Lucky Man

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I am a very happy and lucky man. Although I’m not rich or handsome, I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world. We met when she was an eighteen-year-old virgin, I was her first and still her only lover. She may not have a face that could launch a thousand ships, but to me, when she smiles, she brings light into my world. Her body however has no equal. Mere dimensions cannot explain the perfection of her round proud breasts, her flat stomach or her long shapely legs. On top of all this she loves me and only me and will do anything, and I do mean anything I ask. In fact she will only do certain things if I tell her to do them.

Let me explain, although I said she has a perfect body, she wouldn’t think of going topless on the beach or go braless around town unless I tell her to. To be told to do these ‘naughty acts makes her randy, so not only do I get the pleasure of flaunting her in public I get the benefits of her passion later.

Last year during a hot spell we decided to go shopping in a nearby large city.

I placed her clothes that she must wear on our bed.

“Where’s my underwear?” she cried when she enters the room from the shower wrapped in a big bath towel.

“You only need these knickers,” I said holding up a small pair of white bikini briefs.

“But what pendik escort about a bra?” she asks.

“When does the most perfect pair of tits ever need support” I reply.

She then meekly gets dresses in a short wrap around skirt and thin button up blouse I have selected for her.

“Undo the top two buttons” I request, “that better” I say after she has complied. Her nipples can be seen against the thin material of her blouse as testimony to her arousal. Off we go driving the 20 or so miles, all the way I was fondling her naked thighs. By the time we have arrived she is in a right state, but I’m in no mood to satisfy her lust at the moment. We then proceed to wander around the shops in the glorious weather. I’m watching the faces of the men that pass by as they stare at this vision by my side.

“Can’t we go somewhere quite for while” she begs

“Later” I tell her, “Let’s have some lunch”

“I don’t want to eat, you know what I want” she hisses at me.

I order a G & T for her and a coke for me, I’m driving. We find a nice quite corner of the bar to sit down.

“Open another button” I command.

“Please someone will see” she says

“That’s the idea” I say as I watch her obey my command, now I could see the tops of her unfettered tits. The young barman maltepe escort twice came close to pick up our empties and has a good look.

After lunch we carry on shopping. I make her try on lots of short summer dresses, insisting that she come out of the changing rooms to show me how they look on, also showing a audience of men who have gathered round to watch. By the time we had finished and back in the car, she was in a highly excited state.

“Please let’s stop somewhere” she asks

“Sure, find me a nice spot”

We end up down by the river in a nice secluded car park. As soon as we have parked she is all over me, undoing my zip and pulling out my hardening cock. For my part I push my hand under her short skirt and up to her now wet knickers.

“Oh yes please” she moans

“Open your blouse” I command

Her hands leave my cock to start unbuttoning, till her beautiful tits are fully exposed. I now have both hands full, fondling those lovely mounds and rubbing her between her long sexy legs. She not going to last long having had been on the verge of orgasm all day. I peeled her damp knickers off and throw then out the window.

“You won’t be needing these again” I smile.

“Oh please make me come” she begs.

I now insert two stiff fingers kartal escort into her wet slit and clamp my lips over her right nipple.

“Oh yes, that’s right, yes, ahh”

My last hard thrust of my hand has brought her over the top to a big orgasm. I watch her face as she cums, there is nothing more exotic than seeing the love of your life in the throws of ecstasy.

“Oh thank you love” she purrs at me once she has cooled down a bit, “That was perfect” she smiles at me.

“What do you want me to do now” she added still smiling.

I’m never been a blow-job lover, preferring a tit fuck. She knows this of course, so she leans over me, engulfing my painfully hard cock between those beautiful mounds. I cum all over her tits and throat within seconds.

“How was that my love” she coos.

“Beautiful my darling, lets clean up and go home” I suggest.

She wipes herself down with a tissue from the glove box and then starts to button up her blouse.

“Stop that” I say, “leave the rest unbuttoned”

She obeys at once, leaving most of her buttons undone. I can clearly see her tits swaying beneath her thin blouse. We set off. By the time we reach home she is again highly aroused, having been driven 20 miles with her tits on display to anyone who care to looked. There was this H.G.V. driver who keep pace with us for miles, to do just that. Once unpacked she dragged me off to the lounge for another session, this time I stripped her naked and fucked her to orgasm, spread-eagled on the carpet. What a lucky man I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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