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Late Night Fun

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Caution: If you are in any way offended by armpits/underarms fetish, then this story is not for you. Feedbacks are welcome.

Harry had an appointment with Helena. She asked him to stay in her apartment. Helena is a fair sexy lady, staying alone. Harry made friends with her at a social gathering. She is slightly fatty, but very sexy, having broad plump shoulders, armpits, and a sexy nose which anybody would like to kiss at sight. She always wears sleeveless dresses, halter necks or tank tops. She loves to expose her armpits and shoulders in public and enjoys their hungry gaze. Her armpits are wide, soft, fleshy and with a generous growth of jet black hair.

From the dance floor, Harry proceeded to Helena’s apartment. It was past midnight when he entered her apartment. She was wearing a very thin lacy halter neck dress. Helena is in her late 30’s, very sexy, and sensuous. Harry gets turned on by looking at her bare upper arms and open back. After entering the apartment Harry held her by the bare upper arms and kissed her.

They sat down on the couch. She had one arm on the back rest. He took in the beauty of her hairy underarm, while talking to her. She brought two glasses of strong wine, and they drank from each other’s glasses.

With the drink half finished, she got up and put on a music, held her one hand above her head, and held out the other to him, inviting him for a dance. He got up and came close to her.

They held each other loosely and started a slow dance. There were a few brushing of the lips, but not a full kiss. But tension was being built-up in preparation for a big kiss. Touching and smelling each other’s body, and bringing their pouting lips to each other’s shoulder, neck, nose, ears, while having the slow dance, looking at each other’s eyes.

After a few minutes they were locked in a tight embrace and lusty kiss. Harry raised Helena’s one arm and put his face in her armpit. He sniffed the fleshy, smelly and juicy armpit for a long time, then licked, kissed, sucked and tasted both her armpits.

They were passionately kissing, biting and tasting each other’s armpits, locked in a tight embrace. She slightly raised her left hand, he put his d**k in her sexy armpit, she pressed her hand tightly and Harry started pumping violently in her armpit. The sweaty hair in her armpit was giving him more friction and pleasure. When the tip came out of the armpit at front, she lowered her Ataşehir Escort head and lashed it with her tongue. Harry was wild with excitement.

Harry hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits and got hold of her huge boobs, then started kissing her sexy back, kissing & licking her broad, smelly smooth shoulders and bushy armpits from behind. There was now more sweat in Helena’s armpits and the smell was irresistible. They started lusty kissing and sucking of each other’s armpits.

Suddenly Harry gave long sensuous kisses on Helena’s soft waist flesh. He kissed and licked her waist folds, and rubbed his nose on her waist folds taking in the sexy body odor from Helena’s curvy waists. Helena cried out “Shhhhh…..” in excitement.

Helena then took some perfumed crème, and rubbed on his d**k, while showing and letting him inhale her armpits. Harry was bursting with heat. Aroma of Helena’s large and heavy armpits drove him insane. Helena now took his d**k in her both armpits in turn and Harry pumped.

Helena caught hold of Harry’s shoulders, lustily kissed and licked his shoulders and put her long and sexy nose in his armpits, and sniffed and sucked hard. At this Harry got very excited and took Helena’s long nose in his mouth and kissed and sucked her nose. He drenched her nose with his saliva. Helena also took Harry’s nose in her mouth and sucked hard. They played with their noses for a long time, passionately kissing and licking each other’s nose.

Harry then took each of her ears in his mouth and sucked. Ear kissing and nose kissing is very arousing. Sometimes Harry was licking and kissing Helena’s bare upper arms. Helena’s bare upper arms, armpits, nose, ears and waists were all wet with Harry’s saliva.

Harry raised his arm a little and drew her huge breast in his armpit and pressed in his armpit. Helena started moving the breast in and out of Harry’s armpit while Helena raised one of her hands and pressed and rubbed her armpit on Harry’s face. Harry spat a load of saliva in Helena’s armpits. Helena also spat in his armpits. Now the smell of their armpits, with sweat and saliva became very strong and erotic. They could hardly hold their passion now, relieved themselves by a having few quickies while kissing, licking and biting each other’s armpits. They spent the night in each other’s arms, with faces buried in their armpits.

In the morning, Helena’s friend Alice Acıbadem Escort came. Harry knows her a little. She is a hot lady in her 40’s, with huge boobs, and thick black underarm hair. Always wears sexy blouses and dresses, and is a connoisseur of armpits. Alice’s armpits by the side of her large taut breasts are eye catching and truly d**k raising. She is wearing a shoulderless blouse. Alice tightly embraced Helena and they kissed each other’s armpits. Helena kissed Alice’s waist and licked it hard. Alice was very excited. Helena told something to Alice while kissing her ears.

Alice called Harry to her, raised her one arm, and asked him to sniff hard. Then she offered her other armpit to his nose. Harry sniffed to his heart’s content. The smell was very arousing. After prolonged sniffing, Harry stopped, to get some breath. Alice then asked Harry to lick and taste each of her armpits.

While licking and tasting Alice’s armpits, Harry tightly held her and was feeling the little folds of flesh in her waists. They were almost wrestling. Alice raised one arm of Harry and was licking his armpits. Helena got very turned on by this.

Helena held Alice’s head and brought it near hers, so that their lips were very near to each other but not touching. Their luscious lips pouted for the inevitable kiss that would follow. Then they clasped each other in a lusty embrace, and their mouths hungrily sought each other and were glued together with flowing saliva.

Through a nice and lusty lip-lock, their mouths were slipping over each other, and their tongues were alternately darting into each other’s mouths, pushing loads of sticky saliva into each other’s mouth, their heads rolling from one side to the other. Then alternately, one of them protruded her tongue out, and the other moved her lips up and down on the protruded slippery tongue.

Alice and Helena moved to the couch and broke the lip-lock. Alice took Helena’s left foot near her mouth and loudly sniffed the toes, the sole and in between each pair of toes. The gorgeous smell drove her mad. Then Helena held Alice’s feet in her hands, and alternately sniffed and sucked each feet, in between the toes and the underside. Looking hungrily at Alice’s eyes, she licked the underside of each foot, and savored the pungent smell and taste.

She then took Alice on her big lap and hugged Alice from behind, squeezed her boobs and was kissing and licking İstanbul Escort her upper arms, back and neck. As Alice turned her face, Helena caught hold of her sharp nose by her lips and was sucking her nose. Alice also gave Helena a prolonged nose kiss. They were sucking each other’s nose loudly, drenching the noses with saliva.

Alice and Helena locked themselves in a passionately tight embrace and exchanging hot armpit kisses, licks and sniffs.

Harry hugged them from behind alternately, and kissed and licked their upper arms, armpits, back, waists. Then it was free for all. Each was sucking, kissing, and licking the others’ upper arms, armpits, backs and waists. Their upper arms, armpits, noses, ears became wet with saliva. Harry inserted his oiled d**k in Alice and Helena’s oiled armpits in turns and rubbed endlessly, and all of them quickly reached new heights of passion

Harry pulled Helena on his lap, put his fingers in her armpits, and pulled at her underarm hair, while kissing and licking her shoulders and back. Helena turned her head backward and got engaged in a passionate kiss with Harry. Squeezing her boobs hard, Harry prolonged the lusty kiss. Helena, now on a lusty fire of passion, reached under, held Harry by her palm and positioned herself to take him in, snug and tight.

Alice in the meantime went behind Harry, protruded her tongue, and licked his armpits from behind, munched the armpit hairs, and also exchanged lusty kisses with both Harry and Helena. Soon Helena and Harry could hold no longer and had their sweet quickie.

After some more kissing and armpit licking, Harry released Helena, and Alice sat on his lap, pressing his huge bottom on him. She too wanted a hot little quickie. But Harry was not so ready. Alice turned a little on his lap and lifting one of her huge breast, offered it to his lips. Harry sucked on the nipple hungrily. After some time, he grabbed the other breast and sucked wildly. Then Harry put his head in her right armpit from behind, and kissed, sniffed and licked her armpit for a long time. He got a nice hard on. Alice shifted on his lap, wound his fingers around him and let him slip into her slowly and tightly. They sat tight quietly for sometime, only exchanging light mouth kisses, and nose kisses. Harry lightly kissed her plump shoulders from behind, and gave some fiery underarm licks and sucks. Harry was on fire. They humped and had their wildest and sweetest quickie.

They lay in the couch for some time. Then Helena, Harry and Alice sniffed each other’s underarms drenched with sweat. The smell was great. They were again turned on, and started another bout of intense armpit tasting, kissing, sniffing, licking, sucking………

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