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Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 07

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Author’s note: My preferred submission category is Group Sex, but this one contains more elements of Incest/Taboo than earlier chapters, so if that’s not your thing, maybe wait for Chapter 8.

As always, everyone in this story is eighteen or over.

Thanks for reading. – MM


Veronica lived in one of those neighborhoods flush with money and desperately low on style. Although I suppose that’s a subjective judgment on my part. I’d been working in cable for almost three years, and many of my jobs in the first year were in these houses before anyone even moved in. The smell of wood dust, masonry, and drywall had dominated in that summer. Contractor radios blasted out the local rock station, and the workers themselves scurried from task to task getting the new houses ready for their buyers.

At least now I could be reasonably certain that the air conditioning systems would be fully functional. It was weirdly hot for the first half of May, and I was a sweaty mess after my morning work. I’d seriously considered going home for a shower before making my way to Veronica’s house, but my last job had run late. I’d barely had time to stuff a dollar-menu cheeseburger down my neck. I didn’t want to be late for one of these service calls. My Monday visit with Joe, my supervisor, to Mrs. Harrison’s house had been something of a game-changer, to say the least. Joe had sent me solo to this one.

I rang the doorbell and waited, looking around the immaculately landscaped front yard and wondering if a cable guy’s wages could ever get me a house like this.

The door opened and a woman stood inside smiling up at me. I guessed she was maybe in her late thirties. She had long black hair and deeply tanned olive skin. She was wearing a two-piece bathing suit that hugged tightly to her generous curves, and there was a sheen of sweat on the skin of her chest. I found it almost impossible to keep my eyes on hers instead of watching the little beads of sweat disappear into her cleavage.

“You’re Joe’s guy?” she asked.

I nodded and extended a hand to shake. “Jason,” I said.

“Hi, Jason,” she said, taking my hand. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Veronica.”

She invited me in and closed the door and I waited a few steps into the foyer while she locked it.

“Follow me,” she said, and she moved into the house, leaving me watching her gorgeous round ass bouncing in the confines of her bikini bottom. She’d taken a full four steps before she stopped and turned back to me with a smile on her face, catching the way my eyes suddenly darted up from her butt to her face. Okay, there may have been just the slightest hesitation as they passed her chest.

“This way,” she reminded me.

I followed her out into a luxuriously furnished kitchen and then left into a hallway that led us past a few closed doors. She opened one of them and directed me inside. It was a bathroom.

“Take a shower,” she said. “There’s a pair of shorts and a towel there on the rack. We’ll be waiting out by the pool.”

“We?” I asked as I brushed by her into the bathroom.

Veronica smiled at me sweetly. “Don’t be long,” she said, and shut the door.

I turned on the shower, after spending a minute or two feeling like an idiot for not being able to figure out the luxury fixtures. I took off my work polo with difficulty, the sweat keeping it from sliding freely over my back and chest. There was a floor to ceiling mirror directly across from the opening to the shower, which had no curtain or door. The shower was a mostly open stall, but it was big enough that running and splashing water wouldn’t really have a chance to get all over the rest of the bathroom. I ran a hand over the front of my work pants. The bulge that had begun to form when Veronica opened the front door was still expanding, and becoming a little uncomfortable. I pulled my pants and underwear off and my cock swung free and continued to grow longer and thicker as I tugged at it and lightly slapped it from side to side.

I was hoping Veronica would walk in on me. The idea of being caught with my cock pointing out hard and strong in front of me was itself making me harder. Once I was fully erect, I stepped into the running water and groaned as the sweat was washed away. There was a bottle of body wash on a shelf built into the tile wall, and I soaped up my entire body before rinsing off again. I spent more time than was necessary stroking my cock and playing with my balls. If I wasn’t careful, I was going to blow a load all over this fancy shower.

After I’d rinsed myself thoroughly, I shut off the water and stepped back out.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me,” I said as I picked up the “shorts” Veronica had left more me on top of the towel. I’d never worn a pair of swimming briefs before, but that’s what she’d left me. They were solid blue in color, and made of a stretchy water-resistant fabric of some kind, and they probably cost more than my last three or four pairs of normal all-American swimming trunks put together.

And there was no fucking way my cock was sisli escort going to fit in there. Maybe if I waited for a few minutes and went limp, but even then, I’d still have an obvious cock-and-balls-shaped bulge in the front of this ridiculous thing.

Fuck it, I thought. I toweled off and put the “shorts” on. Forget about my dick. The stupid thing barely covered my ass. Oh well. Time to put on a show. I pointed my cock to the right and slipped the bathing suit over it, pinning it to my body with a noticeable ache.

I walked back to the kitchen, getting used to the feeling of the briefs on my skin. The sliding door out onto the back patio was along the back wall of the kitchen. I could already see two bare pairs of legs stretched out in the sun, but the bodies attached to those legs were obstructed from my view until I strode out onto the patio, as shamelessly as I could manage.

Veronica had apparently decided she didn’t want to deal with tan lines, because as I padded softly onto the patio, the view of her legs stretched into a view of her entire naked body. There was no sign of the bikini she’d been wearing just ten minutes ago. Veronica and her friend were lying face up with their eyes closed to the sun, neither of them seemed to notice that they had company, and I drank in the view of their naked bodies, glistening with tanning lotion before me.

Veronica’s big tits flattened slightly by gravity were nearly impossible to for me to look away from. She had prominent dark nipples, each surrounded by a dark circle of areola. I let my gaze travel over her flat stomach to the flare of her hips and the dark patch of hair at the joining of her legs, which were close enough together to impede by view of what lay between.

In the next chair, Veronica’s friend lay with no sign of either bathing suit or tan lines. It was difficult to tell with both of them lying down, but she seemed a bit taller and more slender than Veronica. Her breasts were a bit smaller and her hips a bit narrower. She had the same black hair and olive skin as Veronica. And unlike Veronica, there was no patch of hair where her legs came together, and I could actually see her pussy through the narrow cleft of her legs. My cock lurched in the ridiculous confines of the borrowed bathing suit.

Veronica cleared her throat and my attention snapped away from her friend’s pussy to see Veronica propped up on her elbows smiling at me. Her smile slackened when her eyes dropped to where my cock was testing the stretchy fabric. I looked down to see the clear outline of the ridge of my cock head standing out. The waistband had pulled away from my lower stomach from the strain of my cock pushing forward.

“Your present is here, Cynthia,” Veronica said. Her friend opened her eyes and lifted her head.

“Oh my god!” Cynthia gasped. “It’s fucking huge!”

I stood still and silent, enjoying the two pairs of eyes roaming my body, and returning my gaze to the two naked women before me.

“I have to admit I was worried when Joe said he was sending someone else,” Veronica said. “But it looks like he chose a worthy replacement. Cynthia, this is Jason. Jason, this is my sister Cynthia. It’s her birthday today, and you’re her present.”

“Happy Birthday, Cynthia,” I said. “It’s very nice to meet you.” I moved around the side of her chair and extended my hand to shake, but Cynthia remained completely still, her wide eyes locked on the throbbing rod in my bathing suit.

“You said he would be big, but Jesus!” she said, finally turning her face to look at her sister.

“Yes, he’s pretty big,” Veronica said with a smile. “But honestly, I’ve seen bigger.”

I chuckled. “Me too, actually.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Cynthia turned back and pointed at my cock. “That thing has to be twice the size of Kurt’s!”

“Hey!” Veronica slapped her sister’s arm, and I marveled at the resulting wiggle of her tits. “We agreed no mention of exes for the whole weekend!”

“Well that’s a little easier for you, Vee,” Cynthia said. “You’ve been divorced for six years. It’s only been two weeks for me!”

Cynthia finally looked up to my face. “Sorry,” she said and smiled. “I was just a little surprised. It’s nice to meet you Jason. How old are you, like eighteen?”

“Almost twenty-one,” I said, slightly offended. But then again I suppose to a woman in her thirties, I must have looked like a kid.

“Oh!” Cynthia mocked me with a grin. “Almost twenty-one! When was the last time you fucked a twenty-one year old, Veronica?”

“Last weekend,” Veronica said, beaming.

“What?” Cynthia cried. “Last weekend? I thought you were with… Never mind. So Jason, what are you going to do for me for my birthday?”

Cynthia’s eyes were on my cock again. I grabbed it through the material of the bathing suit and squeezed near the base of the shaft. “I’m here to do whatever you and Veronica tell me to do.”

“Well, since this whole thing was Veronica’s idea, I think you should pull that cock out and put it in her mouth,” Cynthia said.

“My şişli esc mouth?” Veronica asked, but she was smiling. “It’s your birthday, Cyn.”

“Goddamn right it is, Vee,” Cynthia said. “And I get what I want, and the first thing I want is to watch you suck Jason’s cock.”

Veronica stood and moved over to sit beside her sister. I watched her big tits bouncing and swaying as she moved, still holding on to my cock. She settled in directly in front of me and I moved my hand when she reached for the waistband of the stretched briefs. Slowly, Veronica began to peel them down, her fingers hooked between the waistband and my skin.

“Let’s see what this cock really looks like,” Veronica said.

My cock sprang out hard once she had freed it, and it nearly slapped her across the forehead. Now she had the bathing suit down around my thighs and I stood proudly in front of the sisters, my cock pointing straight up in the air and my balls swaying beneath it.

“Holy shit,” Cynthia whispered.

Veronica wasted no time. She wrapped one hand around my shaft and pointed it down at her face. She opened her mouth and closed her lips around the throbbing purple head and started to suck. “Holy fuck,” I gasped.

“Oh yes, suck his beautiful cock, Vee,” Cynthia moaned.

Veronica squeezed and stroked the entire length of my shaft, feeling its hardness while she sucked on just my cock head. She reached up with her other hand and gently lifted and fondled my balls and began to moan as she sucked. The tiny vibrations of her voice sent little jolts of pleasure shooting down my cock and up my spine. I looked to her side to watch Cynthia watching us, her mouth hanging open slightly. She had one hand down between her legs, slowly rubbing her fingers over her pussy, and with her other hand she squeezed firmly on her right breast, twisting the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

“Okay, let me try,” Cynthia said.

Veronica pulled her face back from my cock and smiled at her sister. “I don’t know Cynthia, I think I might keep this cock all to myself,” she said, but she pointed me at Cynthia anyway.

“Have you ever sucked a cock this big before?” Veronica asked.

Cynthia shook her head. “You know I have only ever been with… you know who.”

Veronica grinned. “I was still hoping maybe there was a horse-cocked pool boy you never told me about,” she said.

“Sorry to disappoint sis,” Cynthia said, slowly wrapping the fingers of her right hand around the center of my shaft while I turned to point my cock at her upturned face, “but this is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. By a lot.” She licked the underside of my cock from just above where her hand held it, and dragged her tongue up to the tip, and I shivered as it passed over the little bead of pre-cum that had formed at the little opening at the peak of my glans.

“Oh fuck that felt great,” I gasped.

Cynthia smiled up at me; then she opened her mouth and leaned forward, taking my cock in right up to her tightly gripping hand. She sucked and started to move her hand along with the motion of her head, slowly coating my shaft with her saliva, but never letting my cock head slip outside of her sucking lips. I quickly began to doubt Cynthia’s claims of inexperience. For someone who had never seen a cock as big as mine, she was sure managing to get a lot of it into her mouth.

“That is so fucking sexy, Cyn,” Veronica groaned. She was pressed right up against her sister, and I looked down for the first time to see that the sides of their breasts were actually pressed together; Veronica’s pendulous left and her sister’s slightly smaller right. Veronica smiled at me when she saw my eyes widen at the view. Not only were their tits starting to rub together, Veronica had her hand between Cynthia’s legs, and she was moving her fingers in an extremely unsisterly way.

Cynthia moaned onto my cock, perhaps in response to the pleasure her sister was producing between her legs, I couldn’t tell. The sensations of her forceful sucking on my cock were making it hard to concentrate on anything else, so I rested my hands on the backs of my hips, leaned back slightly, and gazed down in awe at the show unfolding before me.

Cynthia switched her stroking hand to her left, freeing her right to drop down between Veronica’s legs. Veronica responded by shifting in her seat to spread her thighs, and I was treated to my first, albeit brief, glimpse of her pussy before Cynthia’s hand covered it.

“Suck that fucking cock, Cyn,” Veronica moaned into Cynthia’s ear before lightly biting her earlobe. She had her middle finger hooked inside her sister’s pussy now, and Cynthia’s groaning onto my cock was sending spine-tingling jolts of pleasure shooting up through my body. She was now stuffing nearly three quarters of my cock into her mouth and throat. Veronica moved in and began to lick and suck on my swinging balls.

“Holy fuck,” I croaked. “That feel so fucking good. Suck my fucking cock!”

Cynthia pulled back from my cock, and it came free with a wet escort sisli popping noise. Veronica moved to take over, but not before the sisters shared an almost savage kiss, their tongues twisting and swirling together as they continued to finger each other’s pussies. Veronica pawed and squeezed at Cynthia’s gorgeous tits before pulling her face back. The sisters shared a knowing smile before turning back to me. They began to kiss again, but this time they had my cock trapped between their mouths, their sucking lips and licking tongues roaming up and down either side of my rigid pole. They moved down to my balls and each of them sucked one before moving back up my shaft, only to meet again at the top and spear their tongues back together.

“Oh my fucking god that’s hot,” I said.

Veronica pulled back and smiled up at me. “Want to find out if he’s any good at eating pussy?”

“Oh my god, yes,” Cynthia barked. “I need to cum, like as soon as possible.” She looked up at me. “Will you suck my pussy for me and make me cum, Jason?”

“Of course I will, birthday girl,” I said.

“There’s a towel over there on the table,” Veronica pointed back toward the sliding door. “You can use it for a knee pad.” She didn’t wait for me to respond, choosing instead to turn back to her sister and kiss her way down her neck and chest to start sucking on her tits.

I forgot about the towel completely and watched for a full two minutes while Cynthia moaned and writhed on the patio chair while Veronica sucked on her nipples and stroked a finger inside her pussy. Finally Cynthia opened her eyes and saw me still standing there. “Hey, move your ass, Jason! Towel!”

I tore my gaze away from the black-haired beauties and walked over to the table where there were several towels stacked and neatly folded. My cock stood up painfully hard in front of me as I moved, and it was covered with a sheen of spit and shiny in the sunlight.

I grabbed a towel and looked up to see a young woman standing in the kitchen, her mouth hanging open and her eyes wide. I froze where I stood. The pretty young woman had the same black hair as the women behind me. Her long slender legs extended from a plaid skirt and were covered up to the calf with white socks. Her top was a button-down white shirt, unbuttoned low enough to reveal an incredible view of her cleavage. Her shirt seemed to be under considerable strain to contain the tits that were easily bigger than either Cynthia’s or Veronica’s. Her face left little doubt that she was related to the women I was here to entertain. Her eyes were not on mine, but rather lower. She was staring at my cock.

Finally she looked up at my face and a hand flew to cover her open mouth. Unsure what to do, I stood there for a second or two longer, until finally she pressed a finger to her lips and turned to dash out of the kitchen.

I hoped that Veronica and Cynthia would not notice my extended absence, and I was pleased to find them as I had left them, alternating between making out and sucking on each other’s tits. I glanced quickly back at the house, noting a number of windows with a view out to the patio. If we were going to be watched, I intended to put on a show.

I folded the towel enough to protect my knees from the tile of the patio and knelt in front of Cynthia. She pulled her face away from Veronica’s and locked her lips on mine. Our tongues came together in the void and Cynthia reached out to grab my cock again. Veronica continued to work her finger in her sister’s pussy while I palmed and squeezed Cynthia’s tits and Cynthia stroked my cock. When I broke the kiss, I moved slowly down her neck and chest before lifting and squeezing her big boobs together and sucking on each of her nipples, one at a time. I held each of the hard dark knots lightly between my teeth and teased them with the tip of my tongue while Cynthia gasped and writhed. I switched back and forth three or four times before I was able to will myself away from her luscious tits and continue my journey south.

Veronica moved her hand out of my way, and I was greeted with the sticky-sweet smell of Cynthia’s arousal. She spread her legs further apart and leaned back into her sister’s arms while I kissed and licked my way over her stomach and her recently shaved pubic mound. Her pussy lay before me, open and ready, slick with her juices. I looked up briefly to see her sucking those juices off of Veronica’s finger, then I licked her from the bottom of her open pussy, up over her pouting lips and finally flicking up over the prominent nub of her clit. Her taste flooded into my mouth, strong and sweet and sharp.

Cynthia responded by bucking her hips and pushing her pussy into my mouth. I licked and sucked her slowly at first, taking my time to explore and observe her reactions. Her orders had been to make her cum, and I didn’t have any intention of pulling away until she was cumming in my mouth. I slipped one hand under her ass, and the other I rested on her stomach, giving me enough control to make sure she didn’t buck me off. I probed my tongue into her pussy and greedily sucked up the taste of her juices. I licked and sucked on her clit while she humped against my face. I finally settled into a rhythm once her moans and cries of pleasure became constant and less and less controlled.

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