Eyl 05

Kelci Ch. 01

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(This is a fantasy about one of my friends. It didn’t actually happen)

Kelci and I had just gotten back from our first date. We had been friends for a while before we admitted we had feelings for each other. When we were done with dinner, I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place. She said, “Sure.” When we got back to my place, it seemed like she was already ready to go.

“Remember,” she told me, “I’m still a virgin, and I only want to lose my virginity on my wedding night. But,” she smiled coyly, “I’ve heard there’s a lot of other stuff you can try.”

We kissed passionately. Kelci stuck her hands in my back pockets and I wrapped my right arm around her, my hand on the small of her back, and rested my left hand on her hips. We stayed this way for a while, slowly gliding around the room while we kissed. Suddenly I was seized with a moment of passion. I guided Kelci over to a wall and pushed her up against it. This seemed to turn her on, as she kissed more fiercely. I figured this would be a good time to make a move. My left hand moved up to massage her breast. As I squeezed it, she pulled away from me.

“What’s wrong, Kelc?” I asked.

Kelci blushed. “It’s just…I’ve never done this before.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, ” I’ll take care of you.” We resumed kissing. I started to massage her breast again. I could feel the arousal in her building. I flicked my thumb across her nipple. Kelci broke the kiss and let out a soft moan. I had never heard that sound from her before. She kissed me deeply again. My left hand dropped from Trabzon Escort her breast to her stomach, and my right hand went from her back to her left breast. Both her hands were still in my pockets, and I could feel her clenching and releasing her fists. I continued massaging her left breast with my right hand, flicking my thumb across her nipple periodically. She continued moaning into my mouth. My left hand moved down to her thigh and slid up to her crotch. I began rubbing her vagina, which was already slightly wet. Kelci broke our kiss again and gasped loudly. She looked longingly into my eyes as I continued rubbing her. She bit her lip and her eyes rolled back as a wave of ecstasy shuddered through her.

“Wait…wait.” She breathed. I stopped rubbing and massaging her. Kelci took her hands out of my pockets and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Then she stepped out of her jeans. She was now standing in front of me in just her bra and panties.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked. My penis answered for me. Kelci looked down at it.

“Looks like he wants to come out and play.” She giggled. She got onto her knees and unzipped my jeans. She pulled out my rock-hard cock and started rubbing it up and down. The sight was almost enough to make me cum. She bent down and kissed the tip. She looked into my eyes again then bent her head down, wrapped her lips around it, and began to suck it. As she sucked, she rubbed my balls with her right hand and her breasts with her left hand. I could feel my own climax building. She bobbed her head up and down, Trabzon Escort Bayan caressing my cock with her lips and flicking her tongue across the head.

“Oh God, Kelci!” I exclaimed. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it down further. “Oh God, oh God, oh God! I’m gonna cum, Kelci! OH GOD…KELCI!” I shouted as I shot my load into her mouth. She pulled off my cock with a small pop, my cum still in filling her mouth, some of it dribbling down her chin. She tried to swallow once, twice, then finally took a huge gulp and gasped.

“Wow,” she said as she wiped my cum off her chin, “That was….wow. “

“Yeah…” I said, “Wow” She giggled. I looked down. My penis had shrank back to it’s normal size and my balls seemed deflated.

“We’ll just have to see if I can get it back up.” I said

“I might be able to help you with that. Let’s continue this in the bedroom” She cooed. I led her to my room. Kelci unhooked her bra and I slipped off her panties, still shaking slightly from my orgasm. I gazed at her standing there, completely naked. Her breasts were small but pert, and her nipples were puffy and erect. As my gaze drifted lower, I noticed her pubic hair was shaved in a landing strip. Her pussy was so soft and new looking. She laid down on the bed as i quickly pulled the rest of my clothes off. She was rubbing one leg on the other and licking her lips seductively. I crawled on the bed towards her, hooked my arms around her legs, grabbed her ass, and puled her to me. We started kissing again, but this time it was me who broke Escort Trabzon the kiss as I began kissing all down her neck. I kissed down from her neck to her breasts, and I sucked on them for a bit. I could feel Kelci’s body writhing with pleasure under mine. I playfully bit her nipple and she gasped. Her body tensed like a spring. I sucked her breasts a bit more, then moved on, kissing down her belly and onto her thigh. She was moaning constantly now. I looked at her face. She was so beautiful, moaning in pleasure, one hand wrapped in her curly brown hair, the other grasping the sheets.

“Since you got me off,” I said from between her legs, “I feel I should return the favor.” I spread her legs and stared at her beautiful pink pussy. I flicked my tongue over her clit and she almost screamed in delight. I licked it again and she did scream. Not wanting to lose the high, I buried my face in her pussy and started licking and sucking for all I was worth. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and felt her legs start shaking. I could tell she was close to cumming, so to really push her over the edge I reached up and started playing with her boobs while my tongue went in and out of her hole. Suddenly she grabbed my head, pulled me into her, and screamed as she came. Her pussy juice washed over my mouth and I lapped it up.

She was still shaking as I lifted my head and began gently kissing up her body again. I came back up to her head and we kissed again, she still being unable to speak. Kelci laid her head on my chest I cradled her in my arms. We stayed this way for a while, our naked bodies lying against each other, me slowly stroking her hair. I had a feeling she had fallen asleep, as her breathing had become deep and rhythmic. I whispered, “I love you,” thinking she couldn’t hear me. But faintly I heard her whisper back, “I love you, too.”

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