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Locker Room Tribbing

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I’ve always been enthralled and aroused by one specific sex act: tribbing. The thought of pressing my pussy onto another and humping to climax makes me so aroused I can barely breathe. I long for the sensation of another girl’s slick pussy lips and erect clit gliding between my legs, massaging my swollen vulva and leaking cum onto my thighs. The following is an imagination of my first time tribbing with a slight dominant/submissive vibe…

After a particularly intense cardio workout at the gym I headed into the locker room for a quick shower. I had gone to the gym quite late on this particular night because I couldn’t seem to relax all day. I had been antsy since the morning, fidgeting at my desk at work and impatiently speeding during my commute home. When a hot shower and some meditation didn’t relax me I thought that I could release the energy by working out, and luckily my gym was open 24 hours a day on weekdays. Unfortunately even exercise didn’t do the trick and by the time I finished it was close to midnight. Except for one occupied shower stall it seemed I was the only one in the locker room.

I grabbed my gym bag out of the locker and prepared for a shower. As I undressed, peeling my sweat-soaked sports bra and leggings from my body, the girl in the shower came out. I recognized her as the cute girl from my weightlifting class, Bella. I often stood behind her in class and admired her ample ass when she bent over for deadlifts. She usually wore leggings that revealed the faintest outline of her thong when they stretched across her backside. It was hard to tell what made my heart rate increase more during class-the weightlifting or the sight of her underwear. We had a comfortable acquaintanceship consisting of the usual “hello” and “how are you” at the start of class but otherwise she was rather shy.

My stomach now lurched at the sight of her with just a towel wrapped loosely around her body. The fresh white towel contrasted with her sun-bronzed skin and her tousled hair clung wetly to her shoulders and back. The towel’s thick fabric draped gently over her curves but could not hide the fact that she had a supple, toned figure. She acknowledged me with a small smile and nod and I managed to choke out a greeting despite the tightness in my stomach and throat. While I tried to keep my composure Bella turned away from me and dropped her towel. I resisted the urge to glance at her body and see her ass without the cover of tight leggings.

Suddenly it occurred to me why I had been so antsy that day. The problem (and the solution) was right between my legs. I hadn’t realized how horny I was until Bella stepped out of the shower with half of her svelte figure exposed. She looked delectable fresh out of the shower and incited warmth to spread through my private parts. I pressed my legs together, hoping to quell the rising heat and pressure but the squeezing of my thighs just made it stronger.

I peeked back at Bella and caught a glimpse of her topless figure just before she put on her bra. I could only see the side, but it was enough to see her pink nipple standing proudly on the smooth curve of her breast. I groaned softly, feeling my clit and labia swell with desire. My hands buzzed with energy, longing to caress and squeeze her breasts.

I allowed myself one longer peep and watched as she pulled on a pair of black thong panties. Not the lacy sort, but the athletic kind that’s designed to be worn underneath leggings. Now I knew what Bella wore during class while I ogled her generous ass. The panties split her cheeks apart, each one plump and taunting my mouth for a kiss. Her ass was less tanned than the rest of her body, indicating that she must be a modest dresser at the beach. It turned me on to know that I was seeing parts of Bella that even the sun hadn’t. My body thrummed with excitement as I admired her half-naked figure.

At this point the heat between my legs was impossible to ignore. I knew I needed to pleasure myself and release the hot tension but I wouldn’t be able to wait long. I figured that once Bella left I could quickly rub one out in the locker room before showering and finally relax.

After several agonizing minutes Bella finally gathered her bags and turned to leave, waving to me shyly as she headed out. When I heard the locker room door shut I quickly pulled out my phone and sat down on the long bench that ran across the middle of the room. I straddled the bench with my legs and placed the phone in front of myself. I pulled up some lesbian porn and removed what was left of my clothing in a hurry. Bella’s unintentional striptease had gotten me hot and bothered enough that I knew it would only take a few minutes for me to come.

I pulled up a video that I had been masturbating to often. It featured two young women experimenting with one another in their apartment. They start off on the couch, talking and laughing until they get close, so close that one scoots forward just an inch and kisses the other. They start kissing more passionately, fondling each other’s willing bodies and escort bursa undressing one other with hasty curiosity. Eventually they are completely naked and move to the bedroom to trib. The sight and sound of their slick girl parts melding together as they dry hump made my pussy ache every time I watched. I knew that the video would be enough to give me an almost painfully throbbing orgasm.

I kept the volume low in case anyone walked in but loud enough to hear the wanton moans and erratic breathing. I was enraptured by the hot scene and unconsciously rocked back and forth against the bench, my wetness making for a smooth and easy ride. After dry humping for a minute I rubbed my clit in slow, soft circles, occasionally stopping to run my fingers up and down my slippery slit. My labia were distended with pleasure and I watched as my clit slowly emerged from beneath its hood, blood rushing to the aching nub.

My breathing became ragged as I rubbed myself with more pressure, eyes fixated on the girls’ asses as they grinded against each other. Their firm, round ass cheeks clenching and bouncing made me hornier than ever and then the camera focused in on their pussies.

Their glistening lips fused together and pulled apart with a sticky “pop” repeatedly while their visibly enlarged clits fought for dominion over one another. One of the girls was clean-shaven and the other had trimmed curly hair. Her pubic hair worked their shared cum into a thicker consistency and it coated their aching vulvas like a salve. My clit, now fully exposed and engorged, twitched in response to the sight. My pussy opened itself up, longing for a partner to share its wetness with. I imagined that my cum-covered fingers were a set of warm pussy lips keeping my lonely cunt company.

“Mmmmmm yes,” I moaned loudly without thinking. I continued to press and massage my swollen sex, eyes glued to the porn as I humped my slick hand. I knew I should have taken care to be more quiet but I was moments away from the release I needed.

Suddenly I heard a noise behind me. I snapped my legs shut and paused the video. I froze, dreading turning around to see another person in the locker room. I forced myself to look anyway. I figured it might be the gym’s custodian but to my surprise, it was Bella. She was blushing furiously and fumbling to pick up the car keys she had just dropped on the ground. She stuttered an explanation for her presence.

“Oh I-I’m so sorry I was just coming back to get my phone. I can come back it’s fine I’m sorry, sorry!” Bella said nervously and pointed at the phone on the counter of the vanity area. At first I was mortified-of course there was a chance she could have forgotten something and come back for it! Why hadn’t I waited a few moments to masturbate to avoid a situation like this?

But then something clicked. It had been at least ten minutes since Bella originally left and if I know anything about my fellow millennials, it’s that we rarely go ten minutes without awareness of our phones. She must have realized that her phone was missing when she left the locker room, or at least when she reached her car in the small parking lot outside, and returned for it right away. Which meant that Bella had been standing there watching me for quite a bit longer than she needed to. I felt the heat rush back to my center as this dawned on me.

“Do you want to watch with me?” I asked. The question was out of my mouth before I could stop it. Normally I couldn’t imagine being so bold but in that moment I was so lost in the heady desire for girl-girl sex that it slipped out. It was pure lust and intuition that drove me to ask it.

Bella began to speak but stammered, then closed her mouth and simply shook her head yes. I beckoned her over to the bench and she sat down in front of me, both of us straddling the bench with our legs. I rewinded the video to where the girls move to the bedroom, hand in hand and prepared to trib, to give Bella some context. I was curious to know how she would respond to the fantasy of girls pressing their sexes together. Would she be as turned on as me? Would her clit respond like mine did, growing and escaping its hiding spot in search of contact with another hard clit?

I placed the phone in front of Bella and kept some distance between us. My heart beat like mad; I couldn’t believe that Bella had accepted my offer to watch porn together. We sat in silence watching the video, the sexual tension thick in the air but neither of us bold enough to make another move.

After a minute or so I heard Bella’s breathing become deeper and a bit ragged. I knew she must be aroused and in need of some release. My body had a similar need that was becoming more and more difficult to ignore. Finally Bella began gently rocking against the bench, unable to keep from giving her pussy some attention.

Feeling emboldened by her actions, I slid forward so my pelvis pressed against her shapely ass. Bella moaned softly, backing herself into me in return. I rode her ass for a few moments bursa merkez escort and I knew she must be able to feel the heat radiating from between my legs and through her tight pants. I slid my hands over her thighs and gripped her hips, holding our bodies together while we humped.

As the porn girls began to trib Bella backed into me with more enthusiasm and we bumped against each other to the same rhythm as the girls on screen. I slid my hands up to her breasts and squeezed them firmly through her flimsy T-shirt. I tweaked and pulled until I couldn’t handle the teasing anymore. I needed more from her and her tangibly aroused body.

“Do you want to try it?” I whispered in Bella’s ear. She shivered and whimpered a yes. I groaned as she consented, feeling lightheaded at the prospect of us tribbing and sharing wetness. I held her chin and turned her head to kiss her sweet, warm mouth. I slipped my tongue inside and pulled her back into me with authority.

After a few minutes of that frustratingly limiting angle I turned Bella around and kissed her harder, pulling her limber body against myself and aggressively tonguing her mouth. I pulled off her shirt, bra and pants as quickly as possible but refrained from tearing off her panties.

I laid Bella down on the bench and stood over her, my legs on either side of the bench. I pushed apart her legs and pulled up her skimpy black panties so they stretched taut over her skin. I pulled harder until the fabric dug into her flesh and forced her engorged labia to pop out on either side of it. I admired the sight of her wetness seeping through the panties as I repeatedly pulled and released them. Bella blushed under my intent gaze and I leaned over to kiss her.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby. I love seeing those pretty pink lips. Now let me see more,” I told her. I slipped off Bella’s panties and smelled her sweet, musky scent on the fabric. It turned me on to think of Bella messing her underwear while she watched me masturbate. There was proof of it in my hands now and I could see her nectar lining the skimpy panties.

I groaned in appreciation and brought the panties between my legs, rubbing them against myself. The texture of the underwear teased my inflated clit and lips. I pinched my nipples, taking a moment to masturbate to the sight of Bella lying submissive beneath me. I watched her eyes widen and mouth pout as I rubbed myself with her dirty panties above her.

“You like that baby? You like watching me touch myself with your panties, knowing that you make me wet and hard? God you make me so horny. I’m going to cream on these panties just like you did,” I told her. Bella gasped and nodded in agreement, fixing her wide eyes on me. Seeing her doe-like impression made me want to sit and grind all over her lovely face. I walked forward a few steps so that my pussy was right above her gaping mouth.

“Lick my pussy baby, let me ride that pretty mouth. Suck on my clit and show me you’re a good girl. Ohhhh yes, mmmmm fuck,” I groaned as Bella obeyed. She was hesitant at first but began to lick me with enthusiasm when I grasped her hair firmly, pulling her head up to my hot sex.

“Ohh yes baby, yes Bella. Ohhhh you’re a good girl,” I moaned and rocked my hips, slipping over and around her plump lips, leaving a coating of slick cum on her pretty face. Her warm tongue skated across my tender flesh, multiplying the lubrication there tenfold. When I felt myself getting close to orgasm I pulled back and returned to my original position straddling her hips.

I set my phone on the ground with the video playing, the porn serving as a trailer for the lusty act that Bella and I were about to engage in. The girls in the video were now humping each other with reckless abandon, a sticky mess between their legs and on the bed sheets. Their breathless moans echoed throughout the locker room, soon to be joined by mine and Bella’s.

I pulled Bella’s knees up to her chest so that her ready vulva was fully exposed to my prying eyes. I moaned at the sight of her freshly shaven pussy covered in a thin layer of her nectar. The sheen looked delicious on her pink pussy lips. I leaned over and stuck out my tongue just inches from her sex. She whined in protest as I stayed just out of reach, breathing in her scent. My mouth watered as I smelled her fresh, yet slightly musky odor and I finally gave in to the desire to lick her swollen folds.

I pushed my tongue firmly against her opening and slid it up to her clit as slowly as I could. I resisted the temptation to suck her clean and left as much cum and saliva on her as possible so she was slick and ready to trib. I gave her a few more slow licks and smiled as she demanded more by pressing my head between her legs. I grabbed her wrists and retrained her, teasing her enflamed vulva a bit more with my eager mouth. I french kissed her slippery cunt until my own began to moisten and throb again. I didn’t want either of us to come like this- I wanted to feel her pussy pulse against my bursa escort own, just like I had seen in the porn we masturbated to.

I stood back up and admired her spread eagle form. I slid my hands slowly and deliberately from her waist to her breasts, loving the way they wobbled like pudding. I kneaded her tits and pulled on her rosy nipples as I enjoyed the view of her exposed pussy and the girls tribbing on screen. I wanted to hold tight to Bella’s erect nipples while riding her delicious cunt.

“Mmmmm baby that pussy looks so good, so ready to trib and grind. You want my pussy on those sexy lips? You want to feel it thrusting against you baby?” I rocked my hips in midair, teasing her with the prospect of tribbing her nice and hard. As I stood over her, fondling her tits and humping the air, my pussy throbbed and roared its demand for hers. A drop of cum leaked from my impatient cunt and slowly made its way onto her glossy pink lips. She moaned when she felt it make contact with her heated skin and I looked down to see a long string of cum connecting our sexes.

“Mmmm you see that baby? You see that cum dripping from my pussy? I’m so ready for you Bella, I need to trib you now,” I moaned. I couldn’t wait any longer; I needed to feel Bella against myself, intimately joined like we were meant to be.

I turned up the volume on the porn and took my position. Straddling her hips, I lowered myself until just the edge of my lips touched hers. I kept just that little contact as I rocked back and forth. We were so aroused and lubricated that I slid over her like it was nothing, frictionless and easy. But I could feel the heat coming off of her fattened lips and the pressure building insanely in my own.

I dropped lower into a squat until every fold of my sex made contact with Bella’s. I leaned forward and moved my hips back and forth and in circles, massaging her tender pussy with my hot, hard clit and pubic bone. Then I leaned back so that our labia pressed together and the bottom of my ass cheeks rested on hers. In this position I bounced up and down, slapping our cunts together and loving the feeling of her smooth buttocks against mine. I alternated between watching the sexy girls in the porn and Bella’s tits rocking back and forth as we humped, nipples standing up dark pink and firm.

Bella whimpered and moaned as I sexed her. She rocked her hips as much as she could despite my weight keeping her pinned to the bench. She looked so sweet lying on the bench, ready for my pussy to cream all over hers. I longed to force her into orgasm, trapped between my thighs, pussy throbbing as she screamed out my name. I threw my head back as the fantasy sent jolts through my body. My head was cloudy with desire and thoughts of Bella submitting to my sexual needs.

I dominated Bella’s sweet cunt with my heated sex, thrusting forcefully and marking her as mine. My clit bumped up against hers, pushing back the clitoral hood and invading her tender nub’s hiding spot. Our nerve-packed clits created an explosion of sensation as they fought against each other. My clit was harder and more engorged than ever before, throbbing painfully as I attacked her with it. Looking down I saw the thick purple head invading Bella’s sensitive pink nub.

Bella wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I gripped her lovely face and kissed her plump lips, keeping our sexes connected as best as I could. My tits pushed up against hers and I groaned as her firm nipples teased mine. I pushed our tits together as we kissed, loving the sensation of Bella’s smooth skin on my heated flesh.

Within minutes of kissing and sexing Bella I felt my orgasm on the horizon again. I humped Bella harder, repeatedly slamming against her pussy and ass, but held out on my climax. Our slick folds rubbed together continuously, creating tenacious strings of cum. I could hardly keep myself aligned with her because of the slippery, copious wetness that threatened to make me slide off. Not to mention that since Bella was clean shaven, she provided very little friction.

The sensation of her smooth sex taunted me, driving me towards orgasm but not giving me enough friction to tip me over the edge. She kept me in a state of raging lust and intense, frustrating pleasure. I stayed on course though, planting my feet firmly on the ground and consistently grinding, churning our shared cum into cream.

“Oh baby you’re making me so hot and hard. Can you feel my cum all over you? You feel my hard clit in there? You feel it baby? Ohhhh yeah you do?” I whined as Bella nodded in the affirmative. I chuckled because she could barely choke out a yes. My baby girl was so enraptured that her pretty mouth couldn’t speak. She fucking turned me on so much. I humped her harder to reward her for being my willing, submissive sex pet.

Bella and I fucked on the bench, overcome with an animal lust. I was a beast claiming its mate in the wild; Bella was my feminine, docile other half. I thrust against her with all my speed and force, forcing our vulvas together in a passionate partnership. My pussy signaled my climax with a hard throb and I knew this time I was too far gone to stop it. I looked at Bella to ensure she was on the same page. Her ragged breathing, flushed cheeks, bouncing tits, desperate moaning and hands wrapped around neck told me she was.

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