Leaving my wife alone at the VIP

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That early evening, as I was driving home from office, my sweet Ana called me to ask if I was in the mood for going to a dance club and have some drinks.

When I arrived Ana was ready; she looked stunning in a tight black dress and the highest heels I have ever seen.
As she walked by me, I noticed that the dress was see-through and I could see her hardened loose nipples and that there was not even a tiny thong under it…

Once at the club, I noticed my sexy wife was a bit intoxicated after a few drinks; but we danced some pieces.
One hour later, Ana asked me to leave.

As we were standing up, a black man approached to us.
He was dressed in an elegant suit and tie. He introduced himself as Reggie and he had gone there to meet a friend who owned the club.

We chatted as sat there drinking. Anita remained mostly quiet as she seemed to be a bit fuzzy. I knew she was also excited…

Then Reggie offered us to go to the VIP room. Before I could refuse, Ana smiled and jumped accepting the offer. She sounded excited…

Entering the room Anita and I were introduced to Bernard, the owner.
The place was fine; we all sat around a large table.
Fifteen minutes later I realized that my sensual wife had been sandwiched in between Reggie and Bernard.

A while later I saw my wife’s face was entirely flushed, her eyes glassed over and she was almost panting. Then I noticed that both guys had managed to move her to the far end of the table.

Then I saw both men’s hands were massaging Ana’s legs.
But even worst, was to discover that Ana’s hands were rocking slowly up and down on the biggest, blackest cocks I had ever seen.

I started to protest but then two giant black guys entered the room and each one put a hand on my shoulders.

Quietly I sat back down humiliated, humbled and disgraced.
Both black security guards lifted the table and moved it out of the way, to expose what Bernard and Reggie were doing to my wife.

Anita’s sexy black dress had been lifted and I could see every contour of her swollen red pussy lips…

My sexy wife let out a sigh as the two hands started to tease her hard nipples that were now clearly visible behind her see through dress.

Her hands continued to caress those ten inches black cocks.
Bernard reached behind her unzipping her dress; he slipped it down her body, exposing her full boobs.

Reggie told me that my wife needed to feel a real cock; because she was a total slut and she deserved it…

Then Ana bent over his lap and she took Reggie’s cock head in her mouth. As she started sucking him, Bernard smiled at me saying that they would take care of my sensual wife and I could pick up her in the next morning…

Ana was now in a doggy style position; blond curly hair waving back and forth as she bobbed her head on Reggie’s cock.
Walking through the door I heard her squeal in a way I had never heard and then somebody just shut the door behind me…

One of the black security guards went with me to my car.
Once there, I thought about my sensual wife taking a different cock than mine. Even worse; she would take several cocks that night; mostly would be thicker and longer than mine and mostly would belong to black men…

But then the black guy came back and told me that Bernard the owner had changed his mind: if I was able to stay quiet while they ravaged my sensual wife, I could be there as a witness…

Back in the VIP room I found Anita was sucking Reggie wildly.
Saliva was now dripping down her chin on to the floor below her.

My wife did not even stop as Bernard slid the black thong she had worn off her hips and down to her knees. The owner then began to rub slowly his black fingers between her pussy lips and slick thighs, getting as close as he could to the clit but without touching it.

I knew Ana would be going crazy in her mind, each time his finger came close she would suck Reggie harder and faster in anticipation.

Then she got tired of being teased; because she stopped sucking Reggie and yelled at Bernard to stop teasing and fuck her with no mercy. I saw her pussy juices now were running down her thighs…

Her hot naked body was shaking from the arousal.
But Bernard laughed and ordered her to beg for it, if she wanted to be fucked. Then Ana screamed and yelled like a crazy bitch, begging for cock…

Then Bernard slid two fingers into her dripping tight snatch and buried his thumb onto her hardened swollen clitoris.
Her moans were even loud around Reggie’s cock that was currently stretching out her mouth. She gagged around his thick cock but she didn’t care.
Bernard’s fingers thrust deep into her well lubricated snatch and her wet pussy clenched around them.

Ana`s mouth tightened around Reggie’s cock.
Suddenly he groaned and I knew he had unleashed a river of semen down my wife’s throat.

My wife had collapsed with her ass still in the air. She was totally exhausted, but still horny.

Then Bernard grabbed her hips and made Ana get on all fours.
He placed the head of his cock against her wet hole and almost immediately my sensual wife pushed back against it.
The black bastard retreated with her push.

I saw she bit her lip in anticipation as she felt the tip of that huge black cock stretching her tight cunt. I knew it had to hurt a little; but Ana soon was moaning with pleasure…

Slowly inch by inch she squealed as the black hard dong filled her. She gasped out when she felt it reached the bottom for sure…

Ana opened her mouth gasping for air, as the black stud kept quiet there, waiting for her to get accustomed to that new cock size.
She moaned; her pussy juices were covering her inner thighs as Bernard pounded away at her snatch. He was able to move faster now as her pussy was stretching to that of a used whore.

Her cunt began to throb. With each thrust she screamed out.
Bernard gave it three more hard thrusts before pulling out.
Her snatch was now a gaping, swollen, drenched hole.
Anita cried she wanted more; but her black lover said they would just change positions.
He sat on a chair and ordered my wife to straddle his hard cock.
Ana climbed up between his legs and guided the huge black cock to her gaping pussy. She was surprised out how easy it was to slide it back up in there and squealed once it hit her bottom again.

Once in this position, Reggie walked up behind her and put both hands on her hips. Ana looked surprised to find that second black cock now pressed roughly against her taint. He pushed hard and my wife realized that he was not going to put it in her tight asshole.

It took a little while but eventually Reggie’s cock was also slammed to the hilt inside her hot drenched cunt.
Her pussy started to tighten as Ana pushed back onto the two dicks buried in her now wasted snatch.

Both black men started to thrust in and out now that her snatch was used to being spread that far. With each motion she let out a squeal. Their hands were caressing her naked body.

Anita’s eyes shot open as she started to pant.
Bernard and Reggie were now alternating thrusts stimulating her stretched pussy constantly with their hard black cocks.

They both filled her pussy up as far as they could with their dicks and released their seed into her snatch. The feeling of the burning semen filling her womb sent Ana over the edge.

Suddenly she screamed like crazy and I knew she had come onto those cocks impaling her.
Both black men slid out of her gaping cunt. Ana slipped down onto her knees on the floor; she looked awestruck by the orgasm she had.

I thought those bastards were done with my wife; but I was wrong.

Bernard went to the door and made the security guards to come in.
Both black men smiled to me and started stripping off their clothes.
One of them told me not to worry: my loving little wife would not get pregnant, because they just fucked married white bitches in the ass.

I gasped when I saw their black cocks out. They would not fit inside of Ana’s ass for sure. They were really huge…

But my loving wife seemed not to care. Without a word she turned around on all fours and pushed her ass up in the air.

Bernard asked her if she had ever done anal; she just nodded yes…

The first guy just placed the tip of his huge black serpent against her very tight asshole and poked at it slightly. With each push he was able to pry her dark hole slightly open a little more.

Ana was now biting her lips in an effort to keep from screaming as her tight asshole was being popped. With a grunt the head of that black dick was finally pushed into her resisting sphincter.

My poor wife groaned as she felt it slide along slowly.
She felt it for sure; her ass splitting to his huge rod; but I could see that she was pushing back against it.

The first guy was now all the way in; Ana’s asshole was stretched around his meat rod. My wife gasped and moaned in complete lust as he slowly got his shaft all the way out and soon back into her.

It was enough for me. I did not want any more to watch as those black bastards ravaged my sensual wife’s body.

Bernard read my mind; so he went with me to the door.
He said I could pick up Ana in the morning; he would call me and tell me when all of them would be done with her…
One hour later I was at home and my cell phone rang.
It was a call from Ana’s phone.
The first picture showed Reggie with his cock buried in her asshole while giving the thumbs up sign to the camera.
Another picture showed Bernard, filling my wife’s mouth with his dick.

I received more pictures during the night; until I just passed out…

At early morning I got a message from Bernard, telling me I could go back to the club and get my slut wife home.
Dressed only in her ragged dark green dress, Ana weakly came out through the door. I noticed she had some difficulty to walk straight.

I helped her to get inside the car.
She smiled at me weakly and then she closed her eyes.

When we got home, I helped Anita inside and to bed.
She was exhausted and barely conscious.
My sweet Ana started to cry, telling me she felt she had betrayed me.

Her body was still covered in dried cum from her ordeal, as she admitted that her cunt and anus were very sore.

Before she passed out, she smiled weakly and said how she had felt her pussy so full and how she had her asshole taken in such a brutal way by those niggers.

Ana was sore but still could feel the arousal between her legs.

Worst of all, she begged me to come back to that club again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boþaltmamý ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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