Eyl 05

Life of Riches Eps. 03

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Episode 3: Oh Wendy!

Once J was awake, he showered, ate breakfast and headed out the door to grab a cup of cappuccino. He decided to stop at the same coffee shop that he was in just two days prior.

Two days before, J had met a beautiful, older, blond at that same coffee shop. She had approached J and introduced herself as Jane and the two were locked into a small conversation that was quick to grow into a sexually tensed moment where the two decided to go back to J’s penthouse suite where they made love throughout the night. The next morning J awoke alone on the hard floor with a back ache.

The back ache was harsh and so J decided to walk to the doctor’s office, only a few blocks away from his home, where he met a woman by the name of Sandy. She had been temporarily blinded from an accident and had to wear a black blindfold. J, being the kind man he was, offered to take her to his place to take care of her until the next day, when she could take her blindfold off. She accepted and the two made it back to his home, where they eventually were locked into passionate sex.

Now the next morning was upon J and he desired caffeine to aid him for the day ahead. Setting at a table next to the large windows at the front of the store, he sipped away at his large cup of mocha capachino. Without a care in the world, he smiled as his mind raced through the passed two days.

“”I’ve made the right decision in coming here,” he whispered to himself as he glanced out the window and across the street, where a similarly large front window sat and a mystically beautiful woman stood within the building.

With short blond and a stacked, muscular body, the woman seemed as if she could sprout wings and fly through the air as an angel. She was locked into a conversation with another woman. She exploded into laughter that made her look all the more beautiful to J.

“”Sir,” came a call from within the room.

From appearance, the woman across the street was around J’s age.

“”Sire,” came the same voice from within the room.

J turned his head to acknowledge the waitress as she was standing over him seemingly frustrated at him for ignoring her.

“”Yes,” he asked.

“”Is there anything else,” she asked as she laid the check down on the table in front of J.

“”No thank you,” he answered as his stare once again met the figure of the gorgeous woman across the street. Only this time the woman was matching the stare.

A smile came across her face as she noticed J staring back at her.

It seemed like days to J, as they stared into each other’s eyes as though they were having there own telepathic conversation with a street and two large windows separating them.

After a few moments a large truck driving by broke the couple’s stare. When the truck had passed the woman wasn’t there. Shocked by the sudden disappearance, J turned his attention back to his coffee and sipped.

A bell rang out, as someone opened the door to the coffee shop and entered. J didn”t pay any attention.

That was Sinop Escort until he heard her voice.

“”May I sit down,” came a raspy, but feminine voice from behind him. The woman was wearing a light perfume that smelled of a flowers. Usually J would hate the smell of a perfume, but the way she wore it was making him crazy.

J turned to see the woman from across the street standing directly behind him with a smile. Her short skirt showed her beautiful long legs off perfectly. Then he noticed that he had been so mesmerized by the woman that he had not answered her.

“”Yes,” he stuttered, “I’m sorry, please sit down.””

The woman walked around the small window table and sat down across the table from him.

“”My name is Wendy,” she introduced by extending her hand.

“”I’m J,” he offered as he reached out and shook her hand.

A conversation erupted between the two and J learned many things about the beautiful woman named Wendy. He learned that she had grown up in the city and after she graduated college early she got lucky and was hired at an excellent law firm.

The conversation went on and on and J explained to Wendy that his father was very wealthy and owned an island, where J had grown up on until only a few days before when he decided he would move to the city and meet real people.

Wendy explained that she had recently came out of a bad relationship where the guy she was with would yell at her and make her feel like garbage. She talked about her parents moving to the country, leaving her alone in the city.

The conversation continued until the waitress interrupted them.

“”I’m sorry, but we’re closing,” she said with a very tired voice.

“”Oh,” was the only thing J could think to say. If the waitress hadn”t came to them, then he could’ve stayed there in his seat talking with Wendy forever. But now they had to leave.

“”What now,” Wendy asked before J could say anything.

J didn’t want the night to end, but what could they possibly do? What reason could J have to invite the very sexy Wendy to his penthouse?

“”Well, why don’t you show me that penthouse suite of yours,” Wendy offered as if she were reading J’s mind.

The two exited the doors of the coffee shop and heard the sounds of the locks fastening as they left. The sun was completely gone and the night was upon them.

A bicycler came rushing through, as if from nowhere and J reached out, grabbed Wendy by her hips and pulled her in just in time.

“”Thank you,” Wendy said as she continued walking with her body directly pressed against J’s, with his hand still placed on her hip.

“”I can cook us some dinner,” J offered as they made their way to the front doors of the large building.

“”Why don’t we skip dinner,” Wendy lightly whispered into J”s ear as the door man let them in.

The elevator ride to J’s floor was strangely quiet, contrasting the entire day, which was filled with conversation and laughter. The tension was building. The couple’s hands were building moisture Sinop Escort Bayan as the two began to sweat harshly. J”s heart felt as if it were going to explode from his chest. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

The light ding of the elevator as the doors open broke the tension slightly and the two stepped off and onto the halls. J unlocked his door, swung it open and the two stepped in.

“”This is my home,” J said as he stopped and allowed Wendy to examine the large living room with a large couch that sat in front of a fireplace.

Wendy didn’t seem interested in the room though, for as soon as the door was closed she had her body pressed tightly against J’s and her lips were pressed hard against his. Moans escaped her mouth as she was lifted up by J”s arms and carried to the couch.

Wendy could feel a large growth coming from the crotch of J’s pants as he sat her down on her feet in front of the couch. She stepped back a bit and pulled her skirt up above her hips to show J that she was wearing no panties and that she was completely shaved.

Placing his hand gently on the side of Wendy’s face, J leaned forward and softly placed his lips to hers. They softly kissed for a moment, but the gentle attitude of there sexual appetite quickly morphed into there faces roughly kissing each other.

J”s hand slid up Wendy’s stomach and grabbed her breast, sending her to arch her back, sticking her breasts out more. He pulled her yellow blouse down on one side until one of her breasts were completely in view. He twirled his fingers around her nipple until it was rock hard and her panting was increasing.

With his free hand, J grabbed Wendy’s tightly muscular ass and squeezed. She leaned her head forward hard and bit J’s lip as he lifted her up once more and carried her over to the wall, beside the fireplace which was roaring, since J pushed the button to cause the flames to erupt. The heat of the fire was causing their bodies to be soaked with sweat as J pushed his groin roughly against Wendy, pushing her ass against the wall.

Wendy slid her tongue into J’s mouth causing him to push his into hers as she reached her hand down and unbuttoned his pants. With one of her hands she wrapped her nimble fingers around his throbbing semi hard dick and began massaging it.

J”s pants fell down to the floor, where he then kicked them out of the way. Wendy slid down the wall until her face was aimed with his, now rock hard meat. She wrapped her lips around the head and tasted a drop of the pre-cum.

Wendy grabbed J’s hips and pulled them forward as she slid her head back against the wall. She then began pulling his hips forward until most of his shaft was in her mouth, in which she pushed his hips back until her lips were only wrapped around the head again. She continued this motion until J took over and began to fuck her face.

Moans soared out of Wendy’s filled mouth as she fingered herself as she felt the power of J’s thrusts inter her mouth and then exit.

After a few moments, Wendy Escort Sinop waited until J’s shaft entered her mouth again and this time she grabbed his hips, pushed her head forward and swallowed his entire dick.

J threw his head back and screamed out in ecstasy.

Wendy then pulled her head back, with J’s dick completely out of her mouth and hanging in the air again. She leaned back against the corner of the wall and the side of the fireplace and stood on her feet with her knees bent so that she looked as if she were sitting in an invisible chair.

“”Now you do me,” she pleaded with her raspy voice.

Getting on his knees, J pressed his head forward and began tasting Wendy’s cunt with his tongue. He teased her clit with his tongue and penetrated her with his fingers, bringing long, loud moans from her lungs and out her mouth. She then grabbed his head and pulled it away.

“”I don’t want to cum yet,” she explained.

Wendy pushed J down onto his back and climbed over top of him. He thought she was going to place him inside of her, but he was wrong. With a mischievous smile, she hovered her hot slit over his throbbing shaft. She let the tip of his dick touch her wetness slightly, but she then rose her hips back up.

Wendy couldn’t stand the teasing anymore and she got off of J, lied straight on her back, stuck her legs out straight and pulled her blouse down around her hips to show her perky breasts.

J got onto all fours and began kissing her nipples, causing them to stand erect. Wendy’s moans climbed higher, as she pulled her skirt completely off and threw it out of the way.

J slid his hand down Wendy’s stomach and tried to slide his fingers into Wendy again, but her legs were too tightly together. She finally gave up the resistance and spread her legs wide, allowing J’s hand to find her wetness once again with his fingers.

“”Put it in me,” Wendy begged with a whispering voice.

J wasted no time.

Pushing his shaft into Wendy’s tight, wet warmth, J moaned out from the pleasure. Slowly he slid his dick into her as her cunt slowly accepted his girth. Once J was all the in her he pulled back and began pounding her with his dick. Their moans quickly erupted into loud screams as J slammed his dick into Wendy over and over again.

Blood ran from J’s back and it wasn’t until he felt the warmth running down his sides that he noticed Wendy’s nails dug fairly deep in his back as her body exploded into a series of jerks and spasms.

“”I’m cumming,” she screamed out as loud as she could, causing her voice to break at the peak of her scream, turning it to more of a squeal. J couldn’t stand it anymore and shot his streams of hot semen into her vibrating cunt.

Afterward they lied beside the fireplace with J’s meat still inside of her, feeling their hearts pounding from their chests.

Once J was finally able to move he fixed dinner for the both of them and watched a movie while under covers on the couch, where they both slowly slipped to the unconscious state of sleep.

Had he met somebody that he could stay with and be happy? Had he found a person that he might even be able to call a “girlfriend”. Could she even be his potential wife? Many questions ran through J’s mind before he fell fast asleep.

Next episode: Making a deposit.

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