Jug Of Wine, Loaf Of Bread

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes.


Holly Frentz casually pushed the tiny buggy through the aisles of Natural Peak Grocers, a trendy vegan grocery store in a ‘Mixed-Use’ building in Oakleaf, Texas. The red headed beauty was not a vegan and actually found the whole idea of veganism to be a bit absurd. She kept that opinion to herself; a few of her coworkers at Prescott Conglomerates were vegan. In fact, it had been Michael Peterson, a vegan coworker that had told Holly about the small grocery store located on the ground floor of Oakleaf Towers.

Her first time shopping in the trendy, somewhat high-priced store had almost been Holly’s last time shopping in the store. At the produce section, Holly admired the oversized cucumbers and the deep rich green coloring of the cucumber. Her aunt had grown her own cucumbers and her aunt’s cucumbers had paled in comparison; both in size and in coloring. So, pointing to the sticker that announced that these cucumbers were 100% organically grown, with no herbicides or pesticides, Holly asked a store employee if they were sure they could make that claim.

“We wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true,” the girl had snapped, angered that anyone would dare question their integrity.

“Are you sure?” Holly pressed. “You’ve seen this farm? You’ve seen how they grow their produce?”

“There a problem?” an older woman demanded, glaring at Holly with undisguised contempt.

“I’m simply asking how y’all are sure these cucumbers are herbicide and pesticide free,” Holly said. “You’re asking a pretty good chunk of money for them; I think I’m allowed to ask questions.”

The explanation the store manager offered did not instill any confidence in Holly, so she left the overpriced cucumbers alone. She did grab a bunch of still slightly green bananas and a nice sized pineapple. The Fuji apples looked pretty good, so she grabbed five of the better looking apples out of the bin.

And at the back of the store, in the corner, Holly Frentz found a reason to frequent Natural Peak Grocers. One hundred percent organically grown wheat and oats and rice and barley and rye sat in huge bins. An attractive blonde stood and smiled a warm welcoming smile as Holly gaped at the grains available.

“And we stone grind them for you,” the girl said in a honey sweet voice.

“Ten pounds of the whole wheat would be how much?” Holly asked and read the price out loud.

“Now, ma’am, there’s no preservatives with this,” the girl cautioned. “Ten pounds might go bad before you eat it all, you know.”

“Five pounds,” Holly amended. “I need more, I know where you are.”

Trish smiled happily and explained, step by step what she was doing as she scooped the wheat into the scale, then dumped the five pounds onto the table’s surface. The large stone was taller than Trish but the girl did not seem bothered by the large disk’s weight as she rotated the millstone by hand over the wheat kernels. One hand moved the stone, the other hand swept the wheat kernels into the path of the stone.

“And there you go. Anything else, ma’am?” Trish smiled as she swept the coarsely ground wheat into a burlap bag.

Holly was hooked the first time she made banana bread with 100% stone ground wheat. Pancakes made with 100% stone ground wheat and hand-picked blueberries made Holly a devotee. Since then, she’d tried variations, mixing rye, or barley, or oats. Showing up at work with a ham and provolone cheese sandwich on homemade bread had a coworker asking Holly to bake her a loaf. Now, Holly took orders from her coworkers; Mondays and Thursdays were her delivery days. Holly would give a coworker the benefit of a doubt; if the coworker found themselves without the funds for the ordered loaf; they could pay her the next day. If a coworker went two days without payment, Holly would not take any more orders from that coworker. Bread making took careful work, time-consuming work. It was not a charity.

The bulbs of garlic looked good; Holly thought maybe a loaf of Italian style bread, made with olive oil and garlic and some fresh oregano might be a good seller. So she put four bulbs of garlic into her buggy as she proceeded to the grains area of the store.

Rounding the corner, Holly saw there was already a customer waiting for Trish to finish her order. Holly admired the Latina girl’s full rounded buttocks in her low-rider jean shorts, goodly expanse of the girl’s rear end very visible. The girl wore a short crop top, exposing her lightly tanned back, showing an ample expanse of soft, smooth flesh.

Overhead, the store’s PA system played piped in music. ‘Kiss Them For Me’ by Siouxsie Amber said her assigned roommate bahis siteleri had not shown up for the semester. Amber did locate her notebook and helped Holly decipher the class curriculum.

Then, Amber had leaned over at kissed Holly. The stunned Holly opened her mouth to protest and Amber had stuffed her tongue into Holly’s mouth.

That night, Holly learned about lesbianism from Amber Mancuso. She also learned the joys of anal sex from Amber Mancuso. Placing Holly on hands and knees on the abandoned cot, Amber had tongued and fingered Holly’s rectum. Then, fingering Holly’s dripping pussy, Amber had thrust a flared dildo deep into Holly’s bowels.

“God, you got the perfect fucking ass, bitch,” Amber had declared, raking her fingernails over Holly’s pale, shaking buttocks before bringing her mouth to Holly’s gaping anus to start the anal play all over again.

That experience had opened Holly’s eyes to her own bisexuality. And, in truth, for a man to bed Holly, he really had to have something special going for him.

That experience had also turned Holly into an anal sex addict. She loved pleasuring her lover’s ass and loved when her lovers would pleasure her ass.

She’d not seen Amber in a few years; the caramel skinned beauty had simply vanished. On occasion, Holly did wonder what had become of the woman. Now, standing in the Natural Peak Grocers, Holly stared at the Latina girl’s sweetly rounded buttocks.

“They played that song at my prom,” the young girl smiled an embarrassed smile over her shoulder at Holly.

“Hmm? It’s one of my favorites; almost as good as her ‘Silver Waterfalls,'” Holly smiled, tearing her eyes from the beauty’s exposed buttocks.

“You know who that is?” the young girl asked, nodding with her head toward the ceiling’s speakers.

“Mm hmm, Siouxsie and the banshees,” Holly smiled. “You ever heard any Cocteau Twins?”

“Who?” the girl smiled, shaking her head no.

“Heaven or Las Vegas is my favorite cd of theirs; I also got the box set of all their Eps,” Holly suggested, stepping a little closer to the girl.

“Hi, Holly, what you getting today?” Trish smiled and handed a small bag of stone ground wheat to the Latin girl.

Holly placed her order. She turned to see the other customer waiting, just cradling the two pound bag of flour to her chest.

The girl’s crop top showed off a concave belly with tiny dent of a belly button, and nicely rounded breasts. The tight denim shorts showed a plump pubic mound and delicious camel toe.

“I uh, where you staying?” the girl asked, pretty face colored by a heavy blush.

“North Terrence, ’bout four blocks from here,” Holly said, pulling out her cell phone. “Give me your number and I’ll text you the address.”

“Here you go. What else?” Trish asked, placing the three bags onto the counter.

“You always say ‘what else’ like I’m being cheap or something,” Holly joked and Trish shot her a wide smile.

On impulse, Holly also grabbed a large jug of organic red wine. Rosa, the Latina girl followed Holly, her single bag of flour clutched tightly to her chest.

“Oh, you going love that,” the cashier enthused, ringing up the bottle of wine. “My husband? Makes a real spicy curry? He does these plantain chips go with it? This wine’s perfect for that.”

“How is it with a nice thick medium rare steak?” Holly smirked and the cashier lost her smile.

“Well, I wouldn’t know,” the cashier snapped.

Outside, Holly shot her new friend a wide smile. Rosa still blushed prettily, but returned Holly’s smile.

“Any time they say stupid shit like that? I always ask them about meat,” Holly admitted. “God, just ruins their whole day.”

“Huh?” Rosa asked, confused.

“They’re all vegan,” Holly explained. “Where’s your car?”

“Huh? Oh! Oh, I don’t got one; I live only couple blocks that way,” Rosa pointed.

“Okay, I’m in the Lexus over here,” Holly said, turning toward her vehicle.

“Girl! A Lexus?” Rosa asked, looking at the gleaming automobile.

“Client’s wife died; he didn’t want it,” Holly explained, popping the locks.

In her comfortable apartment, Holly quickly sliced a small loaf of rye and wheat bread, then scooped a spread she’d made with shredded cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, olives and garlic into a small bowl. She placed two small knives on the cutting board with the four hunks of the hard crusty bread and carried that to where Rosa sat, ramrod stiff on Holly’s blush couch.

“And, here we go,” Holly said, selecting ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ and pressing ‘play.’

Striding quickly to the kitchen, Holly found two wine glasses and poured the organic red wine into the glasses.

Rosa still sat ramrod stiff when Holly sat down next to her on the comfortable couch. The girl tried to smile as she accepted the glass of wine. Her nervousness was very apparent.

“Go ahead,” canl─▒ bahis siteleri Holly nodded toward the bread. “Try some of the spread. With red wine? It’s a truly delicious pairing.”

Rosa did smear a good amount of the soft spread onto a piece of the bread. Holly likewise prepared a piece of bread.

“Mm! Oh! How you, how you get the crust like this?” Rosa asked, washing the mouthful of bread and spread down with a gulp of wine.

“Brush it with milk; you have to kind of scald the milk,” Holly admitted, swallowing her own mouthful. “Mm, I do love their wine.”

“You can show me?” Rosa asked, stuffing another bite into her mouth.

“Sure; I’m wanting try something kind of new,” Holly agreed. “But come on, finish this first, okay?”

The small kitchen was Holly’s only complaint about the two bedroom apartment. The small room had miniscule counter tops, limited cabinet space and barely enough floor room for two people to cook together. The two girls crowded into the small room.

Holly quickly measured out some stone ground wheat. She prepared the yeast with some warm water and a teaspoon of sugar, located the olive oil, then pulled some leaves of oregano from her window herb garden.

“Best kitchen appliance ever made?” Holly said, standing behind Rosa and grabbing Rosa’s two wrists in her hands. “These two hands of yours.”

Standing directly behind the beautiful girl, Holly could smell Rosa’s sweat. It was a light aroma, hidden beneath Rosa’s soap and lotion. Holly could also smell the shampoo that Rosa washed her thick hair with. Some of Rosa’s hair tickled Holly’s nose.

Holly could feel Rosa’s soft skin as she ‘accidentally’ brushed her hand over Rosa’s taut belly. Her thighs pressed momentarily against the backs of Rosa’s legs; Holly could feel their smoothness, feel their warmth.

As Rosa began to incorporate the wet and dry ingredients with her hands, Holly drizzled in some olive oil. With her free hand, Holly chanced a gentle brushing of Rosa’s left buttock. The skin was soft, the muscles underneath the skin were tight and firm.

Rosa laughed as they mixed together all of the ingredients. Holly never moved from behind the Latina beauty; Holly kept Rosa trapped between her two arms as they mixed the dough.

“Mm,” Rosa did shiver slightly when Holly braved giving a soft kiss to Rosa’s slender neck.

“Mm,” Holly concurred, giving Rosa’s neck a soft bite.

“And now, we just let it rise,” Holly finally declared when the ingredients had been mashed and threshed together into a firm, moist ball of dough.

Rosa twisted around in Holly’s arms and pressed her full lips against Holly’s lips. The two women thrust their tongues into each other’s mouths, tasting the rye bread and cheese and red wine on the other’s tongue.

Holly’s 34D breasts pushed firmly against the girl’s breasts. She could tell Rosa wore no bra underneath the very short top; Holly could feel Rosa’s hard nipples pressing against her bra covered breasts.

“Need wash our hands,” Holly murmured, indicating her kitchen sink with a nod of her head.

“Okay,” Rosa husked.

Holly quickly covered the ball of dough with a dishtowel. She was not sure what the purpose of the towel was, but her grandmother had always covered any type of dough with a dishtowel.

“Oh, your soap, it’s black,” Rosa complained.

“Coffee grounds; gets the smell of onions and garlic out of your hands,” Holly explained, watching Rosa’s delectable buttocks shimmy and shake as Rosa vigorously scrubbed her hands.

Holly availed herself of the grainy soap, then quickly patted her hands dry. She turned and found Rosa right behind her, waiting.

“By the way, how, you are old enough drink wine, right?” Holly suddenly thought to ask.

“I been drinking wine my whole life,” Rosa laughed. “I’m nineteen; just graduated from Sacred Ascension.:

Ever since moving from DeGarde, Louisiana to Oakleaf, Texas, to attend Connelly College, Holly had heard quite a few disparaging jokes about the all-girl Catholic School. For example, ‘What do you call a virgin at Sacred Ascension? A visitor.’ Or, ‘How does a Sacred Ascension student hold her liquor? By her habit.’ Holly didn’t think Rosa would find any of those jokes particularly amusing, though.

With a soft, lingering kiss to Rosa’s lips, Holly led the girl into the living room. She eased Rosa onto the couch, pushing Rosa to recline her head on the padded armrest.

Kicking her shoes off, Holly stretched out on top of the dark haired beauty and kissed the girl’s soft lips. While their lips touched, Holly gently ran her fingers over Rosa’s exposed belly. She could now feel a light moisture beginning to form on Rosa’s soft skin; a light sheen of sweat, even as the cool air blew on them. Holly could taste the wine on Rosa’s lips and tongue.

“Mm,” Rosa gave her approval as Holly’s canl─▒ bahis fingers dipped underneath Rosa’s skimpy top, along the undersides of Rosa’s breasts.

Holly pulled her lips from Rosa’s lips and eased the hem of Rosa’s short top up. She exposed Rosa’s 30C breasts, exposed the caramel colored flesh and dark brown nipples. On the inside of Rosa’s right breast was a red rose tattoo; the petals caressing Rosa’s dark areole.

Holly bent and ran the tip of her tongue around Rosa’s tightly crinkled areole. Rosa gave a soft mewl of pleasure as Holly gently sucked Rosa’s right nipple into her mouth. With a gentle bite, Holly pulled Rosa’s breast away from Rosa’s rib cage. She could now taste Rosa’s sweat on Rosa’s skin. Holly could also taste the slight chemical taste of whatever lotion Rosa had applied to her flesh earlier that day.

Holly again kissed Rosa’s plump lips, then brought her mouth down to Rosa’s left areole.

“Mm, oh,” Rosa moaned and pressed Holly’s head firmly against her left breast.

As Holly suckled Rosa’s nipple, she trailed her left hand down, over Rosa’s flat belly. She paused at the small dent that formed Rosa’s navel; Holly didn’t know why but she always found a woman’s navel to be a sexy sight, and a sexy feel underneath her fingertips.

Holly had once had a lover, an adorable blonde that stood only four feet, two inches tall, but had adorable 22V breasts with puffy nipples. Kelli, unfortunately, possessed an outie belly button and Holly had found that defect so abhorrent she had to break it off with Kelli. Holly knew it was incredibly superficial, but if she couldn’t bring herself to even touch her lover’s belly, Holly didn’t see much future with that lover.

Holly again pulled Rosa’s breast away from her ribcage and then brought her mouth to Rosa’s mouth. Rosa’s arms wound around Holly as they kissed. Holly lowered her left hand to the snap of Rosa’s blue jean shorts. She gently ran her fingernails along the waistband of Rosa’s shorts, gently scratching along Rosa’s waist.

Rosa babbled something in Spanish and thrust her tongue deeply into Holly’s mouth. Holly sucked on the girl’s fleshy tongue for a long moment. While they kissed, Holly worked the button through the tab, then unzipped Rosa’s jean shorts.

Rosa wore no panties underneath the simple garment. Holly’s fingers grazed along, touching Rosa’s smooth skin. Her fingertips could feel the indentation in Rosa’s belly and hips where the snug garment had bitten into Rosa’s flesh.

Holly felt a lurch of excitement ripple through her belly; her fingertips could feel no hair on Rosa’s pubic mound. Holly could feel Rosa’s plump mound of flesh as she trailed her fingers along Rosa’s exposed flesh, then dipped her fingertips underneath the denim material that barely covered Rosa’s slit from view.

“Mm, oh,” Rosa moaned into Holly’s mouth as Holly’s fingers found the beginning of Rosa’s slit.

Holly once had a partner complain that Holly moved too quickly. Holly, however, saw no reason to prolong, or drag out the process. If both parties knew why they were there, and both parties were in agreement, why not get to the point?

If Holly was in love with the other person, then certainly, she slowed down, took her time. In this moment, however, this wasn’t making love; this was a fuck. Holly was not in love with Rosa, and very seriously doubted if Rosa was in love with her.

Holly pulled Rosa’s shorts down the girl’s sleek thighs then off. With a few nibbles at Rosa’s belly, Holly spread Rosa’s legs apart. Rosa put one foot onto the floor, the other foot on the back of Holly’s couch.

Holly knelt between Rosa’s spread legs and looked at Rosa’s hairless mound. The skin was a light caramel in color, with light pink inner lips peeking through the caramel folds of flesh. Holly used her left hand to spread those delicious inner lips open and gave a deep sniff of the heady scent wafting from Rosa’s overheated pussy.

“Mm!” Rosa moaned loudly as Holly dragged her tongue up and down Rosa’s inner lips.

“Mm!” Holly moaned, savoring the musky taste of Rosa’s sex.

Holly pushed her tongue into Rosa’s folds. She waggled her tongue from side to side, gathering Rosa’s essences on to her tongue. She located Rosa’s clitoris and slapped the tender bud a few times with her tongue.

Holly thrust her index and middle finger of her right hand into Rosa’s pussy. She pressed down as she slid the two fingers into Rosa’s pussy. She gave Rosa’s clitoris a few more swipes with her tongue as she fingered Rosa.

“Mm, oh, Holly!” Rosa cried out, wiggling slightly underneath Holly’s mouth and fingers.

Holly licked and fingered Rosa, then sucked Rosa’s clitoris into her mouth and hummed loudly. Rosa was quickly brought to the precipice of orgasm.

“Wha…oh! Oh Holly!” Rosa protested when Holly ceased her oral ministrations just as Rosa was set to crest.

Holly kissed Rosa’s quivering thighs and slowly fucked Rosa’s pussy with her fingers. When Rosa’s breath was coming in short pants, Holly again teased Rosa’s clitoris with her tongue.

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