Kayla’s Glorious Ass

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Pencil skirts have a lot to answer for; especially the pencil skirt stretched across Kayla’s glorious, ripe ebony arse. The young black women had been a breath of fresh air when she arrived in our stuffy office. Half the age of the average employee with twice the attitude.

Everyone agreed she was incredibly beautiful. Wide eyes. Heavenly lips. The hottest possible figure. Her curved rear could not be more different from my boyish tight tush. I mean I liked mine, and I know guys did, but I could not take my eyes off the full round thing of beauty Kayla seemed to deliberately taunt me with.

I’d appreciated women’s figures before, aesthetically speaking. I’d even had a sneaky look at lesbian porn, but I’d never actively been lecherous like this. Part of me was appalled, but the tight business dress Kayla wore made resistance useless. I started to daydream, to imagine her ass revealed perhaps as she bent over my desk. What would it look like naked? What would it feel like? What would I do if the beautiful Kayla let me?

I had never masturbated in our office bathrooms until Kayla arrived. Within days, I had taken myself in a cubical, slid my fingers under my panties and frigged my clit while my mind was full of pert, round blackness.

When I got home, I bathed the day away then slipped into the old t-shirt I wore to bed, as you do when there’s no one to impress. Hesitantly, I took my laptop to bed with me. Google was to be my lover. Cute black ass, I typed and flicked through the pictures. Ebony princess. I’d guiltily type teenager too, as my desires gravitated to flawless young tight perfection. I skipped past breasts, pausing occasionally to marvel at chocolate drop nipples that promised a taste of heaven.

I skipped a parade of smooth tight looking pussies too with their dark lips parted to reveal pink wetness. casino şirketleri All I wanted was black ass. One, two, three, twenty of them. Hundreds. Click, click, click. All while I was getting wetter, more aroused, closer to touching myself.

Faces that looked a little like Kayla looking back over their shoulders got special attention. I’d study their behinds in minute detail as an artist might study his or her model. Soon I got bored with images. I typed black ass porn movie and, in preparation, slid the old grey t-shirt off over my head. Naked, I searched through my options until I found something that even the thought of made my breath quicken. Black lesbian ass eating. Could I be nasty enough to watch it? Should I? I brushed my hand across the hardening nipple of my right breast as if that would help me make a decision. It did. I licked my lips and clicked the link. I fell asleep having had the best orgasms of my life.

The next day I couldn’t make eye contact with Kayla. She smiled at me as she had every morning, but it seemed she sensed something had changed. She sent me an email about a private meeting and my pulse raced. If she accused me of anything inappropriate, I would have to confess. How do you tell a colleague you’ve become obsessed? Another woman? A young woman? Arguments and speeches ran through my head until the appointed hour.

She walked into the office, looking as beautiful as ever and closed the door. She didn’t sit. She calmly explained she’d noticed something about our working relationship. I swallowed hard. Had she felt my eyes on her? Would she sue for harassment? She didn’t seem angry though.

Perfectly proportioned, gorgeous smiling Kayla seemed happy. There was a sparkle in her eyes, a smile played across her lips. She leaned in to whisper that she’d noticed I seemed to like her. casino firmaları That it was OK, she liked older women and that she had always wanted an office romance. It would be, and she didn’t bat an eyelid as she explained, hot as fuck.

I tried to maintain my cool but could not manage it. How had she known? Then I remembered all the hours gazing at that plump, tight round ass. I had given her so many clues. She challenged me with a stare. What were we going to do about it? I made a move towards her. She shook her head. Waved a figure. I didn’t get to move. Not this time.

She slid her jacket off and dropped it. The shape of her breasts were clearly visible through the thin material of a white blouse. She cocked an eyebrow teasingly as she began to unbutton it. Soon she was topless. Kayla had no need for a bra, obviously. Her breasts were spectacular. I briefly thought of all the men in the office, just a few feet from us, who would be stroking their engorged cocks at this sight. Curved, C cup tits topped off with dark brown, edible looking nipples. One day I would taste them. But this was a fleeting thought because I was impatient for the piece of Kayla I wanted more than anything else.

Figuring all the rules of decorum were now broken I slid down slightly in my office chair, letting my own pencil skirt ride up until hungry figures could work their way up my thighs. Seeing this, Kayla giggled. Flashing me a smile that implied she was enjoying putting on a show for me, her hands moved to the zip of her skirt. I mouthed the words ‘yes, take it off’. She did it slowly. Too nice a job to rush. Once open, she hesitated before dropping the straight, beautifully pressed skirt to the ground revealing her own thighs to me and a neat, tiny wispy triangle of white lace between them. It did a pretty poor job of hiding her güvenilir casino pussy. I could make out a neat dart of black pubic hair, and full dark lips that encouraged me to slide a finger along my own. I was achingly wet already.

Instinctively Kayla knew I wasn’t into her pussy yet. She turned slowly on her heel. Her sculpted back fell away to that glorious, feast of an ass. The two orbs, split by Kayla’s underwear caused me to feel light-headed. I chose that moment to touch my clit for the first time and I let out a long moan as a result.

Kayla didn’t turn. She tucked her thumbs into her underwear and, again taking her time, began to slide them over the object of my lecherous affections. I was circling my clit now, my legs lewdly wide open under my desk.

Kayla kept her back and legs straight, hinging at the waist like an erotic gymnast. This gave me a perfect view. The tease was getting me close to an orgasm. In my own office. At the mercy of a colleague. I was going to get fired but I couldn’t think of anything else than the view in front of me and the fantasies it prompted – to slide my fingers between her cheeks, to press myself into Kayla’s most intimate space or, oh my god, to taste it.

I was breathing hard as, now just in patent black heels, Kayla ran her hands back up her legs until she held her ass and pulled the dark hemispheres apart. Her ass-hole itself pushed me over the edge. I would tease it with my fingers, my tongue and toys in days to come. For now, I bucked my hips in appreciation of its hotness as an orgasm ripped through my body. Pussy juice spilled over my fingers. My face flushed, my chest heaving. It seemed to go on forever. Eventually, I pulled my fingers from my cunt, and let the ecstasy subside. Spent. Finished.

Kayla, still just in her heels, had turned to back to face me. “If you like my ass that much, boss, we need to talk about a raise,” she said as she picked up her clothes. I laughed as I tried to clean myself up as best I could. I was a total slut for Kayla’s ass. We were going to have lots of fun working together and I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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