Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 11

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Anna watched as the gates swung open at the home of Greg and Vickie Thompson.

As Marc pulled into the drive, the young girl was in awe of the grounds of their opulent home. Marc had pointed out to Anna for the next few days she would be their guest as Vickie would continue her training as a sexual slut.

Greg opened the door and took in the lavish young creature in front of him.

“Welcome,” he responded as Marc immediately began the introduction. “Anna, this is Greg, a close friend of mine. He and his wife Vickie will be your hosts for a couple of days.”

“You two come on in,” Greg chimed in, “Vick’s in the kitchen.”

Anna walked through the doorway taking in the beautiful home. It was apparent this couple was very well off.

“I was just looking for the game,” Greg explained as he started channel surfing with a remote. “What can I get you to drink?” he asked. “What are you having? Marc inquired.

“I’m having a Widow Jane,” came the reply. “Sure, bourbon is great. Anna what will you have” Marc looked over.

At that moment a beautiful brunette stepped into the room catching Greg’s eye.

“Anna, this is my wife Vickie.” Vickie walked up and took Anna’s hand. “So nice to finally meet you. Marc has told me a little and I met Scott a few weeks ago.

Anna studied her face. Vickie was stunning. Dark brown hair, green eyes, soft luscious lips with a red lipstick that outlined their sultry form.

“I was having a lovely Chardonnay. Would you like to join me? Or do you prefer something red?” Vickie inquired. “Wine would be great and what you are having is fine,” Anna countered.

“I’ll get you a glass,” Vickie confirmed as she walked back into the kitchen. Anna watched her walking away, smart white silky top with black pants and bare feet.

Vickie was only 5’2″ but her 30-24-36 figure made a statement as her ass swayed back and forth with each step.

Anna’s gaze was interrupted by Greg, “Have a seat young lady. I’d love to know more about you,” he asked. “Oh, here it is,” Greg said excitedly as he pulled up a baseball game on the widescreen.

“Where’s Scott today?” Greg looked over casually at Marc. “He has some project due at his engineering firm. I think today is the big reveal,” Marc responded.

“Oh, maybe he can join us down at the club tonite. Leave these young ladies to their business,” Greg laughed.

Vickie returned with the glass of Chardonnay as Anna shared a little bit about her life as the three listened intently. “So, outside of last night with Roxie….and that had to be a surprise,” Vickie teased, “What is the wildest thing sexually you have ever done? I mean prior to meeting this guy,” she added pointing to Marc.

Anna sat stoically for a moment thinking, “Gosh, I don’t know. My ex-husband and I used to watch some of his porn movies together. He always talked about three ways with another woman, but it was talk, you know,” she explained.

“So you two broke up when you caught him cheating?” Vickie asked. “Well, it wasn’t the first time. I knew he had been unfaithful with a woman at the office. He denied it of course but the late hours, perfumes and makeup on his clothes…I knew. Then he seemed to calm down and one weekend, I was supposed to take an extended flight but it was cancelled. So I returned home early to find him in bed with a friend of mine,” she stated. Anna paused and you could see the reflection on her face.

“I’m not sure what hurt worse…his cheating or having the affair with her. I thought she and I were close,” Anna said softly as she sipped her wine.

“A question and its personal,” Vickie started. “If your husband had suggested her. I mean you guys had talked it out. Do you think she could have been the threesome,” Vickie asked pensively.

Anna sat quietly. “I don’t know, maybe, I mean Jennifer was really pretty. Just sweet … I guess that’s why it stung so much. I liked her a lot. “Did you two talk after that?” Greg asked.

“No. I backed out of the room and left in my car. I actually called a girlfriend and went to her place for a few days. I still had my bags packed. Jen texted and called a few times but I never answered. I wanted to just to let her have it. But I didn’t.”

“When your husband and you watched those videos… I assume they were lesbian or at the very least two females and a guy. Did you ever fantasize about being with a woman? I assume you haven’t been and I don’t count Roxie…not really. Although, I know that had to be fun. I know Rox well!” she added.

Anna took a sip. “Yes, I would have. I have thought about it,” she added.

“You know that’s why you’re here,” Vickie smiled. “Yes,” Anna acknowledged. “Marc told me tonight would be very special. That you were very special,” she followed.

“Actually Marc has told me I have you for the next three days,” Vickie corrected smiling.

“Yes mam,” Anna acknowledged. Vickie liked the nod to her authority… ‘mam.’

The whole time Anna and Vickie were engaged in their conversation, the escort london side bar conversation was going on between Greg and Marc. “You know I was nine I think when Dent hit that homerun in the seventh going up three to two to win the AL East in ’78,” recalled Marc. “I was watching it with my dad on the couch, he was a huge Yankees fan.” “That was a little before my time but I recall seeing highlights of it,” countered Greg.

Vickie looked over at the guys, “We’re talking sex and you guys are engrossed in that game?” she asked almost disbelieving. “Babe this is Yanks-Sox, maybe the biggest rivalry in any sport,” he scoffed hoisting up his bourbon.

“Honey, let’s me and you go downstairs. Leave these two boys to watch their silly ball game,” Vickie responded looking over at Anna.

Vickie grabbed the bottle of Chardonnay and showed Anna the way down to what she and Greg fondly referred to as “The Romper Room.” Greg’s man cave converted into their own sexual playroom equipped with a swing, lounge seating, and a wide variety of sex toys and discipline items.

Greg and Marc laughed at Vickie’s response but immediately turned their attention back to the game bringing up other highlights of the series over the years.

It was perhaps a good hour later that Greg heard the unmistakable sound of Vickie’s heels against the wooden floor as she traipsed into the kitchen from the hall. “How’s it going down there?” Greg yelled back over the couch, trying not to take his eyes off the pitch.

Vickie walked into the room and both men sat stunned. Vickie was dressed in her thigh high black boots with a 3 3/4 stiletto heel and leather corset holding up her ample breasts. “Damn babe, looking good,” Greg admitted. Vickie was holding a bottle of Cabernet. “Had to make a vino run. Can’t get started without a little grape,” she smiled.

“So how’s our girl coming along,” Marc inquired. “Well, let’s just say she’s a little tied up now,” Vickie said with a sly smile. “What’s happening with your game?” she added.

“Mookie Betts hit a three run homer off Paxton in the first and the Yanks are behind seven to nuthin’ going into the fifth,” Marc chimed in. Vickie smirked at them both.

“Yea, well you two have fun — I have my work cut out for me downstairs,” she threw in as she started back down the hall. Her heels colliding on the wood floor with authority.

“Fuck, she’s the one having fun for sure,” Greg corrected as he swallowed down the rest of the Widow Jane and stood to get a drink. “Ready for another,” he asked Marc as his friend downed the brown liquid and handed the glass to him”

The two men had their next drink and watched a couple of innings as New York finally got on the board with three runs but Boston added another to their total.

“Want to go downstairs and check on the girls?” Greg inquired. “Fuck yea, this is shit here,” Marc agreed.

Greg and Marc filled up their glasses and then descended into the playroom Vickie had affectionately renamed the Romper Room. Even as they started down the staircase, they could hear the unmistakable sound of swishing leather in the air striking against bare skin. Marc was the first to look up and see Anna’s naked body, arms hoisted high above her head to each side by ropes and eyelets in the ceiling holding them in place.

She had a ball gag in her mouth and the black mascara of her face had already outlined a trail of tears from her eyes, betraying the pain from the lashes she was receiving. Vickie didn’t even acknowledge the two men as she stepped around and again thrashed Annas’ buttocks and lower legs with the flogger. The flogger had a leather strap that fastened it around Vickie’s wrist and she would let loose and let it readjust in her hand for the next blow.

Greg walked around the girl who was giving off labored breaths, her eyes wide, almost pleading with the man to intervene. He surveyed her from behind, red marks along the back, ass, and thighs. Two nipple clips were attached each breast. Her normally dark nipples ashen as the clips cut off the circulation of the blood to the little swollen nubs.

While Marc was gay and not really into women, he couldn’t help but be aroused by Vickie. She was one really sexy woman and with each lash, he felt his cock growing harder. While he himself rarely ever disciplined a partner, and didn’t really get into the whole S&M scene, this was really turning him on.

Vickie without looking up from her task addressed her husband, “You two give up on your game or is it over?” she asked. “Seven inning stretch,” he shot back.

His wife stopped examining Anna’s thigh and the potential site of her next blow.

“Well, that’s fucking appropriate,” she smirked “Speaking of stretching, can you give me a hand? How about tighten her up. I want her on her fucking toes,” she directed.

Greg had lit a cigarette which hung on his bottom lip. He drew a puff and then walked over putting it in an ashtray. Greg stepped around and cinched up the rope drawing Anna’s left dubai escorts arm up higher by about an inch, drawing her up on her toes as he stepped around and did the same to the other rope.

Greg looked down at the stunning blonde, now precariously balancing on her toes, her heels off the ground entirely. Her ribs shown through her chest as the nipple clamps continued to clamp down on the little white buds.

Vickie’s husband stepped back admiring his wife’s work. Anna was a beautiful girl for sure. Long bronze legs capped off by her small feet, now resting on the painted red toes that strained to hold her up. Unlike many of the girls and women she played with, Anna had a small tuft of sandy blonde hair directly over her pussy. Most of the women were shaved smooth.

Vickie stepped around front as Greg moved out of the way. She let the flogger swipe softly at the young girl’s breasts and then her pussy, drawing muffled groans from Anna. The ball gag keeping anything other than heavy breaths from her nose escaping. Occasionally a slight whimper made it through. Anna’s head tossed back on her shoulders, suspended in the air.

Marc took a sip of his bourbon, taking in the scene before him. He had watched Vickie before disciplining women – young and old alike but it appeared she was really taking pleasure with this new charge. With each swish of the leather, he felt a sense of sympathy, but he also knew in the end, Anna was going to experience the hardest, most intense orgasms imaginable at the expert hands of Vickie.

“Come on, let’s go see if the Yanks can pull it out,” Marc encouraged Greg. Partly he was interested in the game, but really he didn’t want to witness any more of the pain inflicted on the innocent girl. He didn’t wait for a response, simply turned, and walked back up the steps.

Once seated again, they watched as New York closed the gap with two more runs in the ninth but lost the game ten to five. “Vick is in rare form today isn’t she?” Marc shot as he finished the bourbon and returned it to the kitchen. “Let’s head down to the bar and check it out.”

Greg downed his as well and in minutes they were off to the Rock Hard Bar.

It was a little after midnight when Greg returned home. Marc had dropped him off and headed back to the apartment. The lights were off downstairs and he headed up the steps to the second floor bedrooms. As he peered into their master bedroom, there was Anna, on her stomach on their king bed between his wife’s outstretched legs.

He knew that neither would care, so he simply leaned against the doorway and watched as Anna went down on his wife, whose legs were bent, her feet planted on the bed, her hands stroking Anna’s soft blonde hair. “Ummm that feels so good kitten. Right there, oh yea, right there! That feels so fucking good,” Vickie moaned.

“Hey babe,” Greg decided to let his presence be known. “How was it tonite?” Vick shot back almost in a moan as Anna didn’t flinch with a guest in the room.

“Packed!” he replied. “You two been at it since I left?” he inquired. “You know it,” Vickie retorted, “this one has lots and lots of potential,” she purred.

“Hey sweets, Anna and I may grab a bubble bath. Any chance you’d go downstairs and open a bottle of champagne?” she asked. Vickie loved her wines and champagne and her favorite was the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. “Sure babe. Want me start your bath?” he responded.

“Oh, please. You’d be an angel,” she groaned back as Anna zeroed in on her clit.

“Happy to,” he shot back. Greg knew exactly what she wanted and poured a little of her bath oil into the garden tub. The tub was very spacious and could easily accommodate two people. He checked the water temperature as the suds began to form on the water. As he walked out of the bathroom, he looked back over at the bed. Vickie’s arms now holding on to the headboard as Anna continued to devour her luscious pussy. Anna looked cute, her head down, but legs bent and both feet moving, twisting, dangling in the air.

As he walked by he couldn’t help but notice the red marks still apparent on her back, ass, and thighs, evidence of the earlier discipline. “Don’t forget about the water running. I’ll get your champagne,” he added.

There would be no response, just the low moans emanating from his wife as Anna sucked and licked on her juicy pussy. “Oh fuck, fuck, that feels so damn good. You eat me so good. Your tongue feels so good,” she purred.

Greg went downstairs and retrieved the bottle from a special wine and champagne fridge they kept by the bar. He then pulled two champagne flutes out and walked back upstairs. He half expected they might already be in the bath but entering the bedroom Anna was still going at it. Vickie’s legs were now locked around Anna’s back as the young girl sucked on her clit.

“Look at me kitten. Look at me as you eat me pussy,” Vickie directed. Anna moved her tongue slowly back and forth, up and down, slowly over Vickie’s clit but her eyes were focused on her new lover. Escort Dubai Anna’s gaze never left Vickie’s eyes — completely focused — as Vickie ran her fingers through the blonde’s soft hair. “That’s so good. That feels so good,” Vickie moaned.

Greg could hear the squishing noises of Vickie’s wet pussy as the young girl licked for all she was worth. She would look, study her own actions and then dive in again licking, sucking, tasting the sweet nectar that seeped from Vickie’s cunt. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” Vickie shot out signaling her imminent orgasm. It was sounds Greg knew all too well. He smiled as he walked into the bath, shut off the water and popped the cork, almost at the time Vickie came.

“Hey, I’m gonna’ sleep downstairs tonight. You gals have fun,” he added as he turned and headed back down the steps. He picked up the remote, channel surfing again but he’d find nothing that was more entertaining than what he had just witnessed.

Vickie came hard and pulled the girl up as she held Anna in her arms. Their eyes met for several moments before Vickie closed the gap and kissed her. It was really their first kiss of the night. Several times downstairs Vick had placed kisses on her neck, face, and breasts. There had been the quick kisses to the lips, but this was different.

Vickie’s tongue pushed into Anna’s warm mouth, between her lips that parted, inviting her in. Vickie rolled them over in bed and now she lay on top, their breasts together, their bodies entwined as they kissed, soulfully, lovingly. As harsh as Vick had been downstairs, this was sensuous, loving, and tender. Anna had never felt lips as soft and subtle. For a moment Anna became completely engrossed in the kiss.

There was nothing else. Her body felt a warmth she had never felt before and in that singular moment in time she felt owned.

Vickie could have held Anna in her arms all night, but she wanted them to relax in a bath together. The older woman guided her into the bathroom, taking note of the red welt marks on her backside, betraying the harsh discipline she had administered to the young girl just an hour ago. She smiled looking at them. Taking delight that her new charge didn’t complain and seemed to accept, if not embrace, the pain.

As they had cuddled in bed, moments earlier, Anna had confided that while she was initially scared, the pain “hurt so good.” Vickie knew there was so much more they would explore together.

As Anna stepped into the warm water of the garden tub, her foot disappearing into the frothy bubbles, Vickie was right behind her with the Champaign glasses in tow. The two women took up strategic positions facing each other at opposite ends of the oval tub. Vickie raising her glass up by the long stem, “To our weekend together,” she toasted.

Anna took a sip of the cool Champaign that bubbled in the glass as she slid down into the tub. She could feel the jets hitting her side, pulsating, thrusting as the water bubbled over their bodies.

“So your husband Greg — is he gay, bi.. do you mind me asking?” Anna inquired.

“No, I don’t mind at all. He was bi when we met in college. I think that’s what really attracted him to me. But as we began getting more active in the lifestyle, my preference for women being what it is… well, I guess you can say he’s gay,” she said.

“Every so often I jack him off and fuck his ass,” she smiled. “Occasionally I’ll even give him a blowjob. That though, on special occasions. But he really has his guy friends to keep him busy,” Vickie acknowledged.

“But you two still have sex together?” Anna asked.

“Sure. I love my husband. We have something many couples will never experience and It’s all up front, honest, and hot. Truth is he gets off seeing me with women and girls and I enjoy him mixing up with guys… and yea, I like fucking him with my strapon occasionally. He loves it too,” she added.

“Have you always been into other women,” Anna asked as she felt Vickie’s leg rub up against hers in the water.

Vickie looked at Anna who was totally focused. Her breasts bobbed just over the water as the foam moved up to her nipple and down again. They were still pink and swollen from the earlier punishment but no longer erect. Anna had pinned her hair on top of her head before entering the bath and one little lock of hair kissed the side of her face. She was the absolute picture of beauty.

“Yea, I think so.” Vickie began. I dated boys in High School, but something really happened the summer I turned 18 and was headed off to college. When I was 17, I started babysitting for a woman that was friends of my mom’s. That summer, after I graduated, I was keeping her daughter Kellie. She was maybe 3 at the time and no trouble at all. I’d put her to bed at 8 and then it was lights out for the rest of the night,” Vickie shared.

“Well, this particular night Elaine came back much sooner than I expected. I had poured myself a wine from the bottle in the fridge, thinking I had plenty of time to clean up my glass, and who would ever know? I’m in their den listening to the stereo, drinking wine, when in walks Elaine! She explained she had a headache and had one of the other couples drop her off. Her husband was still at this dinner party.”

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