Kevin’s Bedrest Pt. 03

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Kevin had been back at home with his Mom for a full week now, and he was beginning to suffer! After a glorious stay with his sexy aunt, where after catching him jerking off while he was convalescing, she had started by exposing her fantastic body to him as a masturbation aid, before progressing to fucking at every opportunity.

For a young man like Kevin, blessed with a big dick and a mega sex drive, it was a gift indeed. However, he was fully healed now, so didn’t need his aunts special care, so was back at home, wistful and very very horny.

It didn’t help that everywhere he looked, there were gorgeous women- all completely out of bounds!

His Mom, was very like her younger sister, so much so that they had often been mistaken for twins. Tall, slim natural blonds, blessed with stunning figures including large full breasts. Kevin tried not to check his Mom out, but from time to time she would perhaps bend to pick something up and he would stare at her shapely ass. Or perhaps when she gave him a hug when he came home, and he could feel her breasts pressing into his body. It was completely innocent on her part, but Kevin was all too aware of just how sexy his Mom was. His feelings were far less innocent, having been introduced to the world of family fucking by his Moms younger sister.

She had clearly gotten her genes from her own mother, Kevin’s Gran. She was simply an older version of her two daughters, but certainly not in an ‘old and past it way’. Sure she showed a few signs of age, but she was still tall, slim and blessed with the traditional ( in Kevin’s family at least) big tits. She didn’t live with Kevin and his Mom, but was a frequent enough visitor to be subjected to Kevin’s lecherous looks but, like her daughter was innocently unaware of her grandsons thoughts.

And lastly, there was his big sister Megan. A clone of her Mom and aunt, she had been away at university for much of the year, but had popped home for a visit, to catch up with her friends and go to a big birthday party for a former schoolmate at the weekend.

All this female beauty surrounding him, and it’s unavailability, was causing Kevin a real problem. After a few days he got some relief when he sent his aunt a text. It included a picture of his hard cock, with the words ‘ wish you were here’ typed on the top.

His aunt responded straight away with a picture of her open mouth, with the very same words. That started an exchange of photos, which gave Kevin plenty material to beat off with but, as we all know, it’s just not the same.

So, the weekend was approaching, and Kevin felt as if his balls were going to burst. He jacked off frequently, but that didn’t really help. And this weekend, his Mom was throwing a barbecue- Kevin suspected this would yalova escort present a special set of challenges, and he was correct.

Come the day, it was gloriously sunny and as Kevin started to fire up the coals, first his aunt, and then his Gran arrived.

His aunt was wearing tight shorts and a white blouse, cropped and tied at the waist to show her taut midriff. It took Kevin all of 3 seconds to notice that she was not wearing a bra, as her globes bounced and jiggled as she walked across the lawn towards him. She smiled as she approached, and Kevin knew she was well aware of the impact she was having on him as he felt his tool begin to stiffen.

A quick hug, where she was sure to press her tits against his chest, a quick kiss on the cheek, which turned into a gentle lick while nobody could see, and a quick grope of his cock while her hand was hidden between the two of them served perfectly to heighten Kevin’s arousal.

Which was the perfect moment for his Gran to walk over for her hug. She was dressed perfectly respectably in a light summer dress, which appeared to button up the front, and her assets were safely supported it would seem.

She hugged Kevin tightly, kissed his cheek and made to step back, but paused ever so slightly mid embrace.

Kevin felt ready to die on the spot. He cringed as he felt his rock hard cock press into his Gran’s tummy- there was no way she didn’t realise.

She looked into his eyes, a slightly surprised expression on her face, the pulled him into another hug, again trapping his cock between them.

Without a word, she released him, turned away and went to greet the other guests. Kevin was so uncomfortable, both physically due to his very visible erection, but mentally as well. For Gods sake- he had just poked his cock into his Grans stomach.

One or two more guests began to arrive- his Moms neighbours had been invited and Mr and Mrs Roberts were a really nice couple. A bit older, and not at all the ‘ touchy’ type, much to Kevin’s relief, they were content to wave across the lawn as they headed towards his Mom to say hello.

Last to arrive was Mr Benson and his wife Sally. Mr Benson was in his late 50s, and was a very successful businessman in the town. When he wasn’t working, he was a passionate golfer so Kevin was a little surprised to see him, expected him to be swinging a club all day at the Country Club. Sally Benson however was different, very very different. She was a good 20 years younger and was drop dead gorgeous. Tall, brunette with brown eyes. She was beautifully made up and wearing a lovely silky summer dress which was perfectly respectable but showed her voluptuous figure nicely. Some people described her as a ‘trophy wife’ and Kevin had heard yalova escort bayan some comments about her breasts being ‘ bought not grown’, but he didn’t care. The problem with Sally was that she seemed to be a really nice person, and she genuinely seemed to adore her husband. She completely contradicted the stereotype gold digging trophy wife, and Kevin liked seeing the couple. Make no mistake though, he would fuck Sally in a heartbeat, if the remote possibility ever arose.

With all the guests arrived, the barbecue hotting up nicely, and Kevin’s erection beginning to calm down, things began to get a little better for him- till his sister turned up with her BFF in tow. As usual, his sister was dressed as skimpily as she could get away with, short shorts and a minute bikini top which barely covered her big tits. Kevin felt that familiar surge of blood into his cock as he watched her work the party, greeting guests and generally mingling and being polite. He smiled when he watched her greet Mr Benson, as she frowned a little when she realised he had not even noticed her chest. He only had eyes for his beautiful wife. His sister wasn’t actually interested in Mr Benson, but she wanted very much to be the focus of everyone’s attention so was a little frustrated.

Her BFF was Megan, and they had been friends forever. Kevin had never really paid her much attention before, but in his current state, he realised she had actually grown up rather nicely. She was more petite than his sister, and not blessed with the genes which gave huge boobs, but she still had a nice figure. Kevin knew she swam competitively, and she had the body of a trained athlete, albeit hidden under a nice shorts and shirt combo. She trailed around behind his sister, making small talk with the guests and sipping at a chilled white wine, while she awaited her food.

By this time, Kevin realised it was time to refresh everyone’s glasses, so he circulated with bottles in hand. Soon, the white wine was finished, so he headed into the house to get a couple more bottles from the chiller. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw his aunt down the hallway, slipping into the bathroom. He looked around, nobody was looking. He quickly stepped out into the hall, casually pulling the kitchen door to behind him, and made his way down the hall to wait outside the bathroom.

As his aunt finished, she opened the door and was met by the sight of Kevin standing outside the door, his shorts down around his ankles and his huge cock firmly held in his hand. He began to slowly stroke himself, as she gasped!

“Well, hello there! Looks who’s here!” he said.

Without saying any more, he put his free hand on his aunts head, and pushed gently down. Without a word, she went escort yalova down into her knees, opened her mouth and allowed Kevin to feed his meat into her face.

This was what Kevin had been craving all week, and without hesitation he began to enjoy fucking his aunts mouth.

She was a fantastic cocksucker, a great combination of expertise and enthusiasm. She sucked, licked and kissed every part of his member, and Kevin nearly lost it when she looked up into his eyes as she ran her tongue right up the underside of his cock, then wrapped her lips around his snob. This was heavenly, but Kevin knew that with his state of arousal, it wouldn’t take long for him to come. Sure enough, he felt that familiar surge start and he began to shoot spurts of hot come into his aunts welcoming mouth.

This was so intense, probably made more so by the long wait. As he began to come down from the orgasmic high, he leaned back against the wall. His knees were trembling as his long cock slipped out of his aunts mouth, one long strand of cum dripping slowly from the end.

He leaned forward and kissed his aunt deeply. He could taste his ejaculation in her mouth, but this wasn’t an issue for him- as the kiss finished, he took his aunts hand and helped her back to her feet.

“That was wonderful!” he whispered, as his aunt simply smiled.

Just then, a movement caught the corner of his eye. He turned sharply towards the kitchen door, just in time to see it swing closed.

Somebody must have been there and seen him and his aunt! He tried to get to the door, but was hampered by his shorts being around his ankles. Pulling them up, he opened the door and looked into the kitchen. It was empty. Looking through the window into the garden where the party was in full swing, he could see everyone clearly.

He turned to his aunt, and was surprised that she wasn’t as horrified as him at the turn of events.

“Ah well, I just hope they enjoyed the show!” was all she said as she walked down the hallway and made her way out into the garden.

Kevin looked out into the garden again. His Mom was standing alone for a moment, with a quizzical look on her face, then she held up her empty glass and wiggled it, clearly looking for a refill. His Gran had her back to him, as she was checking the progress of the food, and he saw Mr and Mrs Benson stroll across the lawn towards her, hand in hand as they offered to help serve. Sally Benson turned to look at Kevin as they passed the window, she smiled and he could have sworn winked at him in passing. Was it her?

Kevin walked out into the garden, and as he did so, heard the sound of giggling- turning, he saw his sister and her BFF laughing at something she had said. They both looked straight at him as they did so, and Kevin felt sweat break out on his back. No way, surely not them?

This was a nightmare now!

Someone in this group of sexy and desirable women, had watched him feed his large cock into his aunts mouth, someone knew their incestuous secret, but Kevin didn’t know who!

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