed in their knickers and brushing each other’s hair. They were totally absorbed in what they were doing and didn’t notice me watching these two beautiful women who meant so much to me. Eventually they were satisfied with their hair and finished dressing, Esmeralda in a brief slip of a dress that she’d taken from her bag. We walked to a nearby fish restaurant and had a superb meal. I sat opposite my two dark-haired beauties and was the envy of every man there. I felt the luckiest man alive.

Later that night, when we were alone in bed and making slow love to each other, Yvette said that she knew that there was something between Esmeralda and I as soon as she’d walked into the room. She said that we’d seemed so comfortable with each other, we’d obviously made love; and later, the first time Esmeralda had kissed her, she’d tasted my cum on her tongue. She said that she’d asked Esmeralda about us while they were in the bath together, and had been told the truth. (Esmeralda later told me that she’d told Yvette some of the truth, but not all of it; leaving out the fact that she worked out of the bar and about the threesomes we’d had with Pilar and Luisa.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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