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June Jacobs

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My friends don’t understand why a girl like me would bother to talk to a nebbishy dork like Miles, but what I can say? Long familiarity breeds some kind of understanding. Fate handed us the same last name (Harris) and as a result, he has been beside me through every home room in high school, up to now, our senior year. Through the years, I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to watch Miles go through puberty, to see him sprout hair on his chin and develop his own distinctive B.O., to hear his voice sink several registers, to watch him beccome gangly, awkward and tall. And inevitably I came to feel sort of sorry for him, and I couldn’t help but become a kind of confidant of his, sharing in all his secret crushes and romantic disappointments.

For years Miles has had a huge crush on one of my best friends, June Jacobs, and he has always pestered me for advice on how he might make an impression on her. I’ve tried to tell him it was hopeless, but he just wouldn’t listen.

“Oh, Louise, you just don’t understand,” he’d say. When she wears that skin-tight little belly shirt that shows her navel ring, it makes me want to crawl. Her velvety creamy thighs when she wears her checkered skirt. And her legs, oh Louise, her legs, so long, so thin, so perfect. I doubted, but calves prove to me that there is a God. They are so taut and supple. When she wears those brown leather boots with the thick heel, you know, it’s all I can do to keep myself from falling to my knees and worshipping her.”

He would go on and on like this, every day a different rhapsody for a different part of June Jacobs’s body. “Did you see June’s hair today? Like long, perfectly spun silk, like pure Grade A honey. I want to wrap a tendril around my neck and strangle myself with it — could there be a better way to die? What I wouldn’t do for a lock of her hair. I dream of being a floor mat at her hairdressers, being showered upon by her snipped-off ends, to be covered in her hair, to have it flowing all over me.” The next day it would be “My God, Louise, you’ll never believe it. I was behind June in line today at lunch, and I got to stare and stare at the nape of her neck. I thought I might faint before the lunch lady dished out my lasagna. Those little tufts of hair at the base of her head, like the breath of an angel in material form. And her neck so long, so poised, so delicate. Her head is like a Faberge egg balancing on a slim, jeweled scepter.”

And he loved her face: “June has the most perfect cheekbones,” he said. “They’re so round, so perfect, and I swear, she’s always blushing. And her thick, pouty lips, so full and fleshy, so kissable. She always smirking at you, always smiling at some private thought. Her eyes are so wide and round and bright, they see right through me.”

The worst was when there was a football game, and June would have to wear her cheerleader uniform to school. Miles would walk around all day with a hard on. I know because he told me, the pervert. “Did you see June today?” he’d ask. “Oh. My. God. The creamy thighs, Louise. So amazing. The pleated skirt, God I want to shove my head under there so badly. I want to die. And her breasts in that sweater, so bilious, so bulbous. I could rest my head forever on that ample, bosomy, pillow Is it my imagination or are her nipples trying to bud through? Does it excite her to know that she strides the halls of our school like a living goddess, worshipped by every drooling boy she passes?”

Of course June didn’t even know who Miles was. June has had the same boyfriend since we were 16, this college guy from the city named Zeke, who drove a Hummer his parents bought him for graduating high school. And June was not the pure delicate flower Miles seemed to think she was. She certainly not available for the likes of goofs like him.

Finally, one day when Miles was giving me a ride home after school, he was going on and on about June as usual. “Louise, did you see June today?” he asked. “You should have seen what she was wearing. She had this short short skirt on that barely reached her thighs, I swear, and these white wool stockings that came up just over her knees. So there was this luscious strip of June-flesh just naked, more naked then if she was totally naked, you know what I mean?”

“I have no idea what you mean.” June’s always showing off her legs, because she knows how sexy guys seem to find them. I’ve been with her at the mall when she would try things on, short skirts, tight pants, and she’d stare at herself in a full-length mirror, admiring what she saw. Look at this, she’d say. This would look great with my boots.

Miles continued, “And her breasts just looked so perfect today. I could see the shape of her nipples right through the shirt she was wearing, like two little hard candies waiting to be sucked. She had on this button-down blouse that was tailored in to fit her waist like bursa escort bayan a cinch, and you could see how much strain her big tits were putting on the fabric across her chest, how the buttons were just struggling to stay buttoned. My fly was struggled to stay buttoned to, if you know what I’m saying.”

“Miles, I have no idea,” I said.

“And her ass, my God, that little piece of skirt just bouncing up and down off her ass while she walked. Every step she took, in those sexy heels, I thought I was going to see panty. But maybe she doesn’t wear panties, that’s what I’m hoping. Wouldn’t that be something. A wind kicks her skirt up and I get to see her bush!”

I guess I was just sick of hearing about how perfect June was. What was next? How magical her eyebrows were shaped and how perfect her neck muscles were? So I decided to tell Miles the truth about June and Zeke. I thought maybe he would see how she was just like everyone else, and kind of a slut, as a matter of fact, and he would give up on her. And sure enough, after I first explained to him the situation, that she’s fucking Zeke like non-stop every weekend from what I hear, he grew quiet, sullen. He drove on in silence, pouting to himself and shaking his head.

Then he started asking me questions, started wanting more specifics. “What do you mean they fuck? Like they drive somewhere in his car, and just get out and fuck? Like in the woods? Like a couple of wild animals?”

“You think I’d tell you?” I said.

“We’re just talking,” he said. “Come on.”

“Probably sometimes,” I told him. “Sometimes they probably do it in his Hummer. There’s plenty of room to do it in there.”

Miles adjusted his rear-view mirror. “Who is this guy, Zeke?” he said. “Does he make her come, do you think?”

“Miles!” I said, shocked. “What makes you think I know that? Girls don’t kiss and tell like that.”

“Bullshit,” Miles said. “You must have asked her. Is she in love with Zeke?”

“She’s having sex with him, so I guess so,” I said.

Miles asked, “Does she say, ‘I love Zeke’? Because if she does, then I bet he’s made her come.”

We drove in silence for a moment, and I said “He’s made her come. I know it. You’re right. She’s told me so.” She hadn’t, but I bet it was true. Sometimes when she would come to school after spending the weekend with Zeke, she’d have a glow of contentment about her that made her even more beautiful, she’d seem all flush and voluptuous, like a real woman while the rest of us were just girls.

“How did he do it?” Miles asked.

“With his cock,” I said, and then I gasped. I never used a word like that in front of another boy before.

“Louise, since when do you talk like that,” Miles said. He sounded a little embarrassed, and he drove on in silence for a few miles. Then he said, “I know he does it to her with his cock. But does he go down on her, do you think?”

“I’m sure he does,” I said. I didn’t know. I couldn’t even imagine it, really, someone licking me down there, where I pee. But I’ve thought about licking a guy’s dick. I only have a vague sense of what that would be like, but I never think about it being dirty. It turns me on, and I wonder how it would swell up with my lips wrapped around it, and what the boy’s come would taste like. I’ve heard so many things from my friends, but they all seem to agree that it’s indescribable. You just have to taste cock for yourself.

“Really?” Miles said skeptically. “That’s gross, isn’t it?”

“You never thought about licking a girl’s pussy?” I said, and then gasped, shocked at what I had let slip out. It was so strange talking about this stuff with a boy. It started to feel like a dream I should be waking up from any minute now.

“I don’t know. When I think of June sometimes, I think I would do anything to be near her, to be close to her. There’s not one place on her body I wouldn’t want to touch, you know. Her ass gets me so hot, and its not like I ever think about her taking a shit out of it. Just something about the way her ass cheeks move when she walks, something about those curves in motion makes me weak, makes me all aware of myself. And I can feel myself getting harder. And then I don’t know what to do with how excited I feel. I feel like I want to explode.”

“Well guys like Zeke don’t have that problem I guess,” I said spitefully.

“You can’t tell anybody about this conversation, all right Louise? Else I swear I tell everyone about you were talking about cocks and pussies.”

I agreed I wouldn’t tell. Of course I wouldn’t. “We’re just talking,” I said.

“Sometimes I think I’m going to have to go to the lavatory and jerk myself off, I swear,” he said. “You can’t know what that feels like. Girls just don’t know what it’s like. I can’t think of anything else. It drives me crazy. June Jacobs is driving me crazy,” he bursa bayan escort said. “And I’m loving it.”

That was almost too much. I wanted to disillusion him, once and for all. “Zeke’s father is a doctor, and Zeke steals the complimentary packets of Viagra from his father’s office, you know the ones the sales rep give out? Then when he comes home for the weekend he fucks June silly for hours and hours and hours. She says it’s like there’s a telephone pole stuck on him. Sometimes she describes it as a baby’s arm holding an apple.”

Miles winced as I told him this. “June wouldn’t say something like that,” he said. “That’s just not true.”

I continued on, mercilessly, “Sometimes, June told me, she would take the Viagra too, which sounded awfully weird to me. But she said it really got her juices flowing, if I knew what she meant, and that it made her pussy warm and buzzing, whether Zeke’s cock was in it or not.” It surprised me how easy it was to say those words like pussy and cock now that I’d said them aloud once.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Miles whined. “Girls can’t take Viagra.”

“That’s not what June said,” I told him. “She says she thinks about Zeke’s cock all the time. In study hall, on the bus, when she’s alone in bed. She tells me she even plays with herself thinking of him fucking her like a dog, while she’s down on her hands in knees.”

“No way,” Miles said. “What else does she say?”

Suddenly I wasn’t sure if this strategy was working, if he was getting at all disillusioned. But I liked the way it felt to talk like this, even if it was just to Miles. I like saying “fuck” and “cock” and to think about June doing it to Zeke, even though I didn’t have the slightest idea what he looked like. “June thinks about taking Zeke’s big cock in her ass,” I said. “She wouldn’t even need any lube cause he gets her so wet. That’s what she says. She says she loves the idea of getting slammed in the ass till she screamed. It gets her all hot and bothered.”

That wasn’t even true. I just made that up. But I don’t know why, but I wanted to keep the conversation going. “Zeke’s got a thing for going down on her too; he loves to eat her pussy, and not only that, when he starts eating her pussy, he starts eating her ass, too.” I said. I don’t know where these thoughts were coming from. They just popped into my head. “She says he loves to ram his tongue way up her asshole, and he’ll keep licking and licking until she can barely stand it.”

Looking over at Miles behind the wheel, down between his legs, I could see how excited my talk was making him. The wale of his corduroy was getting stretched.

Normally this would have freaked me out, but I kept staring down there at his bulging crotch as I was talking. “And she says that sometimes she just watches him play with his cock, watches him stroke it while she plays with her tits for him. She loves putting on a show for him, making him all rock hard like that, until finally when he’s ready to blow his load, and then she sticks her face right in front of his cock so he can shoot his come all over her face. Then she licks it off, whatever she can reach with her tongue, that is.”

As long as I wasn’t looking at his face, as long as I was looking at his growing bulge, throbbing, I couldn’t even remember that it was Miles beside me. He was Zeke instead, just how I would imagine him, lean and muscular, with a pitiless glint in his eye and a gaze that could bore into you, could see right through you to the dirty thoughts you tried to keep hidden from people. Zeke could read those like they were written on my face, that’s how I imagined it.

“What’s it look like?” Miles asked, with a sharp intake of breath.


“Her pussy,” he said. “Tell me what it looks like.”

I don’t know why he thought I would know what June’s pussy would look like. But even more, I don’t know why I started to tell him. “She’s got it shaved,” I said, “but not totally shaved, not like a little girl’s. That would freak Zeke out, that’s what he told her. But he wanted her to keep it cleaned up around her cunt so he could eat it better. He says, I like to see what I’m tasting.”

Miles said, “Tell me how wet it gets.”

“It gets real wet and saucy, especially when she’s playing with it, especially when he sucks on her nipples for a while and teases her clit with his fingers or his tongue. She says he’ll tease her like that, and he’ll do it until she begs, until she’s begging for his cock, just begging for it.”

“Is it wet now?” he asked quietly.

“Oh my God, yes,” I said. I kept staring at his bulge. I wanted so badly to unbutton his pants and let his cock free. My first cock, I was dying to see one now.

I said, “June tells me that when he’s driving her around, that she likes to open his bursa merkez escort fly and suck on his cock. While they’re riding around.”

“For real?” Miles asked. “Seems kind of dangerous.”

“I’m sure it can be managed,” I said. My nipples were hard, and I had to suppress an urge to touch the tips, to see how stiff they were, which lead of course, to me playing with them, and I just wasn’t sure what Miles would think of me then.

“So what, he’d just be at a red light, like we are now, and he’d just sort of whip his thing out?” Miles asked, staring out at the traffic.

“That’s what she says,” I said, breathlessly. I looked out the window at this row of identical houses stretching away from the main road, wondering what he’d say next.

“So he’d just unbutton his pants, like this,” he said quietly, and I could hear him undoing his belt, pulling his zipper down. Finally I had to look over, and there was his hand, fumbling around, and then suddenly there it was, his cock, hard and veiny and pulsing. It was much bigger than I ever thought it could be. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but I know I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“June says she’d kind of pull on it first,” I said. “Before she’d suck it.” Tentatively I reached over and grabbed his cock; it was warm and quivering, so much harder than I would have dreamed. It seemed to get hotter and wider as I worked to get a better grip on it.

Miles gasped a little, a sharp breath part way between pain and relief. He said, “Does June like to stroke it? Does she like to stroke his cock?”

I said, “She says she likes to take her time.” I felt like I was watching someone else’s hand, June’s hand, glide up and down the shaft, with by now was bright and gleaming, slickened by the juice that was oozing out from the hole on top. It was weird how though it was so stiff, the skin seemed to give so easily, and crumple on itself like an accordion, or a collapsing building. “She goes up and down his big long dick nice and slow,” I said, thinking out loud as I watched my hand. “She wants it to get as big and hard as she can make it, so she tugs on that cock real gentle and real nice.”

“It must be hard to drive,” Miles said, “With your cock getting jerked off like that.”

“Yeah, and it’s even harder when June does this,” I said, and I bent over and took the tip of his rod into my mouth. And the girls were right, the taste was indescribable. But that’s probably because there was such a flood of sensation, all throughout my body, up and down my legs and in the tips of my nipples, and especially in my pussy, that I couldn’t separate sweet taste from tingly feel from musky smell from sucking sound. It was sensory overload.

“Oh, yeah,” Miles muttered. “He must love it when she takes his cock right in her mouth like that, God. He must think that’s the best thing in the world.” I wasn’t sure where we were, but the car suddenly came to a stop. I kept on licking the head of his penis, and up and down the shaft, and finally I took the whole thing in my mouth, to see how much of it I could take in. It was pretty amazing, my head just seemed to keep going down and down as my lips kept stretching and stretching out, until I felt totally stuffed with cock. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

“God it’s so beautiful,” Miles said. “It feels so good.” I looked up at him, and his eyes were closed tight and I wondered if he was dreaming about June. I didn’t care. I was sort of thinking about her too. I used to wish I had a cock that she could suck on, and then maybe she would spend more time with me, pay more attention to me. But now that I was sucking Mile’s big long dick, I could see what she would get preoccupied with it. Still I wished Miles was her, or maybe that I was Zeke, or something, so that I could feel as close to June as I felt to Miles right now, stuffed to the hilt with his manhood.

I was bobbing up and down now on it, and it was sticky and sloppy with my spit. I was bobbing my head as fast as I could, and I could feel Miles quivering beneath me. HE started to push down on my head, to get me into a new rhythm, his rhythm. It felt good to surrender to him. I felt flushed and warm all over. As I let him push and pull my head, as he sunk his fingers in my hair and guided me, I thought about June’s beautiful mouth, her swollen lips all red with that crimson lipstick she wore, thought about forcing her head down under my skirt, where I was so wet right now, I though my juices were going to come gushing out over the car seat.

“Oh my God, I think I’m going to come,” Miles said, and he started to jerk at the waist in his seat. He still had his seat belt on. I panicked for a moment, fought against his hand and pulled up off of him, just as the sperm was starting to explode out of cock. It covered my face, in thick gooey streaks across my glasses and into my hair. It was warm and it smelled wonderful, like freshly cut grass. I wished he would come forever and I could drown in his stuff.

But soon he was finished. I lifted up my head and saw where we were, parked by the curb right outside of a very familiar house, right by the end of June Jacobs’s driveway.

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