Eki 05

Leaving the Gym Ch. 02 – Beth

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“Melissa…I’m sorry I scared you. When I saw you pull up, I was like, Oh my God..I have to come over.”

Beth was a teacher’s aide that she knew not only from school events and games over the past couple of years, but also from being a volunteer coach at some of the soccer practices and matches that her daughter played in. Melissa thought she also must have been a player when she was younger, because she really seemed to know the game. And from the half dozen or so times that she had seen or talked with her, she also got the impression that she was probably of a stickler about things..that typical, type A personality that was a little uptight and kind of buttoned down. And not someone she’d want to go out with for fun, or meet for margaritas. But she seemed genuinely friendly, and enthusiastic and good with the kids. When she had asked Lexi about her, she remembered getting a response slightly to the right of her usual, monotone ‘alright’..which coming from her, was practically a rave.

She smiled while pressing her legs together, and slumped her shoulders with her left arm draped over the steering wheel, to block her thinly covered and still damp breasts.

“It’s so good to see you! Are you still here working? I thought school ended like an hour ago?”

Beth glanced briefly down into the car, then back up, and nodded, smiling.

“Yes..I’m working by myself on a project in our room. We didn’t have time to finish it today, but I really wanted to get it done for tomorrow. It’s this art project the kids made..kind of like a banner of historical events?”

“Wow..that sounds very cool. I’ll ask Lexi to take some pictures after it’s up, I’d really like to see it.”

“It really IS great..and the kids loved doing it. But, here’s the thing. I’ve been looking for a janitor who’s still supposed to be here, but I can’t find him. I think he went home, and after a fall I had up on one a couple of years ago, I’m just terrible on ladders. I really need someone to help me hang it. I came out here to get something from my car, and saw you pull up..like a godsend! Would you mind?”

Melissa gripped the wheel as as a surge of panic welled up from her belly and into her chest.

“Oh..Beth, I’d love to help! But Lexi’s gonna be out here any second from band practice, and I’ve got to swing by the market and then get home to start dinner.”

Beth smiled and shook her head.

“Melissa, it’ll work out perfectly. I detoured by the music room on my way out, and Miss Cottman said she’s got at least another 20 minutes with them until she lets them out. Its more than enough time for us to get that up. It’ll mean SO much to me..and the kids, if you could help.”

Melissa went numb, and the tightness in her chest dropped back like a weight to her stomach. This cannot be happening.

She was at a loss..what could she say? No? Or..sorry, I just don’t want to?

Her mind raced through possible responses, but she sighed to herself with resignation.

“Of course, Beth..I’d be happy to help.”

Beth beamed, and reached into the open window to quickly squeeze her shoulder.

“Thanks SO much..let me just grab some stuff I left in my car, and we’ll head in.”

She disappeared around the back of her SUV, and Melissa just sat, dazed for a few seconds, before rolling up the window and opening the door to get out. As she swung a leg out and slid off the seat, she felt the flattened baseball cap come out with her, stuck to her ass. Reaching through her legs to peel it away, she looked down between her thighs to see the stickiness that had seeped through the hat from her soaking cunt. Well, at least she didn’t stain the leather seat. She quickly brought it up to sniff the dark stain, then tossed it onto the passenger side floor and climbed out and shut the door.

She needed to stay calm and figure out a way to deal with the situation.

Her thin top was still damp in spots, and looking quickly in the driver side window, saw the stark image of her almost transparent breasts and nipples. She didn’t bother looking down at her tights, there wasn’t a thing she could do about it anyway..no shirt to tie around her waist, nothing. She just set her jaw, ignoring the heavy wetness throughout her crotch and ass, and turned to meet Beth by her car.

Fuck it, If she slumped over to try and hide her chest, or covered herself with her hands, it would just draw more attention to herself. So she decided to act as normal as possible, as if she were dressed like anyone else.

When she got to the back of her SUV, Beth was coming around the corner..and stopped cold to blankly stare, as Melissa walked right up and put her hands on her hips.

“Alright..let’s get this done.”

Her mouth opened as if to say something, then she blinked..her eyes locking on Melissa’s jutting breasts, before scanning down her hips and then coming back up again.

“Uhhh…yes, that’s right. Good. So…do you want to put a shirt on, or something? Maybe change before you Beylikdüzü Escort come in?”

Standing and shifting her weight from one leg to the other, Melissa flexed her butt muscles and felt how wet she was deep between her thighs and asscheeks, from sitting in her flowing, cummy mess for so long. But she didn’t waver as she looked directly into Beth’s eyes.

“No, I’m good. Just a little sweaty from a hard run. I was expecting to go straight home to shower. I’m a little messy, but unless you mind, I’m good to go.”

Beth blinked again with kind of a forced smile, her eyes going down to her tights again before looking up.

“Uhh..sure, If you’re okay with it.”

Melissa felt a flush of irritation..that she was getting dragged into this, and SHE needed to be concerned about what she was wearing, and Beth’s reactions. Fuck it..she didn’t ask for this.

She pulled her shoulders back and lifted her chest, and with hands on her hips, shifted her pelvis forward too. Her erect nipples loomed into the bottom of her peripheral vision, and she saw Beth’s eyes fix on them again, before she looked up and stammered.

“Okay! I think I got what we needed from my car..let’s go in.”

Melissa followed her around to big double metal doors, and they went inside and down a hallway that led towards the classrooms near the back of the building. Right away, she felt how hot it was in the corridor. If the air conditioning had been on earlier during school hours, it definitely wasn’t on now. And it didn’t take long for her body to react to the temperature.

Beth was a half step in front of her, and turned her head to look back. Melissa saw her quickly glance to her chest again before looking back up.

“Really though, thank you. I was kind of in a bind with getting this up by tomorrow, and we have way too much to do once the kids get in early.”

“Beth..of course, I’m happy to help.”

Walking next to Beth in the quiet hallway, Melissa thought she could almost hear the faint, wet sound coming from her pussy and ass, inside the soaked crotch of her tights. It was a gooey mixture of whatever was left of the ropes of hot cum Steve had pumped into her, along with all of her pussy juices and cum. Some of it was dried into her clothes and crusted along her lips and thighs, but she felt more still leaking out of her. And added to her sweat drenched clothes and body, she was acutely aware of her pungent smell, especially when she stopped moving.

The halls were empty and quiet, and if Melissa didn’t know that their were kids still in the music room, she would have thought they were the only ones in the buliding. Beth turned into an open doorway, and Melissa followed her in. It was a typical classroom with a blackboard at the front wall, and a desk and some cabinets, with windows lining one side, facing a row of hedges. Beyond that were the athletic fields. And of course..the windows were closed, which made the room feel even hotter than the hallway.

Beth carried the plastic bag she got from the car over to the wall opposite the windows and placed it on the floor, next to what looked like an array of materials and supplies, along with a stack of large, colorful cardboard placards.

“So, this is our project..the kids did it all. It’s like a series of important events covering the first hundred years of American history. It’ll all be loosely connected together when it’s up, like a banner, kind of..and we’re gonna hang it up along the top of this wall.”

Melissa felt more pissed than enthusiastic, but did her best to fake it.

“Wow..that sounds interesting. So, what do you want me to do?”

Beth had come closer, and Melissa saw her eyes flit again over her body, then blink again as she pressed her lips together, like she had just caught a distinct odor. She must have..to her own nose is seemed almost overwhelming.

“Well..I was thinking that you’d be up on the ladder to hang the top part of the boards onto the hooks I have for the ceiling tiles, and then keep them steady while I fasten the bottoms, and make sure they’re straight. Are you okay with being up on the ladder?”

Melissa heard her phone vibrate on the desk where she left it with her keys. She thought she should check it, it could be a text from Lexi.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Let me just check my phone for a sec.”

“Sure..go ahead, I’ll get the ladder from the closet.”

Melissa got to her phone and saw she had five texts. Four were from Lexi, and the other from a number she didn’t recognize. She hit Lexi’s first.

‘Mom are you here yet??’

‘We have to stay later. Can I go home with Amelia?’

‘Her mom is getting pizza and we can study for our history final”


Shit..that figures. With all this running around, and now getting roped into helping Beth. If Lexi had only texted her ten minutes earlier, she could have been home already and showered. Or more likely spread out right now on the carpet Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan in her bedroom, with her tights around her ankles, and fingers deep in her sore and sticky cunt. Or probably a dildo or her vibrator.

‘Yes honey, that’s fine. I’m in Miss Schulman’s room now helping with a project. I know..don’t ask!’

She added a few surprise and shock emoticons and hit send.

And then, ‘Text me when you get to Amelia’s. LUV U.’

She looked at the other number and opened the text.

‘It’s Steve. Are you home yet? I can’t stop thinking about you, smelling you all over me. Have you showered yet? I hope not..I need to eat you and clean you out and fuck you again. I’m out of here soon, I can meet you in the mall in the back behind the tower lights. I need your pussy, babe!’

Melissa was stunned, and she read it again..aware of her nipples burning almost uncomfortably against the thin material of her tank top, and a dull pulsing in her tights. Her mouth was dry.

‘Fuck baby..YES!! I need that SO bad too. I’m at the school but Lexi’s going home with a friend. I can be there in like a half hour.’

She sent it, then heard scraping and looked up to see Beth half carrying, half dragging a beat up, heavy looking metal ladder.

“This should work okay. And I’m glad you’re here because I don’t like being high up on ladders, even ones like this.”

Melissa dropped her eyes to quickly tap her phone.

‘Baby..you won’t believe how I SMELL and look, your cum is still leaking out of me and my pussy is throbbing. I want you to eat me out and fuck me!’

She sent the text and stuck her phone into the waistband of her tights, then walked over to Beth, who was trying to open the ladder. A renewed current of sexual energy had surged through her, reading Steve’s texts, and she had a powerful urge to reach down and touch the thick nub that poked noticeably into her tights, just above the juncture at her thighs .

There was a muffled curse, and she looked to see Beth struggling with the ladder.

“Beth..here, let me help with that.”

She looked at Melissa with relief, and pushed it towards her. It looked old and well used, and was streaked with numerous layers of paint that had accumulated over the years.

“Please..I’m just not good with them, or anything mechanical really. And this one is hard to open.”

Melissa held one side with her left hand and pulled hard on the other with her right, and nothing moved. She tried again, and then looked inside for some kind of catch or lock. She was right, there didn’t seem to be any obvious lever or catch that would release it. Then she saw something on the inside near a step, a little bent metal thing, and pulled up on it and tugged again, and the ladder creakily opened up.

Jesus, she was starting to really sweat again, now for the second time into clothes that had been soaked earlier and hadn’t even fully dried out yet. She wiped her face and neck with the flat of her hand, and then on her tights over her ass. Beth rummaged through the supplies on the floor, and came up with a roll of twine and metal clip, along with a large piece of artwork.

“Oh..good, you got the ladder. We can start here..a couple of feet past the door. And let’s leave enough room for me to be between you and the wall. Maybe we can have the ladder sideways instead of facing forward?”

Melissa’s phone buzzed again..tingling the skin under the hem of her tights along her hip..and the vibration felt delicious, reminding her of just how little she was wearing and how sexually on the edge she was. Even after all the gut wrenching orgasms she’d had already today. If anything, they had only made her more crazy horny..and so did exposing herself again like this. First it was Steve, then the guys in the gym after she left the office..and even those bitches in the lobby by the front desk, who made remarks about her. Now she was stuck here with Beth. If only her phone was in the front of her tights and down near clit. The thought made her smile to herself. A couple more texts, or the long pulsing of an unanswered phone call..Jesus, she might cum right then, and probably ruin her phone.

Her nipples were hard again..they felt thick, and sensitive. She wanted so badly to reach up and roll and pinch them to relieve the sexual tension that had been building back up, like scratching an itch. When she turned again to Beth, her damp blonde hair stuck, and then dragged along the back of her shoulders, and she only imagined what a mess she looked like.

“Okay..let’s give it a try.”

She pulled the ladder underneath what looked like little brackets or hooks that connected to the frames in the drop ceiling, a couple of feet away from the wall. Looking up, she understood then what the display was. It was very clever..like a mobile, where the artwork would be suspended out from the wall and then angled inwards as it descended, to where Beth would tie the ends of the twine into small Esenyurt Escort tacks at the bottom near the floor. Definitely more sophisticated and interesting than just hanging them flat on the wall, creating like a three dimensional effect.

She positioned the ladder so Beth would have some room at the bottom, and climbed onto the first two steps, then tugged the phone from her tights to open the last texts.

‘Babe..I need your body and wet pussy so fucking BAD baby..send me pics!’

She looked quickly at Beth, who had crouched down with her back turned as she sorted through the boards, then reached to fondle her breast. A surge into her belly and groin, and she reflexively scissored her thighs together. The thin, ribbed tank was molded to her breast like a second skin..and when she pinched and rolled her nipple between her thumb and middle finger, a gush of warm milk flowed out to soak into the already damp material.

She hurriedly found her camera app and reached out to take a selfie, biting her lip and pressing her thighs together as she rolled her nipple again. More warm milk streamed through the thin pink cloth and surged over her fingers.

Fucking shit..her pussy was on fire. God, she wanted to touch it, or just..press it up against something. Hard.

Below her, the scuffed tile floor just behind where Beth was crouched, splattered from the pale, milky droplets. She snapped another pic as Beth stood and turned, then quickly dropped her hand to her side.

Beth looked at her in an unfocused way, like she wasn’t sure of what she was seeing. Melissa inhaled deeply through her nose to steady her breathing, still feeling the prickling glow in the nipple that she had twisted and tugged.

“I just had to take a picture of this..there’re some people who’ve never seen me up on a ladder.”

Beth didn’t say anything, just blinked..her eyes going to her chest and then down, before finally looking up again, her mouth slightly parted and face a blank mask. Melissa didnt dare glance down, but knew her breast was soaking through her stained top, the nipple for sure transparent and most likely still dripping.

Her face flushed with embarrassment..but also with a surge of anger. Why should she care what this..prudish, busybody thought of her? She could only imagine the opinion she had already, after giving her the once over in the parking lot. She probably couldn’t wait to get on her phone later to tell her friends about this..and give them the dirty details about what a slut Melissa Bentson is.


A word she thought about alot lately..and had grappled with for years in the conversations she’d have in her head while driving, or sitting at her desk in the office. Or once in awhile on the treadmill at the gym, or in a spin class soaked with sweat and locked in on Jeannie, her favorite instructor who had a body that made her mouth and pussy wet.

A couple of times recently, thinking about her life and how it was constantly changing and evolving, she realized how much SHE was changing. Her desires and horniness, and the fantasies she drifted into. Sometimes feeling like they were becoming compulsions.

What she knew for sure was, it wasn’t normal. Whatever that meant.

She grew up hearing the word slut like everyone did, as a negative thing and something to be ashamed of. And it seemed in her experience at least, that you were branded that mostly by other women. At least in the way the seemed to sting the most. You most likely heard it from one of your parents when you were like fifteen, catching you on your way out of the house wearing a skirt that they thought was too short. You’d hear, ‘you have to be careful honey..you don’t want to get a reputation with the boys as being a slut. Even if it’s not true, it’s something that will stick with you.’

But now..it wasn’t something that she wanted to hide from, or try to deny or resist..not anymore. Something had been changing in her, or what it really felt like was that it had always been inside her..it just WAS her..as far back as she could remember. And now she couldn’t tamp it down or hide anymore..and didn’t want to either.

Slut…SLUT. God..just thinking it made her mouth water.

She pulled her shoulders back, lifting her chest even higher, and put her left foot up onto the next step of the ladder, which bent her knee up and out. Then rotated her body and hips, slightly turning to push her pelvis out until it faced Beth. The crotch of her tights were completely stuck to her, like they were part of her body, and pushing her pelvis forward like that with her thigh out away from her body..she felt her cunt lips slowly peel apart and open up against the thin crotch of her soaked tights. Gaping now, and swollen.

Beth’s eyes lowered, and then widened, and Melissa saw her swallow as she stared directly at her pelvis. She had to be fixated on her thick lips creasing the damp, faded material. And her clit..God, it felt SO big right now. Mostly, it got like this when she was masturbating and bringing juices up from her pussy to tease and edge herself, engulfed in a fantasy..sometimes mixing in spit as she periodically tasted and then re-wet her fingers, til her clit with its fleshy retracted hood and the upper part of her lips were engorged and glistening.

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