Loving Brother Ch. 04

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Calvin was sprawled out on the couch wearing only his tight red shorts as his sister Terry answered the front door. He had a hard-on from hell or rather from his sister sucking on his dick as they waited for Debbie to arrive. It had been two weeks since their weekend of lust and this was the first time they had the house to themselves.

It had been a long two weeks as Terry teased and flashed him every chance she got, which was constantly. Their mother had almost caught her on a couple of occasions but that seemed to just spur her on. Before their parents left, she would grab his dick through his regular shorts every time she got close to him.

They had stood by the front window and waved goodbye. As the car turned the corner at the end of the street, Calvin grabbed his sister around her chest with his left arm and held her tightly as his right hand found its way under her short skirt. She didn’t have panties on and his fingers found her clit quickly.

He held her right in front of the window as he rolled her clit around firmly. She had gasped and struggled for a minute before she groaned loudly and shifted a foot to the side. Then her hips were moving back and forth, pressing her clit tighter to his fingers one second and reducing the friction to a light caress the next.

In a few minutes she was coming long and hard, her hips jerking to a rhythm of their own. Her head was back against his chest rolling from side to side. He had ended up half carrying her to the couch. As she caught her breath, she had sighed and then giggled. “I needed that so bad.”

“So bad are the words for you. If I thought I could have gotten away with it with mom and dad here, I would have spanked your little butt.”

“With your hips or your hand?”

Calvin had chuckled. “Both probably.”

Terry had sat up and turned to go to her knees. Her hands found his dick and rubbed it through his shorts. “We have two whole days.”


Terry giggled. “How about if I invite Debbie over?”

“And?” Calvin asked again.

“I keep thinking about the three of us in a pile on my bed,” Terry whispered softly.

“Call her, I’m game, if she is.”

Terry groaned softly. “That’s just it. I don’t know… uh… what she would be up for.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Calvin replied with a grin. “You said she had a big crush on me. My little red shorts and a full hard-on should get the ball rolling.”

Terri squeezed his dick. It was as hard as steel. “Hand me the phone.”

One phone call, a change of shorts for Calvin, and a slow blowjob later, Terry opened the door and greeted Debbie with a big hug. She still had on her short skirt but now she had it pulled up even shorter, the waistband rolled three times and had a short blouse on with four buttons undone. There was skin showing down between her breasts.

When they broke the hug, Debbie was grinning as she came inside. Her eyes flicked up and down from the hem of the short skirt to the skin showing at the top. “Love the outfit,” she whispered and then looked down at her t-shirt and jeans. “I seem to be over dressed.”

“Then take it all off,” Calvin said from the couch.

Debbie wheeled around. She hadn’t noticed Terry’s brother until he spoke. Her eyes took in his bare muscular chest and then the long thick ridge in the front of his tight shorts. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth worked but no words came out.

“I think the cat has her tongue,” Calvin said with a big grin.

Debbie licked her lips and nodded. “Uh, yeah,” she whispered and then swallowed hard. “I… I… I…” she stammered a moment later.

Terry grinned at her brother and stepped behind Debbie. She reached around and hugged her girl friend, her hands under each breast. Debbie squirmed and then gasped as Terry kissed her on the neck.

“I… I… I…” she stammered and then gasped even louder as Terry’s hands moved up to caress and squeeze her breasts. Debbie’s hands jumped up to cover Terry’s as she stammered again.

“Girl, you need some new material,” Calvin said with a chuckle as his right hand moved over to rub lightly over his hard dick under his shorts.

Debbie’s eyes followed his hand and then slowly closed as Terry squeezed and massaged her breasts and kissed and licked her neck. She moaned softly and moved her hands back down by her sides, surrendering to the pleasure Terry was giving her.

Calvin was off the couch and on his knees in front of Debbie. He licked and kissed her belly as his fingers worked the snap and zipper on her jeans. Debbie moaned even louder than before. Calvin’s hands inside the back of her loose fitting jeans made her gasp. His lips and tongue on the upper edge of her smoothly shaven mound made her hips jerk and twitch. The jeans slowly moved lower off her hips.

Terry continued to kiss her best friend’s neck as her right hand moved down and under her t-shirt. Debbie wasn’t wearing a bra so now she had one hand on a cloth covered breast and one on bare skin. The bare breast felt even warmer and softer than it had through buca escort the shirt. She moved her left hand down and then up. Now she had a bare breast in each hand.

Debbie was getting close to overload. Hands caressing and squeezing her breasts and lips on her neck were one thing but Calvin’s hot slippery tongue on her mound was something else. She kept flexing and wiggling her hips trying to make him go lower but he stayed where he was. He had room as she felt her jeans down around her knees. She tried to spread her feet wider apart but the jeans limited her.

Suddenly, Calvin’s tongue brushed across her clit and Debbie thrust her hips forward and yelled incoherently as he licked her mound again. “My clit! My clit!” she yelled loudly.

Terry’s soft giggle next to her ear was lost as Calvin’s tongue zeroed in on her clit and lashed it up and down and back and forth. After all of her fantasies about Calvin, him actually licking her clit shot her into orbit. The fact was so much better than the fantasy. Then he was sucking on her clit and flicking it wildly. She went even higher.


Debbie sighed deeply and smiled. Her eyes were closed and she was floating on a fuzzy cloud of endorphins that felt wonderful. A tongue flicked at her left nipple and she shivered. A tongue flicked her right nipple and she whimpered. She briefly wondered where her t-shirt was and then it dawned on her she was laying on her back. Her eyes snapped open. Terry was lying on one side of her and Calvin was on the other.

They were lying on their sides and had their heads propped up on their hands. Terry leaned in and licked her left nipple and then Calvin did the same to her right. Debbie whimpered and then moaned as the tongues touched her skin. Then there was a mouth on each nipple, sucking as a tongue flicked and swirled around each of the hard buds. She groaned loudly as her eyes closed.

Terry lifted her head and the nipple in her mouth stretched and then snapped loose from the suction she held on it. Debbie made a soft gasping sound and then made it again as Calvin treated her other nipple the same way. “The floor is fun but my bed is more comfortable,” Terry whispered softly to her brother.

Calvin chuckled. “Yeah but I think I’ll have to carry Debbie upstairs.”

“Give… me… a minute… to catch… my breath,” Debbie said slowly.

“The three of us naked in my bed?” Terry asked softly.

Debbie groaned and then shivered hard as her hand moved sideways until it touched Calvin. “Fantasies,” she whispered and then groaned again.

Terry placed her hand on Debbie’s chest and slowly ran it down until her fingertips were on Debbie’s mound. “I have a few fantasies of my own,” she whispered as her hand moved lower until her middle finger found Debbie’s slippery wet slit.

Debbie’s hips jerked and then quivered. “I… I… I…” she stammered and then whimpered loudly.

Terry giggled. “I’ll take that as a maybe on your part.”

Debbie nodded quickly and then groaned as she looked at her friend. “I’ve… uh… had a few fantasies like that.”

“Then why are we still on the floor?” Calvin asked with a grin as he reached down and moved Debbie’s hand to his hard dick.

Debbie’s fingers gripped Calvin’s dick and than gave it a firm squeeze. Her head turned in his direction, her eyes on the ridge her hand was on. “Holy shit!” She whispered as she gave his dick another squeeze.

Terry giggled. “My reaction exactly.”

Debbie’s head snapped around in her direction. “You… uh… him… uh… brother?” she stammered and then groaned as Terry’s finger rolled her clit around gently.

“Only in my mouth and ass so far,” Terry whispered.

Debbie groaned again as Terry’s fingertip continued to roll her clit around, her eyes slowly closing. Suddenly her eyes snapped open. “Your ass? No fucking way!” She exclaimed as her fingers tighten on Calvin’s large solid shaft. “There ain’t no way.”

“Want to make a bet?” Calvin asked with a grin in his sister’s direction.

Terry laughed. “That’s how I got my ass fucked.”

Debbie whimpered loudly as her hips flexed up and down sharply. “I’ve never but….”

“I think I see a cigar tube in her near future,” Calvin said with a chuckle.

“Hey now, don’t be telling all my secrets,” Terry said with a grin. “Anyway, she’ll have to wrestle me for it.”

“The cigar tube or my dick?” Calvin asked.

“Yes!” Terry said and then laughed.

Debbie groaned softly and squeezed Calvin’s dick tightly. Her eyes were closed as she thought about her fantasizes where Calvin was concerned. Then her mind jumped sideways to Terry and she groaned even louder. In her mind, Terry’s head was between her legs. Her hips flexed up and down several times.

Lips on hers made her eyes snap open. Terry was kissing her gently and she was kissing her in return. They both whimpered softly. Terry broke the kiss and grinned at her friend. “A sixty nine with me on top and Calvin’s dick in my ass. I’d die a very happy camper.”

“I… buca escort bayan I… I…” Debbie whispered and then groaned softly.

Calvin chuckled. “I think she’s headed for overload again.”

Terry sighed and rolled over on her back and then sat up. “Time to relax and let everyone calm down.” Looking at her brother, she winked and said, “Why don’t you get us a coke apiece while we get more comfortable on the couch.”

Calvin looked at his sister who was still dressed the way she had been and then at Debbie’s nakedness. He grinned at his sister and got up off the floor. His hard dick made a large tent in the front of his shorts. Debbie groaned softly as she looked up at him and his sister licked her lips with a wink. He was smiling as he headed for the kitchen.

He left the light off as he entered the kitchen and stepped to the side so he could peek around the side of the door. He watched as Terry unbuttoned her blouse, leaned over, and kissed Debbie again, her hand wandering over her friends breasts. Debbie arched her back, pushing her breasts up higher. Terry broke the kiss and took her blouse off.

Debbie laid still and stared at Terry’s breasts. When she licked her lips, Terry leaned over and scooted forward until her right breast was just above Debbie’s face. Debbie groaned loud enough for Calvin to hear her. Terry let out an equally as loud groan as Debbie lifted her head and sucked on the nipple in front of her.

Calvin grinned and went to the fridge. He got out three cokes and sat them on the counter. He took off his shorts and hung them on the back of a chair. A moment later, he returned to the edge of the door to look out. Debbie was sitting up with a hand on each of Terry’s breasts. Terry had a hand on each of Debbie’s breasts.

Their hands were moving as they gently caressed each other. Suddenly, Terry pinched both of Debbie’s nipples and she gave a jerk as she arched her back and groaned. Terry laughed and let go of her friends nipples. She stood up and took her time getting out of her skirt. When it was around her ankles, her sex was only a couple of feet from Debbie’s face.

Debbie groaned as she looked at Terry’s smoothly shaved pussy. She groaned again as Terry stepped away and went to sit on the couch. With a shiver, Debbie got up and went to sit next to her. Calvin grinned and went to get the cokes.

When he walked into the living room, Terry and Debbie were kissing, their hands roaming over each others bodies. When Calvin sat the cokes down on the coffee table, Terry broke the kiss and moved over. “You can sit between us,” she said.

Calvin grinned at his sister as he moved around to sit down. “I think I’m in big trouble.”

His sister’s right hand moved over to grip his dick at the base. “What gives you that idea?” She asked as she ran her hand up and down his shaft.

Calvin laughed and then groaned as his sister moved her hand faster. “Be careful, that thing is loaded.”

“I know, I loaded it,” Terry whispered as she slid off the couch and leaned on his left knee. Looking at Debbie, she asked, “Want to see how I loaded it?”

Debbie nodded, her eyes on Calvin’s dick.

“Then get your ass down here,” Terry said with a grin.

Debbie whimpered softly as her eyes flicked up to Calvin’s face and then returned to his dick. “I… I… I…” She stammered as she slipped off the edge of the couch and knelt next to his right thigh.

“Put your right hand above mine,” Terry said softly. When Debbie did, Terry grinned. “Want to play a game?”

“What… what kind of game.”

“A game of oral Russian roulette. We suck on the head, swirl our tongues around the head three times, bob our heads three times, and then swirl the head three times. The one who gets a big drink is the winner.”

Debbie groaned softly and shivered hard. “I… I’ve never had a drink, big or small.”

“You’ve never sucked a dick?” Calvin asked.

“Uh, yeah, one time but….”

“Butt what?” Janet asked with a grin at her own pun.

“He, uh, pushed my head away quickly and tried to get my shorts off. I think he was in a big hurry for something else.”

Calvin chuckled. “More like he was on a hair trigger.”

Terry winked at her brother and lowered her head to suck on the head of his dick. She swirled her tongue around the head three times and then bobbed it three times. She paused at the head and swirled her tongue around three times as she looked up into her brother’s eyes.

Calvin groaned softly and his sister took him out of her mouth. She looked over at Debbie and grinned. “Your turn.”

Debbie whimpered loudly as she looked at the shiny head of Calvin’s dick and then up at his face. “I… I… I…” she stammered and then groaned as she looked back at his dick.

Terry reached over with her free hand and pulled on Debbie’s head. “Fantasies, remember.”

Debbie groaned loudly and let Terry guide her mouth to Calvin’s dick. She sucked the head in and swirled her tongue around the head escort buca slowly feeling the soft spongy flesh that had a sandpaper feel as she cross the upper part. She paused and then bobbed her head slowly three times. His dick was much bigger than the only other one she had sucked and filled her mouth.

As she paused at the head and ran her tongue around the head she could taste a musky, sweet, spicy flavor. It was much stronger than it had been earlier, she realized. She also realized she like the flavor so she kept right on swirling her tongue as she sucked harder.

Terry laughed and grabbed a handful of Debbie’s hair and pulled up. “Hey now, it’s my turn.” Debbie’s lips came free of Calvin’s dick with a slurping sound. Terry laughed again. “Greedy bitch.”

“Greedy maybe,” Calvin said, “but her slow way of sucking my dick feels great, believe me.”

“Uh huh,” Terry whispered as she sucked his dick in. She swirled her tongue around once and then bobbed her head three times but didn’t hold any suction on it. She swirled her tongue once and then lifted her head with a wink at her brother.

This time, Debbie didn’t have to be enticed to suck Calvin’s dick. She almost bumped heads with Terry in her hurry. Terry chuckled and took her hand off her brother’s dick. Then she pushed Debbie’s hand down to the base. “Let’s make things more interesting. Let’s see if you can reach your hand.

Debbie was sucking on the head and swirling her tongue around slowly. She missed the part about moving the hands and everything Terry had said. She made way more than three swirls and then moved her head down slowly. As his dick went deeper into her mouth she just suck harder and moaned softly.

Her lips touched her hand about the time the head of Calvin’s dick touched the back of her throat. She gagged softly and lifted her head an inch or so. A moment later, his dick was just barely touching the opening to her throat and she was moaning loudly.

“Get you some,” Terry said with a chuckle.

Debbie bounced her head several times and then raised it holding suction on Calvin’s dick. He would have moaned but his mouth was hanging open at the amount of his dick Debbie had swallowed. She paused at the head and swirled her tongue around it. Calvin did moan now.

A moment later, her head slowly went down until the head touched her throat. They both groaned as she bounced her head slightly. His dick head touched the opening to her throat on each downward movement. She did this three more times, swirling the head at the top and trying to force the head into her throat at the bottom.

“Holy shit!” Terry whispered softly as she watched her best friend sucking her brother’s dick.

Debbie was bouncing up and down gently at the bottom of a stroke when Calvin groaned long and loud as his hips jerked upward. Debbie gave out with a loud muffled yell as his dick head jammed in her throat. A second later she was coming as hard as he was, as she slowly moved her head up an inch or so.

Terry just stared at Debbie and her brother’s dick. What she could see of it anyway. Debbie had two fingers around the base and the rest was in her mouth. “Holy… Shit!” she whispered as she realized they were both coming.


Calvin was sprawled against the back of the couch, his head leaned back. What a blowjob with a big exclamation point kept floating across his mind. Slowly a rhythmic sucking on his whole dick drew his attention back to the here and now. He raised his head and looked down. Debbie had her head on his hip and his whole dick in her mouth.

Terry saw the strange look on her brother’s face and chuckled. “She ain’t let go of it since you both came.”

“Both?” Calvin asked.

“When you did, she did and big time at that.”

Debbie made a whimpering sound around the dick in her mouth and nodded. She moaned softly and sucked on the dick like it was a very large pacifier.

Terry laughed. “You might never get your dick back from the look on her face.”

The soft sucking felt very good to Calvin. He sighed deeply and looked at his sister. “Who says I want it back.”

“Butt, butt, butt,” his sister said with a big wink.

“Oh yeah, there is that,” he whispered as his hand went to Debbie’s upper back and wandered around. He leaned his head back against the couch, closed his eyes, and sighed deeply again.

There was movement on the couch, he opened his eyes about the time his sister’s clit brushed the end of his nose. She was standing astraddle his hips and leaning forward. His hands jumped to her lower ass and pulled her forward as his tongue attacked her clit.

Terry let out a soft yell and tried to pull her hips back. Her bother held her tightly as he continued to lick, flick, and suck on her clit. As turned on as she already was from playing with Debbie and sucking her brother’s dick, not to mention watching Debbie swallow ninety percent of it and both of them coming, she went up in flames quickly. Her jerking twitching hips just moved his tongue more on her clit, which just drove her orgasm higher.

Calvin wondered just how much his sister could take as he held on and gave her a tongue lashing from hell. About the time he started to let her go, she kind of melted and would have fallen backwards if he hadn’t grabbed her waist and guided her sideways to end up on her side on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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