Kas 21

Love or Sex Ch. 02

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Currently working on chapter 3 but hit a bit of writers block.


*beep beep* *beep beep*

As I fumble around for my cell phone; because that’s where that infernal noise came from, I find that I am in a foreign bed and a strange environment. Not so much a strange environment, just one that isn’t mine, not my bedroom. Then it hits me, how could I possibly forget something so wonderful as last night. How did I not remember that I spent the night with the most amazing woman in the world and ended up falling asleep next to her, holding her in my arms. Now where is that damn phone and who the hell could be texting me?


Last night was amazing :*

10:31 AM”

It most certainly was, and I regret that I forgot it for even one second, but reliving it in my head was great.

“The best night of my life

10:33 AM”

And that’s the truth, it was the greatest night of my life. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and if I can count on her response to my question, there is so much more to look forward to. I look forward to spending many nights in this bed getting hot and sweaty. I look forward to spending time with my love, be it on the couch or out on the town. Come to think of it, going out might be difficult, we’ve lived in this city for some time now. Pretty sure someone would recognize us and wouldn’t be too happy with it.

*beep beep* *beep beep*


So far 😉


Hmmm, what has that little vixen got planned? Or is it just a promise of more fantastic sex? Either way looks like I’ve hit the jackpot.

*beep beep* *beep beep*


College pamphlets on the kitchen table


Ah yes, I guess I should get that sorted out. After of course a shower, and breakfast, and some TV. How difficult could it be to choose what I want to do for the rest of my life? I mean I am 18, that’s plenty old to figure that kind of stuff out right? No pressure. Actually I’ve pretty much got it figured out; I love writing so I’ll just get a degree in English be a waiter and write on my time off. The local community college has a decent program, and because I’m a resident it’ll be cheaper. No need to dorm either, I’ve got the perfect set-up here. From the few pamphlets mom left it looks as though she may want me to stay close as well.

The rest of the day passed as normal, nothing spectacular happens. Take care of a few chores around the house sweeping, dishes, stuff like that. Did a bit of grocery shopping and picked up the clothes from the dry cleaner. Like I said, nothing particularly exciting.

Mom will be home soon, better get dinner started. Roast chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots, sounds lovely, and if I get started soon it will be ready by the time mom gets home. Simple meal really, two chicken breasts with the skin, white potatoes and baby carrots. Heat the oven to 350, rub the chicken breasts with a little bacon grease and toss them in a foil lined pan. Cut the potatoes and carrots into quarters, cover them lightly in olive oil salt and pepper and put them in the pan with the chicken. Toss in the oven for about forty minutes, or until the chicken is done all the way through.

In walks the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, she’s only wearing her work clothes, but she is still a vision of beauty. Navy blue mid-thigh length skirt and a matching blue blazer, white button up blouse, nude stockings and four inch two-tone blue heels. A smile streaks across my face as she whiffs the air, noticing the smell of dinner. Perfect timing because dinner is ready and the counter is set; I portion out a chicken breast each and half the potatoes and carrots for each of us. The skin is perfectly crispy and the meat is perfectly juicy.

As we eat we reminisce about the time that my grandfather tried to fix their old car. He spent days trying to figure out what the issue was, turns out it was the head gasket. Something he neglected to account for, after he exhausted all options for failure he figured the car was fixed and would be good to go. He started it up and BOOM! The hood of the car bowed slightly and the engine was all but destroyed, great times. Grandad fancied himself a sisli escort handyman, but he was far from it, quite the opposite in fact. Broke many of the things he touched, always a joy to watch him try and fix something though. Amazing man he was, always had a smile on his face and was always willing to help anyone in need. I miss him dearly.

Mom takes off to her room to change into something more comfortable, and by more comfortable that means something that is actually comfortable. Yoga pants and a t-shirt. We spend the rest of the night on the couch watching TV and doing our usual making fun of the people we see on random channels. The sound of our laughter fills the house and is just another affirmation that she’s the one.

As midnight rolls around we both encounter yawning fits and decide it best to get off to bed. We both get ready; me in my boxer shorts, and her in just my t shirt. I double check that the alarm on my phone is set for 8 am so I can make it to work by nine, mom sets hers for 7am so she can catch her train. Sleep comes quickly, almost as soon as our heads hit the pillows. The last thing I remember is me pulling her closer to me and she reciprocates by pushing her butt into my crotch.

At what I can only assume to be the middle of the night I feel this warm sensation around my dick. My first thought was oh great I’ve gone and pissed myself, but as I opened my eyes I can see a head bobbing up and down under the sheets. That warm sensation is my mother’s mouth wrapping itself around my dick, and her tongue running up and down my shaft. A quick glance at the clock reveals that it’s two in the morning, not a bad time to get a bj. I’d like to enjoy this a bit more before I make it known that I’m awake, besides, this feeling is amazing. I can only slightly see what my mom is up to under the sheet as the moonlight shines through it and makes it semi transparent, but I can feel every bit of it. As shes cupping my balls her head is moving in a straight up and down motion and making her tongue stiff so that all of it caresses the entire underside of my head.

“Mmmm, mom that feels great.”

I lift the sheet so that I can get a better view of her work, which has now changed from bobbing up and down to adding a twist of her head on each down stroke. With that comes the added sensation of her tongue going from side to side, bringing a slight twitch from me each time she does it. Her hand has moved from cupping my balls to jerking me off while she blows me, using the same motion as her head she twists her hand with each stroke. With a wet sounding pop mom releases my dick from her warm mouth replacing it with her thumb right where my head meets my shaft and drawing tiny circles in that area. Looking me in the eyes she says.

“I need you to fuck me baby, I woke up so horny and you were already hard. I couldn’t help myself.”

Who needs more of an invitation than that, from a beautiful woman no less. I nod, as if the fact that I was rock hard wasn’t indication enough. Mom lays back, as she does her breasts jiggle, and I can see her tiny nipples making their presence known from under the t shirt. This seems to put me in a trance, I grab for them and begin to pinch and twist them through the fabric of the shirt. Lightly at first, but slowly increasing the pressure applied. While all that was happening mom took it on her own to rub her clit and finger herself at the same time. Moaning and grinding into her own fingers, making a sloppy shlicking sound. I lean in for a kiss and I can feel her hands grab for my dick.

“I need you baby, I need you to fuck me. I need to cum so bad, please.”

Any other time I may have teased her a bit, maybe made her beg me to fuck her a bit more. Not this time though, this time I could see the desire in her eyes. It was more than just simple desire, it was an actual need, I could see her pleading with her eyes to be fucked. As if she would die if it wasn’t me that made her cum, and with that I shoved the entire length of my dick into her not before kicking off my shorts. Mom threw her head back with her eyes closed and let out a loud gasp of relief, as if to say Finally!

I enjoy the feeling of her warmth enveloping my cock for just a second, then I begin to fuck her like she wants. Slamming into her with enough force as I think she can take. I place one hand at the back of her neck and the other around her waist so I could control the speed and depth with each escort istanbul thrust. Mom grabs the back of her knees and pulls them back towards her, to give me even better access. Between her panting and moaning, and my grunting we manage to catch eyes and smile, we even let out a little laugh. That only lasted for a second, because I grabbed her ankles and put them on either side of my head, leaned forward and placed both of my hands on her waist. I started to fuck her as hard as I could.

“Oh shit yes. Faster” She screams

Now fucking her as fast and as hard as I can, the sound of my hips thrusting into her has barely faded before you can hear it again. She grabs my hips and I can feel her try and pull me into her harder and faster, but that would be impossible. I just can’t move any faster. Her tits bounce in time with my rhythm, and her nipples are even harder than when we started.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck me fuck me.” She cries out

She abandons the hope of trying to help me fuck her faster and harder and concentrates on her clit, rubbing it as fast as I’m pounding her, licking her fingers after every couple of minutes. I hold her knees together and push them down to her chest so I can try and fuck her just a little bit deeper. As I look down I can see how swollen her pussy is; if her pleading and moaning isn’t an obvious sign of her desire the fact that her lips are red and puffy is a dead give away.

“Oh God baby I just want to cum. I wanna cum so bad.”

At this point I’m running out of gas, my pace isn’t as quick as it was when we started, and I think mom can tell. She’s slowed down rubbing her clit to match the rhythm of my thrusts.

“Lay down hun, I think I can take it from here.”

I lay down with my head at the foot of the bed and mom straddles me then inserts my dick into her waiting pussy. With both her hands on my chest she begins a slow grind, and releases a slow moan with each forward motion of her hips. With each thrust her pace seems to quicken as do the accompanying moans. Not wanting to feel left out in this process I grab her hips to help her grind into me more. This seems to do the trick because she is no longer paying attention to anything. The amount of obscenities seem to increase with each thrust. She’s close I know it.

“Oh god”

“Oh shit”

“Oh shit oh shit”

“Fuck baby, fuck, fuck. YES.”

Now there are no audible words, she’s just mouthing every swear word she knows. Slightly digging her nails into my chest, eyes closed, head down, and legs squeezing me tightly. She’s only seconds away.

With a whisper she states

“I’m gonna fucking cum.”

As the last word leaves her mouth she tenses up and goes into the full throws of the most powerful orgasim I’ve ever seen. Her whole body shakes so bad that even her screams are affected by it, causing it to sound like she has a stutter. She buries her face into my chest and continues to hump me, with each wave I can feel the muscles inside her squeeze slightly and release. Her hair and my chest do their best to muffle her moans. The best I can do is hold on while it subsides and enjoy the ride.

The screams and moans quickly turn into heavy breathing.

“Haha, you okay mom? That was a good one huh?”

Without a reply mom hops off me and swallows the entirety of my dick.

“Ho-ly, Fu-king, God”

At this pace I certainly won’t last long. She’s taking every bit of me in her throat and somehow sucking me as well. Watching her work without even the slightest bit of gagging I can feel quite a familiar feeling, one that announces that I’m going to cum. I grab her hair, not to force her down, but just to get a better view. I can see her nose flair every time she swallows my cock, and when she pulls away I can see how shiny it is from her spit.

“Oh…Fuck…I’m Cumming!”

I release into my moms mouth just as she takes all of me down her throat. Instinctively I thrust my hips upward, I can feel her hands on my waist pushing me back down. Still trapping my dick in her mouth. I grunt loudly with each blast of cum. A tiny bit escapes her lips but before it could make its way down my shaft she flicks her tongue out laps it up. Swallowing every last drop, mixed of course with some of her own juices.

She kisses her way up to my chest and passes out, good thing because I was out cold seconds after I finished. And there we laid all night, in an incestious şişli escort sweat heap, until the first alarm went off. Mom stumbles off to the shower and I crawl under the covers as I have about another hour before my alarm goes off. After what feels like only seconds passing my alarm goes off, fuck that shit, snooze. Six minutes later it goes off again, I guess this means I have to actually start my day. Shower, a bagel and off to work.

My day goes on as expected, nothing exciting when you work at a pet food store. Stock the shelves, ring people up, and carry fifty pounds of dog food to someones car that’s parked on the other side of the lot. All for minimum wage. At the very last minute before the store closed some jerk-off remembered they need cat food. One case wasn’t good enough, they had to choose the different flavors, for christs sake they all smell like ass. All the employes are sitting behind the counter watching this fool try and make up his mind on what flavors his cat will like.

After ten solid minutes of reading the ingredients he settles on a handful and brings them to the counter. pays in cash and leaves. This of course means we all have to stay while the manager rebalances the register, by the time we get out it’s half past six. I hop in my car and head for home.

Waiting for me when I get home is one of my favorite sights, a hot pizza and a beautiful woman. I grab a slice a drink and a seat at the counter and begin to mindlessly eat while mom watches me.

“Hard day?” She asks

“Just the usual” I say with a mouthful of pizza

As I stare deeply into my slice I begin to ponder the events of the past days, not so much the sex part, but why it all began. Why now? What changed? What does it mean? I find myself lost in a search for answers in the pieces of pepperoni on my pizza. They are of little help, none to be exact. Certainly doesn’t stop me from staring intently. I’m broken from my trance by mom.

“Hun! Is everything alright? You seem, out of sorts.”

“Huh?! Oh. Yea. I’m fine. Just thinking is all.”

Truth is, I’m questioning our situation here, not for moral reasons, but for personal reasons. Do we want the same thing? Is she just in this for the sex or does she want more? The moral reasons can go fuck off, this is more than just having sex with my mother. The look of distraught is clear on my face, what’s even clearer is that mom notices that there’s something really troubling me.

“Now I know somethings wrong with you and it wasn’t just a long day at work. Out with it. What’s on your mind?”

I let out a sigh as I collect my thoughts and prepare myself for…actually I don’t know what I’m preparing myself for. This could be a disaster.

“Well, I’ve just been thinking. Thinking about what’s going on with us, and I know its only been two days. It’s been great, better than great actually. More than I could have ever hoped for. The sex has been phenomenal, the times spent in each others arms have been equally as great. It’s just all so sudden. A bit confusing and overwhelming. I guess what I’m saying is…why?”

Mom looked a bit taken aback by all this, I mean what eighteen year old boy doesn’t want to have great sex with a hot woman. What heterosexual male questions sex with a woman of this caliber, they just try and hold on for the ride and hope it doesn’t end too soon. This is different though, this is a matter of love, and that supersedes casual sex. Not that I’m complaining about having crazy hot sex, I would just like to know what’s going on here.

Mom looks at me, with her soft eyes, and I just melt. I want her to just hug me and kiss me on the forehead. She then reaches out and pats my hand and says

“For a long time now you’ve been the man of the house. Even as a kid you would take care of things around the house so I wouldn’t have to. On the weekends you would make yourself breakfast and watch TV so I could sleep in. You never gave me any trouble with school, never gave me any reason to worry about you. You got a job and contributed to some of the bills even though you didn’t have to. Turns out you were the man I’d been looking for my whole life. A responsible, mature, but fun loving guy who makes me laugh. I just had to make sure what I’m feeling is genuine. Sweetie I love you, and have been in love with you for some time now.”

She could have just said that last sentence for all I care. I’m on cloud nine, the woman I love loves me back. What a magical feeling, there is no day better than this one.

For the rest of the night I grin like a buffoon. Mom laughs every time she catches me looking at her with my ear to ear smile, but then kisses me each time, as lovers do.

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