Karen’s Awakening

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Cast: Karen, the wife; Jerry, the new neighbor; Mark Fillmore, the minister; Stuart, the absent husband

Chapter 1

Karen had been attempting to reconstruct the events that led to her becoming a fallen woman. Her descent happened fast. From a church going woman who prayed every day and read her Bible, she now had the morals of an alley cat. How could this happen?

It began two weeks ago. A handsome man had moved into the house next door. He appeared to be single. She had watched as the movers unloaded furniture and a bunch of boxes, items making up the man’s home. He was outside the house, directing the movers which items were going into the house first. There were two men, the movers, struggling with heavy boxes and an old upright piano. The new neighbor appeared to be in his early 30’s, clean cut with no tattoos.

Being at loose ends since Stuart was traveling on business, she waited until the moving men had left, then waited an hour. She wanted to bring the man a light snack because he must be hungry. When she rang the door bell, the man came to the door. When he opened it, Karen could not help staring at the man standing there in only shorts and a pair of sandals. His broad shoulders and well defined chest muscles caught her eyes immediately, and especially that his arms were well developed with muscular forearms. Evidently he had been favored by nature by an extraordinary development of the male appendage; it appeared as if a tremendous length of sausage had been stuffed down the thigh of his right leg. It did not take much imagination on Karen’s part to assume his balls were gigantic as well.

Had Karen not glanced downward, as all women do, she never would have begun this new chapter of her life, being driven by the curious throbbing in her privates.

As woman go, Karen would never attract whistles and cat calls from ill-mannered construction workers because she dressed in baggy work shirts and jeans. She wore very little makeup, no eye shadow, or bright lipstick. Her love life stunk. Her husband had a small wiener and his sex with Karen was minimal. She did not own a vibrator. And she never shaved her privates.

That was OK, since they both figured being married was supposed to be like that. Dull.

Karen was not happy with the token sex she got from Stuart. First, Stuart had a small dick, only 5 inches long when hard. It was half the size of the zucchini she used as a sex toy. She ate too much because she was depressed and during the three years she was married to Stuart, and she gained 20 pounds.

She felt that at her age, 38 years old, she deserved a husband who could romance her at bedtime. At least once in a while. She didn’t have a job, and other than going to church, she didn’t meet too many people. Her circle of friends included bisexual Ginny, and the ladies in the church choir. The two most important men in her life was Stuart, of course; and the preacher, Mark Fillmore.

Karen rang the bell. She had a plate of wrapped sandwiches in her hand. And she was there ostensibly to be a good neighbor. And she was horny.

“Hello, and who might you be?” Karen heard the man speak and knew he had caught her staring at the large bulge in his crotch.

“Oh, I’m sorry … I’m Karen Green, your neighbor, and I saw you working so hard, and thought I would bring you a bite for lunch.” Karen then added, “My husband and I live next door, and his name is Stuart, but he’s usually away on business. So I fixed us both a bite and thought maybe I could help you unpack or whatever … if you could use some help, that is …” she found herself mumbling.

“That would be nice, and I can certainly use some help! I’m Jerry,” he said, as his eyes raked over her body, since she’d worn a tight sweater and loose, open legged shorts. He was a friendly guy and came across as shy at first. Women liked shy men. He knew that.

After they’d enjoyed the sandwiches she had made, and Jerry made some coffee, Karen spent the remainder of the time helping Jerry unpack. She couldn’t stop looking at the thick bulge showing through her neighbor’s trunks. Her mind could not assimilate how large Jerry’s manhood must be.

Karen offered to stand on the stepladder and place those seldom used cooking items on the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets as Jerry handed them to her. It was close to six in the afternoon when Karen suddenly realized the full leg holes of the shorts she was wearing assuredly allowed Jerry to view up them and see her panties when she stood on the step ladder. Karen thought to her self, “My god, he must be seeing the hair over my pussy.”

The knowledge of this caused Karen to misstep, and her foot slipped from the rung of the ladder. She slipped down from where she had been on the ladder, and ended up being held by her new neighbor.

As she slid downward, the front of her body moved down over his, and she felt her legs slip on each side of his own. Not only were her breasts pressed against his chest, but her mons was held tight against the full erection samsun escort he had gotten while looking up Karen’s legs. Jerry could see the small panties and thick growth of auburn hair that hung out the sides of her lace panties. Not meaning to insult the woman, but before he could check himself, he commented, “You should wear these shorts every time you come to visit.”

Karen understood that he was not being insulting, but only admitting that he could view her sex up the full legs of her shorts.

“You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you — looking up my legs. You weren’t trying to embarrass me, now … were you?” Karen asked with a silly smile on her face.

What Jerry really wanted to know was if the brief contact her hand made on his erection was intentional, or did she just happen to brush her hand across his hard-on as she fell and straddled his body?

The view of her crotch inside her shorts allowed Jerry to see the hairs on each side of the small strip of material covering her sex. “She’s wearing a lace thong,” Jerry said to himself. “I would love to peel that small strip of fabric from her cunt and bury my face in all that hair …”

From the time Karen had seen, and finally allowed her hand to grip the large penis, she reached the point where she needed guidance. She could not erase the thoughts from her mind, that of what was going to happen next, a cock reflex that drove her to lust after that tube of flesh. And it never subsided, it nagged at her.

Karen made three more trips to visit her neighbor in the next week. She admitted to herself she was becoming obsessed over what was hanging between Jerry’s legs.

She needed counseling.


This afternoon before going to church, Karen had clearly committed adultery in her heart. It was desire, unmitigated craving. She kept licking her lips; her fingers twitched, her asshole tingled.

Stuart had been gone for more than a week, and would be gone ten more days. The need to be held and made love to was coursing strongly through her loins; Karen couldn’t deny it. For some time now it seemed that the physical love between her and Stuart had become more and more infrequent even though her desire for intimacy had increased. Her vulva was always wet.

Recently, when she made sexual overtures in the bedroom, or in the evenings while they relaxed together on the sofa, Karen would dress in lace or flimsy lingerie, and move to where Stuart was seated. She’d sit on his lap and thrust her boobs in his face, and attempt to initiate some sexual activity, only to be rebuffed. Men do not perform on command, and Karen would soon learn this lesson.

A few times she’d asked if something was wrong between them and even once in frustration had simply asked Stuart , with tears in her eyes, “Tell me Stuart , is there someone else?”

Today was a day when the need to be close to a male was making the blood in her veins run hot. She decided to dress seductively, and wore her new short skirt and a tight tank top. She did not wear a bra to support her large breasts. The small panties she was wearing was something a woman should not be wearing outside her bedroom.

Knowing that Jerry was home, the frustrated housewife had determined she would go visit him under some pretense, and maybe she could at the very least hold her neighbor’s thick penis in her hand. “Just how do I accomplish that?” Karen had asked herself. The image of a monstrous limb, swollen with desire, was foremost in her mind.

Knocking on the back door of Jerry’s home, Karen had almost lost her nerve before the door opened and saw her neighbor standing in his swimming trunks. His body was nude except for the Speedo swimsuit he was wearing. The wetness from having been in the pool caused his penis to be completely outlined in the slick material holding it against his body. Her knees went weak. She almost fainted.

Inviting Karen inside, Jerry asked, “Would you like something to drink, or even a bite to eat with me, as I haven’t had my lunch yet …” With a smile on his face, he looked deep into his neighbor’s eyes and told her, “You’re looking very nice in that skirt. It shows off your lovely legs!”

Moving into the kitchen, Jerry held the counter stool for his guest, and got some cold cuts from the fridge. Pulling out the stool next to Karen from under the counter, he sat down next to her. Jerry could see the pointed nipples of her breasts as he looked at her tight fitting top.

They were soon speaking about all that had happened in the past few days since they had last seen each other. Somehow, Jerry found himself telling Karen about his recent divorce, and that was one subject he hardly ever spoke of to anyone, including his own immediate family.

When or how she ended up turned on her stool and facing the attractive man, Karen didn’t know. How or who moved their own feet on the rungs of the other’s stool they were seated on, Karen didn’t know. After some time, she felt the hair on the man’s legs against escort samsun her own hairless legs, and her breath caught in her throat. One thing she did know was, that she clamped her thighs tightly to Jerry’s left leg, and crossed her ankles so she could apply more pressure of her legs to those of the man who was seated directly in front of her. Karen watched as the man reached out and placed his hand on her own. There was a slight resistance on her part as he guided her hand to the front of his swim suit, but she did not stop the progress of his bold move.

The damp swim suit did not hide his erection, and as her hand was placed on the firm member, she did not take her own hand away after it was released by the man. Her prayer to touch the man’s penis had been answered, in a way she would not have expected.

Her thoughts: “My god, it feels so hard and … he is huge … he must be twice the size of Stuart … I need to leave … I’m married and never thought of cheating on my husband before in my life … only since I met this man does this urge make me want to stray outside my marriage …”

Karen’s eyes widened when Jerry stood up and slipped his suit off his hips and down his legs. When he was nude, she found herself gripping the large member in her hand. Her fingers clutched it and closed on it. The limb throbbed and lengthened in her hand. With her right hand she moved it up and down as one would milk a cow. She looked down at his naked limb. He muttered some inarticulate words. Suddenly, as she looked, a stream of hot, thick cream shot out and fell in a shower all over her hand and arm. She worked away until the thing, covered with froth, slipped out of her hand. It was still hard.

She opened her thighs when Jerry touched her legs and slid his hand up her leg to the hair covered lips inside her panties. Her body stiffened as she felt for the first time, a man — besides her husband — worming his finger inside her panties and into her sex.

Opening her legs wider, Karen felt the man’s fingers moving over the hairs growing from her mons, hair growing down the top of her legs and hanging out of her panties. “He is touching me where only one man has ever touched me before, he’s touching my sex … fingering my pussy …”

“Ummmm, oh … Jerry … you shouldn’t … please don’t … ” For a few minutes Karen allowed herself to enjoy what the man was doing to her. He had first moved one finger deep into her sex and now had two fingers in her soaking sex with his thumb rubbing her clitoris. Gripping the massive erection of her neighbor, Karen was giving way to jacking his shaft and wondered what it would feel like sliding in and out of her hole. “Ohhhh … I

shouldn’t be doing this … I’m married, but you make me feel warm and … Jerry, we should stop … shouldn’t we?”

Karen’s hips begin to undulate on the stool where she was seated and then scooted forward and opened her legs even wider so Jerry had complete access to her privates. Jacking the thick cock was causing her to want him inside her body, and Karen was ready to climax from Jerry’s fingers playing in and over her pussy. Karen knew she must stop this craziness of allowing a man beside her husband to touch her so intimately.

Jerry moved forward between the legs of the hapless woman, and as she held and jacked his erection, she moved it so the cock knob rubbed against the center of her moist labia. Looking down, Jerry watched as the woman eased the head of his cock up and down between the lips of her sex, while still jacking him off. Her breathing was erratic, her bosoms heaved, and he heard the woman moan as she climaxed from the manual stimulation of his cock head against her labia and clitoris.

Jerry groaned as Karen’s soft fingers folded around his excited penis. Her touch sent shivers running up his spine and his whole groin area became alive with sensations as she ran her smooth hand up the full length of his erect cock. The purple gland tip seemed to flair out as tiny drops of seminal fluid formed at the dilated slit at the top.

Feeling the fat cock jerk in her grip, Karen bent down, extending her pink tongue from between her moist lips and she flicked it wetly out at the underside base of the rock-hard column. Jerry groaned as she ran her tongue up and down the pulsing underside of his fleshy column, letting her warm saliva run out along her tongue to moisten the silky cock. Feeling the hard warm flesh with her tongue Karen imagined the thick swollen cock spewing hot sticky cum deep inside her belly. And then in spite of her first revulsion at the thought, she wanted this cock in her, she wanted this hard virile cock smacking up and fucking inside her hungry hot pussy.

Jerry closed his eyes as he felt Karen’s wet probing tongue around the blood-swollen tip of his erection. She was caressing his balls in one hand and gripping the base of his huge cock with the other, while her tongue flicked at the seeping seminal fluid that formed at the tip from his growing samsun escort bayan excitement. He wanted her mouth to inhale his cock. “Suck it,” Jerry told her in a deep passion-filled voice.

Karen held her face a few inches above the enormous column, a little frightened by its size. She couldn’t recall ever having seen such a huge cock before, but putting her fear out of her mind, she bent close, breathing hot air over the purple gland tip. Her long dark hair spilled down around her face, some of it lightly brushing the giant member as she moved down over

it. Her moist and full lips parted smoothly over the giant tip as she took it slowly into her mouth. The swollen, excited head alone seemed to entirely fill up the cavity of her mouth, as her saliva gushed hotly out, wetting and lubricating the growing member. The huge gland jerked larger still as she gently bit around the base of the blood-swollen head. Her long tongue was pressed tightly against the base of the huge gland.

The sensations of the older woman’s warm mouth surrounding the gland tip of his cock drove Jerry wild with passion. Her hair brushed sensuously against his belly and thighs and he reached down, tangling his hands in her hair while thrusting his hips up with all his strength in his passion-maddened lust.

Almost involuntarily, Karen tightened her lip pressure around the thickened column and sucked in with all her strength. It was all she could manage to keep from choking and she could still see nearly half of the giant cock as it protruded stiffly from her stretched mouth.

Jerry slowly withdrew his cock from her sucking mouth and he felt Karen bite down on it with her teeth, forcing the blood away from the surface of the skin. A narrow white set of lines mixed with the rose of her lipstick running up and along the emerging flesh were clearly visible. She sucked like a vacuum against his withdrawal while swishing her tongue crazily around the giant head. Jerry was in sheer ecstasy and he began to rhythmically saw his giant member in and out of her now greedily sucking mouth.

Karen felt that Jerry was on the verge of an uncontrollable eruption and she was ready to do his bidding as she realized that he was actually fucking into her mouth.

As her body rocked in sexual stimulation and masturbation relief, he felt his testicles again start the road toward ejaculation. He moved to enter the woman, but she understood what he was wanting and as his cum splashed at the entrance of her hairy mons and labia, she sobbed out her second release. Yet she continued rubbing his ejaculating cock against the slit in her female opening. “My god, what am I doing … oh no … I’m so …”

Karen suddenly pulled herself away, and as tears flowed from her eyes, moved quickly off the stool on which she was seated and dashed for the door leading out side.

Just as she reached the door, she turned and spoke with sobs in her voice, “Not today, Jerry … I want to … honestly … I’m sorry …”

Looking at the handsome man, she saw his still erect penis pointing toward her, and her body wanted to return to where Jerry was seated and

let him shove his affair up into her pussy drenched with his cum. Instead Karen ran from the house to the safety of her own home.

Entering her own home, Karen moved to the master bathroom off her bedroom and looked at her face in the mirror. Tears had streaked her face and eye makeup, and taking a washcloth and washed her face. I have to go see my minister, I’ve never done such a terrible thing in my life, Karen was thinking.

Her mouth opened in sensual rapture as both her hands scurried over body as if no longer under her control, floating over her soft ivory belly, then coming to rest on the dark thatch at the entranceway to her burning genitals. Groaning at the sudden contact with her hard sensitive clitoris, she spread her legs far apart exposing the moist glistening furrow between them. Her trembling fingers slid down to the soft, swollen lips, pulling them gently outward until the deep pink opening was fully exposed to the warm air and the mouth-like orifice throbbed, greedily open like the mouth of a gulping fish.

Slowly and tenderly, she wormed her middle finger into the moist throbbing hole, forcing it downward until it was completely embedded in the tight, smooth passageway, at the same time flicking at her erect bud-like clitoris with another finger. Afraid to pause as her excitement mounted, Karen quickly thrust another finger past the rosy edges of her moist cunt, widening the lips as she rotated the inserted fingers in sensual abandon. Incoherent images of Jerry skewering her with his rock-like prick, invading her cunt, her protesting rectum, jack-hammering into her soft, willing mouth, flashed through her mind. In a frenzy of lust, she jerked her legs back against her chest and heaved her hips upward to meet each stroke of her probing fingers. Her face contorted with the effort of her frantic manipulations. It was not enough!

Deep moans of animal pleasure rose from deep in her throat as she speeded into a more rapid rhythm, straining for a climax, lunging up to bury the invading fingers deep into the tight pink opening. Her head rolled from side and she groaned in frustration as she tried and tried to bring herself to orgasm.

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