Kitchen Scarves

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When my girlfriend asked me to clear my night and come over for around 8, I was already intrigued. Imagine my surprise when I arrive to find the door open and her in the kitchen, tied to the table in beautifully knotted silk scarfs, wearing only a smile. “Remember the movie?” She asks.

I bend down to kiss her softly and feel her tense in anticipation as she melts into my lips. Like I was quenching a thirst. I resist touching or tasting anything other than her lips for a moment, knowing if I do touch her in any other spot, I’m almost giving in to her. She wants it too bad. I resist. Soaking in everything with a kiss. Side to side. Lips lock, tongues touch, wetness. I release for only a second, long enough to come back to bite her bottom lip and she moans.

I start at her neck, and kiss a line to her hip, brushing the side of her soft breast, and glance up, to see her eyes rolling back. I want to touch her and go right for her pussy, but at this point; again it’s something she’s expecting. Instead I grab the inside of her thigh and she tenses again, with pressure against the silk scarves. I start to focus on the scarves and the intricacy of the knots. How did she tie these herself? I start to fixate on it and my kissing slows to a stop and I speak for the first time since I opened the door. “Who tied you up?”

“Glad you finally asked” she says, smiling and from behind me, I hear the pantry door open and out walks her best friend. Naked. She’s tall and slim and I’ve secretly wondered for a while what she would look like without clothing. And just like that, she’s in front of me. She smiles, a dirty smile drops to her knees and reaches for my belt, before I can even realize this is happening. I look at my girlfriend for some kind of approval, and get it with a smile and a wink.

Everything is in slow motion. Senses heightened. Sounds amplified. With every strike the tongue of my belt makes on the leather holes, my heart feels like it’s beating canlı bahis out of my chest. Anticipation. Belt off, zipper down, her hands on my pants, inching them lower. I’m so hard. She reaches in and takes it out and smiles that dirty smile again and just like that I’m in her mouth.

I had heard that often the act never lives up to the images in your mind, and as a man with a healthy imagination and sex drive, this scenario of my girl and her friend had crossed my mind many times. A young Casanova, confident, almost “Bond” like guy, in one scene or another, played out to perfection, in slow motion, but now this was really happening. Reality is different. All the swagger the man in my imagination had, vanished and in just a that spilt second, I was a piece of malleable clan at the mercy of these beautiful women.

I could not speak. I just arched my back, leaned on the table behind me and closed my eyes, lost in the moment. I felt my girlfriend arch HER body, coming into contact with mine and I turned slightly to be able to reach out and touch her. Her nipples where hard, pointing straight up, almost daring me. Calling me.

I moved back, all the while her girlfriend, on her knees moved in unison never losing her focus. Each lick and suck and blow seemed calculated. I could now reach my girlfriend’s breast with my lips and as my mouth encircled her nipple, the touch, like a switch opened her eyes. I think I startled her. A moan. More tension on the pretty scarves and I was so excited, I felt like I was ready to cum. On one hand I wanted to, but I also wanted this feeling to last, like in my dreams. So I moved my body and motioned for her to stand up.

I kissed her for what felt like a long time, an almost forbidden kiss. Then I pulled her to the top of the table, where my girlfriend’s head was and I took one side, her the other. We continued kissing and as if choreographed in advance, we both start bending down towards my girlfriends awaiting bahis siteleri mouth, never losing our connection. When we all meet, all lips locked, and the warmest of wetness followed by another moan.

Then mirroring each other, kiss for kiss, we worked our way from her lips, to her breasts. Up, down, in and out all without difference, locked in tempo, as if keeping time to an imaginary song. I took my right hand and her, her left and tracing from where our lips touched my girlfriend’s breasts, down towards her hips and then meeting at her pussy. Her legs opened as far as they could with her knees bent all against the pressure of the silk scarves, pink and red dancing in slow motion. Another moan, louder than all the rest combined. With just that soft touch, an orgasm.

So wet. Wet and wonderful, I want to taste her. I break from our dance of unison, to reposition myself at my girlfriend’s feet, with her legs welcomely apart. I bend down and go in with laser focus. Another orgasm is my goal. Starting lightly I feel my way from the top of her pubic line with my tongue crisscrossing her wet lips, stopping only to tease her erect clit. She’s ready, and I am too.

Systemically up and down with the right combination of wet and pressure from all parts of anything in contact with those lips. With my tongue spending the most time on her clit. Up and down. I bring my left hand to my face, and using first, 1 finger then 2, I part her lips and insert. Up and in. Repeat. Stop, start and repeat. Not too hard or fast. Systematic.

Looking up, over my girlfriend’s arched stomach, I can see that her girlfriend has started to kiss her. First gently, building to faster and more passionate. I’m lost in the sounds and the energy and with my lips can fell her clit getting harder. I’ve felt this before. I know an orgasm is building again. I don’t lose focus or change anything. I let it happen. My fingers start to ache, from the building contractions and the kitchen is bahis şirketleri again filled with a moan and arms and legs causing tension on pretty silk scarves.

In the afterglow, I always enjoy drawing the release out, coaxing it to hang around for a little longer. Holding it as long as I can. In my mouth, still squeezing the clit with my lips, I never change the position of my fingers, just relaxing ever so slightly the pressure. I am still hard, and can feel my cock from the tip to the base. Every sensation, heightened.

With a smile, I start to move to my girlfriend’s head and she motions with her eyes for me to take a position above her with my cock beside her face. Her girlfriend takes up the position I was just in at her feet, repeating the motions with lips, fingers and mouth I was just making. My girlfriend arches her back, and tilts her head back and opens her mouth, with a craving. I indulge her. Moving slowly to the left, my cock is now in her mouth and I close my eyes and drift, once again to ecstasy.

The erotic enigma is the want for the release and the completion, at the cost of the joy in the feeling, while getting there, and I am so close, but I don’t want it to end. I hold off. Opening my eyes to soak in the sight of my girlfriend in sheer ecstasy. I see her girlfriend fingering her fast. The sound is in perfect harmony, with her moans matching the sounds of wetness, and the timing of a scream with the tension against the scarves that I recognize as the biggest one yet. Those same muscles contracting, that moments ago, squeezed my fingers, in and out, this time fill the table with streams of warm liquid make the mystical experience on a different level. Soaking the floor and table and her girlfriend, it is all too much to hear and see.

I cum. An explosion. My legs shake and I loose my balance, I have no restraints to support my orgasm. No scarves to catch me. The sights and sounds and wet aftermath of the most magical, ovation worthy concert I have ever seen, and all I can think is, wow this just happened. A fulfilled fantasy. Truly, a dream come true. All with pretty little silk scarves and one magical night in my girlfriends kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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