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Julie’s Panties Ch. 13

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Julie and I had been dating for nearly three years and things had been going well between us. While lingerie had become a ritual in our sex life, Julie also had always dressed in silky underwear whether for every day, or for our more intimate encounters. It was obvious that this was inherited from her mother, Julies Mom was quite attractive and being the office manager at the family insurance business, dressed for the position. Her typical outfit included dresses and skirts, I had often seen a flash of a slip or a peek of a frilly bra strap when Julie and I spent time with her folks. I would often look at her and try to imagine what she looked like in her underwear. The point is that Julie grew up in an environment where her role model believed in pampering herself with the finest lingerie and Julie followed right in her mom’s footsteps.

I had recently bought a house and while Julie still lived with her parents, she had begun adding some of her personal effects to my place. One benefit of owning my own property was a nice outbuilding that I had converted to a woodworking shop. One piece at a time, I was building furniture and had recently completed the bedroom, including a pair of Ladies dressers, one of them a series of shallower drawers designed for lingerie. We weren’t yet engaged to get married but I had a surprise planned for later in the year, at Christmas.

It was springtime and Julie suggested that we head to Boston to spend the weekend shopping for lingerie! Julie’s school schedule had severely limited her available time to work so she had curtailed buying new panties and other finery due to lack of money. I had offered to take her shopping, having saved up for several months and planned to blow the whole pile this weekend with my girl. Under the guise of staying with her old high school friend Amy, we headed up but then booked a room in a nice hotel for some privacy. What her parents didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them!

As planned, I arrived at Julie’s house at 9:00 AM sharp. Her parent’s car was gone so I knew that they were at work. The door was unlocked so I let myself in, Julie was nowhere in sight, so I hollered “Where are you?”

“I’m up here,” she replied as I climbed up the stairs.

As I entered her room she said, “You are early!”

“No, I’m not, it’s exactly nine o’clock.” I replied.

Julie wasn’t dressed but she was sitting on her bed, one leg pulled up, doing something to her toenails. What caught my eye was that she was still just dressed in her bra and panties. I immediately recognized her outfit as what I had purchased for her on Valentine’s Day. The panties were made from the reddest of red polyester satin in a high cut bikini style. There was no lace at all and the band that ran over her hips was about 1-1/2″ inches wide, made from pure shiny, slippery satin. So were the front and back panels, and the crotch area. The way she had one leg up and the other stretched out towards the floor gave me a perfect view of the silky material smoothed out over her pussy. As I have said many times before, I just loved the way that the elastic around the waist band and leg openings of panties gathered up and crinkled the fabric, adding to their incredibly silky look. Julie regularly trimmed her pubic hair, but she had much more hair than is commonplace with women today. This combined with the cotton crotch lining of her panties and the stitching made the gusset look a little puffy, something that also turned me on.

Her bra was a satin and lace creation that perfectly matched the color of her panties. I stood there, admiring the swell of her breasts, filling out the cups, her perky nipples poking at the satin just below the lace portion of the bra. Two delicate straps held everything in place as they curved over her shoulders and disappeared to meet the back band. Julie’s beautiful dark brown hair spilled down and partially obscured her left breast, adding to the total allure of the whole scene.

I knew that this was no accident and that Julie had planned the whole thing so that I could get a good look at her underwear before she finished getting dressed. This had the desired effect on me, as instantly I wanted to have her, right then and right there, to hell with the rest of the day’s plans. We hadn’t had sex in over a week and my cock immediately began to respond to the situation. God, she looked hot and when she stood up, I took her in my arms, kissing her sweet lips while reaching down to knead her satin panty clad ass. Julie broke our embrace and stepped back with a devilish smile on her face.

“Save that for later, Tiger!” she cooed. “We have a shopping date, and I don’t need gooey panties all day!”

Reluctantly, I resigned myself to the fact that there would be no early morning love making for us and my throbbing dick would have to wait till later.

Julie blew me a kiss, wiggled her red silky ass over to her dresser where she bent to get a pair of jeans from the bottom drawer. This did not Anadolu Yakası Escort help my predicament at all and again I knew that this was a deliberate action designed to keep me on edge. She shimmied into her tight jeans, then made quite a show of choosing a top while dressed in her red satin bra. Finally, she pulled a ribbed top over her gorgeous breasts, it concealed her silky bra, but still highlighted her stunning figure. She slipped on socks and shoes, took one final look in the mirror, messed a little with her hair and off we went to the big city.

Our first stop was at a large mall in the outskirts of town that had several nice department stores as well as this new lingerie store called Victoria’s Secret! Just the name was enough to get my attention as visions of hidden delicacies danced in my head. The first store we shopped at was at Filenes as Julie knew that they had a sale on her favorite Olga bras. I could feel my pulse increase as we neared the lingerie section and I saw all those silky underthings on display, they even had manikins dressed up in bras, panties, slips, teddies, nightgowns, you name it, they had it.

Over the past couple years, I had started to overcome some of my self-consciousness while shopping for lingerie. I had begun buying delicate little things for Julie on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. While I still felt a little self-conscious being in the lady’s underwear section, Julie was at my side, so I figured that it was perfectly normal for me to be there. We walked directly to the Olga bra section and being a perfect 34C, she selected several new bras, one each of white, pink, red and black, all in her favorite “Shimmerlillies” style. She was familiar with how these bras fit but wanted to try them on to make sure. I wanted to join her, but Julie had other plans, telling me to sit outside and wait.

Shortly after she disappeared, an attractive young salesgirl came over, introduced herself as Melissa and asked me if I needed any assistance. I kind of blushed and explained that my girl was trying on some bras and that I was waiting for her to come out. “I figured that much,” she replied, “What colors did she choose, perhaps I could show you some panties to go with them!”

Now I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid! Here was a hot looking girl asking me to go look at panties with her while my girlfriend is trying on bras! “Let’s go!” I said and we headed over to the racks of panties.

“Do you know her size?” Melissa asked.

“She is a medium,” I replied, adding “She took in white, pink, red and black bras but she has quite a selection of colors at home, so I guess that we have limitless options!”

“Well,” Melissa began, “Olga is having a sale this week so we should start there, what style does she prefer?”

“Julie usually wears satin bikinis and I prefer them on her so let’s start there!” I offered.

Handing me several hangers with panties on them, Melissa announced “Here is Olgas “Bodylace” panty, we have the colors she is trying on as well as this pretty pale blue and this bright-yellow pair here!”

These bikini panties were made from a nylon satin. The back panel was all satin with a 1-1/2-inch band of material over the hips that became a lace panel at the front.

Melissa continued, “We also have a sale on these satin bikini panties over here, they are very similar except they are all satin with no lace!” She picked several pairs off the display on the table and handed them to me as well.

From behind my back, I heard Julie speak, “Wow, I leave you alone for five minutes and I find you with some hot chick looking at panties! I hope that they are for me. By the way, these bras fit perfectly, I will also take one in the light yellow.”

Melissa burst out laughing, “Yeah, I saw him sweating outside the changing room and figured that I’d bail him out!” she added “Look at what we picked out for you!” pointing to the 12 pairs of panties in my hand.

“Oh, they are beautiful!” Julie exclaimed, “Can I have all of them?”

“Of course!” I replied, “This weekend is on me so let’s do it up right!”

“Wow” Melissa said to Julie, “My boyfriend won’t buy me any lingerie, he just wants to get me naked and then down to business!”

“You have the wrong boyfriend!” Julie replied, kissing me on the cheek, “This one is taken, so the rest of you girls are out of luck!”

I remember thinking to myself, “I am the lucky one, shopping for bras and panties with my beautiful girlfriend!” Feeling totally at ease now with the experience, but being incredibly turned on at the same time, I suggested that we look at some other things while we were there. Julie replied, “The day is young and there are so many other stores to shop, let’s check out and move onward!”

Standing at the register, I began imagining how Julie would look in her new bras and silky panties and I began to feel my cock responding, I had to suppress the Pendik Escort urge to feel Julie up right there in the store! I came back to earth as Melissa announced, “That will be $148.38!”

I peeled off seven twenty’s and a ten, handed them over, then Melissa bagged up our purchases, and we headed to the door, Julie carrying the first of many bags of underwear that we would purchase that day.

Next stop was Macy’s. They were a little more upscale but also had a lingerie sale in progress. In the middle of the lingerie section there was a round table with a sign in the middle that said, “All panties in this display, 2/9.99”. There were 100s of panties, all arranged neatly like a fanned-out deck of cards, completely around the table with rows in concentric circles going to the center. They were all made from a silky polyester satin in a dozen colors. There were classic bikinis, string bikinis, panties with no lace, panties with a triangle of lace in the front, panties with triangle of lace accented with sequins and pearls! I’m telling you that there were hundreds of panties in this display and all five bucks a piece! I looked at Julie, Julie looked at me, and we both looked at the panties. I said, “Well sweetheart, you had better get busy”.

Julie started leafing through the display, taking out one of everything that was in her size, handing them to me to hold for her. Holding all these silky panties had my heart racing and my poor pecker was straining to get out of my pants. Man, this turned me on! I leaned over to Julie and whispered into her ear, “Holy fuck Julie, I want to rip your jeans off, hoist you up onto the table and fuck your brains out on top of this huge pile of panties!”

She turned as red as the panties she was wearing and whispered back “I’ll keep that in mind but if you do it security may escort us out and that would end all our fun buying panties. Just how many of these can I get, Mr. Moneybags? Or should I call you Mr. PantyFreek?”

I replied, “You just keep picking them out and I’ll say when I’m out of money!”

The next stop of the day was Victoria’s Secret. This was a rapidly expanding chain of upscale Lingerie stores, usually in larger malls across the country. The high quality and exquisite design of their lingerie, coupled with massive mailings of glossy catalogues featuring super models, had resulted in exponential growth throughout the 80s and beyond. Talk about sexy, when the Victoria’s Secret catalogue arrived, every red-blooded male in the world snuck off for a private session with Victoria!

Here we were, at that lingerie mecca, complete with mannequin’s and racks of silky underthings. They had tables covered with arrays of panties, the bras were in dresser drawers. Chemises, slips, teddys and robes were displayed on padded hangers in coordinated collections of various colors and prints, made from the finest satin and lace. My head wanted to explode, I wanted to get one of everything for Julie. We wandered through the store, loading up like it was the end of the world. We stopped at the register to “Make a pile” of purchases then returned to another collection. Julie tried on more bras, finding six that she loved and that fit her perfectly. They even had collections in cotton………. We walked right by them!

Finally, we figured that we had done enough damage and headed to the register to check out. We had blown nearly $550.00 in one store, our purchases filled two more of those large “Mall bags”. I’m sure that we got some amused looks as we headed from the mall with all those bags from lingerie stores. The experience left me with a perpetual boner that I couldn’t wait to use.

The fourth and final stop was Dillard’s. They had a whole section devoted to Barbizon, our all-time favorite brand. Barbizon had a history of making their own fabrics, one of which was called Satin Remarque. It was a blend of nylon, rayon, and polyester that was the silkiest thing on earth! Barbizon focused on panties, tap pants, slips, half-slips, camisoles, teddies, and nightgowns. Julie had several Barbizon panties, slips and teddies, and we were going to add the latest creations to her collection, hopefully in several colors. As we moved through the racks, Julie handed her selections to me, just holding these incredibly silky things revved me up to the point of almost bursting, I’m surprised that I didn’t come in my pants. Julie bought four sets of panties, slips, camisoles, and teddies, in red, pink, white and the palest of yellow colors. With an unstoppable bulge in my pants, we headed to the register and checked out, another $400.00 bucks well spent! As she handed us the bags, the perky clerk smiled and said, “Thank you, and enjoy!” Boy if she only knew!

By the time we got to our hotel room, I was so horny from all the stimulation caused by a day of lingerie shopping. We had five bags of bras, slips, chemises, garter belts, stockings, and tons of panties. I was walking around with a hard-on Kurtköy Escort and couldn’t wait to see Julie try some of this stuff on in the privacy of our room.

Julie said to put the bags on the table and that she was going to take a shower. She was a clean freak, so it didn’t surprise me when she said, “I want to be squeaky clean when I model this for you!” She had removed her ribbed top and jeans and was standing there in the red bra and panties that had given me such a boner this morning.

Seeing an opportunity for shower sex, I relied, “Let me join you!”

“No, she answered, you wouldn’t leave me alone,” then turned and wiggled her panty clad ass into the bathroom. Julie was fastidious about her hygiene, and I had learned long ago that a quickie in the shower was out of the cards.

As I heard the shower start, I busied myself by taking our new lingerie purchases out of the bags and sorting them on the bed. We had out-done ourselves, 67 pairs of panties, 12 bras, 6 half-slips, 6 matching camisoles, 4 teddy’s, 3 full-slips, 6 chemises, 6 robes, 4 garter belts, and 1 long satin and lace nightgown. I quickly added up the total of my purchases in my head and came up with nearly $1500.00. By the time that I had organized these treasures on the bed, the stimulation of handling all those gorgeous silky garments had my hormones to the boiling point. I was so turned on that that I was startled when I heard Julie open the bathroom door and walk into the bedroom.

She was wearing the most incredible bra and panty set in the palest of yellow satin. I immediately recognized the panties from our favorite manufacturer, Barbizon, and made from that incredible Satin Remarque. Her bra matched the color perfectly, but it was from Olgas Shimmerlillies collection. Dangling from her hand were the red panties and bra that she had worn all day.

When she saw the bed, all covered with her new lingerie, she said “Whoa, what happened here, were you counting up the damages? Or just admiring my new underwear?”

“A little of both” I replied. “Holy shit, this stuff is sweet!”

“Well, don’t you dare leave a mess in any of my new lingerie. By the way, I need my new half-slip and garter belt that match these panties. You wouldn’t know where they were, would you?”

I knew exactly where they were and I slid the slip from the slip pile, the garters from near the bra pile and handed them her, the silky fabric giving my hands the most incredible sensations as I almost reluctantly handed them to her. Julie started to put her worn underwear into her overnight bag but then paused, smiled, and handed them to me. “Enjoy” she teased me as she turned on her bare feet then headed back towards the bathroom to finish her makeup and primping for our big dinner date.

I stood near the bed, stark naked with a raging boner and two new panties in one hand, Julies worn panties held to my face with the other. I couldn’t help stroking my dick with those silky panties, it felt so good that I started wanking myself while staring at all that new underwear, inhaling that indescribable aroma of Julie from her worn panties. Suddenly I realized that if I didn’t stop, I was going to come in the panties and would have wasted this first orgasm before even kissing Julie.

Just in the nick of time, Julie returned to the bedroom, now wearing that incredible bra, panties, and half-slip. The garters were unseen beneath her slip.

“Couldn’t wait, could you?” Julie asked, with a quick little wink of her pretty eye. “Do you like my used panties?” she asked. “What were you going to do if I hadn’t come in?”

“Oh My God, Julie!” I said, “I am so fucking horny, today’s panty fest has had me on the edge of coming in my pants ever since that crotch shot you gave me first thing this morning. I don’t think that I can last very much longer.”

Julie had the most devilish smile on her face, I knew that she was enjoying torturing me, she knew the effect that lingerie, and especially panties, had on me and wasn’t afraid to exploit my weakness.

By this time, she was walking across the room, wearing her brand-new light-yellow bra, satin bikini panties, and half-slip. Now if there is anything that excites almost me as much as panties, it’s a satin slip. I love the silky fabric, the lace trimmed hem and walking slit that Julie prefers her slips to have. I love the way they shine and ripple in the light, and I love the way they feel, especially when worn over satin panties. There was a nice, upholstered armchair in the corner and Julie sat down in it to put on her stockings. As she carefully rolled them up her long legs, the lacy slit of her slip fell open, exposing her garter belt and tantalizing glimpses of her panty crotch. Her breasts were adorned with her satin and lace bra, but I could see her erect nipples forming little peaks in the silky fabric.

Finished with rolling on her stockings, Julie stood up and fastened the clips of her garters while straightened her stockings, her silky slip falling into place, covering her stocking tops and panties.

“What are we going to do about that?” she continued as she moved towards me and the bed, pointing towards my erection.

“I don’t know” I replied, ‘I’m about ready to burst!”

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