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Kenny’s College Humiliation

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Kenny gets sexually humiliated in front of his college class

Kenny Sanders couldn’t believe what was going on. He was in his seat in the front row of his Freshman algebra class, two weeks into the start of the school year, when the teacher raced out of the classroom, his cell phone pressed to one ear. As he left he mumbled something about his wife going into labor. This left behind a classroom of 25 teenagers with no adult supervision. Normally a recipe for disaster, right? But disaster was probably the wrong term for what was happening right now. In fact, Kenny wasn’t quite sure what to call it. The thing was, after the teacher left some kid named Jim had suggested something very… unorthodox.

“Hey everyone,” Jim said enthusiastically. “How about a blowjob contest? Any girl who can make a guy come before another teacher comes into the room wins!”

Kenny was flabbergasted. He had attended Catholic school for both Elementary and High school (and had never so much as even kissed a girl) so he was rather shocked by this outburst, to say the least. Sure, he’d love to get his dick sucked just like any other hot-blooded male, but this was outrageous! Clearly they did things differently in college.

Of course, Kenny didn’t actually think any of the girls would go along with Jim’s suggestion, college or not, so he was rather astonished when all of the girls stood up and began kneeling in front of the guys.

As the sound of flies unzipping reached his ears, Kenny shook himself from his disbelief… and noticed that he was the only guy without a girl in front of him. While he massaged his growing boner through his pants, he saw that every other guy in the classroom was getting his dick sucked.

“Hey,” he exclaimed. “What about me?”

In the seat next to him, some kid named Jerry was getting his fat cock slobbered all over by a beautiful escort bayan black girl named Kayla. She briefly pulled his fat knob out of her mouth and looked at Kenny. “Sorry Kenny,” she said, not sounding at all sorry. “But there are 13 guys and only 12 girls.” She then returned to worshipping Jerry’s cock. The sound of her ministrations mingled with those of the other 11 girls as they brought the boys to the height of sexual ecstasy. Kenny just stewed. Screwed by math. In math class!

Since everyone else had their dicks out, he figured he may as well join the party. He pulled out his dick and began to stroke it as he watched Kayla work her magic mouth over Jerry’s fuckstick.

Over the next 5 minutes, several of the girls, having gotten their guys off, got up and returned to their chairs, many with cum still running from the corners of their mouths. Kenny asked each and every one of those girls for a blowjob, but they all gave him various excuses. My mouth is sore from the first blowjob. We won’t have enough time before a teacher shows up. And so on and so forth. In fact, pretty much all of the boys had cum before Kenny realized none of the girls were going to suck his dick. Feeling kind of awkward that he was the only one with his dick still out, but likewise not wanting to be the only guy who didn’t cum, Kenny tried to ignore all the people watching him as he redoubled his efforts to rub one out.

As he began to feel the first tinglings of his orgasm approaching, he was acutely aware of 24 sets of eyes watching his hand fly over his average-sized dick. He wasn’t sure if he found this to be a turn on or not but either way, it was only another moment before the first rope of cum shot out of his dick and onto the floor. Naturally, it was at that moment that the classroom door started to open.

Being in the throes of orgasm görükle escort has a way of muddling one’s senses, and Kenny was only vaguely aware that an adult was walking into the room. He was much too focused on the euphoric feelings rushing through his body as he unleashed a typical Kenny Sanders cum geyser. Which is to say, lots and lots and LOTS of cum. Kenny had watched enough porn in his day to know that compared to other guys, when he came, he unloaded a freakishly large amount of cum. He typically shot 10-12 thick, creamy spurts of hot white goo when he came and this time was no different. And he was only two shots in when Miss Jones, the beautiful new substitute teacher, walked into the room. She immediately stopped dead in her tracks, eyes widening, as she put a hand to her rather ample chest in clear shock at this brazen display of lewdness. She, along with the rest of the class, watched mesmerized as Kenny liberally coated the floor in front of his chair with what seemed like endless amounts of cum. By the time his copious ejaculation eventually started winding down, there was a sizeable puddle by his feet.

Finally, Kenny’s orgasm subsided and he suddenly regained awareness of his surroundings. And Ms. Jones.

Shame and embarrassment instantly overwhelmed him, and he quickly shoved his now deflating cock back into his pants just as Miss Jones began to open her mouth, presumably to excoriate him. Although nobody knows for sure because before she got a single word out, all of Kenny’s classmates, girls and boys alike, stood up and started to holler and cheer as they applauded his performance.

Kenny nearly died with embarrassment. In fact, he was so humiliated that he stood up to run out of the classroom, but in his haste, he got caught up on his chair leg and tripped. And fell right into his puddle bursa elit escort of nut. His orgasm had actually liberated so much cum that when he landed, it made a little splash, and much to Miss Jones’ continuing horror, a small amount of Kenny’s ball juice splattered right across her exposed legs.

At this point the class was laughing so raucously and things were so out of control that Miss Jones herself fled the classroom, racing for the nearest bathroom she could find to wash the perversion off of her legs. Her own face was flushed with shame as she viciously scrubbed at her legs in the bathroom sink. Luckily for Kenny, there was no way that she was ever going to report him. She was too ashamed. Nobody else could ever hear of this.

Meanwhile, Kenny was still back in the classroom, lying in a drying puddle of his own goo. His t-shirt was soaked, his arms were covered, and his face was drenched. And he was mortified beyond his own ability to comprehend.

Slowly, he stood up and began to wipe his face. Once his eyes were clear he noticed that just about everyone in the class had their cell phones out and were taking pictures and video of his degradation.

Finally, the silence was broken. “Holy shit, Kenny,” a blonde girl named Claire said as she used her pink iPhone to capture the moment. “I’ve never seen so much cum before.”

“Yeah,” a kid named Damion said, “but what a dumbass. Everyone knows you’re supposed to cum on the girl’s face, not your own!” This of course caused a fresh wave of laughter to course through the classroom as Kenny finally got his legs moving and made his way into the hallway and to the nearest bathroom… which happened to be the one that Miss Jones was still in. She was scrubbing her legs so fiercely they were starting to turn red, and when the door opened and she saw a cum-covered Kenny walk in her face quickly took on the same shade of scarlet. She let out a high-pitched squeak and bolted, almost knocking Kenny over in her haste to escape.

With a sigh of defeat, Kenny made his way to the sink and started scrubbing his humiliation off of his face. College was off to a great start.

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