Jessica’s Date with Sugar Ch. 02

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I had arranged an evening out with Sugar. It had been a while since I saw him, and I still felt bad about dropping him at Holly’s party the other month. But also I have been feeling a bit lost, see the thing is I attended a party with Carol which was in fact an orgy, but that is another story. I felt pretty bad afterwards and I am not even sure why I went.

But anyway Sugar was more than happy to hear from me, and his funny ways put me at ease. I know he probably has not been a angel but then who am I to criticise his mischief.

I had been shopping and brought a new dress for the night. A gold sequin strapless mini dress, it was quite short, well above the knees, but you know me the skimpier the better.

I booked the table at the restaurant we had our first date, I want to let him know that night was a special night for me, I really loved it.

Also I needed to tell him how I felt for him, my feelings have been growing hence I think my wayward ways, yes sex has been good, but there is something about him and I can’t get the feelings out of my head.

Having been doing what I have been doing lately has been a sort of denial, I will be honest Settling down is the last thing I want to do, fucking Andre and my time with Carol was my escape, but they have been costly to my emotions.

The evening had arrived, I have been waiting all day for this. I ran a bath with lots of bubbles, pinned up my hair and stepped in, I laid back and relaxed. I was feeling so at ease and happy knowing that I was spending the evening with someone who liked me for me.

Laying back in the bath thinking things I was beginning to feel horny as hell, but resisted. I lifted my right leg straight up and ran the soapy water up and down, then repeated with the left.

I was going to give my Sugar a great night and could not wait to get him home. I began to fantasise about our sex we had, me sitting on him on the bar stool, his hands taking my tits from behind. I decided to get myself out of the bath.

I wrapped the towel around my slippery body and went into my bedroom. I sat down at my dressing table and let my long red hair back down. My hair is wavy so I decided to have it straight this evening. Once done I applied my make up, and re polished my nails, to a matching colour of my hair. I slipped into a suspender belt, and put on my tanned stockings keeping them short so they would stretch to a point at the clasp, I know Sugar loves that look.

I got the dress ready, un zipped the side zipper and slipped myself in pulling it over my tits and then pulled up the zip. I put on my stilettos and I was ready. All I had to do now was wait for his arrival. The doorbell rang, and I jumped out of the chair and rushed to answer the door. There he was, my Sugar looking good as always.

“Sugar my Sugar hi there.” I said excitedly.

“Jessica darling so good to see you.”

We hugged tightly, I just did not want to let go of him, his powerful but gentle arms filled me with security and safety. His scent was to die for.

“Well shall we go darling, and I must say you are looking stunning simply stunning.”

“Why thank you baby you look well yourself.”

“Thanks, come on lets go darling.” He replied.

We walked over to his car and he opened the door for me, waiting for me to be safely in then closed it. He got in and started the engine.

“So we are off to our favourite restaurant?”

“Yes Sugar I hope you don’t mind and that its not going to be too boring.” I replied.

“Hay don’t be silly I loved our date it was a terrific night darling.” He replied.

“So Jessica how have you been? It has been ages since I last saw you.” Sugar asked.

“Well baby to be honest ive been lost, so lost, but lets talk when we get to the restaurant I need to talk to you.”

“OK darling no problems, sounds serious though.”

“Well it is and it is not if you know what I mean.” I replied.

“So gorgeous how has your singing been going?”

“Yes all OK Sugar but I am feeling like a change of venue, I mean I have been at my current place three years now, and the scenery is getting quite boring now.” I replied.

I could really feel the sexual magnet coming from Sugar, I struggled a bit but managed to cross my leg over in his direction my dress riding up my thigh.

“So here we are Jessica lets go and eat.”

We parked up and Sugar opened the door mommys girl porno of the car for me. Then the restaurant door. Such a gentleman he is.

“Good evening Miss Jessica, your table is waiting.”

“Thank you so much Charles and how are you?”

“Very well lots going on but me and the wife are fine.”

Charles led us to the table and we sat down, he went off to get drinks. As we sat I watched Sugar seat himself after me, and I just stared for a few seconds into his deep hazel eyes, he stared back.

We chatted for a good while about this and that, then the food arrived. As we ate I began to tell Sugar what I had been up to with Carol, he politely reminded me that Carol messed Holly up when they were a couple which is not how Carol described it.

But I believe my friends and what they say, and anyway I told Sugar that I was done with her. He seemed happy to know that, and that he would not want to see anyone hurt me. I asked him why he was so protective over me, his answer came as a total shock, but a nice one.

“Well Jessica I have known you now for alot of months, I know we all live quite open lives but the fact is I have got feelings for you, the night at Hollly’s party when you left, my night sank, I mean even when I saw you chatting to those two men it cut me.”

“I know Sugar really I should not have done that to you, and plus you went off and shagged Holy, and I knew she had that planned she told me before hand.” I replied.

“Well Jessie darling we both seem to be a bit mixed up I shagged her because you were with those two, and plus I knew you had them both, I don’t know we seem to be, if you don’t mind me saying lost without each other.”

“Wow baby I never looked at it that way, I really like you Sugar I think I am falling for you, and I can’t handle it. To be honest I am scared to go into a relationship because, and I will be honest now, I was with a man two years ago it was going great until one night he put his hands on me.”

I paused and took a sip of my drink.

“I ended up in hospital, he beat the shit out of me, he got jealous because I was good friends with a man, but that’s all it was friends he did not like it. Anyway I recovered and I never knew what happened to him.”

“Darling I never knew I am so sorry someone did that to you, I mean a beautiful Woman like you and you were treated like that.” Sugars response was emotional.

“Bless you my darling, I sometimes get scared when I am on stage as I think one night he will walk in, he messed me up Sugar that’s why I do the things I do I just don’t care truth be told. I do like sex I like it alot and that does not help, but when I have sex it takes away my fear, I am in charge and will make a man sink. Does that make sense?”

“Well yes Jessie I can sort of understand where you are coming from. But how do you trust them that they might hurt you like he did?”

“Sugar baby after it happened I did not go near any man, then I met Holly, she helped me through Yes we were lovers and well still are, but any man I go with I know them through her, you should know that too well darling.”

“I see Jessie, but I am struggling with the fact someone put you in hospital, hurt you that bad.”

“Oh baby you are so caring, you are so understanding Sugar baby what are we going to do? I want something with you but I am so frightened you will hurt me, not physically, I know you are not like that, but I could not bear you walking away from me one day and losing you and what we have now. I am scared Baby.”

“Jessie darling I will tell you now I would drop everything for you I would protect you and I would make you feel no need to ever be scared again. You deserve to be loved your beautiful and have a beautiful heart.”

“Yes but can we be faithful to each other? Be honest with me now if you went home tonight and say Candy knocked on your door, yes I know you have fucked her, would you fuck her tonight?” I asked.

“Well Jessie I could ask the same of you, with say Holly or that fella Andre, what would you do? I will be honest and say now at this moment if Candy or Holly wanted me I would find it hard not to, and I know you would be the same. Thing is we have been like this for a long time, I have been used and abused, and now I have found you and you are all I want Jessie I just do not know.”

“Yes you are right if Andre called me up I momsbangteens porno would find it hard to refuse him at this moment. Do you want a relationship with me Sugar.”

“Yes I do Jessie.” Sugar replied without a pause.

“Well I want you too, but it is going to be hard, could a open relationship be a possibility for now and see how we go? its all I can think of.”

“Well yes I guess so and I would think that over time we would call that way of life ended.”

“Hmm interesting, but I can’t work out why if we feel the way we do for each other then anyone else we would just not want them.”

“Because darling Jessie we have been like we are for too long, sex is like a drug, we are addicts. If I had Candy or whoever in my bed I am not going to drop you for them, but then I would like to think I would be with you most of the time.”

“OK, so the way I am going with this if we slept with someone it is just sex, we thought would make love is that right? Is there a difference? I really do not know.”

“Yes darling there is a difference, making love to you is what it is, making love, it is done with different emotions, the main one being believe it or not love. A one night stand is over quickly and get up in the morning and carry out your day without really thinking about the one you had. Where if I made love to you I would truly be on cloud nine.”

“Wow OK Sugar I see, so I am going to ask you now one more time, being as at this stage I could not promise to be faithful, but want a relationship with you what would you say.”

“Yes Jessie I want a relationship.”

“That is what I want, Sugar I don’t want to have anyone else as a partner I just want you. But can I make this deal that if either of us stray we do not tell each other, does that sound right? I mean I am not going to like arrange things with others, but oh I don’t know what I am saying anymore, I just want to be with you.” I was getting confused.

We finished eating, yes we were having our meal through this conversation, and I was feeling really happy with things, and to be honest at this stage Andre, Mac Carol were out of my thoughts, if I was going to go and shag anyone it would only be Holly, I really felt like I had finally found my man.

“So Jessie what shall we do now?”

“Well baby I would love for you to take me back to yours and make love to me.”

Sugar settled the bill and we left and headed back to his flat, while driving he took my hand and held it in his, I dropped my head onto his shoulder and watched the road in a kind of dreamy stare.

We pulled up at Sugars flat and in we went. Sugar made some drinks and we sat on the sofa.

“To us Jessie darling.” we toasted our new beginning together, it felt strange.

We chatted only for about ten minutes, there was a pause we looked into each others eyes.

“Take me to bed baby.” Was my response.

Sugar took my hand and we went to the bedroom. We faced each other and Sugar gave me a gentle kiss on my lips, then again and again. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed more passionately.

I stroked his back as we kissed, not rampant and urgent like before but gently, our tongues caressing each other slowly. I pulled away and led him to the bed. We stood at the side of it, and I slowly un buttoned his shirt, dropping it off his big shoulders and dropping it to the floor. I pecked his chest and his shoulder and kissed his neck. His hands stroking my back down to my arse then back up again.

I un fastened his trousers and dropped the lot down to the floor, he was naked. We kissed as I stroked his cock, fuck I have missed him. He pecked my neck, gently his hands on my hips. His lips dropped onto my left shoulder and he worked around the back of me, now kissing my upper back, and neck. His hands went round to my front and he worked them up from the bottom of my dress and up to my tits, he gently took them in his hands and squeezed them together. I lifted my arms and placed them around the back of his head.

He found my zip on the side and slowly lowered it, the top of the dress falling off my tits. I turned my head back to his and we kissed as he massaged my tits gently and slowly not like before fuck it felt good.

I wriggled out of my dress and turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. Sugar walked up to me and I took him in my mouth. Again no urgency but slowly monsters of cock porno taking him. I looked up at him and he looked down at me.

I carried on my mouth sliding up and down on him. He pulled out and knelt down, He lifted my stockinged leg and kissed it from the ankle up to my inner thigh. Gentle kisses. His hands then went on my arse and he pulled me to his mouth and took me, slowly and with meaning.

My hands went onto the back of his head and I pushed him into me more, I opened my legs further apart as his tongue went into my pussy. This was so good and it felt different from before. I did not want this night to end.

“Oh baby yes so good hmm hmm oh yes keep it there.”

He carried on, I dropped back on my hands on the bed and wrapped my legs around his waist pushing him in more, still taking me slowly and kissing around my shaved pussy, I wanted his cock, I wanted to feel him fucking me slowly as he was doing with his mouth.

“Take me darling.” I purred.

Sugar went up on his knees and moved towards me, he teased me rubbing his tip against my lips, slowly going in a bit at a time until all was in. He began to pump me slowly it felt so good. I fell back on my back, my arms stretched back his slow fuck in and out of me felt so good.

Sugar stretched my bent up legs apart and I went tight around his cock. Still slowly fucking me he then took my legs and wrapped them around his waist.

“You feel so good Jessie.” he whispered.

He pulled out and stood up but then went on top of me, we kissed passionately as he re entered me, and again took me slowly. I stroked his back as we kissed, then placed one hand on the back of his head and pulled his lips tightly against mine.

“Mm awww mm mm mm mm oh baby mm mm oh fuck yes faster fuck me faster.”

He began to quicken but not to fast. He pulled me up and still kissing he cupped my tits and took them with his mouth. I pushed him down onto his back and kissed him all the way down to his cock.

I took him in my mouth straight away no teasing him. I sucked him slowly his erotic sexy moans made me quicken on him. I stopped and worked my way up to his mouth and we kissed again. My legs spread either side of him, I reached down and wanked him slowly and lowered my pussy to him.

“Awww fuck yes.” I sighed as I pushed onto him, his cock sliding into my pussy. I slid backwards and forwards as again we kissed our tongues doing the work, he began to pump me and took my tits again.

Our sex was slow, it felt like it had a different meaning, it felt like love and respectfulness. This feeling of being loved ad wanted by someone, I suddenly felt my eyes filling, a tear fell onto Sugars face. He looked deeply up at me his hazel eyes looking deeply into mine. He slowed.

“Hay my precious are you OK?” He asked.

I just welled up I could not stop this emotion.

“Baby I am sorry I can feel your love and closeness I have never felt this wanted.” I replied kissing him.

Sugar wrapped his arms around me and held me close to his body the warmth of him towards me made me tingle, It was a magical moment for me, nothing mattered anymore all those users all those I had used back, all disappeared from me.

Then the words left my mouth with meaning.

“I love you Sugar, I love you so much.”

“I love you too Jessica, and my name is Rob.”

I looked at him he looked at me and we began to laugh, kissing and laughing, we suddenly though remembered what had to be done. I sat up and stroked him, once back and hard I squatted over him and lowered myself onto him.

“Oh yes aww fuck yes Rob take me oh yes yes aww yes.” I whispered as he took me.

I fell backwards and slid myself backwards and forwards stroking my clit, I began to quicken my orgasm building up inside of me. His cock felt so hard against me. I went up right again and continued to ride him

“Fuck Jessie you feel so good oh fuck yes.”

“Yes pump me baby oh yes harder I want to cum yes yes oh yes oh yes yes harder yes yes I’m cumin baby yes aww fuck aww fuck aww aww yes yes harder yes harder awww fuck yes!”

I came hard on him, falling onto him he rolled us over and did me missionary, slowly doing me, he then quickened I wanted to feel his release.

“Cum Rob oh yes oh fuck yes.” I wanted him.

His pace quickened I could feel the moment he thrust into me and came it felt so good. He laid on top of me and we kissed again. I laid on my side facing him, my arm across his chest and my leg bent up on his.

We held each other tightly, and spoke for a bit. And drifted off to sleep holding each other. I have never felt so loved by anyone, Rob my Sugar my love.

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