Luck of the Draw – A Couple’s Game

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It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Charles and Anaïs were both working from home in their North London flat. The sun was filtering through their window casting warm shards of light against the white walls, silhouetting the plants and furniture.

Charles was on a long conference call in the bedroom leaving Anaïs working in the living room. The call lasted what felt like a lifetime, relieved, he closed his laptop, and walked over to the door, raising his voice to ask Anaïs if she wanted a coffee. He froze mid-sentence, as he entered the room. Anaïs was sitting upright on the dinner table, naked apart from a black silk tie around her face and hair blindfolding her. Her arms by her side, palms up, and legs spread wide apart as her calves fell over the table edge. Beside her were a selection of toys, with a small black velvet bag and handwritten note between her legs.

Charles put his things down and walked towards her. She didn’t say a word, only giving a little smile sensing his approach. His eyes scanned down her body, her breasts catching the sunlight and a glisten of wetness between her legs. The note read ‘Happy Anniversary, I’m yours to use – enjoy the lucky dip x’. He reached forward, lifting her chin towards him, softly kissing her and running his hand up her leg.

Anaïs knew what was in the bag, Charles did not. In there she had written a variety of sexual acts on small white bottle caps, ranging from sensual and intimate to dirty and depraved. She was pleased with her idea, so unexpected on such a mundane weekday afternoon. She was wet with anticipation, the thought of committing her body to his pleasure with no idea of what fate has in store. As she stared into the blackness of her blindfold she could hear the clatter of plastic as Charles mixed the caps around in the bag. There was a moment of suspense as she knew he had one in his hand.

Suddenly she felt his hands beneath her calves, levering her back on to the tabletop, lifting her hips into position as he lowered to his knees between her legs.

“What had he picked out of the bag?” she thought to herself. He kissed slowly up her thighs, her hips arched upwards in anticipation as his tongue moved slowly towards her pussy. She could feel her wetness as the tip of his tongue ran up from her ass to her clit, filling his mouth with her taste and smell. She could feel every movement, every flick as her pussy warmed and swelled, wet and eager as he explored her with his mouth. Then suddenly he stopped, she caught her breath, sitting up and reaching out for him to pull him back in, but she remembered that she hadn’t added this to the bag however much she was enjoying pendik escort herself.

She could hear Charles loosen his belt, the sound of fabric falling to the floor below. His hands reached around her waist pulling her to the edge of the table. She could feel the wet beneath her against the cold tabletop as she slid forward, her legs spread apart as the hard tip of his cock met her clit. He ran his flesh down the length of her pussy coating it before nestling it in between her ready lips. She gave a gasp as she felt herself parting, taking him inside her, inch by inch. He pushed her onto her back, lifting her thighs up against his chest and hooking her ankles around his neck. He moved slow, building up speed with each thrust, every one feeling deeper than the last. As the pace grew he pounded harder and harder, her upper back pressed against the table absorbing their movements, her buttocks floating inches above, bouncing against his pelvis. The sound of her wetness against his body filled the darkness as every inch of him filled her. This wasn’t tender or intimate, he was fucking her, using her, exactly as she wanted him to.

Anaïs could feel waves of pleasure building up inside her, her breath quickened, her fingers gripping deep in the back of his thighs, she could feel her orgasm nearing as she bit into her lower lip, she was so close. Then without warning he withdrew his cock and stepped back leaving her once again, desperate for fulfilment. Her pussy, wet, throbbing, eager for touch and stimulus.

“Not yet” whispered Charles, as the sound of plastic clattered around the bag beside her.

Charles took hold of her hands, pulling her towards him and off the table. He took her wrists forcibly moving them down behind her, turning her 180 degrees so that the edge of the table pressed into her upper thighs. He held her hands together behind her back, easily managing to clasp both together with only one of his. Anaïs felt rough cotton against her skin, as it wrapped around her wrists, tightening and constraining her movement with each turn, tied off in a firm knot.

He turned her around and down to her knees in one quick movement, before she could reorientate herself she felt his flesh brushing against her face. She opened her mouth subserviently as the tip of his cock found the top of her tongue. She moved her head forward taking him inside, the taste and smell of her pussy covering his length. She worked his cock expertly, her hands tied, leaving only her soft lips and tongue to satisfy him, tenderly giving him her full attention. His fingers reached behind her head, entangling in her hair as he started maltepe escort to lead the speed and rhythm. His cock moving deeper into her mouth, her saliva pooling down the side of her lips and collecting on her chin as he gave small groans of pleasure. She felt his hands release behind her head, as she continued to eagerly work his cock in her mouth. Above her head, she heard the plastic tokens muffled inside the fabric bag once more. What was next?

Charles slid his dick out of her mouth, leaving a trail of saliva glistening from his tip to her lower lip, the strand arched and fell, landing against her chin and breasts. Hooking his hand under one of her arms, he brought Anaïs to her feet, turning her around once more and pushing her head forward. The edge of the tabletop pressed into her thighs forcing her 90 degrees over the table. His body pressed behind her and her hands tied behind her back meant he only needed to apply light pressure to hold her helplessly in this position. Charles’ other hand reached between her legs, circling around her clit and running his fingers up her pussy, his thumb resting against her ass.

Anaïs felt the cool, wetness as the lubricant landed in the ‘V’ of her upper buttocks, slowly oozing down towards her hole. She knew what was coming, she’d written the tokens, and she wanted it. His thumb collected a droplet as it pooled, massaging it around the ring of her asshole. She felt the flat of his thumb pressing against her, the resistance giving way as she relaxed, taking him in. His fingers massaged her pussy as his thumb anchored inside her. She felt his digit replaced by two fingers, then three as she stretched to accommodate them. She wanted him inside her.

She felt the bluntness of his cock against her hole as they nested together, his body weight slowly pushed it inwards as she pushed back towards him. She gave a small gasp, her mouth resting against the tabletop, as her ass opened to accommodate him. She could feel herself clenching tight against his girth as he moved slowly inside her, thrusting deeper with each movement. Charles gripped her hips and built his speed, feeling her relax against him. He looked down at his cock, it’s length wet and hard, moving in and out of her. Her body flat against the table, condensation cooling where her breath met the tabletop, her fingers dancing, bound together in approval behind her back. The tender thrusts soon gave way to the sound of flesh hitting flesh, his balls slapping against her wetness below, as every inch filled her again and again as he fucked her.

Smack! Smack! She could feel the heat, and tingle radiate from her buttocks kartal escort as his hands slapped her. His fingers gripped hard onto her flesh, his breath deepened. She could feel his sweat falling down against the crater of her lower back as his body pounded against hers. He slowed and she felt his fullness easing out of her, his cock springing up above her eager and ready hole. He pulled her hands toward him, lifting her off the table, around and to her knees, as his hand pulled her head back. Her lips parted as she felt a warm stream land on her upper lip, trailing down to her chin. Then another hit the back of her mouth, painting across her tongue and lower lip. Then another and another across her nose and cheek, she felt his cock resting against her mouth. Her lips opened as she licked his length, her tongue working every dent and crevice tasting their sex.

Charles kissed her forehead and stood up, stepping around and cradling her from behind. His forearm scooped her head back as his lips gently worked up the side of her neck. His other arm moved around her waist and the feel of firm rubber pressed against her open legs. With a click, a wave of pleasure vibrated through her pelvis and up her body. The gentle buzz against her clit muffled between her thighs. Charles’ lips worked across her shoulders, neck and ears sending tingles through her. His hand grasped her breasts firmly, pulling her into him. She could feel how wet she was, her fucked pussy and ass resting against the back of her heels, her arms embalmed between their sweaty torsos.

Anaïs breathed heavily into the blackness, the warm wetness covering her face pooling on her top lip and chin, dripping slowly down onto her breasts. The smell of musk and sweet, salty taste falling into her mouth with every moan and groan of pleasure. The relentless vibrator pulsing waves against her pussy. She could feel the orgasm building inside her, her thighs shaking uncontrollably, her hands pressing into his torso, as convulsions took over her body and a huge explosive orgasm rushed through her, bucking on her knees as Charles gripped her in place against him.

The vibration stopped, leaving the tingle still purring through her as she slumped back down on her sweat and sex covered body. Charles kissed her neck, standing up and away as their bodies untangled. Anaïs caught her breath, her head resting down exhausted.

“Wow.” she exhaled as she readjusted to her surroundings. Feeling very happy with how her little plan had planned out.

She sat there in her own post-orgasm warmth, listening to her breath and heart-pounding as she recomposed herself. A noise cut sharply through the darkness. The unmistakable rattle of plastic against plastic.

“Fuck” she thought to herself – she was a mess, drained and used, but this afternoon wasn’t about her. How much more would Charles want to play? What was coming next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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