Little Sluty 2 Shoes

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The names have been changed to protect the very not innocent.

They had just gotten back to Sarah’s apartment after an evening out. Sarah was a little tipsy from the beers she had drank with her dinner. Jack was as sober as ever, being a non-drinker. But he was especially aware tonight with the plans he had made, and the little black gym bag he had brought with him, unnoticed by Sarah. As soon as the door to the darkened apartment had closed, Jack grabbed Sarah and kissed her passionately as he maneuvered her to the bed. They had had sex before and this was nothing really new, but the rest of the night, Sarah would never forget.

As caught up as she was in the kiss and Jack’s hand roving all over her back, butt and neck, she didn’t hear the thump of the bag being dropped next to the bed. Jack’s newly free hand maneuvered up her shirt to squeeze he soft breast, almost hard enough to hurt. His other hand slid under her waistband and panties to squeeze her ass, pulling her against him, and smashing her soft breasts against his hard chest. This close, she could feel his hardness straining against his blue jean, demanding to be set free. Her mouth watered at the thought of tasting that hard cock again.

He gently pusher her against the bed, forcing her to sit while he stood over her. He urged her back till she was sitting in the center and he could crawl up next to her. He returned to kissing her as his right hand fondled her breasts. She was so turned on now that she could hardly stand it. But before she could reach for his belt to undo it, Jack raised the bottom of her shirt over her head, blinding her and forcing her hands over her head. This only turned her on even more as he pushed her down and held both hands above her head with one of his. She then felt his lips kiss the tops of her breasts, forcing a whimpering moan from her lips.

After some time kissing her tits, she felt his hand slide under her and easily undo the clasp of her bra, which was quickly tossed to the floor. She could feel his free hand massaging one of her now freed breasts, kneading the soft flesh, gently pinching and pulling her nipple till it was hard as a pebble. Her other breast was being kissed and sucked on by Jack’s experienced mouth, bringing that nipple also to full hardness. By this time, she was so horny and turned on, she as bucking and grinding her hips, trying to bring to pleasurable attention to the womanliness between her thighs, but his strong legs held her in place, not letting her get anything more canl─▒ bahis than what Jack was giving. She let out a soft cry of longing as his hand left her breasts.

She could hear a zipper being pulled and Jack’s weight shifter till he was leaning right above her and she felt something soft yet strong encircle first her left, then her right wrist. She then felt them being pulled tight together above her head as might tied the leash on the leather wrist cuffs to the top of her headboard. She was breathing hard now, blindfolded by her shirt over her head and exposed. As Jack moved back down her body, he let his finger glide down her arms and her sides, tickling her a little, before slipping under her waistband and pulling her pants down and off till she was clad only in her white cotton panties. These he would remove later. Jack then placed more leather cuffs on her ankles, but instead of holding her legs together, these each had its own leash and he used them to spread her legs apart, enough to see the large wet spot on her panties. Sarah was more turned on than ever before in her life. This was her favorite fantasy coming true.

She could here the sounds of Jack undressing and imagined what he must look like, standing there, his erect manhood standing proud and at attention. She couldn’t wait to feel it again. She didn’t know that would only cum after much, much more fun. Then she felt a bunch of little things landing on the bed next to her. She had no idea what they were, but she was loving it. Jack picked up one of the objects and she heard a click and then a buzzing sound. She jumped against her restraints when he touched the slim vibrator to her right inner thigh and letting it glide gently across her skin, to her belly, and her other inner thigh. It was only as thick as his middle finger, the slimmest he could find. He then pulled it back up her chest to her breasts, teasing them with its gentle hum, and making her gasp when the tip of the dildo touched her nipple. She wanted nothing more that to have that vibrator sliding deep into the inner reaches of her womanhood. She was bucking and thrashing around on the bed, trying to get more, but Jack simply backed off, letting her cool some before going back to teasing her breasts.

When he finally stopped, she was sweating, large beads of perspiration were dripping down her entire body, especially in the sensitive region between her thighs. Then he placed the vibrator in his hand lengthwise, the tip at his fingertips and the base toward his wrist, bahis siteleri and pressed down on the wet spot of Sarah’s panties. A muffle scream of ecstasy came from her covered head as her tingling and tortured body finally exploded in orgasm, the first of many that night. He pressed down harder on the vibrator, forcing the fabric between her sensitive and quivering lips, prolonging her orgasm. When she had finally calmed down and her breathing was under control, Jack took the vibrater from her panties and traced it around her head. “Do you want to feel this inside you know?” he whispered into her ear. Still beyond words, all she could do was grunt an acknowledgement. He then lifter the neckline of her shirt enough to expose her mouth and teased her lips with the vibrating tip before leaning down and kissing her passionately.

He then pulled the shirt back down and set the vibrator between her heaving breasts. “Don’t loose this now”, he teased. She could feel his weight shift from beside her to between her legs, and his hands started running up her inner thighs and slid under the soaked crotch of her panties. She felt cool air on her sensitive inner lips as he pulled the crotch away, and heard fabric tear and as he tore the crotch out, flipping the front onto her belly and exposing her glistening sex for any who cared to see. He finally removed the slim dildo from between her erect tits and once again began teasing her with it. Without the fabric of her panties in the way, the vibrations were less intense, but she still moaned in ecstasy as he traced up and down her swollen inner lips. She tried to raise her hips, to try to get it insider her, but he always pulled away when she did. “Are you ready for this?” he asked. “YES!!” she moaned.

She felt the tip press between her lips and enter her aroused body. It was bigger, much bigger, than she had thought. It filled her completely. She didn’t know that he had switched out the slim vibrator for a much larger vibrator shaped like a dogs cock. When the bulge midway down had slipped insider her tight confines, he let go, the bulge firmly securing the dildo inside her. He had chosen it just for this reason. He didn’t want it accidentally falling out of her. This was a more complex dildo, with a random setting for the vibrator, so he left it on random.

He picked the slim vibrator up again and began running it up and down the area between her sex and her ass. He teased her, by gently pressing the slim toy against her puckered hole, sending more bahis ┼čirketleri shivers up and down her spine. He pulled it away for a moment, but when it returned, it was covered in a cold wetness. It slipped easily into her ass, making her eyes roll up into her head in pleasure. She had wanted to try anal, and now she felt like she was in heaven. She felt his body shift again on the bed and his legs once again straddled her, but this time, his head was facing her feet, the better to play with her. This left his rock hard member above her head. She thought she could see it through the fabric. She raiser her head to try and get a good smell, but all she did was bump her head into his hanging balls. Jack smiled at this and reached back to pull the shirt up above her mouth and lowered himself down so she could get a better whiff, and even try to get his cock into her mouth. All she succeeded in doing was lick and kiss the hard rod of male flesh. That was fine by Jack with what he had in store next.

He pulled the slim dildo out of her ass and moved back to between her legs. He then slipped on a condom and pulled her thighs up above his and positioned his cock under her ass. She knew what was coming now but she still shook with nervous energy as he applied some lubricant to himself and her tight hole. He then began to push against her, slowly forcing her open more than ever before. The head of his cock finally popped in. He moved slowly, pushing more and more of his cock deeper into her, till his whole length was hidden, and his belly was pressing against the vibrator still in her pussy. He slowly began to piston in and out, pulling out till only his cock head remained, the thrusting his whole cock back into her, and every time he thrust, he hit the vibrator, sending it just a little deeper into her pussy as well. She was loving this double fucking. She’d never felt so full before.

She began to squirm, moving her hips in time with Jack’s thrusting. She began to feel the beginnings of the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Even he was starting to groan, trying to hold back till she was ready. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, her orgasm hit her, causing her body to spasm and quiver around his buried cock. This in turn was too much for him as his cum shot from his cock. The condom quickly filled with his cum and leaked out her ass and down her crack. He collapsed on top of her, his head nestled between her breasts, which he kissed and played with till they had both calmed down. He pulled his now soft cock from her and stripped off the condom. He removed the vibrator from her quivering pussy and turned it off. He then finally lifter her shirt above her head so he could look into her eyes and asked, “How was that, beautiful?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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