Eyl 05

Last Call Of the Day Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3

He walked out into the hall from the bathroom and there stood Sara. She had a top on, all right, but what it wasn’t what he expected at all. She was wearing a tank top with thin suit jacket over it and the shirt was much smaller than the one she should have been wearing. When he first saw her breasts in the bathroom he never quite got a good look at them because, to tell you the truth, he was a little embarrassed when it happened. But now there he stood right in front of her and all he could do is stare. Her breasts where huge, in his mind he was thinking… My God they must be 42D’s. The top was stretched to the limits and her nipples where hard and sticking out like eraser heads though the thin material. His mouth must have dropped open because Sara had an amused, cat-like grin on her face.

“What’s wrong Bob?” she asked. Bob couldn’t say a word; he just kept staring at her breasts, matter of fact he never even heard a word she said. She called at him again; “Bob, are you OK?” That got Bob’s attention and he snapped out of his trance. “Ah, yes” he said stammered, trying to catch his composure, as he said it. “Are you sure?” she asked again and he replied “Yes I am just taken back a bit.”

“Is there something wrong?” Sara asked. Bob was speechless and he knew he had been caught staring at her large breasts and he didn’t know what to say or how to say it. He had never come across a situation like this. He wanted to tell her exactly what he was thinking, but couldn’t. His mind was racing and he could heard a voice say “You have a beautiful body Sara.” He didn’t know or understand where it was coming from until he realized, My God, that was my voice.

In his early years, Bob was very shy; never dated much because he was very self-conscious of himself. He didn’t have the nerve to ask many girls out. He was turned down so often he just decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Bob was an average guy, don’t get me wrong, it’s just he had the bad roll of the dice to many times and he was gun shy. He got married later in life and settled down to what you might call an average life. A good job, house, car and all the basics you would ever need in an average life. Then along came Sara.

He was looking straight into Sara’s eyes but her face displayed no emotion, one way or the other. As they looked at each other silently, he was hoping the words where just in his mind until she spoke up “Thank you Bob, nobody has said that to me in years” and she meant it.

Sara was a real looker her whole life, never went without a boyfriend and had her choice of guys whenever she wanted. She always had a beautiful body that she developed very early in life and at times that was a hindrance to her. She always looked older than she was. She married at 25 and everything was normal, the sex was great, her husband loved her and but over the last year, something had changed. Her husband got a job that required a lot of travel and they began to drift apart. The sex wasn’t there anymore and she really loved that part of the marriage the most. Now she found herself standing in front of a stranger, feeling desires she hasn’t felt in years.

“You know, Bob, when you brushed against me, by accident, in the bathroom I felt something strange. And just now, when I saw you starring at me, I felt it again. I haven’t felt that for so long now, I’m not even sure what it is…but it feels good to Trabzon Escort me.”

Bob didn’t know what to say; all he could do was stare at her standing there. All he could see was her large breasts heaving under that tight tank top and those long legs under that short skirt, which he already knew she had nothing, underneath. Bob had never been in a position like this before and he was scared. He wanted to reach out and touch her body so badly. His cock was hard and it was telling him Go Boy Go, but his mind was saying No, don’t do it! Before he knew what was happening, he was holding her in his arms, kissing her lips and his hands were all over her huge breasts, which only seconds ago seemed so far away.

When Bob made his move, Sara was startled. but as soon as their lips met and she felt his hard cock pressed against her body; all her reservations disappeared. Sara was overcome by a rush of warm moisture between her legs; a feeling she thought she had forgotten.

Her heart was pounding and her breathing was getting heavier by the second. She could feel her body being pulled closer to Bob and she gave up all resistance and let him do what he wanted to do. At that moment, she knew she was going to fuck him.

Bob was like an animal; he had never felt passion like this before, even though the sex with his wife was good, the emotions churning in his body at that moment where indescribable. His cock was so hard it felt like it was going to explode any second. When he first kissed Sara, her lips where reluctant but now they where warm, no not warm…they were hot and wanting and that turned him on immensely. He was pulled her closer to him and she was responded. Their tongues, were inside each other’s mouth, moving and touching one another. Bob’s hands were all over her body; pulling on her ass, bringing her closer to him. Bob turned and pushed Sara against the wall, pressing his body as tight as he could against her. Against him, Sara’s skin was on fire and Bob was sure, any moment, he was going to cum in his pants.

Sara’s breathe was heavy and she was unaware of what Bob was doing at the moment. All she could think about was the taste of his lips on hers and how hard his cock felt pushing against her. Bob couldn’t wait any longer. His cock was swelled and he needed to free it of his pants. He reached down and undid his zipper and his cock sprang from his pants. Sara hadn’t realized that Bob had already lifted her skirt above her waist and his hard cock was pushing against her pussy; that was getting wetter by the moment.

Bob pushed his cock against Sara’s pussy and he heard Sara gasp “Oh …God” and she pushed herself hard against his cock and started to rub her bare pussy against it.

Chapter 4

Being shy when he was younger, Bob never had much of a sex life as a young adult. When he took his cock out of his pants and pushed against Sara’s wet pussy, she was soft and so very hot. He couldn’t even imagine how he could explain the feeling to anyone. It was a feeling that he imagined but never realized. Maybe it was the things leading up to this moment, all the mixed feelings, the emotions. This is what he had dreamed of for so long and now it had come crashing down unexpectedly, all at once, with this beautiful, passionate woman. As he guided his cock between her legs, Sara didn’t try to stop him.

He kissed her neck and she moaned Trabzon Escort Bayan as her body trembled and she pulled him in even closer. Her breasts where starting to swell with passion and her nipples now looked as big as dimes and as hard as rocks. He pulled up her tank top and put his lips on one of her nipples. She let out a very soft moan and wiggled her body as though she just had an orgasm, but it was just a tremor within her body, reacting to the touch of his tongue on her nipple.

Sara’s breasts were hard and swollen. Her mind was racing and she did what she wanted to do, she reached down and grabbed Bob’s cock and began to stroke it. Bob was in frenzy. Not knowing what to do; he did what any red-blooded American guy would have done. He stepped away from her and pushed her to her knees in front of him. He grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. Sara pulled back and looked up at him. Bob smiled at her and all her inhibitions melted away. Sara put her lips to Bob’s cock and began to kiss it ever so softly.

In her mind, Sara thought that she never had a cock that tasted so good and she began to suck harder. Bob leaned against the wall, holding her head and pushing it towards his body. Sara moaned softly as she sucked his cock and this turned Bob on even more. Sara lovingly stroked Bob’s cock with her mouth for the longest time. Bob knew if he didn’t stop her, he wouldn’t be able to hold back his cum much longer. He finally pulled her up and kissed her passionately, then led her into the bedroom. He laid Sara across the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet. He bent down and began licking her pussy, something he hadn’t done in the longest time.

Bob was glad to see that Sara’s pussy was not shaved. He preferred a woman to have hair on her pussy; it just seemed more natural to him. Sara’s pussy was so soft and sweet and very wet for him. He pulled his head away and used his fingers to spread the lips of her pussy apart so he could see her clit sticking out and the juices streaming from inside her pussy. He slid his tongue against her clit and stroked it, gently as she went absolutely wild under him.

Sara was the one in frenzy, now; her body thrashing all over the bed. Waves of passion were running through her body, a feeling she had never felt before. Sara thought to herself, this must be heaven, as Bob continued licking and kissing her pussy; driving her to a point where she was sure she was going to black out. She felt as though she was about to explode inside. When she did, it was like a bolt of lightning traveling through her body, one shock after another. She thought she was trying to push Bob off but what she was really doing was pulling him down closer to her pussy to a point she almost suffocating him but Bob didn’t care; he thought he was in heaven, too.

After Sara relaxed, from what was one of the best orgasms in her life, she asked Bob to lay with her in the bed. Bob took off his clothes and laid next to her. Her body was on fire as she put her arms around him and kissed him, pushing her tongue almost all the way down into his throat. “That was fantastic” Sara said, “I want more” and Bob was ready to do that.

Sara got up to take her skirt off but Bob held her back “Don’t take it off Sara, you look sexy in that skirt and I want to fuck you with it on.” Sara was eager; she pulled her skirt back down Escort Trabzon and got back into bed. The foreplay got hot and heavy very quickly. Sara had her hand around Bob’s cock and began stroking it while they where kissing. Her pussy was aching for Bob’s hard cock and what she said next surprised even her. “Fuck me Bob, I want you to fuck me so badly. Fuck me hard and long”.

As Bob’s cock entered Sara she felt the rush of warmth through her body, like a hot poker had just been thrust into her. It didn’t hurt but was the strangest feeling she had ever had. Maybe it was different because it was a stranger; maybe it was the lust that she had built up inside her for so long, but she didn’t care, because it felt so good at that moment. She wrapped her arms around Bob and pulled him down tight against her and began to move her hips to the motion of his body. She didn’t think about anything but Bob from that moment on. It was her and Bob all alone in there own little world and she never wanted it to end.

Sara couldn’t ever remember sex being this emotional or as sensual and passionate as it felt now. She always enjoyed sex and loved sex, but this was definitely different. Maybe it was doing something she shouldn’t being doing, but it didn’t feel wrong. To Sara, it felt more right than anything she had done in a long time. Maybe it was the way she always wanted sex to be and didn’t know until this moment that it could be so good. Maybe Bob had just awakened her to a new world. No matter what it was, she wanted it and wanted more of it.

Bob was pushing into her gently, absorbing every second of the feeling he was having as he entered Sara thinking how good it felt and hoping that he wouldn’t disappoint her. He never had trouble with that end but with all this excitement and sensations he was very turned on and excited. He didn’t know how long he could last in his state of arousal.

As Bob pushed his cock into Sara as far as he could, he stopped and put his lips onto hers and began kissing her again. Sara responded with so much emotion, so much passion, that it almost took his breath away. He put his mouth to her ear and softly whispered to her “you are amazing”. Sara whispered back “thank you Bob—and so are you” and she began to move her hips against him with a strong steady motion. Bob moved his mouth down to her nipples and gently kissed each one of them and Sara let out a short soft moan as he sucked each one. “Bob” it almost sounded like a question. Then she softly added, “please, –please don’t stop.”

Bob responded to her plea with more kissing and harder strokes against her. He picked up the pace as Sara’s body began to tense. Bob knew she was ready. He put his hands under her, lifting her ass off the bed so he could really drive his cock into her. Sara grabbed a hold of Bob’s waist and pulled him closer to her. She was pulling so tightly that Bob had a hard time pushing away from her. Sara began moaning softly to Bob, ” Fuck me Bob, fuck me harder, and her voice growing more insistent, “Fuck me, Fuck me.” Bob thrust into her as she pumped her hips as hard as she could against him and then it happened.

Sara’s body began to tremble, holding Bob as tight as she could. Her orgasm raced through her body and it felt as though she was drifting off to another planet. “Oh God!” she screamed. She thought it was over but what took over her body next was totally unexpected. It was like aftershocks of an earthquake, one after the other; her body would not stop quivering. She pulled Bob down to her lips and kissed him like she had never kissed anyone before. Her lips where on fire and all she could think was that she wanted more of this man.

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