Eyl 13

Lizzie Ch. 02

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It had been over a month since I’d heard from Lizzie. She had told me that she would be busy after the conference, but I’d hoped that she’d at least drop me a one-liner, something, anything. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I kept replaying that week over in my head, how beautiful she was, how sexy, how classy, and how wet. I knew there’d never be anything more between us, but I had to admit, I was smitten.

My boss sent me an email and then called to follow up, telling me there was another conference he wanted me to attend. Would Liz be there? Should I email her to ask? A million thoughts went through my head as I got more and more excited at the prospect of seeing her again. Then I remembered that with my luck, she wouldn’t be there and the conference would just be another boring week in another hotel.

I told my wife about the conference and was met with the same complaints as always, “I’ll have to do everything around here, who will take the kids to practice if I have to work late…?” I know she has to take on more responsibilities when I’m gone, but my job is great and the pay certainly allows us to live in the manner to which she’s become accustomed. Of course, reminding her of that wouldn’t have been such a good idea.

The time flew as I finished up things around my office so that I could afford to be gone for a week. On Monday I caught the first flight out, trying to avoid the rush of business travelers. The ride to the hotel was uneventful and went quicker than expected. I had grown to love New York and was staying at the Ritz, overlooking the Statue of Liberty. Our company had a contract rate with them which was almost half of the usual $700 a night, which is still not outrageous for NYC.

I went for a long walk around downtown before heading back to the hotel for dinner. I decided to eat and have drinks in the executive lounge instead of down in the lobby restaurant. I was working on my second Long Island Iced Tea when I almost choked on my drink.

Lizzie made a beeline for my table, flashing me her killer smile as she was obviously enjoying the stunned look on my face. She looked incredible, wearing one of her trademark business jackets that still showed off her incredible figure, her skirt caressing her shapely thighs as she seemed to walk as if modeling for me as she approached.

I finally regained enough composure to remember to stand up and reach out my hand. She almost knocked me over with her hug as she gave me a big smooch on the cheek before sitting down in the chair next to me. I stood there, transfixed by the image burned into my retina of her, still tingling from the incredible hug she’d given me, my cheek on fire from her sweet kiss.

“Sit down silly or people will start to talk” She laughed at me, relishing in the effect she was having on me.

She ordered an appetizer and a San Pellegrino from the waitress, then returned her attention to me. She looked intently into my eyes, searching for some sort of response since I was still just staring at her.

Her face became serious as she began to explain that she had wanted to email me, but that after our time together, she needed some time to think. In between bites she told me how she had returned home, hoping to work things out with her husband. I had proven to her how sexy she was, even when lactating, but her husband still didn’t want anything to do with her sexually. Then she found the cell phone bill where he had been calling a number repeatedly when he was supposed to be in meetings. She had called the number and heard a young female voice on the other end. She had quickly hung up, not knowing what to say.

Lizzie explained that she didn’t want to divorce her husband, that she needed him and wanted the twins to know a stable home. But she had realized Bostancı escort that the warning signs had been there for a long time. She knew he was cheating on her and he was taking her for granted. She had decided she would start to live her own life and no longer care what he thought. Lizzie suspected something even before the last conference, and it was partly the reason she had decided to do more with me than she would’ve otherwise done under normal circumstances. She didn’t know how I would react, so she hadn’t emailed, but the look on my face tonight had shown her how I felt.

As I watched this gorgeous creature pour her heart out like she did, all I could think of was holding her in my arms and wanting to make everything alright. Lizzie stopped talking and gave me one of her piercing looks again. She then leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“I know what you’re thinking, and my boobs are dying for some release, let’s go back to my room and I’ll make it up to you for keeping you hanging for so long.”

Well, she didn’t know I was thinking, since she was way ahead of me. I wouldn’t have let myself assume she was ready to resume anything with me, much less fulfilling my deepest fantasies once again.

She told the bartender to bill her room for our dinner and drinks as she led the way out of the executive bar and to the elevators. Liz pushed the button for her floor, and as the doors closed, pulled me toward her and drove her tongue straight past my lips. Her kiss clearly signaled the passion she was feeling as our bodies melted together. The elevator arrived at her floor much too quickly, but not faster than it took me to be fully erect.

I followed her like a puppy as her gait showed her urgency. She knew what she wanted, and she wanted it now. She swiped her card and opened the door and was inside the room before I could even say anything. The heavy door closed with a solid “thunk” as she turned to face me in the middle of the room.

She embraced me once again, kissing me with even more passion. I felt intoxicated with her perfume and personal scent as her full breasts pressed into my chest. Her hands traveled down my back and to my ass as she pulled my crotch into hers. My hard cock poked her lower tummy as she seemed to want to fuck me standing up and fully clothed.

Just as I was getting into rubbing her with my hard on, she backed off and started to pull off her clothing. Her jacket and blouse dropped to the floor as I gazed at her almost nude upper body in total awe. She had lost some more of her baby weight, although her breasts seemed to have gotten even bigger. Liz gave a small giggle, obviously enjoying the look on my face, as she unzipped her skirt and pushed it down her firm legs as well.

“They’re now 34DD. You like?” I could tell the pride in her voice as I could only nod like a zombie and grin like an idiot.

She now stood in front of me in her bra and panties. What a goddess. Her bra threatened to burst as she reached behind her to unhook it. She then stopped and asked if I would do the honors. She turned around as I fumbled with the hooks, trying to get them to release. It seemed to pop off her as the pressure from her breasts made the straps fly open. She held the cups to her swollen boobs as she sensuously turned to face me again.

Agonizingly slowly she let the bra fall away from her torso as I could see her magnificent breasts in all their glory once again. Her nipples were already hard and were covered in a sheen of milk. I leaned forward as if in a trance and took her right nipple in my mouth as she held my head in her soft hands. Her head fell back as a soft moan escaped her lips, letting me know I was using the right amount of suction. Suddenly her milk let down as she Anadolu Yakası Escort flooded my mouth with her sweet milk. I couldn’t suck fast enough, but I was willing to die trying.

Liz maneuvered me towards the bed while maintaining contact between my mouth and her tit. We sat down together before she laid back on the comforter. I never lost my lip hold on her nipple and scooted up a bit to get in better position. Liz pushed my jacket off my shoulders and unbuttoned my shirt as far as she could reach. I undid the rest of the buttons to allow her to peel the shirt off me as well. She then resumed stroking my head with her hands, as if she had to keep me interested and was rewarding me like a puppy for being so good.

I could tell her right breast was getting to the point where her milk was finishing up, so I slowed my sucking. Liz reached down and kissed my forehead as a way of thanks. I thought I’d start on her left breast but she stopped me.

“Undress all the way for me Sam, I want you to be comfortable too.”

Who was I to argue with that logic? I stood up and undid my belt and pants as I let them fall to the floor. I kicked off my Italian loafers and reached down to pull off my socks. Liz was licking her lips as I began to pull off my boxers. Gawd this woman pushed all my buttons. I stood naked in front of her, ready to resume my enviable duty of suckling her. I reached to pull her panties off but she stopped me.

“No hon, bad timing, Aunt Flo’s in town. Sorry.” She gave me a look that let me know she truly was sorry but I knew she’d make it up to me somehow.

“Don’t worry about it, I have plenty to play with.” I grinned at her like a schoolboy and she seemed to accept my explanation as she motioned for me to join her on the bed again. My mouth instinctively fell to her left breast as she offered it up to my hungry lips.

I spent some time emptying her breast, relishing in the sweet, creamy nectar emanating from her body. I could’ve done this all day and night, but knew that after a while she’d start to get sore. Before I finished though she seemed to be rubbing her crotch against my hip a lot, suddenly stiffening as the first orgasm washed over her.

Her hand ran through my hair, pulling my mouth harder against her breast as she moaned her appreciation. I couldn’t get enough of her and at this point she could’ve asked me to jump out of the 10 th story window. I would’ve done anything for her.

Liz pulled my head up to face her. She kissed and licked the remaining milk off my face as she positioned her body above mine. She kissed her way down my neck and across my chest, stopping to suck on my nipples for a little bit before continuing down to my abs. The butterfly kisses tickled, yet were incredibly arousing since soon I knew they would be alighting all over my cock and balls. Sure enough, Liz was now kissing all around my pubic hair while she stroked my cock with her left hand.

Liz continued teasing my cock, finally planting a kiss on the shiny glans. Licking all around the rim of the head she slowly takes more of my cock into her mouth. Before long her nose is tickling my pubic hair as she begins to suck in earnest. The intensity of our meeting has me on the edge of orgasm and her expert tongue and hands push me over the edge as I tell her I’m about to cum. She pulse me into her mouth as deeply as she can as the first spurts of cream hit the back of her throat.

Liz is an expert cocksucker as the fleeting thought flashed through my head that her husband was a fool for passing up sex with Liz for anyone else. My orgasm lasted longer than usual as she continued to milk my cock for every last drop of cum. Using her hand she pulled the last drop through my cock before licking it off with her Kadıköy Escort pointy tongue, smiling and making an “mmmmmmmm” sound. Liz kissed the head one last time before sliding back up next to me to kiss my cheek.

“Mmmmmmmm, yummy as always, Sam.” She was totally sincere as she licked her lips before kissing me. I could taste myself on her lips but it didn’t seem so bad, especially since she seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly.

We kissed like teenagers, running our hands over each other’s bodies. My hands couldn’t stay away from her magnificent tits as I kneaded them like two giant balls of dough. The squeezing brought forth drops of milk again which moistened my chest. Liz ground her vulva into my cock which had remained hard all along. I reached around to grab Liz’s ass and pull her into me as my cock pushed aside the nylon of her panties. Liz looked at me and I just nodded, letting her know I really wanted this.

“Okay, hang on for a second,” she said as she got up to go to the bathroom. I heard the water running for a few minutes before she rejoined me on the bed, totally nude, carrying a towel. She placed the towel on the bed, then sat on it before lying back.

“Take me Sam, I want you now.”

I rolled over and positioned myself above her as my cock instinctively found her wet pussy. The little trail of pubic hair signaled the way to her entrance as the head of my cock slipped between her swollen labia. Liz pulled her legs up and wrapped them around my waist as I sank further into her hot pussy. Her hands pulled my face down to hers as we kissed again, our tongues dancing with each other.

We fell into a rhythm as Liz’s noises and moans urged me on, even though I had cum only minutes before. Her legs spread wide to allow me to slide into her as far as my cock could possibly reach. My balls smacked against her skin as our coupling became more urgent. Liz made little grunting noises as our fucking became more animalistic. This wasn’t making love, this was almost a grudge fuck as I realized the tension of not having heard from her in all that time was driving me into her harder and harder.

Liz whispered she was cumming as I buried my cock deep into her womb, grinding my cock against the back wall of her pussy. Liz bit her lip as she squeezed her legs around my waist, locking me into that position. After her big one she had several minor orgasms ripple through her body as she slowly relaxed her leg hold on me.

Liz pushed me off her gently as she rolled on top of me, sitting on my cock while dangling her incredible breasts in my face. She rocked back and forth as her boobs hypnotized me with their motion. Small drops of milk hung off her swollen nipples as I pulled both her tits to my mouth. I sucked both nipples into my mouth as I feasted on her sweet cream. This seemed to energize Liz again as she started riding my cock in earnest. Her pussy was magical as her muscles squeezed my cock better than any hand ever could. Soon she had me on the edge of orgasm as her right hand fondled my balls.

Liz sensed my cock tensing up as she slammed her pussy down on me, burying my cock in to the hilt, squeezing my balls against her ass. I shot my second load deep into her pussy, bathing her cervix with cum as she continued to drip milk into my hungry mouth.

As my orgasm subsided, Liz reached another of her orgasms, adding to my pleasure again. Just when I thought this woman couldn’t get any sexier, she did something like that to exceed my expectations all over again.

Liz slipped off my cock and used the towel on the bed to wipe my cock off. She then went to the bathroom to retrieve a warm washcloth to finish the job properly. My spent cock bobbed up and down in her grip, still half hard as she attended to it like a doting nurse.

Once she was satisfied that I was totally clean, Liz slipped back into bed next to me and held me close, closer than I had expected. Her embrace made me feel like the luckiest man in the world as we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued…

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