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Lily and Leslie Milk Me Dry

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Lily and Leslie Milk Me DryI had to go down south on business, and was invited to stay with our family friend, Leslie, a really hot mature who’d panties I love to cum in. She wears very sexy, full cut satin panties with nice wide gussets perfect for catching a big load of cum. We’d had a few encounters previously when she found me jerking off with her panties. I didn’t expect anything to happen this trip because her husband was home, but it turned out he had to out of town on business.The night I arrived was uneventful, and I woke up in the morning with a huge hard on just aching for relief. I’m an early riser, and Leslie late, so I threw on my robe and went into the kitchen with has an attached laundry room, my cock leading the way, looking to see what I could find. Jackpot! A hamper full, waiting to be washed. I rummaged through and found 2 lovely pairs of panties, one red, and the other tan, both with that incredible scent of Leslie’s pussy permeating the gusset. I slid the tan pair on, slowly pulling it up my legs and over my throbbing cock, until my balls were tightly nestled in the crotch, and my cock was trapped against my stomach, pulsing in anticipation. I pulled the red pair over my head with the gusset against my nose, so I could smell her pussy and still have both hands free to rub my cock. I sat in a kitchen chair, sprawled out and began slowly stroking and teasing my cock, watching a wet spot appear from the pre cum leaking out. After maybe 10 minutes of this, the outside door to the kitchen opens, and in walks Leslie’s daughter, Lily, a 33 year old mother with a killer body, about 5’-6”, curvy ass and D cup boobs. She’s bahis siteleri canlı one of those mothers who lets the c***d decide when they don’t need to nurse anymore, and after 3 years, she was still nursing. She dropped the bags she was carrying on the counter, and then saw me. I was frozen, not knowing what to do, sitting in a chair wearing a pair of her mother’s panties, with another over my face. Lily’s mouth dropped open, but she quickly recovered, and just grinned at me. Turns out, she stayed with us one summer years earlier, and I jerked off in her panties almost every day, and she had figured it out. After a few seconds, she spoke, just saying “that looks good, I’ll be right back” and down the hall she went. A minute later she returned with her mother, both in just panties and bras. Seeing Lily like this almost made me cum right there, but somehow I didn’t. They walked to either side of me, talking dirty about how they were going to make me cum and cum. Lily. Then pulled her mother’s panties away from my cock, and grasped my balls with on hand, while wrapping a rubber band around my cock and balls with the other. Clearly, mother and daughter had spoken about what I liked before! She then pulled Leslies panties back up and over my cock, again sheathing it in satin. Both women then began to run their hands across my chest, down my stomach and then my panty encased cock, squeezing my balls with each pass. I was helpless under their hands, thrusting forward with each pass, and leaking more and more precum, soaking the front of the panties I had on and making their hands glide even more smoothly. All at once, canlı bahis I thrust forward, groaning, about to cum, when Lily grabbed my balls and squeezed, instantly stopping my orgasm. Leslie smiled at me, then asked her daughter where she learned that trick.Lily explained that when she was pregnant (you could never tell, no stretch marks), she would torment her husband that way instead of regular sex, and let him suck the milk from her breasts while she did it. With that, she reached behind and unhooked her bra, slowly letting it fall off. Her breasts had very large areolas and nipples, which were erect. Her mother reached over and stroked her breasts, then pinched a nipple, making a drop of milk form on the end. Lily leaned forward to offer me a breast, then sat on my lap, rubbing our panties together, mine satin and hers cotton, sliding her pussy against my cock. There was so much precum by now that you could hear a squishing sound. I was fast approaching orgasm again, and Lily slid up to rub the head of my cock against her crotch. Leslie reached in between my legs and squeezed my balls hard, like Lily had done, making me cry out and stopping my orgasm again. Lily then got off my cock, pulled Leslie to her feet, and they each took a hand and led me down the hall to Leslie’s bedroom. They laid me on the bed, still wearing Leslie’s panties and the other pair over my head. Both woman then proceeded to tie me spread eagle with scarves to the corners of the bed frame, giving then unfettered access to my tormented cock and balls, which be now were a deep red/purple from being bound in such an excited state for so long. When bahis siteleri I was secure, they started again, Lily straddling my waist and rubbing our panties together, and Leslie sat on my face, so I could lick and smell her pussy through 2 pairs of panties. I was so excited that I quickly approached orgasm again, rubbing Lily’s pussy through her panties with my panty clad cock, but she again proved her control and stopped me cold. By now I was quivering from the denial and twitching at the slightest touch. Lily pulled her mother’s panties below my cock and balls, and slowly started to stroke my cock, just with her fingertips. Leslie leaned forward while still on my face, and flicked her tongue over the head of my cock, licking off some of the precum that was now leaking in a continuous stream as I writhed on the bed. They kept at this for a few minutes, and then Lily took hold of my cock and began to stroke in earnest. After only a few strokes, I knew there was no stopping my orgasm as I thrust against the bindings, forcing my hips and cock upward, freezing in that position as I felt the cum begin to pulse. My cum shot out, high into the air, landing on Leslies breasts and face. There was so much built up com, that between pulses, a steady flow kept pumping out onto Lily’s hand, followed by another jet of cum. After 6 or 7 powerful spurts, I was almost spent, but Lily kept stroking my cock to the point of almost being painful, and then Leslie leaned forward and took the head in her mouth, sucking powerfully. This caused my balls to spasm again, and push even more come into Leslie’s hungry mouth, where she let it dribble out over her daughter’s hand. They had truly drained me to the last drop, and as I thrashed on the bed, they finally stopped their torment and laid down on either side of me. We fell asleep like that, intertwined, covered with cum, and all wearing panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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