Luanica Finishing School Ch. 06

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Glasses Sexy

Back in the dormitory a feast had been laid out for us which I was sure to take advantage of. Girls kept joining as they finished their enemas and everyone seemed fairly buzzing, acting confident in their freshly showered and shaven naked bodies with ‘squeaky clean’ insides. Nikita seemed to avoid me, which I was sad about, but I felt like I needed some space to really work out my feelings for her.

The night drew in and Madam Oona called for us to go to bed. Our night gowns had also been taken for washing so we were all naked under the covers. I was tired from the day’s activities but couldn’t sleep with my racing thoughts of Nik.

I lay in my bed and thought back to how amazing I’d felt when Nik had slapped my bum in Master Mal’s class, stroked my intimate area during our run and rubbed my pussy in the shower before penetrating me with her fingers. I thought about the butterflies I experienced when I saw her tits on the field and how I almost salivated seeing her pussy during yoga. I thought about the way she always made me laugh and comforted me during my shittiest moments. I thought about how jealous I’d felt when Violet was her partner in class and not me.

It dawned on me that it didn’t matter if I considered myself a lesbian or not, the truth was that I’d fallen hard for Nikita Lennox. I needed to make her aware of how I felt and it couldn’t wait until the morning. I remembered back to our last conversation about feeling clean and how she’d joked about her ass probably tasting of strawberries. I licked my lips with an idea.

The room was pitch black and silent with several hours having passed since lights out. I snuck out from my bed and tiptoed over to the foot of Nik’s bed. Lifting the bottom of the duvet I crept inside her bed and shimmied my body up her mattress, sliding between her open legs.

Nik was sleeping on her front so as I managed to pull myself half way up the bed my face was greeted by her beautiful bum. Despite my wriggling she was still asleep. I placed both my palms on her peachy cheeks and spread them, revealing her intimate areas which smelt of soap. Without hesitation I dove in and started licking around her asshole before my tongue penetrated the tight walls and danced around inside.

Nikita awoke and mersin escort realised what was happening. She raised her bum as her arms reached around her sides and pulled my head into her. My hands pulled tighter on her cheeks to give me better access as I went deeper inside, lapping her up as if my life depended on it. Her body squirmed in response to the sensations and she pressed her face firmly into her pillow in an attempt to muffle her moans.

Her hands pulled me away from her ass and encouraged me to the top of the bed. I lifted myself up and crawled over her body like an animal. She flipped herself over, looking towards the dark ceiling as she waited for our faces to meet. Just as my head was about to emerge from beneath the duvet Nik unexpectedly slammed the back of my head into her chest, my nose finding itself wedged between her soft breasts. Removing her hands from me she pressed her tits together, immersing my face in her heavenly mounds. I was engulfed by my horniness and attacked her left boob first, taking her hard pink nipple into my mouth where I knocked it around with my tongue, nibbling and sucking. After giving it the attention it deserved I moved onto the other. Nik was overcome with excitement as she wrapped her legs and arms tightly around my body, merging us into one person.

Nik pulled back her duvet so it rested on my back. Sliding up her smooth flawless body my eyes finally met hers. I brought my hand up to her cheek and stroked her softly, our silent heavy breathing creating a mystical tension between us.

“I love you Nikita” I whispered as I stared lovingly into her.

“I love you Emily” she replied with her signature adorable smile.

Unable to hold off any longer I leant in and kissed her for the first time. Her lips were softer than I’d ever imagined and each movement triggered a thousand nerve endings. Her mouth opened to welcome mine as my tongue searched and found hers, dancing together beautifully. With her legs still wrapped tight around me I felt her instinctively begin to grind against my stomach. I raised my other hand and ran it through her gorgeous blonde hair as the kissing slowed down.

When the kissing finally stopped I buried my head into Nik’s neck and removed my hand from her face, mersin escort bayan sliding it down the centre of her chest, across her stomach and eventually meeting her freshly shaven sex.

“I’m so wet” she whispered naughtily in my ear before taking my ear lobe between her teeth and playfully pulling on it.

She wasn’t wrong. Nik’s pussy was soaking as my fingers ran over her long lips and found their way inside her. With my middle and ring fingers curved upwards to stimulate her G Spot I jammed them back and forth. Sounds of her juices sloshing got louder as my fingering intensified. Her breathing became erratic and her sharp nails dug into my back. I felt her body shake beneath me as she forced her lips onto mine and moaned into my mouth with her intense orgasm.

We embraced in a sticky and sweaty mess, allowing ourselves to catch our breaths.

“I’m so hot” complained Nik.

Agreeing with her I threw the duvet fully off the bed so we were exposed to the room of twenty-eight sleeping girls. It felt instantly cooler. I got up and crawled to the end of her bed where I sat and watched her naked panting body lying down on the mattress. It was the early hours of the morning and the lights were off but our visions had somewhat become accustomed to the darkness.

After five or so minutes I scooted myself towards her, tucking my left leg under her right thigh, and my right leg over her left thigh. I grabbed both her hands and pulled her body off the mattress and into mine, using the momentum to draw our crotches into each other. We were now entwined, our breasts mashed into each other and our wet pussies touching. I wrapped one arm around her back and used the other behind me to support myself.

I pulled her in for a deep kiss and started grinding into her which she reciprocated. We began to scissor; the lubrication from our juices encouraging us to keep going faster. I looked down and watched her long bright pink labia weaving across my lips as if they were seaweed in the ocean. I wrapped my right leg as tight around her waist as I could to create as much friction between us as possible, throwing all my energy and youth into this moment of passionate love-making.

“I love you” Nik moaned as her head tilted back, showing escort mersin only the whites of her eyes as her pupils disappeared. Her whole body shook as a sudden thrust of liquid blasted into my pussy and I was forced backwards. Nik screamed at the top of her lungs in ecstasy as she reached down to her vagina and rubbed vigorously, her juices spraying out and covering my tits and stomach.

The dormitory lights turned on and I saw girls sitting up in their beds to see what the commotion was that woke them suddenly from their deep sleeps. One by one I saw shocked and disgusted faces looking directly at us. I should have been mortified but I hadn’t been so turned on in my life. My mind was a foggy mess and all I wanted to do was shag Nik some more.

Hardly regaining her breath Nik thrust my hand into hers, which was wet and sticky from her masturbation.

“Let’s get out of here!” she excitedly suggested.

I nodded in agreement, jumped off the bed and, still holding her hand, we ran out of the room together and through the dark school hallway.

“In here!” Nik whispered, pushing a random door open.

We tumbled into the small dark room and I stumbled backwards into a large wooden desk. Wrapping her hands under my bum cheeks Nikita lifted me onto the table edge and playfully pushed my chest, causing me to fall on it and stare at the ceiling.

Before I could comprehend what was happening Nik leaned over me with predatory eyes, running her hands over my thighs as she gently pushed them apart. I squeaked in anticipation for what was to come. She then dove into my crotch, attacking my pussy with her mouth. I felt electricity zap through my body as her talented tongue invaded my hole and stimulated my clit, her warm breath heightening every sensation. I gripped the sides of the desk with both my hands as my pelvis bucked and my thighs naturally closed around her. Nik forcefully pushed my legs out and spread me like an eagle, lapping the whole circumference of my sex and leaving no part unkissed.

Nik didn’t slow down as her hands left my legs and reached up my body to cup my boobs. Her fingers blindly searched for my nipples and upon finding them she pulled hard causing a rush of pleasure to engulf me. My body was on the edge and couldn’t take much more. I let out several moans, each one louder than the previous. My face burnt up and fireworks exploded in my head. My pussy expelled juices into Nik’s open mouth which she lapped up as I experienced the most intense orgasm ever.

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