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Lust in the Dust

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The cup jerked, spilling coffee over my jeans as I jumped with shock when a loud knock came from the front door.

Damn! I stood and pulled my jeans away from my legs. The wet patches cooled quickly. Grabbing a damp sponge from the sink, I dabbed it against the denim.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. Hold ya horses. I’m coming. I growled under my breath. Throwing the sponge back into the sink, I walked to the front door being careful not to walk into any new cobwebs. I’d tried to get them all with the vacuum cleaner earlier, but each time I’d spotted a spider it had seen me first and sprinted for the nearest crack in the rotting timbers.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. I grabbed the loose doorknob, wrenched it and angrily opened the door. “Gee, have some patience will y…” Open-mouthed, I stared at black eyes. Black?

“Hello, I’m Kevin. I’m here to ask you if you’d like to pur…”

A loud crash from within the house stopped him.

“Oh no!” I ran back through the house. In the centre of the lounge was a pile of chandelier pieces, the ladder and a grey and white striped furry object that twitched.

“Tabitha! You wretched cat! Now look what you’ve gone and done!”

At a chuckle from behind, I spun around on one foot, “How dare y… Oh!” Having turned so fast, I found myself gravitating towards the floor. I would have hit the newly cleaned wooden floorboards hard if my intruder’s quick reactions had not stopped me. Instead, I found myself cradled in his arms as he leaned forward and scooped me up.

They are black! I looked into his eyes realising that I had not been mistaken. He looked down at me; his arms held me in a steady grip. When he smiled, I saw his front left tooth had a tiny chip. I was mesmerised, wondering how it had broken.

“Are you okay now?” His warm velvet voice slipped through my thoughts as he placed my feet back on the ground with infinite care.

“I’m fine,” I stood, brushing my clothes straight with my hands, determined not to look into his eyes again. “The wretched cat has ruined the chandelier. I’ll never be able to afford to have it repaired or replaced.”

“Never mind, it’s only a materialistic object. At least you weren’t broken irreparably.” I couldn’t help a sideways glance, then instantly regretted it as he caught me looking and winked.

“What did you want me for… What was your name again?”

He straightened himself, then held his hand out towards her. “My name is Kevin Saunders. I was here to ask if you’d like a demonstration of our latest vacuuming system.”

I shook his hand. “Julie. No, thanks. My vacuum cleaner works just fine.”

“Yes, I can see.” From the look he cast around the lounge, I knew he wasn’t impressed.

“It’s an old house. I’ve only just bought it and moved in. The last owners died and nobody has been living here or caring for the property in the last 12 years or so.” I felt an odd need to explain to him. “I bought it for a bargain and that was probably because nobody else wants to live so far away from civilisation when winter snows hit.”

“Ah. I understand. That’s why the outside looks as if it could fall over in the next gust of wind. And why the inside looks like something from The Addams Family. I fully expect to see Morticia and Gomez walk in through those swing doors.” He nodded his head at my pride and joy. The perfectly matched swing doors leading to the dining room were made of natural wood. I had polished the rich wood and cleaned the glass only this morning. Restoring the house to its original condition was my one aim in life. It was damn hard work and I realised to my vexation, the doors were covered in cobwebs again.

My sigh must have been clearly audible as Kevin patted me gently on the shoulder. “Don’t worry dear, I have just the answer for you.” I watched as he left the room and strode up the hallway. Then I listened to his grunt of effort as he struggled to open the front door. Within seconds he was standing in front of me again, a look of confusion etched across his brow. His eyebrows almost drew together as he asked, “Is there Akbatı Escort another way out, the door handle appears to have come away from the door.” He proved it to me by holding the whole handle out for my inspection.

“Oh no. Not again.” This time, I heard my own sigh. “That’s the third time this week the door handle has come off.”

“Do you have a toolbox, I can put it back on in a jiffy,” he smiled.

“No. Sorry, I don’t have a toolbox.”

“A loose screwdriver somewhere perhaps?” The brows rose a little.

“No. Sorry, I don’t have a loose screwdriver either.”

“Hmm. Oh well, never mind. Can you direct me to another exit and I’ll bring my vacuum system inside and demonstrate its abilities for you?”

“No. There is no other exit.”

“No other exit? No back door?”

“No back door.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, I’ll simply climb out a window.” He turned and looked at the windows running along the length of the lounge. “Don’t tell me,” I heard him muttering.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but the windows are double glazed.”

His look of curiosity changed to dawning astonishment. He was trapped inside the house. “There’s no way out?”

“That’s right.”

“We’re stuck inside?”


“But I have to leave.”

“I’m sorry, but there’s no way out of the house until somebody lets us out through the front door.”

“Okay. Well that’s not such a big problem. We can phone somebody,” his smile was back in place and relief eased the creases on his forehead.

“There’s one problem with that.” I really didn’t want to tell him.

“What’s the problem?” Wariness was back.

“There’s no phone.”

“No phone!” He yelled. The cat hissed, scratched a deep gash on my shin, ran off out the lounge door, down the hallway, then scrambled up the back staircase.

“Ouch!” I shouted in pain.

“No phone! You have got to be joking!”

“Stop shouting. We can’t do anything about it. There’s no way out until tomorrow. The postman will deliver the mail to the door. We’ll get him to help open the door from the outside. It’s not the first time.”

Kevin walked to the old moth-eaten armchair and promptly dropped his tall body into it. “I can’t believe there’s no way out. I’ve never in my life been in a house with no way of getting out before. I’m trapped.”

I didn’t think it wise to speak for a little while. I concentrated on clearing up the chandelier and ladder. The ladder for the most part looked all right. The bottom two rungs looked a little loose. I made a mental addition to the list in my head, get ladder fixed. It seemed never ending, the amount of chores I needed to do to get this house back in order.

“It’s gone dark outside.” He spoke from the chair.

“Yes it usually does at this time of night.” I watched as he looked at his wristwatch.

“Good grief! It’s after 9!” He bounced up from the chair, looked around, realised he wasn’t going anywhere then plonked himself back down into the chair. “Oh well. I guess we’d best make the most of it. I’m starving, what’s for dinner?”

“I haven’t given dinner a thought. Have a look in the kitchen and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy.”

He looked relieved he had something to do. When I joined him quarter of an hour later, he had a green salad sitting on the bench top and was busy making omelettes.

“Mm that smells delicious,” I closed my eyes and inhaled the aroma of sage and eggs wafting around the kitchen. “I’ll go and wash up.”

I was lucky, the plumbing and the kitchen were the first things I’d had fixed. I shuddered when I thought what would have happened if Kevin had become locked in last week when I didn’t even have running hot water.

When I returned to the kitchen, I was surprised. Kevin had set the table and found a couple of candles. He’d stuck them in the old tarnished silver candleholder from the lounge. Their flame lent a warm comfortable glow to the kitchen. I smiled and sat on the chair he pulled out for me.

We ate Akbatı Escort Bayan and chatted. “I’ve been thinking about which room to give you for the night. I’ve only managed to clean out my room upstairs. The rest are covered in dust and cobwebs.”

“That’s okay, I’ll share yours,” his eyes twinkled.

“Like heck you will,” I retorted. “You can sleep on the couch in the lounge. I’ll make it up for you after dinner.”

“God, that old thing? It’ll fall apart if I touch it.”

“No, it won’t fall apart. It’s solid as rock. I slept on it last week.” I didn’t bother to tell him I still carried the bruises on my hip from the hard wooden board under the cushions. I figured he’d find out about that soon enough.

It was late by the time we had cleaned up the kitchen and made up the couch into his makeshift bed. The rain that had held off all day had begun pelting down. It hit the windows with such force I was thankful they were double-glazed.

I sank into my four-poster, grateful at last to rest. My body ached from spending so much time on my hands and knees scrubbing and cleaning the wooden floor. Kevin hadn’t mentioned it, but I knew the lounge floor looked wonderful. It had been worth the effort. I didn’t want to think about removing the cobwebs, yet again, from the lounge. I’d begun to think that I’d have to get a bug exterminator in to spray the entire house. It was an expense I couldn’t really afford.

I turned over, cleared my mind of thoughts of the house and listened to the rain. Within minutes I was sound asleep.

An hour later a loud ear-piercing shriek woke me. It took me a few minutes to recall Kevin was downstairs. I climbed wearily from the bed, slipped my feet into my comfortable worn fluffy slippers and trudged down the staircase, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

He stood at the lounge doorway, anger ricocheting from his body to mine.

“What’s the matter?”

“Your cat just jumped from the ceiling onto the centre of my stomach while I was sleeping!”

“It’s not my cat. It’s a stray. And it can’t get up onto the ceiling. There’s no way up there. You must have had a bad dream or something.” I turned to go back up the stairs.

“Don’t leave me down here with the cat! It’s got a really nasty streak I tell you.”

“Look the cat won’t hurt you. It’s just a cat for goodness sake. Go back to bed and sleep. I’m tired. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed.” I was halfway up the stairway before he caught me, his hand gripping my arm.

“You’re not leaving me here with that monster. Either you stay with me, or I stay with you. Which is it to be?” His eyes glittered.

There must have been an answer in my eyes. Without warning, he scooped me in his arms, kissed me hard, and took the stairs two at a time.

“Where is your room?” His foot kicked open door after door in his haste. “Never mind, I’ll find it,” his voice gruffly echoed in the hall. I was breathing heavily by the time we reached my room and his heart beat fast under my hand.

When he dropped me onto the bed, I landed in a tumbled pile unable to utter a single word as his body followed me down and his mouth closed over mine. I should have pushed him away, but my back was already arching off the bed pushing against him. My hands were pulling his shirt from his trousers, my fingertips itching to touch him. As my palms reached his skin, I stroked his back gently, lightly scraping it with my fingernails.

His kiss gentled and his tongue traced my lips. I moaned aloud, my hips pressing against his hardened body. He lingered, pleasuring me until I was insane with need. When he slid into my body, it was as perfect as nature intended. Slick and slow. I begged him not to stop.

His tongue slipped inside, moving back and forth in time with his hard cock. He pushed in deeply then stopped. I gasped as his warm mouth left mine and covered my nipple. A tiny bite sent shards of excitement directly to my pussy. My muscles clamped against his cock as one sensation after another rippled Escort Akbatı through my body.

When he lifted my arms above my head and held them with one strong hand, frustration angered me as it quickly dawned I could no longer touch his body.

“Let me go. Please let me go. I want to touch you,” I begged him.

“I’ll let you go soon,” his answer whispered against my chest as his tongue licked the nipple he had bitten.

“It’s not fair, I want to feel your skin under my hands. I need to touch you.”

“You will, soon enough.”

I growled under my breath, my body squirmed as he pressed himself deeper.

“Oh Kevin, please let me go.” It wasn’t beneath me to beg. I didn’t bother trying to hide the fact that I wanted to touch him, needed to touch him badly.

“No. Now be quiet.” His tone demanded my attention. I didn’t disappoint him. I quietened, whimpering only when he pulled away from my body.

“Keep your arms on the pillow. Do not move them unless I give you permission.”

It was hell keeping them on the pillow. Pure hell. His tongue slid over every inch of my body, right down to my instep. Pleasure swelled from my foot up the inside of my leg, ending where he had been deep inside me only moments before. I moaned with need. I wanted to feel him inside me again.

His tongue slid upwards… behind my knee at that oh so sensitive spot. He stayed there interminably, teasing me, listening to me beg him to stop.

When he moved higher, I closed my eyes and opened my legs. His warm breath moved upwards, my whimpering grew louder. Gently he parted my nether lips with his fingers, my hand moved and my fingers found and held his head.

“No hands.” I expected him to growl, he didn’t. He brushed my hand away. It was then that I felt his warm slippery tongue lightly stroking my clit. I called out as sheer pleasure heated my body. Very slowly, he licked up one side of my dripping slit and down the other side. I was trembling so much that he bent my knees upward, holding them in place with his broad shoulders. He circled my clit with his tongue, driving me wild. My head thrashed from side to side on the pillow.

“Please… Please don’t stop,” the suddenly deep voice was my own.

As his tongue slid inside, I cried out “Oh yes! Oh Kevin, don’t stop! Fuck me. Fuck me, please!”

His tongue moved faster and faster, in and out of my body. My pussy clamped on his tongue as hard contractions wracked my body. My chest heaved with the effort of breathing as he licked and sucked the nectar dripping from my body.

Finally, he moved up the bed and looked down at me grinning. “You can move your hands now dear.”

I could have kept them on the pillow just to tease him, but I didn’t. As my hands slid down the length of his back and came to rest on his buttocks, he slid his cock into me once again. There was no hesitation and no holding back. This time he thrust hard and fast and his body shook with spasms as he came. He collapsed on the bed beside me, our bodies still touching, still joined. He cradled my head on his shoulder, and kissed my forehead softly. I drifted to sleep, exhausted to awaken in the early hours of the morning with a gentle tugging on my breast. I looked down, straight into twinkling black eyes.

“So,” he said as my aroused nipple plopped from his mouth. “Would you like to buy a vacuum cleaner?”

In answer, I moved down the bed, tugging the white cotton sheet with me. I held his semi-erect cock in my hand. I looked up into his eyes, the blackness appeared to deepen and I watched as my tongue licked his tip. He grew hard as if chiselled from rock with that one lick. Surprised, I licked him again. His eyes narrowed and his cock trembled in my hand. When I softly placed my lips over him, he moaned. When I suckled him gently, his hips rose off the bed, his hands grabbed the back of my head and he thrust deep into my mouth. Almost choking, I moved my head faster and faster, suckling hard. He shuddered and his warm cum spurted into my mouth. I had no option but to swallow it, some dribbled down my chin. I ignored it as I sucked every last drop from him.

He kissed me deeply, his juices mixing with our kiss. “God you’re beautiful, and that was amazing. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I grinned then mischievously added, “But I don’t think I have a need for a hoover.”

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