Ağu 21

Living the Dream Ch. 01

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If I don’t get this all down right now, the details will start to fade. You know how dreams start to fade once you wake up. So he and I are in a bakery-restaurant looking at the cakes in the display case. We chat a bit about some ingredient name that is unfamiliar – like ganache – but it’s not that. The perky lady behind the counter offers us a taste, from a sample cake. She brings it to the countertop and presses the crumbs from already cut pieces down to the plate with her hand (not everything makes sense in a dream!) My ‘friend’ is given a nice round piece. I reach in and take a small one, eat it, and proclaim how much I enjoy rum in a cake. Smiles all around, although I have yet to see HIS face, I saw hers.

We entered through the bakery, on our way to lunch in the restaurant part of the building. Now he is close to me as we pass through the alcove and into the reception area of the restaurant. There is a lectern and a person taking names. We move close to the lectern, cutting off another patron entering from elsewhere; and my ‘friend’ sidles up close to me…putting his hand in mine. I am torn between telling the staffer my name, and talking with my friend.

“You can hold my hand if you like.” He had already released it. “Really. You can hold my hand.” He lets his hand brush mine.

“Two, please.” The staffer now has our information.

I turn my hand slightly to take his. We are standing very close together. He only needs to move an inch to place his warm cheek onto mine, and brush across my face. Then I turn to see him. He is smiling. He is beaming. He is in love with me.

“Hungry?” He asks as we pass into the main dining area. My eyes open; the dream starts to fade a bit. But I will never forget how wonderful it made me feel.

I have the feeling…no, I know for certain that he and I (at least in the dream) have already been lovers. The touch of his cheek to mine was heavenly. I felt his warmth, his silky skin, his very soul touch mine.

After yesterdays melancholy start, this is a revelation. I feel uplifted, light, and ready to tackle my day. Breakfast fills me up with food. Now I need to continue the good feelings of my dream. A walk in my nearby park should do the trick.

I am surprised and amused that on my short ride there, my dream stays fresh, and completely fills my thoughts. As I park the car, I get this rush, and a tingling up my spine. What a great day this will be!

“Hello.” The voice is coming from the car next to mine. I don’t recognize it, but the man in the drivers seat is now leaning out his car window. His arms are resting on the door frame. He is clearly interested in talking with me. I would respond, if I could. In this current state of shock, my words have left me. It is the man from my dream.

Part 2 –

Where do I start? I do not claim to be clairvoyant, although there have been several episodes of ESP experiences in my life that shook me to the core. Some expressed themselves in the ‘real’ world…though nothing to date like this!

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, bud. You okay? My GPS took me here. Just moved in and needed a breather. Name is Gavin.” He is extending his hand to me.

“Tom. Nice to meet you.” I am fixated and staring at him like a stalker. I know I am not smiling. I probably look as bewildered as I feel. His hand is still in mine; and it feels exactly…it feels exactly like it did in the dream. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Good to meet you, Tom. I always like to make a new friend on my first day in a new town. My job at the Cafe starts in a few days…but we can hang out if you like. A local is the best source of info, you know.” I am reluctantly releasing his hand. A smile is finally Görükle Escort able to make its way onto my face. This is truly a case of meet, greet, and marry, as far as my imagination is concerned. I have all I can manage to not lean in and feel his cheek against mine! That would clinch this, for sure.

“South Street Park is wonderful, Gavin. There are pathways, ponds, nature hikes and lots of places to sit and talk. Come on.” He is out of his car now; standing close to me. His hand just brushed against mine. I want to ask if he wants to hold hands. I can’t.

“Good. This is just what I need today. Moving in was tough. Had to do all the small stuff by myself. Movers did the big things. You know how that goes.” I do indeed. These last years have seen me move half a dozen times. After losing my business to the recession, let’s just say it has not been easy.

“Wow. This is amazing!” We are standing on a path overlooking a Japanese garden in the valley below us. “I like you already, Tom.” He is smiling at me, beaming really. His arm is now around my shoulder; and we are walking toward one of the benches that line the perimeter of a lovely little pagoda. We sit there, close to each other, bound by the arms of the small bench. I can’t help myself.

“Have we met before, Gavin?” Maybe I regret saying that.

“It’s a small world, Tom…but…” His thigh is pressing against mine. Our eyes are locked together in a mutual exploration of each other’s soul. He is pondering how to finish his last sentence. “You do seem familiar to me, somehow. Could be we just click, right?” I nod. But it’s more. It has to be more than that.

My life has taken me on a difficult journey to my present age. At just over sixty, I have spent my years in a battle against loneliness and despair. My inner nature is one of joy and optimism, but as an outsider to mostly everything and everyone, fitting in anywhere has been a challenge for me. I have prayed often for this to change, like the way you pray often to win the lottery.

“Let’s walk to the pond and feed the ducks.” I feel emboldened. As I bolt to my feet, I extend my hand to him. He seems to be about my age; and is as energetic as I am in his appearance and stride. He takes my hand, stands, and we begin the five minute walk to the largest of the ponds in the park. He has not let go of my hand.

Part 3 –

The day is glorious. It is early Springtime; and the sky is clear, the temperature is just right; and the slight breeze is very refreshing. The air is filled with a familiar fragrance. My spirit is high. As I glance over to Gavin, he is looking over at me. We smile. The pond appears.

“Oh, wow!” Yes, Gavin. It is like a scene from a movie. Young children flitter about, throwing pellets of food to the hungry ducks. Adults and parents lazily stroll, taking in the beauty of the place. Our pathway leads to a covered bridge, and we cross over to a secluded meadow. We sit on the only bench there. We are alone, yet not alone.

“Can I call you ‘friend’, Gavin?”

“For starters.” Can this be? Have I found someone to share the journey with? Okay. Stay grounded, Tom.

“Those ducks have the right idea. How about we take my car and get something to eat?” Now I have to come down from this daydream, as nice as it has been, and make a decision. I know very little…nothing really…about this man. He may be a serial killer for all I know. But the pull to fulfill my deepest desire for companionship, my dream, is too strong to resist.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

We drive about ten miles and he parks near a country style building, the sign of which states:

Skytop Bakery Cafe – Heavenly Food and Drink

Oh, come on. Görükle Escort Bayan Fine. It’s just a name. We are at the crest of the biggest hill around. It’s just a name.

“I start here in a few days, Tom.” I am once again at the precipice of being in shock.

“I can’t.” He looks puzzled. Concerned.

“You can’t what, Tom?”

“I can’t go in there, Gavin. I had a dream last night. It’s a long story. But…” He reaches over and puts his hand on my thigh.

“Okay. We’ll go somewhere else.” I start to breathe again.

“No. I’m just being silly. I want to see where you will be working. Let’s go in.” Yet deep down I have no confidence in myself at this moment. Somewhere inside I feel a reservoir of tears begin to fill.

“This door, Tom. It’s the bakery side.” He holds the door for me, and terror wells up. I enter and that reservoir continues to fill.

“I’ll be working in the dining part, Tom, but I just had to show you these cakes. Great, huh!?” Let’s just skip forward. We’ve all been here before, after all. With tears welling up, I pass through the portal to the lectern, Gavin now by my side. His hand finds mine. The feel of his cheek to mine…it burns with a familiar warmth and pleasant memory. I feel quite faint. I…no…not here…

Part 4 –

There is a bright spot in my otherwise cloudy vision. It’s a ceiling light. I am lying down. On a bed. My shoes are off. Gavin is sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a cloth to my forehead.

“Welcome back.” I see the face from my dream. He wipes the tears from my cheek with his finger.

“I’m so sorry…I…”

“Hey, it’s okay. We can eat later. Right now I have a confession of sorts to make.” I lift upwards onto my elbows and wait for Gavin to begin.

“This may sound weird to you. It still is weird to me. I had a dream the other night, just before moving here, about bringing a guy to my new workplace. When I saw you park next to me, I just knew you were the man in my dream. I never would have been so bold otherwise. Crazy, huh?”

I take a deep breath, lean in, and place a swift and gentle kiss on his lips. Gavin reaches to hold the back of my head and kisses me with more passion and intent than I have ever known.

“Me, too.” He looks puzzled.

“Me too, what?”

“My dream was of being in the bakery, with a guy. He and I stand at the lectern. We hold hands for a moment. He brushes his cheek to mine…”

“Like this?” Gavin duplicates the exact sensations from my dream.

“Yes.” I am crying like a baby. He is holding me in his arms; and moving onto the bed. We are both fully clothed, yet with him now atop me, and my arms hugging him close, all the world recedes before us. We are kissing as lovers do. I feel like my lottery prayers have finally been answered!

“How about we move from ‘friends’ to ‘friends with benefits’?” He is smiling at me. I nod in agreement. My heart is racing with anticipation. I have been with very few men through the years. Mostly just sexual hookups, though I was looking for more. This feels different. Way different. As Gavin rises from me, he lifts his polo shirt over his head. The slightly hairy body of a very fit ‘dad bod’ begins to show itself. As his pits are revealed, my weakness by the way, I start to feel a familiar stirring down below. Before the shirt passes over his face and hair, I am diving into the wonderfully pungent man scent of one of his pits.

“Damn, Tom. Nice!” He is caressing my back; and lifting my shirt from under my belt. It soon joins his on the floor. We are, at 5’10” the same height. Just about the same build. About the same weight. A match made in heaven? I am licking at one of his erect nips now, Bursa Escort Bayan gently nibbling it and…

“You are one sexed up hottie!” He has no idea!

I am reaching for his belt buckle, in a desperate mood to get him naked as fast as possible. Hookup or something more, right now I need to feel his entire body pressed against mine. My need is urgent, and he knows it.

“Right. Let me help.” Gavin is down to his briefs. he is grappling with my jeans, and as I raise my butt off of the bed, he pulls them off my body. Red bikini briefs fill his gaze, and with a slack jawed lust, he is hungrily attacking them with his mouth. My hands roam lazily through his thick hair, encouraging his efforts at my crotch.

“Gavin. Please. I need you.” He knows what this means. With a swift tug, my red briefs are on the floor. His join them. He lowers himself gently to me; and we kiss. My mind is not my own to command. I am on auto-pilot with only one goal. My one goal is to connect as completely with Gavin as I can.

“Can I fuck you?” His mind and mine are in synchronicity.

“Yes.” At our age, and having briefly shared our sexual histories, we have no fear of going bareback. All I want is for him to be inside of me. To connect his body with mine. To join himself inexorably with me in the most passionate and loving way possible. He knows this. It is what he wants, as well.

“I want you to be mine, Tom. Really mine.” I open fully to him, his mouth and tongue dancing on and within me, capturing and holding me at the edge of my ability to contain myself. The taste of him is wonderful. As he probes me, his tongue penetrates as deeply as it can, covering mine in its attempt to get into my throat. Suddenly, he is upright, and my hands are torn from his ass cheeks. His wet lips are caressing my hard shaft with feather touch kisses. Can I actually stay this hard? We’ll see.

“Got a nice stiffy there, bud! Let’s see how it fits inside my throat.” I gasp.

“G…G…Gavin!” At this rate, I will blow a load any second. The muscles of his throat are contracting and releasing around my cock, milking me like a teat-sucker attached to a cow. He has me on the way to an explosive ejaculation. My head is spinning out of control.

“Gotta do this, you must be loose now.” His is a statement and a question. I just nod.

“Please, Gavin. Take me. Make me yours. Please.” Muscular arms are lifting my legs to his shoulders. One hand tugs my junk up toward my belly; the other is at his mouth. He spits a wad onto it, and rubs the warm saliva onto both my hungry hole, and his raging hard-on. As he presses himself to my entrance, I hear a voice inside my head congratulate itself for this moment. Gavin moves his hips toward me; and he sinks in easily to the hilt of his crotch. We are one.

Part 5 –

Long, slow, and deep thrusting takes Gavin and me to the brink. Feeling him inside of me and seeing the joy on his face, I just know that ours will be more of a permanent joining than I ever could have hoped for. As his chest strains to fill with air, the flush spreading across his body telegraphs his impending orgasm. With head thrown back, and a guttural groan, he lets go and releases into me.

“God! Oh, God!” His first ropes rip through the swollen glans of his penis, causing him a momentary pain that quickly morphs into the most pleasurable sensation he has ever known.

“Gavin! Oh, Fuck. Gavin!” My own cock is spewing a stream of warm cum onto my belly. It has been years since I shot this far, this many ropes, this much cream. I want him to fill me like this and never let me go. As he sinks onto my body and sighs, I wrap my arms around him, and we lay there joined as one. I know this is only the beginning of our relationship. His penis is still full and warm inside of me. We have given ourselves to each other.

No way I could have dreamt this up by myself. Thank you…wherever and whatever you are. Thank you for making my dream come true!

To be continued…

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