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Kendra , Sam Set Boundaries Pt. 04

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(Note to Readers: This nine-part story follows a young, straight, American couple from dating to marriage and parenthood, and from exclusive sex to separate side action, swinging, and group sex. All characters are at least 18 years old. Some of the sex is interracial, and there is also some foot appreciation. The previous three parts are recapped to some extent, but if you read those parts first, you’ll follow along better and also read a lot more sex. Click on my author name above, or the stories link, to find them.)

* * * * *

March 2013:

As Kendra drove up to the Ghirardello-Tate property, there were at least twenty cars parked in the curved double-ended driveway and on the roadside. Night had fallen, and light leaked from every window of the sprawling house, around closed drapes and blinds. There was no sound except the wind.

She and Sam used the same entryway as before, when the door was opened manually. Now, when she rang a doorbell, a buzz from inside allowed them to open the door. They stood still for a moment after the outer door closed behind them, for them to be recognized via a camera, and then another buzz sounded from the inner door. The fact that they knew in advance to expect this didn’t make it seem less odd.

The inner door opened to give them sounds of music and chatter, and the sight of Vince in a plush silver robe. “Welcome!” he said over the noise, with a master-of-the-revels smile. He turned to address the people hanging out in the living room. “People, I’d like you to meet Kendra and Sam, who are so very new and naïve!”

“Welcome!” came the ragged but robust response from maybe ten voices.

“And what’s our policy with first-timers?” Vince prompted.

“Be gentle with the virgins!”

Their eyes getting used to the light, Sam and Kendra began to see, in detail, people who were probably in their forties, around Vince’s age. They were in partial to total undress. But then someone sashayed through the crowd, and it was no longer possible for the new couple to notice anyone else.

“Audrey?!” Sam asked, gawking.

Kendra hooted laughter, grabbing to restrain a man who was unable to move. “Down, Boy! You don’t have consent yet!”

A red-and-black corset slimmed the hostess’s midriff. The corset centered and raised her breasts, but left them completely exposed, pushed outward in teasing abundance, dark nipples thrusting from puffy areolas. Lacy red ribbons from the corset’s lower hem descended on either side of a hairless pink vulva. The ribbons were clipped to black fishnets, which clung to sleek legs, above three-inch red heels. Blue eye shadow popped her irises. Red gloss sheened her lips. Gel swirled her blond hair. The casual, frumpy housewife had been supplanted by a bombshell.

“Welllll,” she purred. “It’s my brand new boy toy.”

Sam looked at Kendra and quickly asked, “Does that count as consent?”

“You’ll get that later,” said Audrey, stroking Sam’s chin cleft with one finger. “Will you come when you’re called, Puppy?”

By this time Sam had recovered. “That depends on if I’m helping someone else cum.” He looked around the room. “I intend to check out the local talent.”

Three women cheered. They were ‘dressed’ generally as Audrey was.

Audrey turned her back, and with a hip toss, flicked her butt at him. “That’s fine, you’re also here to entertain my lady friends. Just remember, whom the gods would destroy, they first give a thick dick and a gorgeous wife.” Then she strutted away, turning once to grin and wink at them.

“I better drag you away before you get in real trouble,” said Kendra, guiding Sam towards the basement stairs. Laughter and some applause followed them, along with a male voice saying, “Yeah, but who’s she?”

They went to the room with the coat rack and storage bins. “We mingle together, right?” Sam asked as he undressed.

“Yep,” she said briskly. “Just be pleasant and chatty. Wait a while to see if someone offers.” She chuckled, doffing her underwear. “Vince says the propositions turn up in the normal flow of conversation. We’ll make it clear that we’re staying together and looking for one or two people to play with.”

“It seems more like a costume party,” Sam muttered, standing nude and shaking out his bomber jacket. “It’s like I’m cruising rough trade bars.”

“Audrey says most people here prefer some adornment. They feel like they’re in control with stockings or leather armbands, instead of total nudity. The living room is more social than sexual. Erogenous zones are generally exposed, since everybody’s shopping, but there should be something to distinguish you.” She pointed at the jacket. “Wearing that, open, is a great look for you, framing the abs. And, unlike in a nudist gathering, an erection is quite welcome.”

Kendra put on sparkly earrings that matched the necklace that dangled to exactly between her nipples. In patterned black elastic-top stockings, and almost-comfortable black heels, she walked to a full-length Konya Escort mirror with a tiny pair of scissors. There she snipped away a few pubic hairs that strayed from the trimmed central thatch. Then she removed the band from her hair, made it into an ad hoc bracelet, shook out the hair, and fluffed it.

Her C-cup bras had become tighter on her lately, but the breasts remained sag-free, high and proud on her rib cage. Nudity presented all her curves as smooth and taut, with no waistband to cause worry over what she might look ‘fat’ in. She judged that her body was almost as dynamite as it was when she poured it into the wedding dress.

She turned to Sam. “What do you think?”

“Let’s go home and fuck all night.”

“This is supposed to be different from every other Saturday.”

“It is, because now twenty other men will think that at you.” He stepped into his sandals without taking an eye away from her.

She wagged a finger. “They can only fuck me here. Boundaries.”

They held hands as they returned to the living room and began introducing themselves. A crowd accreted around them, but thinned out after they made it clear that they wouldn’t split up, being new at this, maybe some other time.

Then there were three couples with them, and the one that was making the clearest move was also the one that most interested Sam and Kendra. With no apparent displeasure, the other two couples moved on, leaving Ravi, a lean South Asian, and his spouse Kim, a short curvy blonde. Sam gauged them as around thirty. They were both bubbly and enthusiastic, and they made Sam and Kendra feel at ease.

“Well,” said Ravi, after some basic acquainting, “would you like to join us in a fun zone?”

“Sure!” said Kendra.

“Please lead the way,” said Sam. Mock-forlorn, he added, “We’re so new here.”

Kim and Ravi led them into a moderately-lit room with large cushions on thick shag carpet. Four other couples were there, roughly in two foursomes.

“Welcome to The Couple Doubler,” said Ravi.

“Our favorite place,” said Kim. “Hi Bill, Jenna!” Then Kim called and waved to everyone else. Sam and Kendra waved, smiling sheepishly at the two couples they had effectively snubbed.

“It’s cool,” said one of the men, smiling.

“Happens all the time,” said the woman he had been with, only now she was reverse-cowgirling the man from the other couple.

Kendra and Sam brought their focus back to their first choices. Sam felt that he should take some initiative. “For starters, how about a side-by-side swap?”

“You bet!” said Kim, flopping onto a cushion. The other three joined her, and while there was some collective nuzzling and fondling, very soon Kendra pulled Ravi close and they began to kiss, sitting cross-legged.

Sam lay on the cushion next to Kim and reached to fondle her far side.

“Nice,” she said, nestling into his neck, “but don’t be shy. I like having my tits groped.”

Sam laughed, as did others in the room. “I’m afraid,” said Sam, “we’re going to spend a lot of time finding out everyone’s likes and dislikes.” He gathered up Kim’s left breast and tongue-kissed it.

“We’re happy to educate you,” said the reverse-cowgirl, now short of breath.

Kendra warmed as Ravi’s hands traveled her torso, his touch encouraging. Caresses on her breasts clearly brought him pleasure, but didn’t suggest a desire to take, or dominate. He said the words she would often hear, and say herself, in her first few encounters here: “What do you like?”

“Your hands as they are now,” she said, hearing the smile in her voice. “Steady, smooth. Anywhere but my ass.”

He laughed appreciatively. “The way we’re sitting, that’d be too hard to get to.” His dark eyes searched hers. “I like feet, a little bit.”

“I’m sorry, I should have asked!”

“It’s okay, you’re new.”

Kendra met his gaze. He wasn’t her idea of good-looking. His eyes were close-set, his jaw heavy. Depending on the light, his skin tone varied from pinkish to tannish. Her enjoyment of him, though, came from listening more to her body than her esthetics, and also sensing his body. Everyone here was, in effect, pre-vetted as responsible, by Vince and Audrey and the club’s longtime members. Ravi was the right combination of new and safe.

“I’d like us to explore with our mouths, too,” she said huskily, pulse quickening. “But first I’d like them to get familiar.” She opened her mouth as she brought it to his.

Kim slid onto Sam, putting him on his back. He wriggled around to shed his jacket and toss it towards a wall. Standing up made Kim seem cute and compact, but she was a sinuous siren when horizontal. His prick flipped up, and she happened to catch it between her thighs. “We’ll get there,” she said, giving it a little squeeze.

“Sorry to be so eager,” he said. As if to make up, he fondled her breasts more devotedly, pairing smooth palm pressure with teasing finger traces.

“Don’t be. I want that attitude.” Kim Konya Escort Bayan leaned towards Kendra. “Is he likely to blow his stack?”

Kendra was moistening, thumbing the precum on Ravi’s prick while he stroked her breasts’ undercurves, but she had to laugh at the interruption. “Not until he’s spent a lot of time making a lady’s insides happy. And here, he’d stop only for the courtesy of changing condoms.”

Now Ravi laughed. “This tells me the standard I’ll have to meet.”

“Don’t let him poor-mouth,” said Kim. “Ravi’s a marble slab. Enjoy, we haven’t banged since this morning.”

A man on the other side of the room said, “It’s tough to concentrate when I can watch Kim’s reality show.”

Kim giggled, even as her hands and limbs kept Sam steaming up. “Maybe you’ll be in this episode later, Bill.”

Ravi said, “After taking the swap to the finish, we could get more collective.”

“Nice,” said Kendra, “but would you like one more starter?” She removed one shoe and stocking, and offered her foot. He grinned, and raised it to his lips like a champagne glass.

Kim faced Sam, and surprised him by whispering. “While we wait through that, you can add those tasty lips to your boob work. I’ll get loud. Not sorry.”

Kendra had never been interested in foot love. Massages were welcome, but that was it. Yet Ravi’s touch and lick added to her overall arousal, which was at a pretty high level. She watched his prick finish erecting, to show an upward curve.

“Yiiieeeeee!” Kim’s head jerked back and shook, blond fluff catching much of the light in the room. Jacked, Sam sucked and squeezed harder, grooving on her stiff nipples. With a chuckle, Ravi gave Kendra’s foot a farewell kiss, then stood and went to a wall shelf that held a condom bowl.

Kim settled into a series of “Whrrff!”s as her muscles relaxed. There was applause from the rest of the room. She wriggled down Sam to grin at him and smooch hard. Then she leaned to Kendra and said, “Thank you, my sister in mammary abundance. You’ve trained your tit man well.”

Kendra cackled, and the women high-fived.

Ravi caught Sam’s eye and held up a condom. Sam raised his hand, and caught the toss. Ravi told him, “Since she already came, she’ll enjoy a side-by-side.”

Bill’s voice carried an appeal. “Does our new lady like to cowgirl? Not because I’d really like to watch, or anything.”

“He’s earned it,” said the woman entwined with him. “I came twice.”

Kendra crawled over to Bill and let her boobs sway within a foot of his face. “But I’m so shy!”

“I’ll close one eye,” said Bill. “Maybe.”

“Good enough,” said Kendra, returning to her group. She grinned to see Ravi already on his back, condom installed.

Penetration proceeded. Sam fucked in his usual steady rhythm, his arm below Kim to hold her and stroke her shoulder blades. He joined her in some light, cutesy face kisses.

Kendra, having been primed by Ravi’s attentions and the environment, soared almost at once, giving Bill and other spectators not only a full view of her jouncing breasts and orgasm face, but their first exposure to her coloratura wail. When she might have started ramping down, she got new springs and spasms as Ravi blasted into her, hips thrusting, voice croaking.

Kim nuzzled Sam’s ear and said, “You can cut loose whenever you like.” She wriggled along him, and smiled through a long indrawn breath. Something about that put Sam on high alert.

“So you’re just along for the ride?” he asked, savoring her wet heat and feeling quick flexures.

Her neck extended like a petted cat’s. “There’s plenty to like in sex besides orgasms.”

Over Kim’s shoulder Sam saw Kendra had now leaned forward, to give Kim’s tit man something to do.

Sam also heard murmurs between them. And chuckles.

“Okay,” said Sam to Kim, “I’ll be selfish.” He sped up his drive into her. And squeezed her butt with his top hand. And got his head away from her mouth. So when her foghorn went off, he averted tinnitus.

The back of his skull tried to bury itself in a cushion, as her quim contractions spurred his spunk out hard enough to swell the receptacle tip. His growl quickly got louder than Kim’s honk. His calves cramped. Her top knee smacked into his.

Eventually, their bodies flopped apart like a cookbook opening to its best recipe.

Ravi asked, “Any actual damage?”

Sam got his head to where he could see past Kim. Ravi had a straight face. Kendra, not exactly.

“Just a flesh wound,” Sam muttered, wondering if anyone else knew clichés from old Western movies.

“Bill,” Kim slurred, “Wait an hour. Then, give me lots of foreplay. After you wake me up.”

After condom disposal, wipedown, and the draining of water bottles, the foursome gained new friskiness, Kim included. They used this to instruct, and learn from, one another on their oral likes and dislikes. This time, Kim was like the others in enjoying the sensations without exercising dopamine Escort Konya receptors. The men very much enjoyed having their unwrapped wangs licked by new ladies.

Sam and Kendra were still lolling on cushions when Ravi and Kim kissed them and stood. “Time for us to loaf by the pool, until we cheat on you with someone else,” said Ravi. “You two should visit the other rooms, just to gain information.”

“It’s not polite,” said Kim, “to jerk off in them unless you participate. Except in Sappho’s Garden.”

“Good advice,” said Sam, feeling totally blissed.

“Ravi,” Kendra called when her new lover was at the exit, “do you enjoy a standup fuck while you suck the lady’s toes?”

Kim pulled a face. “Well, duh! That keeps me practicing cheerleader splits.”

Kendra grinned. “Next time. I’ll recruit this guy to help me learn how.”

After a snuggle, Sam and Kendra got up. They were halfway to the room’s exit when they remembered their accessories. One of the women teased Sam as he donned the jacket. “I would have picked that up. Then all you’d have to do is come over to my place.”

“Deal,” said Sam, taking it off and tossing it to her.

She threw it back, laughing. “It looks better on you. Then you’ll look better on me.”

Kendra, shoe and stocking restored, tsked at Sam as she took his hand. “Do I have to lead you around by your dick?”

He shrugged. “Why should now be any different?” This gave them an audience laugh on which to exit, waving at likely friends, and potential lovers, they hadn’t actually met.

“This is great!” Sam said as they strolled. “Like with Audrey and Vince. Sex with more people is totally different than one-on-one with somebody new. I guess it really can be sex with friendship.”

“And surprises,” said Kendra, nodding, “but also safety. Someone who gets off on danger might not go for this.”

The rooms they had been shown on their first trip to the house now had wood-burned plaques over the doors. Since they had just heard it mentioned, the first one they looked in on was under the “Sappho’s Garden” plaque.

Most of the indirectly-lit room was taken up with a raised carpeted platform, with several cushions and five bodies on it. It quickly became clear that the lovers were all women, connecting in various ways. The pleasure in their voices matched well with the slow, string-heavy music. Lushly verdant potted plants filled wall sconces.

Seated on the floor against the walls were a few men. Two of them were, in fact, fondling their packages as they looked at the women.

“Hi, I’m Jack,” said a mostly-bald man of maybe forty. “I’m the captain, this shift. The rules in here are that only women are permitted on the platform, and that watchers on the floor must remain as silent as they can. If a man wants to jerk all the way off, he has to bring in a condom.” He smiled. “Really no need for condoms on the platform.”

“Got it,” said Kendra.

“Just looking around?” Jack asked her.

She was about to declare how she identified, but realized that she’s seem defensive, and maybe also offensive. She noted that Jack’s phrasing offered her a simple, inoffensive answer. “Yes,” she said. She and Sam moved on.

Music from the sixties wafted from The Commune, along with body scents that patchouli and laboring ventilators couldn’t quite overcome. Two adjoining king beds held at least ten people in a complexly braided fuckpile. Kendra and Sam were content to look in. Their mild amusement increased when they saw parts of Vince, nude, fucking an older woman while jerking a younger man.

The room labeled The Toy Chest was hosting an organized event: Consumer testing of butt plugs. But there was also a great deal of use, cleaning, and sharing of a wide variety of vibrators. A heavily-breathing woman with a flushed face was wiping down a Sybian.

A few rooms were empty and unlabeled, including the one where they had ‘auditioned.’ The couple wondered if advance registration for this event didn’t include people with whatever interests those rooms might welcome.

Their held hands swung a little as they walked. Kendra smiled at this. It had a just-going-steady vibe. She looked over at her husband, the blue eyes, the brown hair that felt so nice when she fingered through (and sometimes grabbed) it. She felt a little slickness in her tunnel.

They stepped into Self-Restraint mainly for due diligence, although what they saw in there didn’t turn them off. A blindfolded, hairy-chested man was backed against a structure, silky scarves binding his wrists and ankles to it. A woman and a man teased his bare skin with large feathers, and sometimes their lips and teeth. He writhed and whimpered, and his swollen cock flopped around. With a smile and nod to the apparent captain, a burly man in leather, Sam and Kendra moved on.

Lights were on in Club Ecstasy, and the disco ball reflected them in rhythm to Vann McCoy’s “Babyface” from several speakers—but the room was empty, save for a woman on a chair. “Got a pole routine?” she asked with a smile. “If nothing else, you could get undisturbed practice.”

“No thanks,” said Kendra. “You’re the captain?”

“Uh huh. A while back there were about fifteen people in here. But they can’t dance all night, either.”

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