Eki 17

Locked In Amber Ch. 15

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Flickering candlelight gently illuminated the ceiling beams above Amber. She lay in the darkness watching the dance, a rare tranquility permeating her body. She had awakened a few minutes earlier, the call of nature warring with the desire to stay snuggled under the covers. The press of Spencer’s body against her was simultaneously pleasant and foreign. Pleasant because his touch was calming and brought to mind the recent changes in their relationship. Foreign because she was used to sleeping alone and hadn’t been in a bed with another person in years. Not since that night with Todd… and you don’t even know if anyone actually stayed with you… The thought was unpleasant but lacked its usual bitterness. She mentally shoved the image away like the trash that it was and allowed herself the win. Maybe that’s progress?

Spencer shifted beside her, the warmth of his sleeping body comforting under the sheets. Amber looked over at him. His face was mostly lost in shadow, but she could just make out that his lids were closed and his mouth was partially open. As a gentle current of his breath caressed her shoulder, random snatches of memory floated through her head. His half smile whenever he caught her looking at him. His goofy evil mastermind voice. The way he had weathered her father’s rocky introduction. Loving him under the moonlight at his secret spot.

She drifted in and out of these memories amid the tactile sensations of the sheets. A subtle smile rose on her lips. But eventually, the call of nature beckoned once more. Sighing, she reached over to her nightstand and picked up her glasses. She grabbed for her phone to see what time it was, but it wasn’t there. She thought for a moment and realized it was probably downstairs in her purse. Sitting up on her elbows, she looked over Spencer’s body at the clock on his side of the bed: 1:13. She then glanced at the candle and realized she should probably extinguish it. Slipping her nude body out from between the sheets, she headed around the bed to use the bathroom. 

After washing up, she stopped by Spencer’s nightstand and looked down at him. He lay on his side, his head on his pillow with one arm snaked underneath. The other lay over her spot as if seeking to comfort her. She licked her fingertips and pinched out the candle with a sizzle. The room darkened considerably, lit only by the crimson glow of his clock and hints of moonlight peeking around the edges of the window blinds. She was about to head back around the bed when she thought again of her phone. Concerned that the alarm might wake others in the house, she headed towards the hallway and paused again, this time thinking of her state of undress. She peeked out the door, but the house was dark and quiet. Elise must not be home. Spencer did say she likes to stay out late. Or maybe she’s at Nicolette’s place?

Deciding to forego dressing just to look for her phone, Amber slipped out the door and down the hallway, a slight thrill running through her. She descended the gorgeous staircase and across the living room towards the table near the entryway, her feet pattering as they transitioned to the tilework. She found her purse and reached in to grab her phone only to find it wasn’t there. She glanced inside as if that would suddenly make it appear and then at the table, perplexed. Well, damn, where did I leave it? She moved into the kitchen, trying to think of everywhere she had been the previous night. The goblet still sat on the counter, but the phone was not there.

She made her way back into the living room using the ghostly silver moonlight shining through the window to illuminate her way. As she was wracking her brain trying to recall where she had left her phone, she suddenly froze mid-step, her heart slightly jumping. Something had caught the attention of her subconscious, but she’d been so focused on looking around the room that she wasn’t sure what had alarmed her. What was that? Did I hear a thump? Fuck! Is Elise home after all? She hastily glanced around the room, first towards the entryway and then back towards the staircase. Wouldn’t that be just my luck? Caught buck-naked wandering around her house at night… as if our interactions weren’t awkward enough…

She pictured the scenario: Her tiptoeing around the living room like a stereotypical cat burglar, only completely nude rather than wearing a bodysuit, when Elise walks in, switching all the lights on and staring. “What are you doing?” she would ask, her accent making the question sound like “vaht”.

“Oh, hey, Elise!” she’d say nonchalantly, straightening up and giving a quick wave. “Just me, Amber. No worries. I’m poking around your house looking for my phone. I’m in my birthday suit ‘cuz I just had sex with your brother a while ago. Nothin’ to see here. Just trying my best to make sure every time we meet is as awkward as fucking possible. How am I doing at that?”

But as she listened, ready to grab a pillow or blanket or simply die from embarrassment, there was nothing further. The upstairs landing Bostancı Escort remained shrouded in shadow and no noise (if that was even what it was) was evident. Maybe it was an animal outside? Or a house creak? As her heart rate slowed, she began to think more rationally. She then smiled to herself. Knowing what I know about Elise, she probably wouldn’t bat an eye even if she did come home and unexpectedly find me like this.

She continued searching around the room, her mood shifting from potential embarrassment to annoyance before finally spotting it on the end table by the couch. “There you are, you elusive SOB,” she muttered. She couldn’t remember setting it there, but that wasn’t surprising. This hunt was not unfamiliar to her; she often joked that her phone had legs of its own. She picked it up, tapped the alarm icon, and disabled it. No longer concerned about waking up the house at 0700, she threaded around the furniture and back up the staircase.

As she stepped onto the upper landing, something again caught her attention. Her ears pricked up. It was muffled and unidentifiable, but it was definitely a sound coming from the left. Oh, I guess Elise is home after all! She was just about to hurry to the right when she heard “Amber…” It was subtle, and if it weren’t for the complete silence of the house, she wouldn’t have heard it.

Amber whipped her head back around, her heart once again racing. Did she just call my name? She listened some more and thought she heard something quite faint but still couldn’t make it out. She peered into the darkness but couldn’t discern anything. Curiosity pulling her like the Pied Piper, she slowly padded down the hallway, grateful for the thick carpeting.

As she approached Elise’s door, a flickering glow outlined the edge of the doorway. It looked to be open about two or three inches. Murmuring issued from within and, as she got closer, a muffled moan. Amber froze; this wasn’t someone talking. That was the kind of moan someone made during extreme pleasure. It was now obvious that Elise was home and either talking to herself or Nicolette during an act of passion.

Amber was torn. Elektrum’s voice piped up in her head. “Oof, that’s a tempting peek, isn’t it?”

“Fuck. I should go back to bed,” Amber mentally argued with herself.

“Maybe. But why did she call your name?”

“I don’t know!” Amber thought for a second but could only come up with one reason.

“Think it was an invite? Or maybe a fantasy?”

Amber listened and found herself moving another step closer to the door. She couldn’t yet see inside, but another moan and the sound of something wet confirmed there was definitely something sexual happening. “Why would she invite me?” She couldn’t quite see inside but could tell the glow was caused by several candles based on the amount of light her eyes were starting to detect as they adjusted to the gloom.

“She did say she thought you were cute. And let’s face it, she can’t possibly have missed your crushing on her. What with your staring. And the kiss.” Elektrum was there with her in the dark now, leaning against the wall. This time, she wore a short white tank top that barely covered her breasts and did nothing to hide her abs. Her legs were also bare. Despite a distinct lack of ultraviolet light in the hallway, her body fluoresced in whorls of neon body art reminiscent of the photo in Spencer’s office. Imaginary personas clearly defied physics.

“Goddammit, why do you have to keep bringing that up?” Amber mentally hissed at her alter ego. But it was too late. The thought of Elise’s lips combined with the aural accompaniment issuing from the bedroom caused her heart to clench. She would have wondered if she was having a heart attack were the tightening of her nipples not saying otherwise.

“Just take a peek and see. What would it hurt? The door is open.” Elektrum tilted her head, gesturing towards the gap.

“It would be spying. What am I? A voyeur?” She tried to make it sound insulting, but the thought didn’t quite feel that way.

Elektrum merely smirked. “Admit it. You’re intrigued by the idea. Besides, Elise practically poses nude all the time. You really think she’d care?”

“But that’s her–,” Amber began but was interrupted by a low moan.

“Ohh, fuck yes, Nicki, right there.” Well, that confirmed it. Elise was not alone and Nicolette was clearly doing an excellent job.

Amber was surprised to feel an unexpected, momentarily sense of disappointment. Jesus, what’s that all about? Was I subconsciously hoping she was jilling herself and thinking of me? Calling out my name?

“Probably,” said Elektrum, her eyes riveted to the door. “Let’s face it… that would be pretty fucking hot.” She turned her gaze back on Amber. “And don’t deny that you wouldn’t mind that little fantasy.”

Amber bit her lip and felt herself get wet. She didn’t deny it. After all, how does one hide it from oneself? But the excitement was also tinged with a healthy dose of guilt.

As Ümraniye Escort she stood in the dark hallway, her breasts perking up as her bare feet sunk into the carpet, she listened to the two women murmuring and moaning amid their pleasure. The disappointment she’d wanted to deny quickly morphed into a deep desire to see just what it was that Elise and Nicolette were doing. Elektrum had slid her hand down the front of her stomach, slowly circling her finger, when Amber realized she was following suit. She abruptly stopped and pulled her hand away; Elektrum’s sudden expression of annoyance clearly a personification of her body’s primal desire to continue. 

Amber had never been one for watching porn. She assumed there might be quality material, but what little she had seen seemed outrageous, unrealistic, or misogynistic. And until recently, she’d never considered herself bisexual, so she certainly hadn’t looked up any girl-on-girl action. But now, with the sounds emanating from only a few feet away, the allure of the forbidden view was intoxicating. Her curiosity had transformed into a captivation bordering on compulsive. There was something more visceral about knowing the people involved, and she desperately wanted to see what they were doing. 

But despite her body feeling like a live wire and the fact that she had subconsciously stepped even closer, she still hadn’t peeked inside. It would only take a slight movement of her head to change the view, but she hadn’t done it. She resisted, a small part of her urging to return to bed and the warmth of her boyfriend.

The house’s air service kicked on. There was a barely audible hum from deep within the residence, and the door gap fluctuated just slightly as Amber’s bare skin registered a subtle shift in air pressure. Her nose at first caught just a small whiff of lavender, but then there were undertones of sex, and after that, like a pheromone, the minute hint of Elise’s perfume. While it may have been only a few molecules registering in her olfactory nerves, the effect was like a hammer blow to the chest. It wasn’t even a conscious decision as Amber leaned forward and peered into the gap, Elektrum fading away with a satisfied smirk. 

She could just make out a portion of Elise’s bedroom and about a third of the foot of the four-poster bed. Several lit candles covered the long dresser to the right, their warm, flickering glow providing plenty of illumination now that her eyes had completely adjusted to the dim light. At the foot of the bed, next to a pile of her clothes, Elise stood with her back to the door. Auburn hair tumbled down her disrobed body in waves, terminating about eight inches above her waist and the curve of her exposed buttocks. She stood on her left leg, the muscles taut and accentuating its perfection; her right was raised and draped over Nicolette’s shoulder as the other woman sat at the foot of the bed, only her stocking-covered, widespread legs visible. Her left arm circled under Elise’s raised leg as she tightly gripped the ass cheek in support. Her right moved back and forth as her hand stroked Elise’s vulva. Amber couldn’t see for sure, but based on the positioning, she was confident Nicolette was putting her tongue to good use as well. Her own body responded to the thought, her breath quickening as her heartbeat pounded in her ears.

“That’s it, my sweetness,” Elise murmured. “Eat me like the good lover you are. Keep licking my tasty slit and I’ll reward you.” Amber heard Nicolette moan and saw her fingers begin to move faster. From her vantage point, she could see all of Elise’s body and admired the curves of her back and legs, her ass tense. Elise’s toned arms cupped the back of Nicolette’s head with one hand and slid the other up her own neck and through her scalp, lifting her hair before letting it fall in a crimson cascade. Amber was mesmerized by its movement. 

Watching the couple made Amber feel as if she was viewing art. She stood, entranced, her fingers tracing light trails around her body as she witnessed the curves, the movements, the subtle caresses, and the loving whispers.

“Yes, my lover, yes, keep tickling my clit. Mmmm, I am so close. Keep fucking me with your tongue and finger, you gorgeous woman.” The words were plenty erotic as it was, but Amber found that Elise’s European accent took them to an exponential level. As she watched and listened, she felt a slight trickle on her inner thigh. All thoughts of leaving were gone. She reached down and her fingertip came away damp. She rubbed it against her lip and flicked her tongue out for a taste, closing her eyes momentarily to savor it. She felt primal.

“Yes! That’s it, that’s it. Don’t stop, you vixen! Eat me until I’m done.” Amber opened her eyes to see Elise tightening up, the hand she’d been running through her hair now assisting the other in holding Nicolette’s head to her mons. “Yes! Fuck! Unnngggghhh.” She groaned, the muscles in her legs clenching and releasing as waves of her orgasm rushed through Kartal Escort her.

Goddamn, that was hot! Amber’s fingers were squeezing against her mons as she witnessed the ecstasy, her eyes burning the vision into her brain. In the room, Elise held her position momentarily, leaning forward and gently kissing the top of Nicolette’s head. Then, slowly, she raised her right foot off Nicolette’s shoulder into a near-vertical split and slowly brought it back down to the floor with the grace of a dancer. She leaned forward and gave Nicolette’s upturned face a long, slow kiss. As she pulled away, she giggled. “So, my love,” she murmured, “was that limber enough for you?”


Amber’s eyes went wide. Limber. Not Amber. She wasn’t calling my name after all. She felt another momentary pang of disappointment.

“Now, my sassy girl, it’s your turn. You deserve your own treat. Stand up.” At the command, Amber’s attention went back to the room. Elise had stepped to the left, mostly obscured by the door. Nicolette stood up from the foot of the bed and turned to face Elise. She was wearing a black party dress, the cleavage relatively tame, but the back open enough between the wide shoulder straps to catch a glimpse of her black bra. The skirt came to only mid-thigh, just hiding her ass, but clearly showing off her toned legs in sheer, thigh-high, black stockings. Her black hair lay over her right shoulder, a much different look than the rugged, outdoorsy style she’d worn when Amber first met her.

“Good,” Elise purred. “Now, let’s see.” She stepped back into view and had her finger to her lip as if in thought. There was a slight sheen of sweat visible on her breasts. “This is beautiful, yes, but… this must come off.” She pressed on Nicolette’s shoulders, urging her to rotate so her back was to her lover.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Amber’s eyes darted back up to Nicolette’s face. Whoa! I did not expect that!

“Ooh, I like that.” Elise grinned as she reached out and slowly undid the short zipper at Nicolette’s lower back. As the zipper reached the end of its run just above the waist, Elise leaned in, pulled the dark hair aside, and kissed the back of her girlfriend’s neck. Amber saw Nicolette shiver as she tilted her head to allow easier access. Elise continued sliding her hands down Nicolette’s waist, down her thighs, and then up under the skirt. She gave a squeeze on her ass and then began lifting the dress over her lover’s body. Nicolette complied, lifting her arms as Elise peeled the fabric upward. Once removed, Elise tossed it aside, leaving the woman in her underwear and stockings. The rear of the bra consisted of several straps, making it nearly as interesting to look at as the front, while the tanga-cut panties had dual straps connecting the front to the back.

“Much better, my lovely. Much better indeed.” She stepped closer again, wrapped her arms around her lover, and gently cupped her breasts as they embraced. Nicolette sighed and reached back, running her fingers through Elise’s auburn locks. Even in the flickering light, Amber could see a scar on her right shoulder, the pale, jagged line almost glowing against the dark tan of her flesh. Below it, a fine-lined, intricately patterned tattoo ran nearly the entire length of the arm, the details lost in the soft light.

The two nuzzled one another for a few moments before Elise slid her hands down Nicolette’s stomach, hooked her fingers inside the panty hem, and kneeled as she slid the dark fabric down her legs. As she got to Nicolette’s feet, her lover gently lifted one foot after the other to aid in the removal. Elise stood up and tossed the pair towards the door. 

Amber briefly glanced down at them, barely visible in the darkness on the floor. Her sex was aching now. She gently stroked her stomach and the crease of her inner thigh with the occasional dip to her slit.

“Now turn back around. Yes, very good.” Elise was now holding her chin as if contemplating a work of art. “Now, what shall we do? Hmm? You were such a very good girl a moment ago. What can I do to repay such kindness?”

“I’m not as flexible as you, but I’d very much like the same,” Nicolette said with a wink, clearly enjoying the roleplay.

Elise smiled back. “That, sweetness, can be accommodated.” She then moved back to the left and out of view. Amber couldn’t see what she was doing but saw the sheets shift, indicating Elise had climbed into the large bed. “Come here to the edge.” Amber saw her hand pat the mattress. Nicolette shifted to the side, only her right leg now visible. Frustrated, Amber instinctively reached out and gently pushed the door inward a few more inches, only realizing as she did so that if it squeaked, she was sure to be caught.

Fortunately, the only sound was the whisper of the foot of the door across the carpet. The two women inside did not appear to notice, and Amber now had a much better view. Elise lay on her back, her head hanging just over the edge. Nicolette stepped forward, her stocking-clad legs perfectly aligned in an inverted V over Elise’s face. She stood there, her back to the door, as Elise grabbed the back of her tan thighs. Nicolette let out a long moan as Elise began to gently lap her tongue against the vulva so generously displayed above her. 

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