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Jewel at the jewelry counter.

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Jewel at the jewelry counter.There’s that cute little clerk…the one usually behind the bling tables.She’s laying out tops not far from her station. All bent over, showing that cute little booty off in those green corduroys. 5′ 2″ dark-skinned African-American girl, tight braids behind her head, ripe breasts stretching her tight top under a sweater she’s donned in this cold store.Always flashed me a sweet smile and soft hello on past occasions I’ve passed by on the way to other things at this Mall…and I’ve made sure to saunter by the last few times. Button-cute, and seems friendlier compared to previous workers I’ve hit on here. My lucky day to see her, ass so inviting and bouncing as she leans over to reach a higher shelf. Can’t resist the impulse…”Hi,” I say as I walk over and give her pleasingly-plump rear a friendly squeeze. “I’m Lee and you’re cute as hell.”She giggles at my boldness, thanks me, asks if I need any help. “I could use a new watch, this one’s got some age on it.””Right this way” she says, crooking her finger and heading for the watch counters. It’s an hour to closing time, hardly anyone else around to see us. I follow behind her, let my hand trail down her back and pat her fanny to encourage her forward movement.She slides behind the glass and asks what I’d like to see. “You, naked. But right now, how about this one?” I point to a copper-faced model with a leather band. Elegant and simple and not expensive, though it looks it. I see a few rings on her fingers; nothing like a wedding-band, though she looks early 20’s and could be hitched. Then again, she karabük escort works a jewelry counter.She hasn’t refused or dismissed my advances, and has smiled through this transaction…likes the attention, perhaps. She places my purchase in a box as I got a lusty eyeful of her tits under that top; she doesn’t hide them behind the sweater, and can’t be oblivious to the fact I’m staring a hole at her bosoms. My hard-on presses against the glass in front of me, I tell her I’m hot for her bod. “I’d like to show you sometime. Want to go out when you’re not working, have some fun?” She demurs for a few moments, seems a little bashful…this turns me on, cute girls needed a push for me to hit pay-dirt, not just acting coy and then striking you down.She’s not quite sure; I’m white, way taller then she is, probably twice her age. So what, horny is as horny does. I lean forward, whisper in her ear “Let’s go somewhere private right now,” kiss her on the cheek and wait for her reaction.She’s blushing now, asks where did I have in mind? “Can I come back here for a minute?” I move behind the counter and take her by a dainty hand, lead her to the center of the large counter we’re at, surrounded by many smaller ones.There’s a storage area right in the middle, behind a door and open-air with boxes piled high. The door’s unlocked, I move inside and lead us in. “Alone at last.” I face her, give her a hug and squeeze that sweet ass of her with both hands. Pulling her up a little higher into me, I feel her nipples jabbing my upper chest, my erection rhythmically pulses against her stomach. escort karabük I want her to feel it.I want her to do more than that, though. Letting her go, I step back and unbuckle my slacks. “Suck me off, hot stuff.” She’s gasping at the sight of my bobbing penis, which I wave to her with a nod of my head…oh, yeah it’s on now. “Kneel down on the carpet, baby. This won’t take you long.” She’s acting bewildered, but dutifully takes to her knees; I slip her sweater off to see those tits better.Her mouth is small like her tiny frame, but her lips are full and dark-ruby colored…I want to smear her lipstick with my cock, and rub my purple head up and down against those smiling lips, popping them softly for her. Whatever I ask, she complies with: sucks and kisses the tip, licks the underside, kisses my sweat-damp balls. I ask her to suck on them, she takes one then both into her mouth.What had been a disappointing, fruitless evening of shopping has taken a remarkable turn. I’m not trying to hold back, but she’s gotten me so excited it’s like I’ve got the opposite of “premature ejaculation.” But I feel myself stiffen as she sucks my cock’s tip, tickling it with her tongue and gazing up at me with bright eyes centered by rich, brown irises. I groan I’m going to let go on her, and do…cum thunders from me in hot spurts as I’m holding her two tight braids. Part of me wants to pull out and jizz over those lips and that cute face of hers, but I’m content to just unload my spunk on her tongue.Wow, my knees are nearly buckling. She looks up at me with a “Did I please karabük escort bayan you?” smile, nut-juice dribbling down her chin which she wipes away with her thin blouse sleeve. I stand her up straight before me, cuddle her breasts in my palms as I gently bounce them.I tell her I’ve had fun, and want to continue it. “You get off soon, right? Live near here, if not I do” (a fib…I’m miles away, but so what.)Not a soul has approached near where we were, and the few people left in the store have dwindled to just her co-workers. I hang around until she’s ready to leave, wait outside and then walk her to my vehicle. We leave for her place just minutes away. Once inside, we drink a little wine, get a nice buzz going. She finally tells me her name: Nikeisha, she’s of Jamaican descent.I tell Nikeisha she can descend on my dick anyday. She cackles at this, and then I strip her naked after putting some music on. I ask her to twerk for me, shake those titties and butt for this horny dude. She wiggles for me, we dance naked around each other, then head for the bedroom. I suck and lick her steamy little snatch in appreciation of the earlier, impromptu blowjob. She sighs and squeezes her nipples. I gently push her hands away laughing, cupping her breasts as I lap her thighs and what lies between. “I want to fondle those puppies!”We spend time knocking boots in increasing rhythm, my stiff dick pounding her pussy as her ankles rub my shoulders. Her short and semi-thick thighs are bumped back toward the bed-head which each of my thrusts. We look into each other’s eyes as I cream inside her, grinding my crotch into hers with quick movements and turned to one side, wanting every drop in me to enter her. Hours later I will hump my morning erection into her still moist lady parts, but for now we drift to sleep in each other’s tangled limbs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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