Laker Girl

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The Lakers’ scout at the State Cheerleading contest in Akron had picked up Sadie while her high school competed. Springfield High had not won any awards but Sadie had received an offer to try out for the Lakers’ Cheerleader squad.

Sadie was so excited when she boarded the Greyhound for the long ride to El Sugundo where the try-outs were being held. It was the farthest she had ever been from home and she was traveling alone without any chaperone.

Her instructions had been simple; she was to bring skintight flesh colored leotards, a photograph of herself and whatever other items she would require for her two week stay in California. She would be billeted in one of the present Laker Girl’s homes and her meals would be provided. For attending the auditions she received a check for $500 spending money.

Sadie was glad she had pursued her cheerleading abilities under the watchful eye of Mrs. Leishman, the teacher in charge of the Springfield Cheerleaders squad. Leishman had been fanatic about developing “her young ladies” into poetry in motion. She had special gymnastic sessions in the girls’ gym where the girls would perform gymnastics wearing no more than panties and some of the girls didn’t even wear panties if they were not on their period. Leishman insisted it accustom the girls to the movement of the bodies, the boys thought it was a wonderful opportunity to sneak a look at a dozen pair of perky young boobs jiggling unrestrained!

Sadie had an ideal body for a cheerleader. She was petite, 5′ 2″, 108 pounds, with an athletic build and pert 34B breasts. There was not an ounce of baby fat left on her 18 year-old frame.

Her Strawberry Red hair was cut into a tidy Page Boy so as not to get in the way during her many acrobatic movements and her firebush was neatly trimmed to prevent any embarrassing strands of pubic hair escaping her panties as she did cartwheels.

Our would-be Laker Girl was not a virgin; she had two lovers in high school. Ken Stansell had taken her cherry in the backseat of his father’s Buick one night while they were parked at the Look Out. Bob Dawson had also laid her at her parent’s summer cottage only last summer. Dawson’s had been the first cock she had sucked.

These were the qualifications the hopeful Sadie took to California with her.

Charlene Stocker met Sadie at the bus. Charlene was to be her hostess during her stay in El Sugundo.

Stocker was a second year member of the Laker squad, an U.C.L.A. grad in dance and living in a modest Center Street bungalow with her husband Todd.

It was a short ride in Charlene’s convertible Mustang to the Stoker home where she was introduced to Todd.

Todd Stoker was Sadie’s version on a California beach bum. Tall and blonde, with a muscular body and chiseled good looks. Sadie saw right away why Charlene adorned him.

Charlene showed Sadie to the spare room they had prepared for her stay and invited her to freshen up after he long trip.

Todd had kindly offered to run her a soothing bubble bath and Sadie sank gratefully into the warm water surrounded by candles, it was so California!

After soaking longer bahis firmalar─▒ than necessary Sadie reluctantly climbed out of the bath and standing naked before the mirror she brushed her short hair and applied a fresh coat of make-up. Donning her white terry robe she pattered down the hall to her room.

Entering her room she was surprised to find Todd Stocker sprawled across the bed waiting for her.

“Oh hi Todd.” Sadie said not knowing what was expected.

“I just wanted to know id there was anything you needed?” Todd answered, “Anything!” he emphasized.

“I think everything is fine” Sadie answered.

Todd left and Sadie proceeded to dress brushing the strange encounter from her mind.

Todd took the girls to The Outback for a steak dinner and then onto Deano’s bar for after dinner drinks. Sadie could tell Todd was proud to have two Laker Girls on his arm as he entered the club.

Todd ordered the girls’ drinks and the waiter brought one of those fancy umbrellas drinks for each of them. Sadie was not a drinker but the sweet cocktails went down smoothly and soon she found another on the table before her. Sadie consumed four cocktails before they headed home.

It was after 10 pm when they got back to the Stocker’s house. A little tipsy from the four drinks Sadie went right to her bedroom and slipping off her dress and underwear she put on a pair of her baby-doll pajamas.

There was a soft knock on her door. Opening the door she saw Carlene standing there in a very revealing negligee.

“We would like you to join us for a nightcap if you’re not too tired?” Charlene invited.

Sadie was feeling pretty woozy and ready to turn in but she didn’t want to appear impolite and refuse the invitation.

“You can just come as you are.” Charlene said taking Sadie’s hand leading her to the living room.

Todd was waiting for them with yet more drinks. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and Sadie could see he was aroused.

“Todd thinks you are a very pretty girl.” Carlene offered.

Sadie blushed hearing the compliment from Todd’s wife.

“We were wondering if you liked to play games?” Charlene continued.

Games, what kind of games? Surely they didn’t want to play Monopoly this time of night? “Sure.” Sadie answered uncertainly.

“Good!” Charlene said producing a deck of cards. “How about a good old game of strip poker?”

Sadie was aghast! Was Charlene seriously proposing she play strip poker with her and her husband? This may be California but back in Ohio nice girls didn’t play strip poker with strange men.

“Oh, I am really too shy.” Sadie tried to excuse herself.

“Nonsense!” Charlene replied as she started dealing the cards.

Sadie thought it was one thing for Charlene to get naked in front of Todd, he had seen her naked many times, but for her to show her body to a stranger was something else altogether. She was shy even letting the doctor see her naked.

Normally Sadie would have been so out of there but she had enough gin in her she found herself looking at a pair of deuces.

She discarded three cards and picked ka├žak iddaa up another deuce.

Todd had two pair, Sadie three of a kind and Charlene nothing.

While she watched Charlene casually slipped off her negligee leaving her completely naked.

Sadie looked at Charlene’s nude body, she was gorgeous. Her breasts were considerable larger than her own but still very firm. Her pussy was shaven as smooth as a baby’s bum and she had a small tattoo of a butterfly just above her pussy lips.

“You see, that’s not so hard.” Charlene said standing naked in front of her husband.

Todd started dealing the next hand.

Sadie dreaded looking. All clubs except the three of hearts. The only hope she had was a flush. Throwing away the heart she took another card, the Jack of spades! Her heart sank; she had nothing.

It was too late to back out; Sadie lifted her pajama top over her head.

“Very nice.” Todd said staring at her naked breasts.

Sadie tried to convince herself it was no different than the boys sneaking looks at her bare breasted in Mrs. Leishman’s gymnastic class. She realized her puffy nipples were erect, likely the air-conditioning.

Charlene had the look of the cat that had just eaten the mouse as she dealt the next hand. Topless Sadie picked up her cards.

Nothing! Not even a single pair. Sadie went for the maximum draw, three cards, Todd stayed pat.

With trepidation she picked up her new cards, a pair of sixes.

Todd laid down a full house, Jacks and eights, Charlene a pair of fives, Ace high!

“Your turn again!” Charlene smiled.

Grudgingly Sadie stood and peeled the panty bottom of her pajamas down over her hips exposing her soft down covered pussy. She felt self-conscious as Todd stared at her pubic hair unlike his wife’s smoothly shaven labia.

“Mmmm. You are going to enjoy that!” Charlene muttered.

Sadie was feeling very awkward; here she was naked with another naked woman and her husband. The weird thing was Carlene had initiated getting her naked for her husband’s eyes.

“Do you like to suck cock Sadie?” Charlene asked.

What kind of a personal question was that for Charlene to ask in front of her husband? “It’s ok.” Sadie managed to reply.

“Todd loves getting his cock sucked, don’t you Baby?” Charlene smiled.

Todd smiled his agreement.

Charlene went to where Todd was sitting and kneeling before him she pulled his erection out of his shorts. Sadie got a glimpse of about 8″ – 9″ of hard cock before it disappeared into Charlene’s mouth.

As Sadie watched Todd’s eyes rolled back while his wife sucked the life from his cock. Sadie was mesmerized; this was the first time she had watched a guy getting a blowjob. It was obvious Todd was enjoying his wife’s attention to his cock and how easy it was to bring so much pleasure to a man.

Charlene removed Todd’s cock from her mouth and looked at Sadie. “Want to try it?”

Amazing herself Sadie took the wet erection and put it into her mouth. It felt strange having a cock in her mouth already slick with another woman’s saliva. Testing Sadie moved her ka├žak bahis tongue over the cock filling her mouth. She could feel the cock throbbing at her touch. Slowly she took more into her until Todd’s cockhead started entering her throat. Sadie was skilled at deepthroating and tilting her head she was able to allow Todd to slid into here gullet. She felt his balls touch her chin.

“Marvelous!” she heard Charlene exclaim as she had her husband’s entire cock inside her head.

Without realizing it Sadie was sucking Todd’s cock in an effort to make him come in her mouth.

“Easy Baby!” Charlene interjected, “We want him to last until we have been looked after.”

Sadie become conscious that Charlene intended Todd’s cock to visit her vagina. If sharing your husband was acceptable in California who was she to argue. Todd was not a bad looking guy and it had been quite a while since Sadie had been fucked.

Under Charlene’s direction Sadie straddled Todd’s face and lowered her pussy onto his face. Todd’s tongue wormed its way inside of her.

God it was such an erotic sensation having something alive inside her vagina, darting in and out of her cervix and tantalizing her clitoris! She found herself gyrating her hips grinding her cunt over his nose and mouth.

She heard Charlene moaning behind her. Looking over her shoulder she saw the pretty Laker Girl had mounted her husband’s cock and was riding it like a Dallas Cowgirl!

“Oh fuck me Baby!” Charlene squealed, Sadie felt Todd’s tongue maul her clit.

Sadie needed something bigger and harder in her pussy. “Trade places with me.” She begged Charlene.

Charlene surrendered her husband’s cock to the country bumpkin from Ohio knowing her husband wanted to feel his cock inside Sadie’s cunt.

Todd felt his was in heaven as Sadie’s cervix slid down on his rock hard shaft. His tool was coated with his wife’s juices, which lubricated its journey into the tight teen.

Oh God, she was so tight! Todd remembered when Charlene was this tight, before she had taken on several of his friends. Todd’s hands gripped Sadie’s hips as he thrust upwards into her; Charlene was now riding his face.

Things were going so fast, Sadie hadn’t been in California for 24 hours and here she was fucking a stranger. No wonder James, her boyfriend back in Ohio had not wanted her to go. She had been seeing James for seven months and he had not even fucked her yet.

Sadie did not have time to pursue her thoughts; she felt her climax growing around the head of Todd’s cock. “Fuck me Todd.” Sadie moaned.

Charlene bears down on her husband’s face forcing his cock upwards into Sadie’s pussy. “Oh yes, yes!” Sadie whimpered as her body begin to shake.

Sadie surrenders to her orgasm, he body tightens as she reached her peak. She feels the warm flow of Todd’s semen filling her pussy as she comes down hard on his shaft, getting every millimeter of it into her for his discharge.

“Oh fuck, fuck. fuckkkk!” Sadie screams as the mother of all orgasms shatters her.

Sadie laid exhausted, legs open and Todd’s cum leaking from her cunt as Charlene rides her husband.

Charlene satisfied herself on her husband’s spent dick and suggested they turn-in for the night.

“Big day tomorrow, you have to audition and show the others what you can do!” Charlene told her charge.

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