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Kevin Deflowered Ch. 06

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Kevin’s mind was racing as he took the bus back to the university. Kristine, aka Red, the girl he had been dating had gone home with her family for the rest of the weekend. His affair with an opera singer had hit the biggest snag ever; she was the mother of his girlfriend.

He checked his email as soon as he got to his dorm. Nothing.

“I don’t know what I was thinking” he muttered silently under his breath.

The affair had been going on for months, every Saturday while she was supposedly coaching his singing skills…he had been fucking her brains out, every which way they could think of. When they were caught by the neighbor, they had roped her into their arrangement.

Now it truly was over.

He thought about the last few months, having a middle aged wife as his own personal fuck toy. She had seduced him, making the first move and giving him a blow job that turned into a backseat thrustfest. Smiling at the thought, he thought about her figure. A tad more fit than rubenesque, she was plump and thick in the right ways. Samantha’s large breast and goddess hips were perfect for her. He was playing with his stick as he thought of her and the many different ways they had explored their mutual lust. It was with those thoughts in his mind that he dozed off.

Kevin woke to the growing light in his dorm room. His roommate was already gone for the day. Usually, Kevin woke up Sunday morning with an afterglow of post Samantha fuckery. Dinner had killed that. He got going himself; took a quick shower and polished off a breakfast from the campus eatery. Close to noon he checked his email, with trepidation.

Kevin, it began…

“I Beylikdüzü Escort can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed your company these last few months. As I’m sure you’re already aware, I cannot continue our affair any longer. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you, after all, you are dating my eldest daughter. I hope you will continue your relationship with Kristine. She’s a wonderful young lady and full of life. She deserves a gentleman like you. Honestly, I’m thrilled for her. As for us, I would like to say goodbye. This may come across as wrong, but I want you one final time to properly say our farewells. I suppose I should ask how you feel about all this? It must have come as a complete shock to you as much as it was for me. If i’m lucky you’ll see me one more time. I will be performing in the same auditorium where we originally met at the end of the month. Will you come see me? Please?”

Kevin sat there for several minutes, his mind bending sideways with mixed thoughts. He thought about Red, who he had just started dating. He really liked her, and he was excited to see how their relationship might unfold. To meet Samantha again seemed like the worst taboo ever, yet he felt like it might be the best closure for them. He replied to her email, affirming he would meet her again.

The weeks passed, and between classes she groaned with pleasure. Taking his idea, Samantha picked up two rose petals and started rubbing her nipples the same way Kevin was rubbing her clit. Her face was covered in a sensual smile.

“You are so sweet, lover boy. I love how you tickle my fancy” she cooed.

“I love Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan how you respond to my touch Mistress” he echoed.

“Mmm, sweet music to my ears,” she said. “Now I want to fuck you, harder than I’ve fucked you yet” she promised.

They started switching places; he rose and then laid down on the couch as she prepared to climb on top of him. He laid back so his steamy meat pile was straight up. She guided his thick sausage to her lady palace as she straddled him. Starting slowly, getting adjusted to his massive meat, she started to rise and fall on his cock. Each time she came down, she sat a little deeper. She would push down then sit there before lifting up and sinking down again. She repeated this till he bottomed out. She could feel his tip on her cervix. She moaned a deep moan of satisfaction and pressed against it. Her thrusting now began in earnest. She wanted to fuck him so he was hitting her wall. Her down-thrust was far more pronounced, her body crashing against his. His hands came up her breast, but her hands took them and shoved them above his head. She was fucking him with reckless abandon. She leaned forward so her full D cup breasts were semi-suffocating him. His eager lips nibbled on her breasts and nipples. He took her cue and enjoyed her riding him. She wanted to be in charge, and he was rather enjoying it.

Her hips rocked back and forth, up and down against her lover’s gnarled root. She started grinding against him harder and faster. A sheen of sweat covered her as well as making her slick with her musky juices.

“Oh god” she roared. “More!”

Her orgasm rocked Escort Beylikdüzü her body, sending waves of spasm out from her center to the rest of her body. Her tummy felt quivers of tiny shaking muscles. Her legs felt wobbly.

“Your turn!” she smiled. She climbed off, and got on all fours.

He quickly climbed behind her and reinserted his piece inside her. His right hand grabbed her hip, and his left grabbed a knot of her blonde tresses. She pushed back against him as he started pumping into her. From time to time he smacked her rear with his right hand, to which she moaned. The more he rode her, the more she pushed her head forward. Taking her cue, he pulled her hair harder. Like a game, she pushed her head farther away.

“Keep spanking me!”

Immediately, he started slapping her ass as his trusting started picking up the pace. He was pounding her pussy from behind, and she loved it. Her bottom was red with his punishment. He now grabbed her hair with both his hands and started railing her. Her groans and cries increased as her cunny exploded with her juice. Her squirting pussy was leaving a musky scent behind. Kevin was peaking as well, but her liquid was making it harder to climax. He started ramming harder and harder so he could finish. It was an ecstasy of crashing bodies, as he violently hammered into her.

He came in a gush of sticky white fluid.

She cried with pleasure; the last of their experiences together.

Both of their bodies were shaking and twitching.

They stayed there for a few seconds, letting their bodies shake out the aftershocks. Finally, they moved to an embrace, laying side by side. Her face nuzzled up to his, eyes closed enjoying the heat of the moment. He gave her tiny kisses all over her face. She just smiled, content with their moment.

All too soon they would part ways. Never to enjoy each other in such sexual release. They just lay there enjoying the glow until reality would eventually intervene.

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