Little Miss Charlotte

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Charlotte and Juliet get a visit from a hungry spider.


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Author’s Note

The events and characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The main characters in this story are a trio of women in a dominant-submissive relationship. It is safe, sane, and consensual as well as kind and loving. But if this type of relationship is not your thing, you may want to skip this story and find something else to read. I have plenty of nice romances that I have written as well.

Wax Philosophic



Dear Friends,

I’m hoping you have all had a chance to read the story of how Charlotte and I first met. It’s on this site under the title of Girl Friday (It’s more than just a job) in case you haven’t. It’s a sweet little love story that explains a lot about how our relationship started.

A while back the two of us took a much needed vacation to sunny Mexico, where we met a lovely woman named Juliet. And as fate would have it, our paths have crossed a few times since then and now she’s spending the summer with us.

She and Charlotte seem to have a knack for trouble while I’m away. I swear I can’t leave the two of them alone for more than five minutes.

Love and hugs,
Mistress Natasha




Juliet and I stood in the unfinished basement of the townhouse, in a corner that over the years had become a sort of dumping ground for boxes of things no longer needed, but too precious to let go. We had stacked quite a few of these boxes against one wall to clear some space.

Juliet paused after slinging another box on top of the pile, placing her hands on her hips and surveying the area. “Charlotte, I don’t want to be a Debby Downer,” she said, “but I just don’t think this is going to work very well for a music studio. Too echoey down here with all the exposed concrete. And all these boxes aren’t giving us a lot of room to work with.”

“Well shoot.” I walked over to the corner where Mistress had her fitness equipment set up, and perched myself on the exercise bench. Kicking my toe at the squishy black interlocking pads protecting the floor of the exercise area I asked, “What if we had some more of these rubber mats? Would that help?”

“I doubt it. They don’t absorb much sound, and besides, we’d need something for the walls and the ceiling too.” Juliet stood with her arms crossed, pondering the mats for a minute, before shifting her gaze to the exposed floor joists above. “I do have another idea of what we could do with this space.”

Juliet was up to something, I could see the wheels turning inside her head. A devious grin was slowly spreading across her lips.

“Do I even want to know?” I asked.

“Oh you’ll like it,” she promised. “Do you have a ladder and a tape measure?”


A Little Home Improvement


Juliet and I were standing in the plumbing aisle of our local home improvement warehouse, when a college kid wearing an orange apron walked over. His name badge announced that his name was Gregory, and that he was here to help, but at the moment Gregory seemed to be rather more interested in Juliet and her worn out old Bob Marley tank-top that didn’t quite make it to the waistline of her skimpy cut-off jean shorts.

I rolled my eyes. Boys.

Juliet shifted her hips, putting most of her weight onto her right leg and tucking her left foot back to kick at the floor with the toe of her sneaker. She stared at the floor for a second and then just barely raised her eyes to regard the young sales associate through her fluttering lashes.

I watched her fish a pack of cinnamon chewing gum out of her front pocket and fold a stick into her mouth.

“Well hey there,” Juliet said, twirling a finger in her dreadlocked hair. “I’m looking for a couple of steel pipes, three feet long with threaded ends, one and a half inch nominal diameter.” She snapped her gum a couple of times and twirled the end of another dreadlock. “Oh and I’ll need caps for all the ends too.”

The kid looked like he didn’t know what to do for a few seconds, but eventually he closed his mouth and managed to get himself moving down the aisle. Juliet followed him while I dug my fingers into her arm and mouthed the word ‘tease’. She shook her arm loose and mouthed the word ‘bitch’. I grinned and punched her in the shoulder.

Juliet and I were forced to cease our antics when the kid reached the location of the threaded steel pipes and turned to look at us.

“Here you go.” His voice cracked slightly casino ┼čirketleri as he motioned to the shelf. “Anything else I can help you with ma’am?” I could see he was struggling as his gaze was slowly drawn back toward the gap between Juliet’s tanktop and her cut-offs.


“Do you sell rope by the foot?” Juliet asked, as Gregory’s gaze began sinking toward the jean shorts that barely covered her butt cheeks. He almost got there, but was distracted by the motion of Juliet’s hand as she reached over and encircled my wrist with her finger and thumb.

“Something comfortable against the skin,” she continued. “Preferably organic fiber. Otherwise my girl-toy gets a rash, and then she’s no fun.” Juliet put on an exaggerated pout and I thought poor Gregory was going to pass out.

“Um — rope? Rope’s in aisle five,” he manged to squeak out. “I can show you …”

“Don’t worry hon,” Juliet said, “we can manage. If we need you, we’ll find you.”

My irreverent girlfriend made a show of glancing at the young man’s name badge before leaning in to lay a hand on his arm. “Thank you so much Gregory,” she breathed. “You’ve been incredibly helpful. I just don’t know how we would have found anything in here if you hadn’t been working today.”

Poor Gregory looked a bit flushed as he wandered off — probably to check his pants. As soon as our helpful employee was out of sight I punched Juliet in the shoulder again.

“Yo, what the fuck?” she complained, and proceeded to snap her gum at me.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. He’s probably just out of high school.”

“Relax, Charlotte. He loved every minute of it. And now he’ll have a good story to impress his friends with Monday after class.” Juliet leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth, right there in the plumbing aisle. She tasted like cinnamon.

“You’re such a bad influence,” I teased, wrapping my arms around her waist and nipping at her lower lip.


Back at home Juliet was reaching down from her perch near the top of the step ladder. “Hammer please, Charlotte.”

She looked so adorable with her hair tied back, wearing nerdy black-framed safety glasses. And let me tell you, the home improvement store kid was not the only one who appreciated what those cut-offs did for Juliet’s ass. I swallowed hard, and handed her the hammer.

Whack! Whack!

“Damn Juliet, you broke the house!” I exclaimed as the shower of dust and wood splinters came crashing down.

“These are supposed to come out,” she assured me, holding up a little wooden disk, “so you can run wiring and plumbing and stuff. Pipe please.”

I passed the pipe up and watched as Juliet maneuvered it through the two holes she had just made through the floor joists over our heads. “I thought you majored in music. Where’d you learn construction?”

“Media Arts, Charlotte. I majored in Media Arts. And I used to work summers for my uncle, rehabbing houses. How do you think I paid for college? I don’t have myself a sugar mama like you do.” Juliet was screwing the caps onto the pipe she had just put into place.

I stuck my tongue out at her. Juliet has never let me live down the day that I introduced Mistress as my sugar mama, back when we were first getting to know each other at that resort in Mexico.

“She’s kinda your sugar mama now too,” I quipped. After all, Mistress had invited Juliet to spend the summer with us, partly so she could help me find a decent job in the music industry, and partly because I know she likes having Juliet around as much as I do.

It wasn’t all just about Juliet and me having a fun-filled summer of slacking off though, Mistress also reaped some benefit from it. Hers came in the form of having two devoted, and perpetually horny submissive twenty-somethings at her beck and call.

I swear having three of us in the house together must have caused a critical mass of sexual energy on some plane of the universe. It seems like we play together almost every night when Mistress isn’t traveling for work.

Whack! Whack! More dust and debris came crashing down.

“You need anything else, Juliet? Mistress will be home soon and I want to get dinner started.”

“Hand me that last pipe please. Oh, and what’s Natasha’s favorite color?”


We didn’t visit our basement lair again for another two days, long enough for a package to arrive from our favorite online retailer. Juliet tore open the box and grinned while showing me the contents.

“Stretch out strap?” I asked. “What the heck is that for?”

“Well, technically it’s for physical therapy.” Juliet was grinning as she ripped open one of the clear plastic bags and extracted a six-foot long green nylon strap. “But look at it.”

It looked to me like an extra-long narrow seatbelt with six- or eight-inch loops all along its length. Juliet was staring at me, like I was supposed to know something about it.

“Really?” she said. “Where’s your imagination?” She slipped her foot through the bottom loop and her hand through one toward the top end.

I casino firmalar─▒ just stared.

“Picture this hanging from the pipe we just put in the ceiling,” she said.

My lips formed a sly little grin. “You got four of them?” I began digging in the box to find the rest.


“Two for each of us then?”

Juliet nodded.

It took no time at all for Juliet to get the straps attached to the overhead pipes. It actually took longer for me to lay out the extra rubber tiles over the concrete floor. But now we were ready to put our handiwork to the test.

“Will you do the honors Miss Charlotte?” she said.

I smiled. Juliet only called me Miss Charlotte when I put a collar on her, or when she was feeling frisky, and she wasn’t wearing a collar at the moment. I placed one foot in the bottom loop and grabbed a loop toward the top with my hand.

“You sure this won’t come crashing down?” I said.

“Relax,” Juliet assured me. “These joists are holding up the main floor of your house, I don’t think your skinny little ass is going to put much strain on it.”

I stuck my tongue out at her. “Help me with my other foot, please.”

Juliet obliged, and I found myself suspended from the ceiling. In this position, my feet constantly wanted to swing out to the sides, and it was really putting some strain on my thighs just trying to keep my legs together.

“Woo!” I finally gave up and let my feet fly out. I was spread at a rather obscene angle.

“I guess we could tie the bottom loops together with some rope,” Juliet offered. “Or …”

She let that thought trail off as she stepped around to plant her face directly between my legs. I heard her inhale deeply, and felt her tongue gliding over the inside of my thigh as her hands wandered under my t-shirt.

“Juliet, you’re trouble.”

She just grinned. “Isn’t it getting warm down here? Warm enough that you might want to get out of these shorts? — My little girl-toy.”

Juliet encircled my wrist with her thumb and finger, bringing back memories of her antics in the home improvement store a couple days ago.

“Oh, whatever,” I said. But soon we were in each others arms with our clothes in a pile next to the empty shipping box. The two of us climbed up into the straps Juliet had hung from the ceiling — both naked as the day we were born.

“Ooh, this is fun,” Juliet said, as she flipped herself over and hung upside-down from her heels. I could barely keep myself stable hanging right side up, and my legs shot out to the sides again while Juliet was putting on her little circus act.

“Show off!” I teased. “How’d you do that?” My legs slipped out to the sides again.

“Easy, I’ll show you.” Juliet did a little flip while I watched in amazement. “See, it’s not hard. All you have to do is … Oh, shit.”

“What’s wrong?” My thigh muscles had just given up and my legs were spread rather obscenely again.

“Shit, I’m stuck,” she said.

“What do you mean …”

“I mean I’m fucking stuck Charlotte. I can’t get my feet out. Can you help?”

I looked at poor Juliet, hanging there upside-down from the ceiling. I reached over to her. “Just a sec. Oh, no. Whoops!” My legs went flying out to the sides again. “Hang on, one more try.”



“Your foot’s tangled in my hair, Charlotte. Ouch, damn it! Quit moving.”

I took a look at Juliet and where my foot met her hair. There was no way I was getting my foot loose without using my hands to separate it from Juliet’s dreads. And if I let go, even with one hand, I was guaranteed to fall on my ass and take half her hair with me.

“Well, if you hadn’t tied it back …”

“Oh, so now this is my fault?” Juliet’s face was turning red.

I don’t know if the redness was from anger, or from being upside-down too long. What ever the reason, I wasn’t planning to let her pin the blame on me.

“Well, you did come up with the idea.”

“Ooh, Charlotte. I swear, sometimes I just want to …”


“Don’t shush me, Charlotte.”

“Seriously, shh! I think Mistress is home!”


Honey, What’s For Dinner?


I opened the front door to an eerily quiet house. Yesterday when I got home Juliet was naked and kneeling on the floor with a glass of wine in her hand, while Charlotte showed up wearing just an apron and holding a wooden spoon.

I had asked her if the spoon was for stirring dinner or paddling their asses. Charlotte just shrugged and handed it to me. God I’m getting spoiled having both of them around.

“Charlotte? Juliet?”

No answer.

Maybe they had ordered take-out and were off to pick it up. But Juliet’s Jeep was still in the garage. I sighed, set my bag down, and went into the kitchen to pour my own glass of wine.

“Girls? Where are you?”

Well, wherever they went they left in a hurry, because the light for the basement stairs was still on.

“I don’t work for the electric company, girls,” I muttered as I went to turn it g├╝venilir casino off. “Jeez, did you leave them all on?” The basement was lit up like a stadium. I started down the stairs to turn those off too.

“Oh, hello.” I smiled as I cleared the last step. I had found my missing girls.

Charlotte was hanging from from the ceiling, hands and feet wrapped up in some kind of green straps, with her legs spread at a rather extreme angle. She was completely naked and looked rather tasty, though a little uncomfortable. She also looked like she wasn’t in a position to do much to remedy the situation.

“Got yourself kind of stuck there Charlotte?”

“Yes Mistress,” she admitted. “And how was your day?”

“Oh, the usual. Endless project meetings.” I sipped my Merlot and let my eyes wander over to Juliet who was also naked and in a similar predicament, except upside down and with Charlotte’s foot tangled up in her hair. “Obviously not as good as yours, though. Juliet dear, how are you holding up?”

“Been better Miss Natasha.”

“I’ll bet.” I unfastened the top two buttons on my blouse as I appraised their situation. “You look a little red in the face dear.” I let a little grin cross my lips as I circled them. This was going to be fun.

“In fact,” I said, “you both remind me a little bit of a couple of flies who’ve gotten themselves trapped in a spider’s web.” I dragged a fingernail over each girl’s tummy while they squirmed. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re much, much tastier than flies. So much prettier too.”

I pinched Charlotte’s cheek. I would have done the same to Juliet’s, but I couldn’t reach without stooping. I stuck my tongue out and ran it up the side of her calf instead.

Placing my finger under Charlotte’s chin, I raised her gaze to mine. Her eyes were twitching, and her pupils had gone wide. I think she might be a little needy. It was cute. And when I slid my finger between her exposed folds, my suspicion was confirmed.

I popped my finger in my mouth and took a moment to enjoy Charlotte’s taste while she squirmed. After washing it down with a sip of wine, I began taunting my helpless girls to the tune of an old children’s nursery rhyme, except I left out the part about muffets and tuffets.

Little Miss Charlotte
She drew such a hard lot
Stuck to the ceiling with straps

Along came a spider
Who crept up beside her
And covered her butt cheeks with slaps

I paddled her butt the best I could using one hand and trying not to spill my Merlot while Charlotte squirmed and squealed. Eventually she calmed herself enough to speak.

“Hard lot, Mistress?”

“As in bad luck, baby. It’s not easy coming up with something that rhymes with Charlotte, you know.”

“How about harlot?” Juliet suggested.

“Honestly, Juliet. So disrespectful.” I moved over and pinched her nipple. “Let’s see if we can come up with something better for you, dear.”

I rolled and tugged her nipple between my finger and thumb. “Do you know Itsy Bitsy Spider?”

The itsy bitsy Juliet
Hung from the ceiling oh so fine

Down came the Mistress
And covered her with wine

I tilted my wine glass and slowly poured the remainder of my Merlot down Juliet’s upside-down leg. Starting at the ankle, I watched it trickle down over her thighs and tummy and those perky little tits while she could do nothing but squirm.

Out came the tongue
To lap up all the drips

And it’s a good thing there’s rubber mats on the floor
So nobody slips

I shook the last few drops out of my glass right on to Juliet’s upside-down crotch before extending my tongue for a long slow lick. Juliet just shivered in her straps.

“Mmm,” I said. “Slightly fruity with a rich finish. Hints of oak and overtones of — what’s that flavor? — oh yes, pussy. Yes, overtones of pussy. My favorite.”

I grinned madly at my own joke and laid a few teasing slaps on Juliet’s ass.

“I’m going to get changed, girls. Don’t go anywhere, OK?” I let out a rather long and exaggerated laugh. I could hear them grumbling as I turned and walked toward the stairs. I flipped off the basement lights and the groans got louder.

Oh, this was going to be fun.


I had a perfect idea for my girls’ current predicament by the time I got to our bedroom. I pawed through the closet until I found it, the tight black leather costume from last Halloween. I shimmied out of my work clothes and pulled on the costume.

It wore it last year to make me look like the super-heroine Black Canary, but I figured it could pull double-duty as Black Widow. I mean it’s tight, it’s black, it’s leather — that pretty much describes eighty-percent of the super-heroine costumes in existence.

The best part was, I thought it made my ass and my boobs look fabulous. I did a little twirl in front of the mirror and ran my hands down my sides and over my hips, congratulating myself on how well it hugged my curves.

I moved into the bathroom and spent another few minutes with some super-thick black eyeliner before pulling out an assortment of lip pens to complete my look. I pulled out a black one and drew the distinctive black widow hourglass shape right in the center of my puckered mouth. I painted the rest of my lips blood-red.

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