Eki 03


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It was hot that day. I was supposed to be at work, of course, but everyone needs to play hooky now and again. It had been a long time since I’d taken a day off, so I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about calling in sick…and now I had the whole day to myself. My wife was at her own job, I was on my own.

My first thought was just to go for a drive, so, that’s what I did. Just driving around until something caught my interest. In a very short time I found myself driving past the adult bookstore I frequented, and decided to stop in and see what was new. It was ten o’clock in the morning. This would be the first time I had been in the place during the day.

At the time I usually went, eight or nine in the evening, there was often a man on duty who had lately been very disturbing to me. Not threatening or anything, in fact, he had never said a word to me. It was just that he was obviously gay…I was sure that I had nearly caught him going down on a man once when I had come in very close to closing. But that didn’t really bother me…I had often said, as long as they don’t bother me, I don’t mind queers.

No, what bothered me was that he was just as obviously interested in me. Whenever I went in, his eyes would follow me around as I looked at the books and magazines. Often, if I went into the gay section, he would discover some reason to be close to me; straightening the magazines, dusting, anything that would bring him near. He never made any overt moves, but he was always there. I often did go into the male section, because that was where the transvestite magazines were. These magazines had fascinated me all of my life, as had pornography in general.

Anyhow, after awhile I had gotten used to him. We never exchanged any words, but from time to time we had nodded at each other. Today, this early in the morning, I was sure he would not be working. I was wrong. The counter was just inside the door and he was seated behind it. He looked up as I entered, and I was rather flattered to see the look of pleased surprise on his face. For the first time, I couldn’t resist smiling at him. He didn’t smile back, but just nodded his head.

I spent some time looking around the shop. There were several new books, and I always take a long time deciding on books. There were three that I made mental notes of, intending to pick them up before I left. As I browsed, I was vaguely aware of other customers coming and going, and I was constantly aware of the clerk’s eyes on me. Once or twice I looked up and stared into his eyes, each time feeling an uncertain discomfort. The last time, he opened his lips slightly and pushed his tongue lewdly between them. My knees went weak and I actually had to reach out to brace myself against a book rack. For a moment the room seemed to spin and I held on to the book rack until I felt I could trust my legs again.

I was still tingling when I moved over in front of the transvestite magazines. Picking one up by random, I stared unseeing at the pages as I thumbed through it, and waited. I knew he would come. Sure enough, I had only flipped five or six pages when he was standing Bornova travesti beside me. His hands were arranging magazines on the rack, but his eyes were on me…on my crotch. I felt myself growing hard. My hands were trembling and it was suddenly difficult to breathe. I looked around. There was another man in the store, over looking at the girlie magazines, with his back to us. I looked back at the clerk, whose eyes were still hot on my bulging crotch.

The trembling in my hands grew worse, and the magazine suddenly slipped from my grasp, falling to the floor. Instinctively I bent to pick it up, squatting on the floor. The clerk moved closer to me, and quickly opened his fly, pulling out his half hard cock, offering it to me. Shocked, I could only stare, locked in place as his hand manipulated the growing rod. Then, my position, the fact that there was another person in the shop, the fact that the door was open, anyone could come in, all came to me in a rush, and I straightened up quickly, intending to bolt for the door and get out of there just as fast as I could.

But, somehow, I couldn’t. The man looked at me, his eyes boring into mine, disappointed and angry. I felt ashamed somehow, like I had let him down. Again I glanced at the other customer who had moved closer, but seemed not to have noticed anything. When I looked back, the clerk had moved away, into another aisle. Not consciously thinking about it, I followed him.

“Please,” I whispered, standing beside him, pretending to look at the magazines. “I’m sorry…but, I….I’m not gay…”

For the first time I heard his voice, high for a male, effeminate, but at the same time confident and commanding. “You know you want to suck it!”

God, I admitted to myself for the first time, he was right. I did want to suck it. I wanted desperately to suck his cock. I closed my eyes, seeing it again dangling before my face. It had been big, even semi-soft, with a huge pinkish purple crown. I swayed as if the room was a ship rocking on the ocean. I opened my eyes and he was leering at me. “Do it,” he said.

“But….what if he sees?” I said, nodding toward the other customer, who again had moved closer to us.

“Do it now…or I’ll never give you another chance.”

For a long moment I stared into his eyes. They were hard now, cold and demanding. I felt them sapping my will. And then my knees began to bend. His lip curled as I dropped onto my knees at his feet staring up into his face. The rasping noise of his zipper assaulted my ears and I dropped my gaze, watching as he again pulled his penis into the air. It was still not completely hard, but it was big. I stared at it as if trying to impress it indelibly on my memory. It was about seven inches long, uncut, the foreskin beginning to form a thick jacket around the base of the glistening glans. I had never been this close to a cock before…I could smell it. Whimpering noises rose from my throat…I don’t know if they were whimpers of need or fear…perhaps both.

The clerk moved forward, his hand on the back of my head as he drew my face into his crotch, Buca travesti pushing the head of his cock against my lips. A long, deep sigh escaped me as I opened my lips over it, my tongue lightly touching the moist flesh. Again I raised my eyes to his face. He was looking down at me and as he saw me look up, he made obscene sucking motions with his mouth. My temples throbbed and I could hear my heart beating, pounding. One word began to echo in my skull….cocksucker….cocksucker….and I pushed my lips over the head of his cock, sucking him into my mouth.

Slowly the throbbing knob slid over my tongue. I could feel every contour, the tiny indentation at the base of his crown, the sharp, triangular fold of flesh. My tongue lapped at the latter, and I was rewarded with his shiver of pleasure. I began to suck on the pole as he pushed it into me, my cheeks caving in around it. My hands grasped his hips for support as his prick began to enter my throat. I gagged, and he moved back a little, but I didn’t want that…I looked up, begging with my eyes, pulling on his hips. He grinned down at me, and took my head in both hands, suddenly ramming forward into my throat.

I choked, gagging again, tears running down my cheeks. He held me there for a moment, moving against my face. The thick knob of his dick cut off my air, corking my throat. Then, slowly he began to slip back out, pulling my hair as he did so, forcing me to look up at him. The message was clear. I was there for his pleasure, my mouth was his to use as he pleased, and even my breathing was to be done only with his permission. He pulled all the way out of my mouth and I dropped my hands from his hips to capture his spit-drenched cock, rubbing it all over my face, coating myself with his cock juice and my own saliva.

Then he let me push it back into my mouth. I welcomed it with a small moan, sucking it hard, pushing my lips down the thick stalk. Juice dribbled onto my tongue as his cock slid over it, the heavy taste filling my brain. As his fat cockhead again squeezed into my throat I swallowed around it, thrilling to the sound of his groaning pleasure, welcoming the pain as his zipper scrapped my chin when he ground himself against my face. He set up a rhythm, using my hair to move my mouth back and forth, up and down on his demanding cock, ramming it deep into my throat, then pulling back to let me suck on the head, watching as my tongue laved his pulsating knob.

I had long ago forgotten where I was. Nothing mattered now, nothing but the cock in my mouth. I bobbed and twisted my head, thrilled to the strong, painful grip of his hands, and most of all reveled in the hot, stroking taste of his prick. It bucked and twitched inside my sucking mouth, sluicing back and forth, squeezing deliciously between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Pulsating waves of pleasure radiated out from it like water off the bow of a speeding ship. In a daze of rapture I clung like a leech to the plunging pole, ravenous for more and still more.

His fingers tightened in my hair. He held me in place as his cock seemed to swell even more, and Konak travesti then, with a moan, he exploded in my mouth. Semen gushed from his erupting cock, splattering against the back of my throat, flooding over my tongue. I choked, gasping for air, then, my breath whistling in my nostrils, I swallowed, gulping his pungent cum. Again and again he filled my mouth with his sperm, and I drank it with a wild exaltation, savoring the tangy taste.

Slowly the wild jerking and spurting ebbed. The thick gushing flow fell off to a dribble and I sucked hard for the last few drops. He pushed me away, holding me by the hair with one hand while with the other he milked his shrinking cock. A thick drop of semen appeared at the opening of his pisshole, and he relaxed his grip. Without hesitation, I leaned forward, my tongue snaking out to lap up the glistening glob. He pulled me back again and milked out another, and then another. Each time, eagerly cooperating in my own degradation, I lapped it off the head of his dick, cooing as I savored each drop.

I don’t know when I realized that the other customer was now standing next to us, watching me lick cum off the store clerk’s softening cock. It didn’t matter. As long as the drops of cum kept appearing, as long as I was allowed to lick them up, I was helpless to stop. I even derived a strange joy out of displaying my new-born thirst for cum, a thirst I knew would be with me for the rest of my life. Finally, when his fingers could coax no more from his empty balls, the clerk twisted my face into the other man’s crotch.

He already had his cock out, and I took it, something deep within me responding to being forced to suck a second cock. This second man was different. He made me do it all, only moving his hips in a very slight back and forth motion as my lips sucked up and down his shaft. It was good, but I found myself missing the violence of the first man. It also didn’t last as long this time. It took just a few minutes of sucking and tonguing before his cock went off, spewing another load down my throat. When he finished, he wiped his dick in my face, then, without a word to either the clerk or me, fled the store.

Still on my knees, I looked at the clerk, who by now had returned to his chair behind the counter. “Get your self off,” he said. I just stared, his words barely penetrating the haze that seemed to envelope me. “Jerk off, bitch,” he said, louder.

I never took my eyes from him as I obeyed. My cock throbbed in my hand, cumming almost before I could complete the first stroke. Bitch. He’d called me “bitch.” My spend splattered out onto the floor while I shook and sobbed with pleasure.

“Now get out,” he said. “But I want you back here at three o’clock. Understand?”

I stood up. My knees were filthy. Anyone taking one glance at me would know what I had been doing. A flush burned across my face. “I….I don’t know if I can…I…”

He laughed. “Don’t give me that shit. You’ll be here. I just let you cum, so you’re feeling ashamed, but you’ll be here…even if you have to crawl.” A grin spread over his face. “And who knows,” he added, “I just might make you crawl.”

His laughter was still ringing in my ears when I stumbled out to my car. I was crying as I drove away. I knew he was right…I would be here at three o’clock…and I’d do anything he told me to do…

To Be Continued…

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