Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

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Drip. Drip. Drip.

Raindrops are slowly dripping from the awning, each making a little splash on the balcony tiles. It has been raining all day, sometimes stronger, now just a slight drizzle, drumming lazily on the orange fabric. You have created a nice cuddly nest just outside, protected from the wind, a lot of pillows stacked up against the wall. Right now you are staring into the gray sky. Very comfortable, not too hot, not too chill, just perfect. At least for you.

I’m huddled up at the far end of the bench, sitting on the cold floor. My punishment for not listening properly. Yeah. So I forgot the honey in the coffee. Big deal. My butt is still very warm and probably also very red. I like how the heat is still spreading everywhere, though.

Yes, I’m a mess. But a cute one, I think to myself.

One of your feet is peeking out from under the blanket.

“Mistress, should I warm up your feet?”

“Mhmmm,” you murmur. I take this as a yes.

I shuffle closer and gently push back the blanket. Your toes are wiggling a bit. I grab the ankle and pull the foot against my face, giving the sole a kiss, then each toe. The foot is actually quite warm and smells very nice. As if you’d just gotten up in the morning. Well. We haven’t moved very far from the bed today. I love Sundays.

I start to massage the sole with my thumbs, exerting some pressure onto the relaxation points. I have gotten enough practice in the past to know exactly where they are. I’m very careful not to press to hard, just enough to loosen up the tension. You let out a sigh and stretch out a little bit more. Seeing you so relaxed makes me very happy. Mmmmm. I start to hum. Nearly purring from pleasure.

The foot is very soft and warm now. I wish I had brought some oil. Or honey. Spreading your toes, licking up all the sweet stickiness from every inch in between, until they are nice and shiny again. Next time, I remind myself.

I move a little closer and start to work on the other foot. I’m so lucky there are two of them. This one smells even better, coming fresh from under the warm, cozy blanket. I take great care to give it the same amount of attention. Rubbing the little pads, squeezing the toes between my fingers. Then stroking gently the whole length, up to the ankle.

I can see your hand moving under the blanket. Very slowly, lazily, playing with your yourself just a little bit. Your eyes are half closed, and you start to breathe a little faster.

* * * * *

“Okay, you may come in.” You pull the leash tighter and I scramble up the bed, until I’m fully cuddled up. You spread the blanket over both of us, and I can feel all the heat radiating from you. You are wearing only a slip and a lacy kimono, and I hug very closely against your half naked body.

“Give me a kiss, pet,” you say, pulling my head close to yours. I close my eyes, and your lips touch mine. I moan a little bit. Your tongue is licking my lips, licking them just with the tip, licking them nice and wet. It tickles. I giggle. You turn halfway over, forcing my legs open with your knee, pinning me to the bench. I try to wiggle free.

“Shhhh,” you say. “Lay still.”

You grab my throat and force my head against malatya escort the pillow. Your lips are touching mine again. I open up wide and let you in. Wet, warm, very soft, your tongue is searching, probing, going deep inside my mouth, slowly circling around mine. Your other hand grabs my hair, completely immobilizing me. The hand around my throat squeezes tighter, making me become a little dizzy. I’m totally focused now, just answering the little signals you give, licking your lips and teeth in return, then relaxing again and let you violate me ever so softly.

You let go of my throat.

Still kissing.

Slowly, your hand glides down, along the side of my body, caressing every inch. Giving the left nipple a little pinch, making me jerk. Then stroking with your fingernails, further down, down between my legs. Just touching my balls. Very, very softly. It is enough to send a shiver up my spine. I try to push against your hand, but you are still pinning me down with your leg. You start to stroke the base, between my ass and the balls. Not too hard, but very determined.

Still kissing. I feel like passing out from the excitement.

You wrap your fingers around the base of my dick, milking me, like a maid milks a cow. Up. Down. Up. Down. Pressure. Release. Always pushing my balls forward, then letting them go again. It feels amazing. You know exactly how far you can go, keeping me on the edge, simmering like a pot that is about to boil. My balls are aching. It’s been two months now since you last gave me some relieve, and they are very full. But of course then the nice feeling would be over.

I close my eyes. My breathing has become very shallow, and I’m not really answering your kisses anymore. Oh please touch the rest of me. Please please please. Make me cum. Give me some release, please.

Have I said that aloud? I have no idea. You let go of my mouth.

“Mmmmm, pet. What do you want?”

“I want to make you happy,” I reply, through clenched teeth.

“You’re a liar. I know you just want to cum.”

Busted. Of course you are right.

“May I, mistress?” I venture.

“You may. I want you to cum on my breasts,” you answer, taking me by surprise. Normally you just let me spill my load onto a towel. Sometimes onto the floor or a table, forcing me to lick up the mess afterwards.

* * * * *

You let go of me and lay on your back. I pull down the blanket, exposing your bare tits. They are perfectly smooth. Nipples are peeking up in the air, very hard already, I don’t know whether from arousal or the cold. You stroke them both, looking at me intently.

“Do you like what you see?”

I nod.

“You may lick my nipples, pet,” you say, while grabbing my hair and forcing me down.

I’m circling the areola, very careful not to touch the nipple yet. You deserve some teasing in return. Round and round, always coming a little bit closer. Finally just touching the base of the nipple with the tip of my tongue. You shiver, then grab my hair tighter.

“Yes, like that!”

Just licking up and down, still leaving out the tip. Then, finally, I’m closing my lips around it, sucking it in, touching the tip with my tongue escort malatya at last. You grunt. I open my mouth wide and suck the whole breast in, as far as possible, while still playing with the nipple. Squeezing the base of the breast with my hand. Now I’m doing the milking, I think to myself. It’s a pity no milk will be coming out, though. I squeeze both tits harder, until they are very firm and round, looking like little apples. Bring them together, trying to take in both nipples at once, failing, then just sucking each in turn. One after another. Left. Right. Left. Right. They are pointing up like little fingers, firm, hard, very sensitive. I bite them a little bit, not too hard, playfully.


You grab me closer and push my head between your breasts. You are very sweaty now and I’m nearly suffocating in the valley. I try to wiggle free, but you hold me down mercilessly, pushing my nose tightly against your chest. I start to drool, opening my mouth wide, gasping for air, like a swimmer that is about to drown. Little stars are dancing before my eyes. Still, you clamp me down. Second after second is passing.

After an eternity, you let go of me, and I let in a deep, deep breath.

“Cum for me, slut!”

I shuffle forward and start to stroke myself.

“Not like that, stupid bitch. Fuck my tits!”

You grab my ass and shove me forward, until my dick lands between your tits. I begin to understand what I should do and grab both breasts again with my hands, wrapping them around my hard, throbbing member, grinding away. It is still very wet in between, sweat, spit, precum all creating a great lubricant.

“Faster, slut! Show me what you can do!”

Slap! Slap! Two hard whacks on my still aching ass speed me up even more. Frantically I push back and forth, the wet, red, gland peeking out with every stroke, nearly hitting your chin. You reach out for my nipples, give them a very hard pinch, it feels as if they are going to come off.


I explode at last, spilling my load everywhere. The release hurts, I’m totally cramping up, thrashing around, but at the same time it feels so great. Finally getting rid of the pressure that has been mounting over all the weeks. I’m about to collapse

You give me no rest.

“Clean up, pet!”

Sticky, white cum, running down everywhere, creating little oozing paths. A bit like honey running down a spoon. Obediently, I stick out my tongue and start to lick up the mess. I don’t really like the taste, but I know better than to complain. I have to be very fast though, it is running everywhere like crazy. I know you wouldn’t want it to reach your pussy. Ugh. I start to slurp it up, down from your bellybutton up to the little hills of your breasts. It’s a close race, but I manage to clean it all up.

“Let me look at you,” you say.

Now I’m really a mess.

“Let me see your mouth. Ugh. Go clean yourself up.”

I crawl away, careful not to make a mess elsewhere.

Drip Drip. Drip.

* * * * *

I’m snuggled up between your legs. Of course I had to service you properly after having been granted an orgasm, licking and fingering both your holes, malatya escort bayan until you came. Twice.

I am exhausted and just lazily caressing you now. Slowly cleaning up the inside of your legs which are still sticky with all that pussy juice. Then moving up to the little fuzzy mound, giving it a kiss. Another one. Resting my cheek against it for a while. Then slowly moving back between your legs, licking the outer lips, pushing a little forward, until my nose is nearly touching your clit.

You are still wet, and I start to lick up the remaining juice. Not trying to make you cum again, just cleaning up, kissing, pushing my tongue inside, very lazily. Inhaling your strong musky smell. It makes me woozy.

You seem to have fallen asleep, or at least you are dozing off. Your hand is slowly running through my hair, but your breathing is very steady, and you are twitching once in a while. I wonder whether I should stop what I’m doing. But you haven’t given me permission to do so,. and you seem to like it, anyway. As I do. It is very relaxing, warm, cozy, and actually quite comfortable. I could do this for hours. Much better than having to get up and be cold and uncomfortable. I’m probably quite intoxicated from your scent by now. Not that I’d care.

I start playing with myself, taking some risk that you might actually not be asleep, losing all track of time. It certainly must be late afternoon by now. What a nice way to spend the day.

A stifled yawn comes from above. You shift your legs.

“Oh that’s nice, I’ve nearly forgotten about you,” you tease me. “You may stop now”

I cuddle up a bit closer in your lap. Time passes, quietly, lazily. The rain has stopped.

“I think I have to pee,” you say. Sounding pretty miffed about having to get up.

I really don’t want to get up myself right now and crawl up closer. More minutes pass. Or hours.

“Really,” you say.

“You don’t have to get up if you don’t want to,” I answer sleepily.


Yeah. What. Did. I. Just. Say. Aloud?

“I think you know what I mean,” I answer, still as sleepily as before.

Okay I guess I am drugged. Or actually sleeping. Did I really suggest you could, ummm, you know what?

“You would like me to use your little slutty mouth for that?”

Seems I have said that aloud after all, and I’m not sleeping and dreaming. Fuck.

“Ummmmm….,” I begin, trying to find a way out of this conundrum.

“Hm, if you wish so… I don’t really want to get up for sure. Thank you for that kind offer.”

Fuck fuck fuck. Why can I never, ever think first, talk later. It’s probably time to face the consequences of my stupidity. I’ve never even thought about being peed on, much less being used as a toilet. My brain tells me it is disgusting. My dick seems to think otherwise, though, getting hard from the thought.

“Please, mistress, let me drink your pee,” I say at last, giving up the internal struggle.

“Very well. Lean back.”. I scramble off the bench and sit on the ground.

You shuffle forward, until you come to sit on the edge. Spreading your legs and pussy. I’ve never looked at it that closely, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

You gently direct my head until it’s in the right position, very close, my tongue could reach your clit if I stretch it out. My heart starts to race, creating a lump in my throat. The last seconds in front of the firing squad, I think.

“Open your mouth, slut.”

Drip. Drip. Drip.

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