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Just a Drive

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I had a reputation as a prude. I hadn’t planned it that way, I was just picky about who I took to bed. With my reputation being set like that, it made it hard for me to get a one-night stand. Even when I really wanted one, and I wanted one bad! Since masturbation wasn’t helping, I decided to go for a drive. I don’t know why, but I put my vibrator in my purse when I left.

As I was driving down the highway, I looked in truckers’ rearview mirrors as I passed them. Some of them were “hot”; I was getting hornier just by checking them out. The excitement about what I was doing was almost more than I could handle. The truckers had no clue of the effect they had on me. I slowly started rubbing my pussy as I drove. Without thinking, I slipped off my shoe and put my left foot on the dash. I just kept getting hornier with each truck I passed. I started rubbing my clit under my mini-skirt, as I passed the next truck. I didn’t even think about the fact that he could see what I was doing, until I had passed a couple of trucks. The realization of what I was doing both scared me and excited me. I kept well in front of the trucks, while I thought about what I had just done. Oh well, it wasn’t like I was fucking them all. I decided to take it a bit further. Now I was running on the excitement I was filled with, I had always been such a cautious person, and the possible danger just turned me on more.

I fumbled for my vibrator. In doing so, I slowed down a bit, I noticed the 3 trucks passing me; they were the same ones I had just passed. As I passed them this time, I ran my vibrator over my tits. I was careful to only pass the same trucks. I waited excitedly as they all passed me again, this time I noticed there weren’t any cars behind me, so I passed slower. I tilted my hips so I could insert my vibrator slightly into my pussy, just enough that it would stay. I slowed to match the first truckers speed. When I was beside him; I rubbed bursa evi olan escort my clit and ran my hand under my top. I was getting hornier all the time; I wasn’t sure how much longer I could do this as I drove. I pulled up and matched speed with the next truck. This time I worked the vibrator a little. Oh shit, I needed fucked more than ever now. I pulled up beside the third truck and squeezed my tit hard, my body was quivering, and driving was getting hard. I had to pull over and fast.

Luckily the rest stop was deserted; I needed to finish off what I had started. At this point I didn’t care what the truckers did. I figured it was up to them. As I pulled into the rest stop, I just hoped at least one of them would join me. I was thrilled, scared, and very excited as I noticed the trucks parking. All three of them had pulled in behind me. I put my seat all the way back, now I had my left hand free, so I could do this right. I slipped off my right shoe and placed my foot on the dash. I couldn’t stop now, I didn’t care how it happened. I just needed fucked bad! The truckers got out of their trucks and were walking towards me. I started squeezing my tits with my right hand and working the vibrator with my left hand. Moans were escaping me as my body quivered, I closed my eyes to hold the fear I was feeling at bay. I heard my car doors being opened. I bit my lip as I opened my eyes to check out the truckers. There were two men by each of my doors; there must have been two men in one of the trucks.

Just seeing them there scared me and excited me even more. I knew I wasn’t in the safest position, but at this point I didn’t care. I was normally such a careful person, but knowing the position I had put myself in made me more excited. I had heard danger could be exciting, but never realized it could be this exciting. I started giving the vibrator head, licking my juices off it and deep-throating altıparmak escort it. I tried to look each man in the eyes as I did this; moans were escaping me around the vibrator. I couldn’t believe the men were just watching. I was just getting ready to fuck myself with the vibrator again when one of the men by my door said, “Here suck this.” I turned and got on my knees to eagerly suck him off, as I squeezed my clit.

I tried to contain my excitement, as I slowly started working on his cock. He slowly backed up, causing me to have to follow him. This left me fully exposed to the men; I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I didn’t miss a lick as I climbed out of my car. Actually, I started sucking more eagerly. The man I was sucking off was so tall I barely had to bend over. He wrapped his fingers in my hair as I felt one of the other men pick up my hips and ram his dick in my pussy.

They carried me, impaled on their cocks, over to a picnic table. I couldn’t believe how excited I was, the fear in me just kept building my excitement. They kept me suspended, ramming their dicks deep into me. I was bouncing back and forth between them, holding onto the hips in front of me, trying not to miss a beat. I was eager for their cum. Moaning and trying to meet their thrust I sucked harder, I tasted pre-cum and eagerly swallowed all his hot cum, as he sprayed it down my throat, just as more cum was spraying deep in my pussy. I kept sucking after I no longer tasted cum, I just wanted more.

Somehow they managed to flip me over on my back, as they laid me across the table. The first trucker pulled his cock out of my mouth saying, “Damn! She can suck.” I eagerly grabbed the next dick, as my head hung backwards over the table. Just as I sucked it down my throat. I heard the last man say, “I don’t like sloppy seconds,” as he lifted my legs high in the air and forced his cock up my ass. gemlik escort

I loved anal, but had never had it so rough, so a muffle yell escaped my lips around the dick pumping down my throat. The man that was fucking my face said, “Oh yeah bitch. That feels good, keep yelling on my cock.” He then started mashing my tits in his hands. He squeezed them harder and harder, till I yelled. Then he told the other guy to fuck my ass harder to see if I’d scream. I felt my asshole tear as he started relentlessly ramming his cock deep in me. Tears started running down my face as I screamed. Instantly, I felt cum squirting up my ass and down my throat. I had enjoyed rough sex before, but wondered how rough I would enjoy it. I loved this!

Then they lifted me upright between the first two men. I was sandwiched between them as the rammed their cocks in my sore ass and pussy. Now that I had my voice I couldn’t help but yell at them, “Oh yes, more, more, more, I need all you got! Fuck me hard!” as tears streamed down my face. For some reason the more pain they inflicted on me the more I wanted.

They passed me back and forth using all my holes as they crushed my tits, pinched my nipples and clit, and slapped my ass hard enough to bruise. Every time there was a dick in my throat they would make me scream, either by twisting my nipples or cutting me with a pocket knife one of them had. My body was racked by orgasm after orgasm; one would barely finish as the next one would hit me. My body shook uncontrollably. When the men were finished with me they put me back in my car, covered me with a blanket I had in the back seat and left. I over heard one of them say, “I’ll go get the closed sign I left by the entrance.” I had vaguely wondered why no one had come to the rest stop. Then I drifted off to sleep from exhaustion.

When I woke up the truckers were long gone and the rest stop was full of families. Somewhat disappointed, I straightened what was left of my clothes and drove home to see to my wounds. Although I was very sore and battered, I was hoping to do this again sometime. I had always enjoyed sex but this topped all my experiences. I couldn’t wait to heal and do it again. Just the though both scared me and thrilled me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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