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Lola and Joey Ch. 18

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It took quite a bit of hugging before her mental meltdown receded at which point, her body alerted her quite clearly and quickly that it was hungry, thirsty and weak. Her dad took care of her weakness by chauffeuring her back to the car on his mountain bike. Two hamburgers, two fries, and one milkshake took care of her hunger and thirst. She laid down at home for a quick nap and woke up the next day. Oops!

After telling her parents one thousand times that she okay, she was allowed to go to the hotel where she had to tell her grandma that she was okay several times, at which point she was allowed to go back to work.

Everyone treated her with kid gloves for about a week and then life went back to normal. Except it didn’t! She wasn’t upset anymore, but her curiosity was killing her! How the heck did her mom and dad start sleeping together? That wasn’t normal! Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore and visited her grandma.



‘Can you tell me about mom and dad?”

Her grandma paused, and she felt hesitancy.

“Please grandma! I’m so curious! I can’t think of anything else. They are my mom and dad! I need to know how it happened! Please!”

There was a small sigh, and then her grandma sat down and patted the couch for her to sit down.

“Were they always close?”

“Yes, they were always close.”

“Closer than Catherine and I?”

“Yes. They were inseparable. They hung around all the time even when they got older. Your mom was a tomboy and they hung together like glue.”

“Were they sleeping together in high school?”

“No. Your mom discovered boys. They were still close, but your mom became very busy with her social life.”

“What about dad?”

“He spent a lot of time in his room playing computer games and building computers and hanging out with a few male friends.”

“Did he go out with girls in high school?”

Her grandma got a sad look on her face. “No. Your dad was painfully shy around girls except for your mom. I worried about him.”

“Why was he shy?”

“I don’t know. He was a good looking boy. I never understood what the problem was.”

“So when did ‘you know what’ happen?”

“Your mom got accepted into university. Your dad got accepted at several schools, including your mom’s. He was very smart. He chose to go with her which made your grandpa and me very happy.”


“Because by then your mom was a hellraiser and we were worried about what would happen to her on her own.”

“Mom was a hellraiser?”

“Yes. She was out until all hours many nights! She worried your grandpa and me sick. Sometimes she would call your dad in the middle of the night to come get her.”

“Wasn’t he sleeping?”

“Yes, but your mom knew that he would come get her no matter what. He would do anything for her.”

“We were definitely relieved when your dad went with your mom. It made us feel better knowing that he would be with her.”

“When did ‘you know what’ happen?”

“Sometime during the first year. I don’t know the details. When they came home for the summer, I started to get suspicious.”


“Well, you’re mom starting hanging out with your dad all the time instead of going out with her friends, and she volunteered to do the laundry and started washing her sheets all the time, and there was always a big beach towel in the laundry. Sometimes I would catch her looking at him differently. Once I clued in it was easy to verify. They were quite busy!”

“What happened then? What did you do?”

“I worried a lot, but I couldn’t bring myself to confront them. I slipped a letter into their stuff when they drove back.”

“So they knew you knew?”


“What happened then?”

“You and Catherine happened!”


“Yes! Big oh-oh!

“Wasn’t mom on the pill?”

“Yes, and then she had an IUD inserted which is supposed to be even safer.”

“How did she get pregnant then?”

Her grandma smiled at her. “I guess you were meant to be.”


She felt Amanda staring at the back of her head. It wasn’t normal for Amanda to be at a loss for words. She looked around. “What’s up honey?”

“Can I ask about you and dad?”

She’d been waiting for the topic to come up and was surprised it took Amanda so long. “Ask away!”

“Grandma said you got close during your first year at university?”

“You already talked to your grandma did you?”

Amanda looked embarrassed but only for a second. “Yes. She said you were always close and dad was shy with girls, and you were a hellraiser, and they were glad dad went with you so he could watch you.”

She grinned at Amanda. “Yes, yes, sometimes and yes! Your dad definitely watched me! Too well!”

Amanda felt relieved. Her mom didn’t seem upset. She scooted over as close as she could get. “How did it happen, mom?” She asked excitedly.

Her mom smiled. “Your dad was a very naughty boy! We each had our own room, and he installed a hidden escort şişli video camera in mine to film me in bed!”

Amanda got a look of disbelief on her face. “No!”

“Yes! I found out by accident when I went to use his computer.”

“What did you do?”

“At first, I was furious, but then I decided to take advantage of the situation. I punished him! I made him do everything for me, the dishes, cooking, laundry, shopping, everything! I made him drive me everywhere! I even made him give me foot massages!”

“Foot massages?”

“I wore high heels in my part-time job, and my feet killed me. I didn’t think he would actually do it, but he did. That’s how it started.”

“What do you mean?’

“Your dad gives very stimulating massages!”

“He does?”


“He’s never given me any!”

“You don’t wear heels! Over time I started to look forward to his massages. They felt so nice! He always rubbed some warm scented oil into my skin and patiently rubbed my feet for as long as I wanted. He has very strong fingers! It was so relaxing I often nodded off, but one night I got aroused. Then I started to look forward to our sessions, to his touch. His hands felt wonderful. I started wearing skimpy robes and having him rub me all over. One thing led to another. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. We were out celebrating the end of school and dancing and drinking. Your dad is a great dancer, and we were in a dark corner dancing really close, grinding against each other. His hands were all over me. It felt wonderful. I knew it was the night! We rushed home and kissed and groped each other all the way to the apartment.”

“And then?” Amanda asked eagerly.

“I barfed all over the place! Your dad held my hair until I was done puking in the toilet and then he put me to bed.”

“Oh no! That’s terrible! What happened then?”

“Your father surprised me the next night with a very romantic evening. He ordered our favorite takeout food, and we ate by candlelight, and then we danced even though my hair was still wet and tangled from the shower.”

“And? Mom!!”

“Then we made love. I never felt so satisfied and comfortable in all my life! The rest, including you and your sister, is history!”

“That’s amazing mom! So romantic! Thanks for telling me!”

“It was amazing and still is!”


Dear Amanda

I’m leaving the hotel.


Not right away but in a few months.


Sam proposed to me.


We’re finally going to tie the knot! After my horrible experience with Sean, I vowed never to marry again and so did Sam based on his two-timing first wife. But Sam is not Sean, and I’m not his first wife. He’s a wonderful man, and I want to live with him, and he wants to be with me.

He wants me to move in with him, and help grow his business. Right now it’s just him and Nathan, and there is only so much they can do. There are lots of opportunities to grow the business, but they don’t have the manpower. Everyone in town knows Sam and respects him. He wants to hire more people to expand his shop, and the towing business and whatever else comes up. I’ll answer the phones and do the accounting, run the office and everything else that needs doing outside of fixing and towing vehicles. It’s going to be a well-run business! That may sound cocky, but Sam’s good and so am I! I’m not just a pair of big tits, and I owe it all to your grandma! She’s been so good to me, boosting my confidence, encouraging me to branch out. Everyone should have a mother or mentor or a grandma like her! She’s the best!

Susan was disappointed when I told her, but she was also happy for me.

We talked about you. She thinks you’re amazing and loves working with you and being around you! Did you know that? You should know! She’s always preferred you over Catherine although she would never admit it. Don’t tell her I told you! She still talks about the day when you were little, and we were sick, and you held the fort all day with your dad! It was pretty amazing!

We talked about my place. It was an incredible gift from your grandparents! They charged me next to nothing for my unit, and now I own it. I’m making the same offer to you. The minute I move out, it’s yours. We’ll go to the lawyer and transfer the ownership. It’s yours for the same price I paid. You can pay what you have, and I’ll give you a private mortgage for the remaining balance just like they did for me. No one deserves to live here more than you! This place has been in your blood from day one. Let me know what you think about my offer. I know your grandma would love to have you as a neighbor!

We, your grandma and me and you will need to interview a replacement for me. Your grandma wants you involved and so do I. After all, you will have to work with the new person. If you know of any ideal candidates, let us know.

Did you know Susan wants to bow out in a few years? Not right away and not completely but eventually. She and Dave have nişantaşı escort lots of money, and she wants to do ‘whatever she damn well feels like,’ as she put it, for the rest of her life.

Do you know what that means? The whole place will be yours to run as you see fit, and you’ll still be young! Hell, you’ll barely be twenty-five! Everyone else couldn’t understand why you couldn’t be more like Catherine, but not me! I hated school! They all thought you were throwing your life away, but you’re going to be running this place before Catherine even finishes her degree and even with your parent’s help she’ll be in debt! Not you!

Let me know what you think about moving into my place! It’s yours for the taking.

Love, Tara!

It took a while for everything to sink in. The news was huge! Tara was leaving the hotel! She never thought that would ever happen. Tara loved the hotel and her grandma. She could have Tara’s place if she wanted! That was even more amazing! She had enough money saved for a decent down payment. She visualized going to the lawyer and scribbling her signature on the ownership form. It was a pleasant image!

It would mean leaving home. She would miss her mom and dad, but they would still be close, and she would see them a lot. And they could visit her at her new place, and she would be right next door to her grandpa and grandma! No more walking or biking to work! Sleeping would be better at the hotel. No more interruptions in the morning from her parent’s nookie sessions! She was pretty sure her grandma and grandpa wouldn’t be waking her up too much.

And! She’d be able to have Kate over! They could do whatever they wanted in the privacy of her new place. Hmmm!


Hmmm! Yummy! Kate purred inside. She was back from the fabulous sexual flash flood that had just swept her away! Unbelievable! Amanda’s toasty warm body cocooned her in a loving embrace. She had no idea how much time had passed.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Amanda whispered in her ear.

“Shh!” She said softly and squeezed Amanda’s long fingers. She wasn’t ready for thoughts or talking yet. She was focused on feeling and remembering and savoring what had just happened. She’d waited a long time for such a day. At times she wondered if such events happened to real people, especially gay female people in Silver City, or just in the pulp novels that she read. Now she knew the answer! She needed to burn it into her memory before it faded, in case it never happened again. When she was a ninety-year-old sitting in her rocker in a nursing home, she could flashback to today!

Her mind drifted back to the events leading up to the moment.

It all started on the ride home after dropping Catherine off. No! It actually started before that! She and Catherine had said their goodbyes the night before, and she watched Catherine drive off. Then the next morning, she got a surprise call from Catherine. But it wasn’t Catherine! It was Amanda. It was hard to tell their voices apart!

“Hi, Kate. The whole family is driving down to El Paso to drop Catherine off at the airport. Would you like to come with us? You could ride with Catherine and me. My parents and grandparents are taking another car. Your company would be appreciated.”

“Ah, I don’t know Amanda. Catherine didn’t ask me. I don’t want to butt into a family event.”

“I’m sure she’d love your company besides I’m driving and I just invited you which means you’re my guest which means you’re not butting into a family event!”

Her spirits picked up at the unexpected invitation. “I’d love to come, Amanda! Thanks for asking!” It was her first intimation that Amanda was different.

The plan was for Catherine’s grandma to accompany Catherine to Laura’s place for a visit and to make sure Catherine got settled in okay, but Catherine’s mom got so emotional when Catherine passed through the airport checkout gate that she purchased a last minute ticket and went with them.

Amanda’s dad and grandpa drove home in their car, and she rode back with Amanda. She was down in the dumps. No more Catherine! Then out of the blue Amanda softly squeezed her hand and looked over and smiled. Then she started asking questions about her upcoming first term Vet courses at the local university, and they gabbed the rest of the way home. She didn’t realize it at the time but hanging with Amanda meant getting used to spontaneous acts of kindness.

By the time they got home, it was almost six, and they were starving. She had phoned ahead to ask if Amanda could stay for supper. When they entered the house, her parents were speaking Spanish in the other room. Her family was Hispanic dating back several generations even though her last name wasn’t Hispanic sounding; her complexion wasn’t dark, she had auburn colored hair and rarely spoke Spanish in public.

She noticed Amanda’s ears perk up at the sound of Spanish and when her parents came out, Amanda greeted them in perfect Spanish which surprised them and her! Catherine had fatih escort never uttered a peep of Spanish even though she had been at her house numerous times.

Her parents flipped back to English when they sat down which they always did when her friends were over, but Amanda asked if they could speak Spanish so she could practice. Her dad shrugged his shoulders and smiled. It was fine by him!

A typical thirty-minute meal turned into an hour as Amanda gabbed back and forth with her mom and dad. Her Spanish was quite good. She even got the jokes her dad made, and made one herself, much to his surprise.

After Amanda left, her dad said he liked her new friend, and so did her mom. It helped that Amanda insisted on helping with the dishes after supper before she left.


After that day Amanda always wanted to practice her Spanish. It was okay most days, but there were some days when she or her parents didn’t want to. Oddly enough, on those days, Amanda would stop speaking Spanish almost instantly without them even saying anything. It was weird how she always knew.

It was nice being around someone that was super perceptive except when you were trying to check them out in secret! She thought she was about as good as you could get at checking out girls without them knowing but every time she stared at Amanda, Amanda turned around a second later and grinned at her. Amanda never seemed irritated which was good, but it was unnerving and irritating! She couldn’t even sneak a peek!

Another irritation was Amanda’s loose white cotton dresses which she wore all the time! All the time! You could see her legs below the knee and her bare arms, but that was it! She knew from Catherine that a very lovely butt lurked below the dress, and a pair of almost C cup breasts hung beautifully, but she wasn’t seeing them. ARGH! It wasn’t right to see them and then have them taken away! She missed them! She’d seen them a lot of them on Catherine! She dreamed about coming up behind Amanda to run her hand up her leg, under her dress, and between her legs! She wanted to slip the straps of Amanda’s dress off her shoulders and watch it fall around her ankles. Then she wanted to display how she could effortlessly pop a bra snap single-handed. Then she wanted…


She needed to stop torturing herself thinking about Amanda that way! She didn’t even know if Amanda would go that way or with her! Damn! She really liked Amanda and not just her looks! She’d never met a nicer person.

One compensating positive was her parents liked Amanda. They liked her conservative attire, her desire to speak Spanish, her proper manners, and her bubbly personality and they especially appreciated how she helped them with a family crisis.

Uncle Hector had asked her dad to book a room for his family for the upcoming family get-together. Her dad said he would, but then he left it too late. All the hotels were booked up, and every inch of his house was already reserved for other family members. He was screwed!

They were stressing about it one night when Amanda was over. She piped in. “Why don’t they stay at my place? The large suite unit is still open.”

Her dad looked up. “Your place?”

“The Silver City Hotel. The suite unit is available.”

Her dad looked confused. Kate thought it had come up that Amanda worked at a hotel, but perhaps her dad had forgotten or perhaps he thought Amanda just cleaned rooms and didn’t know anything about availability and prices.

He brushed her off politely. ‘Thanks, Amanda but that place is too expensive. Hector is a cheapskate! I told him I would get him a room for sixty-eighty dollars per night.”

Amanda responded politely. “He can have it for seventy, and it’s much nicer than the other hotels. It’s a large suite with a small fridge and stove. There’s a nice pool, a beautiful courtyard, comfy beds with satin smooth sheets and we offer a great supper at a low price.”

Her dad smiled appreciatively at Amanda, but she could tell he still didn’t believe her. Perhaps Amanda’s position at the hotel had never come up. She was about to explain when Amanda started talking.

“My grandmother and I run the hotel. You can see the room availability on our booking app and the normal price. It’s yours if you want it, at half the normal price. It’s unlikely it will get reserved by anyone else at this late date. Seventy dollars is better than nothing.”

Her dad looked at Amanda’s phone and then up at Amanda. He still seemed unsure. “Is this for real Amanda?”

She smiled confidently. “Yup!”

“Would it bother you if I called the hotel to confirm? Don’t take this the wrong way but this is very important, and I need to be sure!”

“Sure! Go ahead!” Amanda grinned. It wasn’t the first time someone doubted her and she didn’t take offense. In fact, she loved surprising people who underestimated her! She dialed the hotel and handed the phone to Kate’s dad. It was on speaker phone.

A minute later her grandma had verified the availability and price, and the suite was booked. Amanda showed him the updated reservation on the website which he quickly printed. He was ecstatic. Amanda had saved his butt, and he reached over and gave her a big hug and thanked her profusely!

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