Lewd Uncle Larry Pt. 02

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Big Dick

We did finally do that clothes shopping the next day, after Larry put me on my knees and fucked my face as he sat on the bed, filling my stomach with his cum. As I was browsing through the men’s department though, Uncle Larry was isles over, looking at skirts and frilly lingerie. I was looking for slacks, a white shirt, and a tie to look like a real salesman. Uncle Larry came back with a pink camisole and a mini skirt with black lace and black sheer nylons.

“Larry, I need clothes to work!”

“These are for my work.” He said leaning in. “When I work that sweet boy pussy of yours.” He said that last bit louder than I liked. He smacked my ass there in the Walmart. “Go try it on. I want everything fitting tight.”

I tried them on, but he kept handing me more things over the door. A girl’s one-piece swimsuit, pink T-shirts and lots of panties. I did leave the store with the shirt and tie, but a bag full of young women’s clothes and candy apple lipstick as well.

I got dropped off at the motel. Larry said he had to make some contacts and today I would be in the way. I really wanted to learn, but I was told to try out my new outfits and be pretty when he got back. I liked the panties, especially the silky ones, but the girl’s swimsuit was the best. The way it fit tight and pressed my dick and balls to me, my whole body felt hugged. I rubbed over the little bulge through the tight lycra. It made my cockhead tingle. Looking backward in the hotel mirror, I could see my mother’s ass, just as Uncle Larry said. It was tight and small but it had a roundness that came straight out, not from the hips. But from the back. I moved it back and forth, watching it in the tight material of the swimsuit. I bent low and put my head between my legs to see what it looked like all ready to be fucked, but the mirror was too high to glimpse my reflection.

I stroked my dick through the tight material, getting me hard. Still bent over I wiggled my ass as if someone were there. Even pushing back at an invisible cock. My little tool pressed to my belly, I rubbed it quicker as I thought of being caught and taken like this. One hand on the motel counter. I looked at my face in the mirror. My mouth open and panting as I tried to get my fingers inside the hip band to jack my rod. I didn’t mind it being tight in there, it made the bottom go up in my ass crack, and press at my sphincter.

I didn’t think of Larry, but my friend Jake when we sucked each other off just months ago. I wish I would have given him my ass that day but we didn’t know anything, he and I. My fingers ran down my prick, pulling at the head. I thought of Jake’s young hard body and remembered the feeling of his cock in my mouth. The fat end of his circumcised dick and I wondered now what it would have been like pushing into my ass.

“Ooohhhh, Jake,” and I came all in my new swimsuit and over my hand. The hot sticky cum making a mess of me. I had to peel it off and change

It was late in the maraş escort day when Larry finally came bursting into the room. I had fallen asleep on the bed in just new pink panties and a white tank top. I was still clearing my head when my uncle was grabbing me and talking fast.

“You gotta help me, kid.” he began shaking my shoulders a bit for emphasis. “Uncle Larry’s in a bind!”

I was still rubbing the sleep from my eyes and hadn’t noticed the thick black man in the doorway. Larry dropped down to one knee to be at eye level. “I need a favor. I owe this guy money and I ain’t got it, but he’ll take it in trade or beat my ass.

Finally, I noticed the tubby but tall black thug as he strolled into the room and slammed the door behind him. “I ain’t got no money!” I reminded him.

“I know.” Uncle Larry smiled at me, “but you got that sexy mouth.”

I grabbed a pillow and held it tight protectively in front of me. What was he getting me into?I thought. “I don’t want to.” I protested with a little fear.

“You got to.” He was pleading. “I’ll be right here.” He lifted my chin with outstretched fingers. “He just wants head, baby.”

“Just a blowjob?”

Larry smiled when he realized I’d do it. “As soon as you suck his load, he’s gone.” He assured me.

“OK” I put the pillow aside and got my feet on the floor, sitting up to meet our “guest”. He was dark and older, going to fat, but he looked mean like he was no one to mess with still. He was chewing on a toothpick, looking me up and down.

“Man, you said you had a hot little she thang up in here!” He was aggravated at Larry. “That just looks like a punk in some panties!” looking at me with disappointment now, “Larry, I oughta still beat your ass!”

“Dwayne, Dwayne” Larry tried to calm him down. “He’s so sweet and new. Other than me that pussy boy is virgin.”

“Other than you, don’t make it virgin, does it?!” Dwayne shot back but was still looking at me and getting closer. “Can the twink suck dick?” And his hands were opening his pants.

Larry smiled, “Like he’s starving.”

The thick black man dropped his pants to his knees and reaching for my head, pulled my face to his cock. “Open, Bitch.”

All I saw was dark skin and thick cock. It hung down and seemed about 7 inches soft. With one hand I lifted its heavy girth and gave an open mouth kiss to its sheath-covered head. I felt his fingers in my hair now, just holding me there. I began to lick it and kiss it, then ran my lips down its thick shaft. I could feel it pulsing and growing. My hand moved down to the base of the shaft. My fingers couldn’t get all the way around it. I held it up as I moved my lips and tongue down the side of the rod and then back up the bottom to tickle my tongue across its swelling head.

“Yeah, bitch” was the encouragement I got for my efforts.

I finally took the half-covered head into my mouth and sucked on his gland.

“Mmm, biiittch”

I maraş escort bayan smiled inside on that third use of the word and slowly took more shaft into my mouth. My hand gently pumped the base as I swirled my head down his cock and back up to the tip. My left hand cupped his big heavy balls and gently pressed them to his body as I worked my first black dick.

Now his fingers in my hair did more than grip but matched my rhythm, pulling my face down his now full 9 inches and trying to make me go further than I could go. That thick head kept hitting my throat and he tried to push it deeper. The head was actually smaller than the rod. I just had to relax and I could maybe throat it. But each time I tried, he shoved and I got scared. My mouth was drooling as he face-fucked me both of us moving and meeting together. His cock rigid and full now, and my spit dripping down to my hand, I pumped him in my fist and worked my mouth over just the head. Teasing it and tickling it. Sucking it hard as I moved it in and out. That seemed to satisfy him… but I was wrong.

He yanked me off his dick, my head dangling from his hand as I gasped for breath. Spit dripping from his dark turgid tool AND down my chin. “I’m taking your bitches ass”, it wasn’t a question, but a fact. Dwayne pushed me back on the bed and grabbed my hips to pull my ass to the edge. My legs were on his shoulders and my rump lifted off the bed as he lined up that monster cock along my crack.

“No, please. You’re too big!” I pleaded, but he just balled me up as he pressed my knees towards my shoulders. I felt a smear of K-Y go across my hole. Thank God for that, because next there was a black man’s cock head at my little hole. He held me down with his body, but his feet were still on the floor, he let gravity ease his dick into me. His big body covered mine and I was trapped beneath and all I could do was take it. I felt the small head tip open my little sphincter, spreading it more as the fat missile followed. My ass stretched slowly as this giant pushed into me. He wasn’t rough, but slow and methodical. He heard none of my cries or pleading, just slowly letting his cock sink into my ass.

I don’t know where Uncle Larry was. My eyes were shut tight as I truly became this black man’s bitch. My arms over my chest with hands balled under my chin, all I could do to protect myself, but he was gentle. My asshole burned from the stretching, much like when Uncle Larry first fucked me. My knees were nearly to my ears and his dick was fully in me. I could feel those balls resting on my flesh. I just lay there until he started to pump. I gave an audible gasp as he began fucking.

“Yeah, that’s a good bitch” He grunted in my ear.

I responded by relaxing my arms and letting them slide along his sides and over his back to pull myself tighter to him. He fucked me slow. Moving that massive body over me. We seemed glued together, with his dick escort maraş only moving back and forth a few inches, but the bed was creaking its song, groaning springs, and moaning bed slats as he pushed and pulled into my boy pussy. It still hurt, it still burned, but beneath him, I moaned.

He chuckled and probably smiled, but I don’t know. “Good bitch” was my answer as he picked up the pace and pulled in and out further. Each stroke felt it would pull my asshole out, only to be shoved back in by his fat staff. Still, the pace wasn’t furious. It was easy and methodical as he fucked my hole. I could feel his big hands on my ass, lifting it higher. The bed creaked more and louder, but he wasn’t bucking like Larry had done. And I was moaning like a true whore beneath him. This older black thug was loving my ass, riding it, fucking it like he owned it, and right then, he DID.

He got off his elbows and up on his hands. He stared down at me for a moment and then truly started pummeling me. Now he FUCKED my sissy ass. Plowing his monster cock into my stretched-out hole. I used my own hands to pull my knees back as he used his to hold him upright, Slam fucking me, pounding my boy cunt with his hard black dick. His face was sweating and he looked like this was really exerting him, but he kept ramming, throwing that dick into me. Our bodies truly smacking now as he rampaged into my ass. My own cock twitched and pulsed, but as he dumped his powerful load into me, I didn’t cum. I wish I could say I did. That as his juice washed into my ass and his head jammed across my prostate, I came buckets out my own little dick, but I didn’t. Instead, as he came inside me I felt a wash come all over my body. I felt every nerve tingling and all my hairs stand on end. I felt my lungs gulp air as he did over me. I felt my ass muscles spasm over his twitching cock, locking us together for a few moments in time.

It kind of sounds romantic, but what it was, I was fully owned, fully used to my purpose, and felt fulfilled as he pulled his softening cock from my now gaped ass with a “plop”. He pulled his pants up, and maybe He and Larry talked. I don’t know. I lay there shivering in my own little world. My body electrified and my mind somewhere else. Somewhere I would later learn was sub-space. But that’s another story.

My asshole hurt for days, but my mind kept wandering back to that encounter. The way he mounted me and used me. The way he called me “Bitch”. I actually liked it. A bitch was a girl after all.

We moved from the sleazy motel to a still sleazy hotel. I dressed in my hot shorts all day and the pink tank top. At Larry’s insistence, I started shaving and using Nair. My butt and groin were bare and smooth. My legs were hairless and creamy. Youtube is amazing. I learned to put on makeup and how to stand and walk. That would take lots of practice.

When Larry would wake up, I would have to suck off his morning hard-on, more like noon Hard-on, but the same thing. He liked to try and push it down my throat and make me gag. But I was getting better at taking it deep. The knob would lodge into my airway, but I would hum right through it and bob all the harder. I learned if you push a man’s balls up to his base, you can control how deep he will go

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