Eyl 05

Kidnapped Ch. 01

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Lauren was in bed when they took her.

Her hands were tied behind her back and she was tossed in a corner of the van.

“If you keep quiet, they’ll be kinder to you,” a voice said in her ear.

Frantic, she looked up into the speaker’s eyes. They were blue, and his face was scruffy. His jaw was strong and his hair was dark and long. He held her gaze for a moment and then turned to the other man who were sitting against the wall.

“Why do you even talk to the bitch, Jack, y’know Chuck doesn’t like us doing that.”

Lauren’s eyes lighted on the man who’d spoken. He wore a dark tee and had a tattoo of a spider on his wrist.

Jack shrugged and lay back on one of the boxes shifting in the van. He looked at Lauren and she felt a strange warmth in her face.


The warehouse was empty and high-ceilinged.

The burliest man stood before Lauren in a dirty white shirt. She flinched when he reached down to touch her chin, just below where duct tape obscured her mouth.

“Relax, you ain’t gonna come to any harm. We just need the money, and we’ll let you go. Murder isn’t the kinda thing we do.” He leaned back, and laughed hoarsely.

Lauren turned her face away.

“Look after her Jack. I’ll be back in the morning. Wayne, go get supplies.” Chuck turned and Lauren watched his heavy form blend into the shadows. Wayne cast a look at Jack, who held his gaze squarely, and followed after Chuck.

Lauren looked down at herself. She was in her sleepwear. A flimsy white tee and pale cream undies. Her hands were tied with strong rope behind her back. A lock of her dark hair fell over her eyes as she looked up at Jack, who sat with an arm over his knee across from her.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me.” He said quietly.

Lauren stared at him, unmoving. In her mind she recalled fantasies she’d once had about being in just such a situation, and cursed herself for being so ignorant.

Jack stood up. Brushed his hands on his jeans and walked over to Lauren, who shuffled her feet in attempt to get further from him.

He reached down and touched her cheek. She winced.

“I told you you don’t have to be afraid of me.” Jack took the corner of the tape that held to her mouth and slowly, gently, peeled it off.

Lauren Uşak Escort worked her jaw.

“Just don’t make any loud noises.”

Lauren began to scream.

She felt a hand tight around her neck and she struggled.

“I told you. Don’t make any loud noises.” Jack whispered in her ear. She shifted uneasily in his grip. “You don’t know the things we can do to you. The things I want to do to you ever since I saw you on your bed. So don’t push me.” Lauren held her breath. His hand withdrew from her neck, and he eyed the slight mark on it. She breathed choppily and his gaze went to her chest, swelling under the thin white fabric.

He looked at her and she felt a flush begin at her cheeks.

“Would you let me touch you,” he whispered, his breath warm on her neck. “I think you’d rather like it, actually,” Lauren bit her lip as his hand touched her neck and lower to tease her clavicle.

“I know just how you’d feel. Round,” his hand stroked the crest of her breasts. “And yielding,” his thumb eased under the swell of her flesh, “and soft.”

Lauren stifled a moan as Jack felt her tightening nipples.

He looked at her and a light smile touched the corner of his mouth.

“You want me. Don’t you?” He lowered his head and she watched his tongue run over her beaded nipple.

Lauren tensed.

“Answer me.” Jack leaned back.

She bit the insides of her mouth and refused to give him the satisfaction.

“You know what I think? I think you’re excited. I think if I touched you between your legs you’d be wet.” Jack drew out his words with a knowing smile. Lauren fidgeted as he drew nearer and she felt the warmth of his mouth on her neck. She suppressed a keening moan as he kissed the skin on her neck, below her ear, and her eyes flew open when she felt his hand moving lower on her stomach. She arched away but he held her firmly.

His hand skimmed over the surface of her underwear. Lauren lurched. “Are you wet for me, then?” Jack pushed a finger under the elastic band of her panties. His finger pressed past soft shaven skin and curved around the flesh of her clitoris. She broke her silence and gasped.

“You’re so soft and sweet,” Jack murmured, inserting his whole hand into her underwear. His fingers found her and stroked slowly. Uşak Escort Bayan Lauren tried to stop her eyes from rolling back in her head but when Jack pulled her panties down and slid a finger deep into her wet folds she gave in. His thumb pressed on her clit and she felt him smile against her cheek.

“Told you you’d be wet for me.” He pulled his finger out of her, stroking her slick bud as he went, and watched her as he licked her moisture off his fingers.

Lauren’s chest rose and fell in deep heaves. She didn’t know what to think or do.

The sound of footsteps jerked both their heads up and Jack stuffed her panties in his pocket.

“Has she been up to anything, Jack,” Wayne emerged from the dark, plastic bags in hand. He stopped, and narrowed his eyes as he looked from Lauren to Jack.

“What’s going on.”

“Nothing. Just. Talking to her.”

“I told you Chuck doesn’t want us talking to her. Are you deaf, Jack.” Wayne set the bags down on a table in the corner and turned to Lauren.

“She’s pretty, huh, maybe we could have some fun.” Wayne sneered, looking at the V of Lauren’s shirt. Her eyes were drawn into slits. Wayne picked up the roll of tape on the table and applied a fresh piece on her mouth. “Pity, that soft mouth of yours could be useful,” he hissed.

Jack watched in silence.

“Leave her alone. Chuck wouldn’t want you to do anything to her.”

Wayne turned to look at him, an eyebrow raised on his forehead. “Right. Well I have to go. The boys want me there tonight. You think you can watch a girl for one night without any trouble?”

Jack grunted.

“Call me if anything crops up. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Lauren watched as Wayne left. She averted her eyes from Jack’s.

“Well he’s gone. What do you want to do?” He asked, removing the tape from her mouth again.

“Let me go.”

“You know I can’t do that. We’ll let you go after we get the ransom.”

“You aren’t like them. Please let me go.”


Lauren eyed Jack’s body, leanly muscled under his clothes.

“Then untie my hands so I can return the favour you gave me earlier.”

Jack’s eyes darkened slightly, but he hesitated.

“What can I possibly do, I’m just a woman.”

He stared Escort Uşak at her for a while, then walked to her side and untied the rope that held her hands together.

“If you try anything, you will be punished.” He said.

Lauren flexed her wrists and looked up at Jack. He stood tall above her. She stood up and pressed her body against his. His eyes grew intense as she slid a hand down his chest.

“You are delicious. So manly,” Lauren looked down and then up at Jack as she grasped the hot length of him through his jeans. “And hard.”

Jack tightened his jaw as she began to stroke him. He pushed her away when the pleasure mounted. She looked at him, frail in her white shirt.

Breathing unevenly Jack stepped closer to Lauren and kissed her mouth hungrily. She kissed him back and amidst the tangle of tongues and heat he reached down between her bare legs and inserted two fingers into her moist pussy.

Lauren gasped as Jack kissed her neck and pulled her shirt down to lave her nipples with his tongue. He shoved her body up with his arms and licked her belly button. She bit her lip.

“Do you want me to taste you,” Jack said softly. Lauren looked down at him but did not say anything.

His tongue moved wetly over the sides of her pussy.

“Tell me. Do you want me to taste you.” She clenched her teeth.

He dropped an open-mouthed kiss on the insides of her upper thighs.

“Tell me.”

Lauren shuddered at his breath on her pussy. “Y-yes.”

He hid a smile from her and leaned in to stroke his tongue hard over the entire length of her pussy. She shivered under his mouth and pressed his head nearer with her hands.

His tongue made deep, probing licks in her opening before moving higher to swirl around her clitoris. She bucked helplessly against his face as Jack ate her out, thoroughly and relentlessly.

Lauren felt the keening approach of her orgasm and stiffened under his grip. Her eyes fluttered closed as he noted her posture and licked her hard and fast.

His tongue long and wet on her centre of nerves brought her over and she came on his mouth. He kept licking at her and she came again and again.

He pulled his head back finally and rested her on the floor.

“That wasn’t too bad, was it.”

Lauren couldn’t stop a faint smile from curving her lips.

Jack watched her. He leaned down and pressed a kiss on her cheek. When she opened her eyes the rope was around her wrists, and he was in the distant corner, his hand pressing on the bulge between his legs.

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