Eki 03

Lucky Threes

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Aaron, Brent, and Mark had been best friends since high school. Two years after graduation, the three of them decided to go on a road trip to Nevada. All three of them had dreamed of Las Vegas ever since they were young, and they’d made up their minds they were going.

The three men decided they would take Mark’s car, since it was the most fuel efficient, and they would switch drivers at least every 150 miles. Going with that plan, they’d packed their bags and hit the road.

Shortly after they’d switched drivers the second time, the guys’ conversation suddenly turned toward the discussion of sex.

“Have you ever thought about fucking a guy?” Brent asked his two friends.

“No,” Aaron and Mark replied nearly in unison.

“I have,” Brent said courageously. “I’ve got enough balls to admit it.”

“So what have you thought about, Brent?” Mark asked, his curiosity suddenly sparked. “Is it just head, or is it ass, too?”

“Both actually, Mark. I’ve often wondered what the whole experience would be like. I’ve always heard a guy can make another guy feel better than any woman can. I just wanted to see for myself if there was any truth in that.”

Mark failed to mention he was telling the truth when Mark asked him if he’d thought about sex with another man. It was true enough. Mark hadn’t thought about sex with another man. In fact, Mark had experienced sex with another man, and it felt great! Regardless, he wanted to play this out, and see where it would go.

“That’s interesting. I’ve never heard that before, but I’m rather curious now myself,” Bursa escort bayan said Mark, feigning his lack of knowledge on the subject. “What do you think, Aaron?”

“I think the two of you are really fucked up, Mark.”

Mark could already tell he was going to have to really work on Aaron, but was sure he could talk him into it rather easily. He thought both of his male friends were very gorgeous, and wanted to get into their pants very badly.

“You aren’t even a little curious?” Mark asked Aaron, gingerly placing his hand on Brent’s right thigh.

Mark was watching Aaron out of the corner of his eye. He saw Aaron’s eyes light up when he put his hand on Mark’s thigh, and knew the man’s eyes had drifted downward, watching his hand.

As they loosely discussed the subject which Brent had brought up, Mark’s hand slowly drifted up Brent’s thigh, getting ever so closer to the man’s crotch. Brent had made no motion for Mark to move his hand, nor had he acted as if he even minded it. Mark knew right then and there he had Brent in the palm of his hand. Now he just had to work on Aaron.

Boldly, Mark placed his hand on Brent’s crotch. He could feel the immense girth of Brent’s already hard cock through the material of the man’s pants, and knew Brent was already worked up. He also heard Aaron suddenly suck air through his teeth, and knew the man was getting turned on by the show in the front seat.

Just then, Brent suddenly moved Mark’s hand.

“We can’t be doing this right now,” Brent said, his voice very husky with lust. “I have Escort Antalya to focus on the road.

“So I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea to get in the backseat, and give Aaron head then either?” Mark asked, boldly reaching into the backseat and grabbing Aaron’s crotch.

“Right,” said Brent. “I’d end up watching you two getting it on, and having a wreck!”

“You’re right, Brent,” Aaron said lustfully. “We don’t want that to happen.”

“Why don’t we finish up at the hotel tonight then,” Mark suggested. “That way, all three of us can really get in on the action.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Brent and Aaron said, almost at the same time.

The three men talked on and off for nearly until nearly nine o’clock before they decided to call it a night. They would’ve driven longer, but Mark was doing a good job of keeping them on their toes, teasing them real bad every so often.

Mark was driving again by this time, and he picked the first decent hotel he found. He checked them in, and the three of them wasted to time in getting to the room. The second the door was locked, clothes were flying all over the room like confetti.

The trio ended up on the bed, Mark’s huge dick, poking Brent in the crack of his ass while he cock wrestled with Aaron. As all this was going on, the three men were all trading kisses like crazy. After this had gone on for a few minutes, Brent decided to take actions into his own hands. He got on his knees, leaning over Aaron, and lustfully slid the tip of his dick across the man’s lips, teasing him with it. Manavgat escort Aaron greedily kept trying to capture the head of the man’s big dick in his mouth, looking very similar to a fish going after a worm.

Brent got tired of teasing, and shoved half his dick into Aaron’s horny mouth. In the mean time, Mark had been rubbing dicks with Aaron, and Brent wasted no time in getting down to suck as much of both their dicks into his mouth at the same time. Aaron grabbed Brent’s muscled ass cheeks, and gobbled down every single inch of Brent’s immense rod.

Mark had pulled his staff out of Brent’s mouth, and Brent immediately swallowed Aaron’s dick down to the hilt while he played with the man’s huge ball sac. Mark got behind Brent, and spit on his dick to get it real nice and wet. He poked it against Brent’s tight anus, and Brent boldly pushed back against his cock, forcing the tip into his tight asshole. A few minutes later, Brent gave Aaron a hot mouthful of creamy cum. At the same time, Mark’s dick had slid all the way home deep inside Brent’s horny ass.

Mark began vigorously pumping Brent’s beautiful ass while Brent sucked on Aaron’s cock with the fervor and skill of someone who had more experience sucking dick than he had. A few minutes later, Brent gave Aaron another mouthful of hot, white man juice. Shortly after that, Mark and Aaron had simultaneous orgasms, and Mark filled up Brent’s gorgeous ass while Aaron dumped what felt like a gallon and a half of hot seed down the man’s throat.

The three of them collapsed on the bed, their arms thrown across each other, basking in the afterglow of the best sex any of them had ever experienced. It was the first time ever for Brent and Aaron, and Mark knew they were definitely hooked on it. He also knew, this wouldn’t be the last time the three of them would fuck on this trip.

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