Just Another Day in Paradise

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“Annabelle! Where’s my good tie!? I need that tie for a meeting today. If they can’t see a good presentation, they won’t choose my company to represent them!”

“Did you look in the dog’s bed?”

“WHAT!? Why would it be there!? That’s my best tie!” Zarrek stormed out of their room, nearly falling over a sleeping 2-year-old Abby, who, like most nights had had another nightmare and decided to bunk down in front of her parents’ room for safety reasons, of course. After neatly avoiding a toe on stomach collision, he promptly tripped over an over excitable German Sheppard/ Husky and fell flat on his face.

A number of things happened all at once. Abby awoke, startled, and began to wail like a banshee, Annabelle came whizzing around the corner from the kitchen to see who had died and the dog yelped and began to bark like crazy, deciding it was playtime. Annabelle flew to Abby’s side, picked her up and rocked her back and forth to get her to calm down.

“Zarrek, are you alright?”

Zarrek lay there for a bit before turning over onto his back to see his dog wearing his favorite tie. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Joey! Come here now!”

The shuffle of little feet was all that was heard as 5-year-old Jolene came into the room as if she were being walked to the electric chair. “Yes, Daddy?” She murmured in a whisper.

Zarrek looked up at his little girl, the quietly asked, “Joey, why is Oobboo wearing my tie?”

Joey looked at her mother, then back at her father, “Cuz Oobboo wants to go to work with you, Daddy, he told me so.”

Zarrek sighed, shook his head and retrieved his tie from the dog’s neck. “From now on, Honey, people cloths stay on people only, Ok?”

“Yes Daddy.”

Zarrek finished dressing, and then looked at the clock. Quarter till 9. He muttered a curse, grabbed his briefcase, czech harem porno coffee and paper and rushed out the door, hurriedly pecking a kiss on his wife’s cheek as he left.

Chapter 2

Annabel lay next to her daughters that night, for they had decided to share a blanket fort in the living room rather than have their beds to sleep in. Both of them were sleeping soundly…for now. Annabelle decided to get up and finish the kitchen chores. She looked at the clock on the stove, seeing that it was almost nine. Another night with out her husband. She set to work, cleaning the table, filling the dishwasher, and wiping the counters down. She looked at the clock again, 9: 15. She sighed and wandered down the hall to her room. She was tired of spending all her evenings alone. It wasn’t fair to her or the kids. She was determined not to be a married single parent, just like her sister was. Being married didn’t mean splitting tasks to be done; it meant working together on them. She needed to have that talk with her husband.

She put some music on, some soft, sexy melody to dance to as she undressed for her bath. She began to sway back and forth, and then as the song went deeper into her body, she began to move her hips and shoulders more. She rocked her hips in time with the beat as she slid one strap of her tank top off her shoulder, then the other. She sensuously slid the tank top down her chest, off the gentle slope of her breasts. She pushed it down past her hips, down her long legs and kicked it away from her. Annabelle danced as if for a lover watching. In her minds eye, she could see him, standing in the doorway, dressed in slacks and a shirt that was halfway open, showing off his very masculine chest. Next she unbuttoned the button on her denim shorts, slowly slid the zipper down swingers porno and shimmied her way out of them, caressing her stomach as she did so. She turned from the doorway, showing her imaginary lover her back. She slowly gyrated her hips as she reached behind her to unfasten her bra. The house creaked, sending shiver of fear and aloneness up her spine. Annabelle shook it off then went to go turn off the music, what she was doing was silly, it’s not like any one was watching her, she thought.

An arm snaked its way around her waist, pulling her backwards in to a muscled chest. She tried to scream, but a hand shot up and covered her mouth. A deep sexy voice growled in her ear “Finish it.”

She began to struggle until she looked down and saw a tattoo gleaming in the moonlight. It was on the intruder’s forearm, an image of two lions curled up together.

It was the tattoo they had gotten together, to show their love to one another. Annabelle stopped, then raised her arm next to his, showing the matching tattoo. Zarrek growled in her ear again “Don’t stop, finish the dance.”

Annabel began to sway again, rocking her hips into his. Zarrek moaned and swayed with her, taking a hold of her hand and spinning her around slowly. He grabbed both of her hands gently and put them behind her back, causing her breasts to press into his chest more. He guided her to the bed, layed her down on it and stood back up.

Annabelle looked at him, confused, and then tried to sit up. Zarrek pushed her back down, kissing her on the lips softly, then standing back up. He started to take his shirt off the rest of the way, then quickly rid himself of the rest of his cloths. He crawled onto the bed, looming over Annabelle. He kissed his way from her lips to hr neck where he stopped momentarily czech pool porno to nibble. Then he continued his journey south. Kissing the soft slope of her full breasts, ripened from having nursed two babes, he suckled her nipples and then conutinued. His lips lead him to her belly button, where he swirled his tongue around and around then dipping in. finally he had reached his destination, the top of her thong.

Annabelle moaned as he nibbled on her hip bones, and then gasped as he buried his face in between her legs. The heavenly aroma of her womanly scent made his body swell even more. He moaned into her, the vibrations causing her to gasp louder. She moaned his name “Zaaaarrrrreeeek!”

He took her thong into his teeth and pulled it down her lithe legs, exposing her nether lips. Crawling back up her supple body, he leaned down to kiss her deeply, his tongue swirling around hers, teasing and then thrusting in deeper. Annabelle moaned, and then gasped softly as she felt him part her thighs with his knee.

Annabelle wrapped her arms around his neck, scoring his back with her nails as he finally entered her. They were close, closer than ever before as he began to thrust his member into her love canal. She moaned louder as he picked up speed and deepened his strokes. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he moaned her name loudly “Annabeeeeeelllee!”

She kissed her way from his lips to his neck to his shoulder, where she bit him rather hard as he hit her g-spot, over and over again. She nearly screamed as he trust extra hard nearly sent her over the edge.

“Oh God Baby, I’m so close, make me scream your name!” she panted into his ear.

A few more deep frenzied thrusts and both of them flew off the cliff together, leaping into the abyss of pleasure.

Zarrek collapsed next to her as they both struggled to breathe. “God Annabelle, I love you so much.”

“Can’t be as much as I love you, Zarrek.”

“Hell, we’ll call it a tie, Baby.”

“Speaking of babies…” Annabelle took his hand a placed it on her tummy.

Zarrek looked from her tummy to her eyes, then grinned like an idiot.

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