Latina’s History Class

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“Good morning, class,” Latina beamed. “Welcome to History 101. Today we’re going to review some historic dates of the past 100 years,” she gushed, “and over the semester, we will look at each event in detail.”

A chorus of groans went up from the roomful of 18-year-old high-school seniors.

“OK, let’s start with an easy one,” she continued, ignoring the groans. “Stock investors just kept boosting stock prices up and up, confident that there was no ceiling to how high stock prices could go. But the economy just couldn’t support these inflated stock prices, and the whole economy came crashing down. When was this?”

“My dad said his stocks plunged just last week!” one teenage boy called out.

“Very good, Jimmy. But what I’m talking about, happened on October 29, 1929. That’s a very important date, because as a result of that stock market crash, within four years, the economy got so bad that one-third of all Americans who were able to work, could not find jobs. And it took a world war 12 years after the crash to finally turn the economy around.”

“BORRRR-RING!” on boy called out, as some other boys threw crumpled papers, shot spitballs, and loudly and repeatedly dropped books on the hardwood floor.

Ignoring the ruckus, Latina continued teaching. “That war was World War II. The next important date to remember is…” She turned on a cassette tape of an all-too-familiar speech:

“Yesterday, December Seventh, Nineteen Forty-One, a date that will live in infamy, the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan…”

“How about something a little more recent, teach?” someone called out.

“You’re a great straight-man, Tom. I was just about to go to something more recent. I remember November 22, 1963, quite vividly. Getting sent home early from school–”

“Yeah!” someone shouted. “Send US home early!”

“And watching on TV for 3 days as they arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of JFK, and then nightclub owner Jack Ruby assassinated the accused assassin right there in the police station!”

“Or what about July 20, 1969?” She slipped a video tape into the VCR, and a fuzzy black-and-white image appeared of a space-suited astronaut climbing down a ladder. “That’s one small step for man,” the tape droned, “one giant leap for mankind.”

“Damn!” someone else muttered. “Don’t you have something more–more–”

“Relevant!” one of the brainier students offered.

“Yeah!” several others agreed.

“Hmmmm!” Latina pondered aloud. “More recent, relevant, and interesting history. Well, how about July 19, 1996?”

A few students thumbed through their history books. “I don’t find that date in the book!” one cried out.

“No, you won’t find it in any book,” Latina replied. “But to me, it is a VERY historic date.”

“Why?” someone asked. “What happened that day?”

Several students groaned. They were doubtless thinking, “Oh no, another STUPID historic date to memorize and be quizzed on.” More crumpled papers flew around the room.

“Well,” Latina started, slowly and deliberately. “I had been dating this man named Frank for about two weeks. He was 40 and a virgin, and I was 45, and none of my lovers had ever given me an orgasm. But he had sweetly, gently, and not at ALL forcefully French-kissed me on our second date, and ever since then, I had been fantasizing, almost OBSESSING, about what his obviously highly-skilled tongue might feel like on my pussy. Somehow I sensed that if he ever did eat me out, his skill would bring me to my first orgasm of my life. But unfortunately, so far, he was STILL a virgin, and I had YET to experience an orgasm of my own. We didn’t know it when we started kissing on his couch that evening, but all of that was about to change for BOTH of us on that very night. Before the night was through, he would sweetly, generously offer-up his virginity to me, and he would give me MY first orgasm in the process. I would say that makes July 19, 1996, pretty historic, wouldn’t YOU?”

The room quieted as young men and women suddenly sat up in rapt attention. Latina smiled at regaining control of her unruly classroom.

“We had gone out dancing, and then we went to his house to talk. We sat on his living room couch for a while, just talking. Then somehow we started kissing, and soon I started to slowly unbutton my sheer white blouse. He began kissing the left side of my neck, and then he moved around to kiss the front of my neck, and down my exposed skin. As I unbuttoned each button of my blouse, his kisses followed down my cleavage. When the last button was opened, I pulled my blouse wide open, exposing my sheer, lacy black bra, and my bare stomach, under my blouse.”

“Can you open that blouse for US?” one boy cat-called, and the rest of the class told him to shush. “We want to hear her story!”

“Next, he kissed my tummy, then he began working his kisses back upward again. He lifted my bra straps off of my shoulders and onto bahis firmaları my arms. Then he pulled my left bra cup down, tucking it under my breast, and he began licking and nibbling on my now hard, protruding left nipple. Now he brought my right bra cup down under my right breast, and he began his licks and gentle nibbles on my right nipple as well. My moaning emboldened him to reach around behind me, and to unclasp the three tiny metal hooks holding my bra on. My lacy black bra softly fell onto his couch, leaving my frilly white blouse wide open with nothing underneath, and giving his mouth an unobstructed path to my breasts now.”

“Did that feel good?” a shapely, wide-eyed blonde named Jessica called out from the back row of the room.

“It felt TERRIFIC!” Latina replied, “and I was beginning to lose control of the situation. But I didn’t mind, as I completely trusted him by now, so I allowed myself to moan again. Through my open blouse, he generously showered his soft kisses on and under my breasts. I really, REALLY wanted him by now. So I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and took it off his arms, revealing a smooth-skinned but hairy chest. I had never seen SUCH a nice manly chest on any of my previous lovers. Leaning over him on the couch, my hands began slowly and gently rubbing his magnificent, irresistible chest, and stroking his wonderfully soft chest hair. As I did this, he began unfastening my skirt. But before he could remove my skirt, I grabbed his hand, and we both stood up and led each other down the hallway of his house, to his Queen-Size bed.”

“Mmmmm!” Jessica cooed, her eyes closed in a dreamy swoon.

“I lay down on top of his bedspread, closed my eyes, and let him finish removing my skirt. He raised my knees, gently spreading my legs apart, and he eased my sheer, silky black panties part-way down my dark legs. He began kissing my right foot, working his way from the ankle, around to my toes, sucking one toe at a time into his mouth. He then moved to my left foot, again kissing my ankle, kissing all along my foot, kissing my toes, and sucking my toes one by one into his mouth. He began rubbing his left hand up my left leg, from my foot on up. His kisses trailed up my leg, about six inches behind his hand. He grasped my lacy black panties firmly in both hands. He then reached inside to rub his fingers over the outside of my pouting pussy lips. Finally, he slid my soaking-wet panties completely off of me. His hand came to rest on the outside of my by-now-quivering pussy, as his kisses caught up to my inner thigh.”

“Does that really excite a girl?” a boy named Freddie asked. “I mean, I’ve never tried that, but nothing I do with my girlfriend seems to work, she just sits there, motionless, like a LUMP!”

“Damn right it WORKED!” Latina replied. I was SO turned-on, that I began massaging my breasts, arching my back, and swaying my hips in my desperation to finally feel his tongue against my hardening clit.”

“Mmmm!” the shapely blonde Jessica loudly and dreamily interrupted Latina’s narrative. “I wish the guys in THIS school knew how to do a woman like that! The boys in this school care only about giving their DICKS some pleasure, they couldn’t care less if the GIRL is enjoying herself! There isn’t a real MAN like your Frank anywhere in this ROOM,” she challenged. “I should know, I’ve TRIED just about every guy here, and not one of you is any damned good in bed!”

“Well, Frank was DEFINITELY no boy. At age 40, this man knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he began playing with the thick triangle of brown hair between my legs,” Latina continued. “I squirmed and wiggled beneath his teasing, and I moaned for him to lick me. He knelt on his knees between my spread legs on the bed, and he slid his long, thin middle finger DEEP inside of my dripping pussy. His thumb gently rubbed and pressed against my throbbing clit. My lust slowly washed over my body, starting with a tingling in my toes, and working its way up in waves.

“He cupped both of his hands under the cheeks of my ass, and he pressed his face against my desperately hungry pussy. He started with kisses on my outer pussy lips, and around my still partly-hidden clit. His tongue FINALLY darted out of his mouth, and that beautiful tongue of his at last began working its own special brand of magic on me.

“His teeth began a very gentle nibbling on my outer lips, and then moved up to my clit. Beads of my gathering lust were beginning to seep out of me, and to coat the outside of my wide-open pussy. His fingers gently pried my outer pussy lips open even WIDER, and his tongue darted deep inside of me, licking the gathering moisture from my inner walls. My breathing grew heavier, and my passion built from deep inside me in wave after ever more excited wave, as his lips, tongue, and teeth continued to relentlessly work me into total erotic frenzy.”

By now, a dozen or more horny teenage girls had their hands up their skirts to calm their excitement over hearing these details. Not a boy was kaçak iddaa yelling or throwing paper now, they all wanted to hear every detail, and to learn how to please their OWN girlfriends like that.

“My hips began swaying up and down,” Latina continued, “more rapidly with each of his tongue’s licks. I wrapped both of my dark, shapely legs around his back, holding his head and neck in a tight scissor-lock. He gently clenched his teeth onto the hard nub of my excited little clit. My passion began to gush rapidly, and then slowed to an ooze, from around my clit, flowing slowly and thickly onto his tongue. That was my first orgasm in my 45-year life, but he would give me two MORE that night!”

“What does an orgasm FEEL like, teacher?” a rail-thin brunette named Sally asked. “Like Jessica said, none of the mere BOYS in this room knows the first thing about pleasuring a woman!”

“You’ve NEVER had an orgasm?” Latina asked. “Well, don’t feel bad, I was a virgin until I was 23, and none of my lovers, nor my first husband, managed to give me an orgasm, EVER! It was only this first time with Frank, when I was 45, that I experienced one for myself.”

“Yes, yes!” Sally replied, “But what does it FEEL like?”

“You know how good your mouth feels when you eat your favorite food in the whole world? How you want to savor every bite very slowly, making the enjoyment last as long as possible? Now imagine that sensation in every nerve on every square inch of your body, from head to toe. Then multiply that sensation by about 100. And even that pales compared to the feeling of having an orgasm with the man you love!”

“Wow!” Sally cooed. “I can’t even IMAGINE that! Did you give HIM an orgasm?”

“Well, not to boast, but yes, I did.”

“I’m not surprised,” one boy called out. “Looking at you in your miniskirt, and listening to your story, you’re getting ME hard!”

Several girls tittered.

“I started by rolling him onto his back, and I began kissing his chest. I gently nibbled on his nipples, and they grew hard. His hips and ass bucked up and down off the bed. I started kissing and licking my way down his body, stopping for a while to concentrate on kissing and licking his belly button. He twitched, squirmed, and moaned beneath my lips on his navel. I rubbed my fingertips and palm over him, right through the fabric of his trousers. I slowly, teasingly unbuckled his belt, and as I did, my fingers continued to feel his growing bulge underneath. With his belt unfastened, I now released the tiny metal clasp holding together the waist-band of his trousers. I let the very tips of my fingers brush the fabric over the pulsing, straining tip of his cock-head. I now slowly unzipped his trousers, and he raised his ass off of his bed, to let me slide his pants down his legs, until his trousers softly fell to the floor. He raised his hips again, to let me slide his underwear off of him, and his briefs also softly fell to the floor.”

“RRRRRINNNNGGG!” the school-bell buzzed.

“Well, that’s it for today. Tomorrow, we’ll pick up where we left off.”

Latina was pleasantly surprised the next morning. Her students were all dressed clean and nice, no stained T-shirts or torn jeans. They sat up prim and proper, ready for the day’s history lesson. They had even written the date on the blackboard: July 19, 1996.

“Where was I yesterday?” Latina smiled.

Jessica, the blonde, reminded her “You had just removed his pants and underwear. I’m DYING to know, what did you find underneath?”

“Oh, yes. Well, you can imagine, by this time I was already VERY eager to see what his cock looked and felt like, and believe me, he did NOT disappoint–not at ALL!! He was fully erect and lovely; just the shaft alone was 7 inches long, and about 2 inches across. The head added another full inch to his length, so at 8 inches, his was definitely the longest and thickest cock I had ever seen, even in photos.”

“Wow!” several of the girls swooned. “That sounds DIVINE!”

“I’d LOVE to have MY mouth or MY pussy just STUFFED to overflowing with 8 inches of a REAL man’s cock!” Jessica agreed. “Not these little BOYS in this high school!”

“His wonderful manhood was already VERY hard,” Latina continued. “It protruded straight out of his balls, flat along his tummy for 8 long inches, and ended with the more-than-two- inch wide tip resting on his navel. “

“Didn’t you just want him EVERYWHERE?” Jessica asked dreamily.

“Well, as you can well imagine, on seeing what a nice manly package he was carrying, I couldn’t resist immediately dropping to my knees on the bed, and leaning down over him. I appreciatively kissed the very tip of his cock, watching it grow ever-harder. I then kissed my way slowly down his throbbing shaft, all the way down to his tight balls, which I now cupped in my hands. I now slowly licked my way back up his thick, stiff shaft. When my mouth got all the way back up to the very end of his long shaft, I kissed the tip again. I then licked the tip, and kaçak bahis I kissed all around the head of his cock. I slowly slid my mouth down over his huge cock-head, pushing him flatter onto his back, as I leaned over him and sucked.”

“How did it feel to suck on SUCH a big cock?” an astonished Sally asked.

“The first inch of his cock’s length was all head, and the second inch was that roughly-textured red area just below the head. But not to worry, that still left six beautiful, hard, solid, loving inches of smooth-skinned, muscular shaft, to descend past my hungry mouth, and down into my eager throat. As he slid his big, hard, beautiful cock in and out of my hungry mouth, his hips began thrusting upward, steadily and eagerly upward, as my head slid down over him. I relaxed, eased into the moment, closed my eyes, and daydreamed about the pleasures that we were just starting to share. After, oh I don’t know, maybe 50 or 60 strokes down into my throat, I could almost FEEL his come rising out of his balls, and slowly up the inside of his thick shaft, as he let out a deep, masculine grunt. His warm, white cream began to ooze out of his cock’s tip, and onto my tongue. I continued to lick at his cock, savoring his sweet taste. I felt the most serene look wash across my face as my loving sucking and his sweet explosion filled my innermost being with peaceful contentment.”

“What does a man’s come TASTE like?” Sally wanted to know.

“Sweet. Warm. Somewhat sticky. Slightly salty. It’s usually not more than a teaspoon or two, although when it’s shooting so wonderfully down your throat, and you’re gulping and swallowing, it FEELS like a couple of gallons pouring straight down into your tummy! It’s DEFINITELY an acquired taste, but once you get used to the taste of the man you love, as he’s loving you in your mouth, there’s NOTHING else tastes as good, and you start to crave that taste a LOT!”

“That’s great, but did he ever FUCK you?” Freddie asked.

“No, he didn’t FUCK me. He made sweet, beautiful, kind, gentle love to me.”

“What’s the difference?” one of the high-school jocks asked.

“That’s the trouble with you JOCKS!” Jessica jeered. “If you were a true gentleman and a good lover, you’d KNOW the difference. Tell him, teacher!”

“Well, I wouldn’t put these boys down. They just need to gain the maturity to know what makes a good lover. A good lover is a lover who can make each sexual act special and memorable. That’s what we’ve been talking about. Sex that is SO memorable that I’ve memorized every detail, even the date, and I consider each sexual episode as one of the great historic moments of my life. A good lover makes his woman feel that he cares about HER. And the BEST lover does this EVERY single time, and NEVER leaves his woman feeling let-down. And that’s why what Frank did next was making love, NOT just fucking. EVERY time with him is GOOD, but every few months or so, there is that one day, like our first time together, when EVERYTHING is absolutely perfect, and we make a soul connection on a cosmic level. And when that happens, it’s MUCH more than just fucking, it’s magical, memorable, and YES, even historic! It is the meeting, merging, joining, melding of two souls into one soul that is FAR stronger than the sum of its parts. And since our souls join at our sex organs, it is naturally the most EXQUISITE feeling in the known universe!”

“Anyway, to continue, he lay down on top of me, and he gently spread my legs apart. He was making love WITH me, not TO me. He kissed my mouth, my neck, and then my breasts. Then he used both of his index fingers to gently pry my pussy lips open, and he carefully eased a loving finger inside. I clutched my breast, I spread my legs wider, my fingers held my pussy lips open wide for him, and I eagerly thrust my hips upward. His fist wrapped around his thick shaft, and he guided it in. And with that simply gesture, he gave up his 45 years of virginity, choosing to share his most-precious gift with ME. That was making love, it was NOT merely fucking. I’d had 22 years of boyfriends and even a husband fucking me, and it was NEVER like this!”

“I felt love and lust and pleasure and such a jumble of feelings inside of me, and all I could think to do was to lovingly wrap my legs around him, and I rested my feet on the cheeks of his ass, as he slowly eased his thick shaft into me. With each thrust into the depths of my hungry pussy, the very tip of his cock rubbed ever so briefly against my magic button, before passing lower and deeper into me. I used my feet, resting on his ass cheeks, to push and pull his firm, toned butt, so that the deep thrusts of his big cock in and out of my soaking-wet pussy would proceed at maximum pace. He exploded into me, just as he completed about his fortieth very rapid downward thrust. This instantly triggered my own orgasm. He left his cock buried deep inside of me, and he wrapped his arms around my back, in a gentle and very loving embrace. His still-hard cock began throbbing away deep inside of me, pulsing once for each beat of his heart.”

“How did he do THAT?” Jessica asked. “No boy has ever throbbed in ME after he came. They all just go limp and pull out, roll over, and go to sleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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